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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Not much honestly, I kind of skip through the days on 3x speed.
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    Elizabeth: I really can't...I'm sorry.
    Venue Owner: Please, our performer is out sick we need someone and you were great.
    Derek: No.
    Elizabeth: Just one?
    Venue owner: Yes, I promise.
    Elizabeth: Fine...but that's it.

    Elizabeth: You have no idea what you're saying no to do you?
    Derek: Not really.
    Elizabeth: Figured as much.

    Elizabeth: What is this?
    Derek: A car.
    Elizabeth: Where'd it come from?
    Derek: I bought it..
    Elizabeth: How much Derek?
    Derek: Isn't it a great car?
    Elizabeth: HOW MUCH?
    Derek: Can you put a price on this?
    Elizabeth: DEREK!
    Derek: 60k. Can I keep it?

    Elizabeth: ...don't smile at me like that..
    Derek: Is it working.
    Elizabeth: Fine, but you're responsible for it.

    Elizabeth: I got something to tell you.
    Derek: Can it wait? I just got in bed.
    Elizabeth: Fine, if you don't want to know Michael's gonna have a sibling
    That's your problem.Good night.

    Derek: Wait what?
    Elizabeth: You heard me.Good night.

    Derek: -_-
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    Tracked down the Sims soundtracks on Spotify. 😁👍.

    Man, I miss my Sims so much (no computer yet)
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    @bekkasan Yeah, I would've thought a house on fire would generate heat, but I guess not. :P Also, it's very unfair for the poor sim fire fighters to have to have to always put out the fires all alone.. no help from their colleagues!

    Beatiful picture. ;) I use a lightning mod, too. Don't remember which one either. :P

    @Astro Yeah, being nurturing should be a good thing then. Trait unlocked right at the right time! :p
    Oh, well.. eating spaghetti > watching a childbirth... any day, I suppose! :P

    Happy mother and a nice little boy, just don't give him away to the gods just yet.. :P


    Ah, it looks like this is the time for sims to have babies, well, congratulations. ;)

    ..but the relationship doesn't look to solid, since they both cheated on each other. Yeah, probably best to end it, but.. poor kid having to witness that..

    @Turjan Aha, well, I think I'm not ready for heading into the future just yet. I think I have more than enough of dealing with the past and the present... :P

    Ooops, difficulties at child age, hmm. Well, hmm, but their kid will always have a father that is family oriented, so maybe it won't be so bad...

    My Little Ponies, uggh. Please don't. ;)


    Ah, the baby swing. Yes, that looks really cute. :relaxed: I have been considering getting it and other baby/toddler items from the store, but I haven't gotten around to it yet...

    Hmm, shouldn't that necklace on Myra be the other way around? I mean, what does it look like from the front? :P

    Just hope the kid won't get any lasting traumas from being taken care of by a Bonehilda! :P
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    Chapter 17.6 - Bewickton December 2022: part IV

    Audrey Horne – From Darkness

    Just before the ocean swallowed you whole you heard the call.
    Sirens singing from below made you welcoming the fall

    And you feel the ocean crush you
    Feel the waves pulling you under...asunder
    She´ll never leave you lonely
    Wrap her arms around you lovely

    From the darkness in the deep you can see a shining light.
    Captured by a voice divine, you aband' your will to fight

    You hear the sound of thunder
    Lightning as she pull you under...asunder
    Hold your head up son
    You´re not alone, she will embrace you...and love you


    Sofias notes:

    Palashs mom and his youngest sister, Nitya, was waiting for us just inside the doors, along with a doctor from the hospital. The doctor immedately turned around to Palash and introduced herself as Cadenza Tempesta. She gave me a bad vibe from the start, for a reason I couldn't immediately explain, so I made sure to keep my distance from her, all the while watching her closely. I think she noticed I didn't like her, because of the way she glanced at me while she explained for Palash were Deepak was, and that she would take us there.


    Palashs notes:

    I was very concerned for my father when we arrived at the hospital, but the doctor that greeted us in the hallway was so sweet, I immediately felt reassured and that everything would turn out fine.


    Sofias notes:

    I don't know, something about this doctor isn't right.. the way she turned her head, and the fleeting looks she gave to Palash as we walked towards the elevators that would take us up to the care unit. It's a little confusing, maybe she's just being nice, I don't know. It still looks a little odd to me. I'll definately keep my eye on her.



    Palashs notes:

    When we came into the room to see my father, he was already in conversation with another doctor. It was unpleasant to see him in a wheelchair like that, but the doctor, who introduced herself as Beate Stenstad and said she was a physiotherapist, could assure me that they already had a plan for his recovery, and that he would need to go to regular physiotherapy sessions for the next three months or so.


    The third medical staff said her name was Magda Prestegård and that she was a nurse. She told me that my father was already doing quite well, and if things continued at this rate, he would be out of the hospital in just six days, just in time for christmas! That was very good news, and definately lowered my pulse a bit.


    Sofias notes:

    I became even more convinced there was something wrong with the first doctor that met us down by the entrance, when I saw how different the other medical staff was. I mean, all of them were very kind, but the only ones that gave me a professional vibe, as if they truely worked there and knew what they were doing, were the physiotherapist and the nurse. I couldn't say anything about it then and there, both in case I was wrong and also not to upset especially his father, mother and sister anymore than necessary.

    The more I thought about it, the more I wanted that supposed doctor to stay away from everyone else in the room, in particular Palash and Deepak, so I walked over and put myself inbetween her and them. I really wanted her to leave the room. Besides being the one to bring us up there, she wasn't really doing anything else of use. Why was she even there?


    Laranyas notes:

    I wasn't expecting my sweet Deepak to be up from the bed so soon, but hearing him talk, seeing him in the wheelchair and hearing the doctors and nurses talk about their plan for his recovery made me feel much more at ease with the future. I'm so amazed, I can't thank the doctors enough for the wonderful job they're doing! Just yesterday he was.. I mean, it was just yesterday evening he fell down on the bathroom floor and.. during the night all these thoughts came to me.. what would our life look like from here? Would he still be able to paint? To walk? To care for himself? I still don't know excactly what's going to happen, but I feel a lot better and more optimistic now. I am really grateful for these doctors and nurses, I couldn't thank them enough!


    Continues in spoiler:

    Deepaks notes:

    People have always been saying that when you are close to dying, you will see a bright light or something, but I can't remember seeing anything special, just darkness and a sense of falling. Yet when I was «there» I wasn't afraid. I felt surprisingly calm and serene, as if I what I was falling towards was a warm and welcoming place. I was ready for a soft landing, though I had no idea where I would land... It was pretty surreal, I don't really know what to make of that.... I have never really thought to much about near death experiences before, but in any case, it wasn't really like I had expected it to be. In a way it wasn't all that different from having a strange dream, so who knows, maybe I was only asleep and dreaming. In either case, it's obvious my time here is not over yet, which can only mean that there are more lessons for me to learn, before I can finally be reborn again in the next realm.*


    Narrators notes:
    * Deepaks religious beliefs are somewhat close to what we would call Hinduism in our world, so what he refers to here is a form of reincarnation. When it comes to the people on the Simtopian Planet, they all have different personal beliefs, but also all of them celebrate the holiday at around the same time by the end of december, because it's easier that way because that's the one thing they all have in common, regardless of belief. Who doesn't enjoy having a feast with good food and giving gifts to one another? The way it is celebrated, the religious aspect of it is really non-existant.



    Palashs notes:

    My dad was happy to see us, and was in a good mood during our visit, and we ended up cracking a few jokes. My father has never been a quitter, and he was really looking forward to start his physiotherapy and getting back home to celebrate christmas. He said this would be the biggest christmas party we've ever had! Haha, mom was a little unsure about that, but I told her, of course, that we would all be there to help out if necessary. She's got Nitya at home with her, and me and Sofia would be ready to come over too, if needed, and I'm more than positive that Udisha would also chip in, so mom wouldn't be alone, we would all be there for her. I haven't had the time to speak to Leya yet, but mom talked to her this morning before she called me, and if I know my sister right, she's probably already on an airplane to come over...


    Towards the end of our visit dad was visibly getting more and more tired and struggled to keep awake, and eventually fell asleep in his chair, so it was time for us to pull back. I gave my thanks to the doctors, before we went over into the cafeteria to have lunch.



    Sofias notes:
    As we left the now sleeping Deepak to get something to eat, the nurse and the physiotherapist stayed behind to put him to bed, but the doctor followed us out into the hallway. I was walking just a few steps behind Palash, and she was just about to enter the elevator when she stopped for a while and looked at me.

    «It was great to see that Deepak has such a wonderful family that cares so much about him» she said.

    «You know, when you work at a hospital like I do, you get to see a lot of things... sadly, not everyone is this fortunate... Oh, but we are very happy for everyone that comes to visit their loved ones, and I can assure you that Deepak will be in the best of hands..» she continued as she walked, before briefly pausing and turning around, and I could swear for a split second her eyes fell down to my stomach region.


    «.. I mean, after all, we wouldn't want something terrible to happen now, would we?»

    That seriously gave me the chills, the tone of those last two words. I knew it! I knew all along that something was up with this «doctor»! How could she...? Did she know I was pregnant?


    I wasn't that far along, and my belly showed no signs of carrying a baby. Maybe I was just being paranoid, but what on earth? What kind of doctor says such a thing!? No, something had to be wrong with this woman, one way or another!


    «Thank you so much for visiting, and have a nice day!»


    Her voice was now all of a sudden as sweet as candy, it made me sick to my stomach! I almost blurted out a question ending with an expletive, yet I managed to restrain myself.... I don't want to speculate to much, but either this woman is some kind of low-key psychopath or just unstable.. I don't know, but this isn't what I would expect from a doctor.. I don't really want to go back to the hospital and risk running into this woman again, but I think we have to now, as long as Deepak is there, to make sure everything is fine... I trust the other doctors, but I don't trust that one! Not by a long shot!

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    I think that style of the dress is from is from the 20's - but yeah the front makes the necklace look like it's choking her, lmao.

    Saw you on Twitter, thanks for the follow. ;)
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    Been thinking of moving my sim to Oasis Landing recently, I like his descendants house a lot so I decided I'm gonna have him move in with them. Only trouble is, the game generated them in a one bed house, despite the family being a mom with 4 kids :#

    Didn't want to extend the house upwards, so I decided to go down! The idea I had for it was to make a fake little "outdoor" courtyard and then have all of the rooms be different coloured and looking onto the courtyard, this is how it turned out in the end

    Teen Room 1:
    Mom's Room (left), Teen Room 2 (right):
    In-game view:
    Kids Room:
    Gave them a little hidden area in the back to watch movies:
    And my personal favorite, the robotics room:
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    Astro wrote: »
    Saw you on Twitter, thanks for the follow. ;)

    Thanks for the follow-back… 😁

    Nothing much happened today except laughing myself silly at the latest Sims 4 bug. There’s a reason I only play Sims 3.

    Can’t wait to get my replacement laptop or desktop, not sure which at the moment. Gotta be priced right and frankly has to have a card good enough to play Sims 3 smoothly as well as SWTOR.
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    Audrey and Janella were due to age up on the same day, so I threw them a mother-and-daughter birthday party.

    Before the party I fulfilled Janella's last wish as a child, to put on a princess costume and play in it. I haven't played much with the costume chest before, so I didn't know that this included doing the royal wave!


    The family is here, time to blow out the candles!


    I gave Audrey a new hairstyle for her mature adult years, one that emphasizes the blue tips she was born with.


    This is Janella as a teen. I think she is beautiful!

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    After moving Lindsey to a new slightly bigger home, I found these gnomes living on the property before her. I couldn't find it in my heart to get rid of them, so I just gave them names. I didn't choose their names; they were just randomly picked. They're like family, now. Even as an elder, Floyd still manages to goof off and Wyatt just chills out. The two are never apart. After Lindsey adopted Lakia the gnomes also got themselves a dog.

    Camillo has an interesting audience. You can't see her, but the teen has pie on her face. Long story short, Gino cheated on Lindsey when they were engaged to be married, so I made her kick his rear to the curve. Eventually she got with Camillo.

    @PalmArrow Janella is so pretty. What skin do you use? I love the way it looks.
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    How do you have a different birthday cake than the one in buy mode? I didn't know there were other types.
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    Alrighty my friends. Part 2 - and the ending - is here. :'-) Enjoy. <3

    Pelican Town to Sims Town
    Chapter 19
    Grand Finale - Part 2

    Sounds of inexpressible joy, relief, and crying rang through the air all throughout the grand room of the Wizard’s tower; sounds Rasmodius hadn’t heard in years and was beginning to think he would never hear again. It produced in him a whirlwind of various emotions, some that were quite difficult to hold back. He stood alone in an unoccupied part of the room, heart swelling with delight as he watched the reunions unfold before him. Particularly, the one that involved Caroline, Abigail, and Pierre. He would give them time before approaching, if he felt it was alright to do so.

    When Sebastian and Maru met eyes with their parents, the four of them ran towards each other and collided in a very emotionally tight group hug. Then Robin threw her arms around Sebastian, as Demetrius held Maru in the same manner.

    “Look at you Sebby,” Robin sniffed, brushing Sebastian’s bangs away from his eyes. “You look so grown up. So mature. Where did my quiet ‘emo’ teenage son go?” she chuckled with a wink.


    “He’s still here,” Sebastian answered with a smile. “Just…wiser. And a little less emo.” They chuckled together now.
    “I’m so glad you’re okay,” she tearfully expressed, placing both of her hands on his cheeks. “It felt hauntingly strange without you and Maru here. Often I would go into your bedroom, hoping I’d find you at your computer desk working like you always do and realize it was all just a horrible nightmare, but…,” she shook her head, unable to continue.
    “Mom, it’s okay,” he comforted, wiping away her tears with his thumb, “don’t do this to yourself. We’re back.” He looked her square in the eye. “We’re back. It’s okay.”
    “I know,” she nodded with a sniff. “I love you so much Sebby. I hope you’ve always known that.”
    “I love you too mom,” he expressed while taking her into a hug again, to hide his own oncoming tears. “And of course I have! You’re the best mom a guy could ever ask for. I’ve always been so grateful for the way you would stick up for me, towards everyone, even if…you didn’t like or understand why I would do the things I did…”
    She laughed as they broke their embrace and looked into each other’s eyes.
    “You tried to get me,” Sebastian continued, “and never stopped being supportive of me because of that. That’s how I would always feel your love for me. So you didn't have to always say it.”


    “Thank you sweetie. I’m really glad to hear it. And I'm going to say it again, I love you.”

    After composing themselves for a moment, Robin then asked, “So…is Abigail the one that you…”
    “Yes.” He grinned.
    “Oh I’m so happy!” She clasped her hands in front of her mouth. “I’ve always really liked her. She’s so perfect for you.”


    “I know,” he blushed. “There’s…uh…a lot we have to tell you, and dad, about and,” he nervously swallowed, “we greatly hope you’ll understand.”
    “Sebastian,” she addressed him by his full name now, placing her hand on his shoulder and looking him straight in the eye now, “your father and I are all ears, don’t worry.”
    He nodded, greatly relieved to hear it, even if he didn’t exactly believe that his step dad would be so accepting of everything. “Thanks mom.”

    Meanwhile beside them…

    “Oh my dear Maru!” Demetrius cried, holding his daughter tightly and rocking her back and forth. “I’m so glad you’re safe! Are you alright?”
    “Yes dad. Never better actually,” she replied as they released each other.
    “I figured,” he smiled. “There’s nothing my genius girl can’t accomplish!” He placed both hands on her shoulders with pride. “You figured out the quest didn’t you?”


    Maru cracked a smile. “No actually,” it felt so good to say, “it was a team effort.”
    Demetrius tilted his head at her in question, a little surprised.
    “Between me and Alex…the man that I love,” she bravely, yet essentially, declared; holding nothing back from him anymore.

    Demetrius now looked confused. “Alex? The gridball kid?” he glanced across the room at him as a quick visual reminder. “But, w-why would you–”
    “Dad,” Maru quickly stopped him, holding a gentle finger to his lips and then placing that same hand on his shoulder, “it’s time for you to let go…and allow me to follow not just my own dreams, but the desires of my heart.” She held her other hand to her chest. “And I need you to trust me. In everything that I do.” Her eyes welled up with tears. “I will never let myself down…so please…trust in me and let me fly on my own.”


    Tears welled up in Demetrius’ eyes too, smiling at her now with a different kind of pride. “Of course I trust you Maru. I should have shown that to you more before. I just…,” he paused, getting choked up, “I got way too caught up in what I thought was best for you, scared that one wrong turn would destroy your bright future…” He stroked her cheek, then ran his fingers through her long hair. “I’m sorry I made you feel like you couldn’t make your own choices without disappointing me, or that you had to do everything I wanted, instead of what you wanted. That’s not how a child should ever feel. And I truly never meant to make you feel that way.”


    He lowered his head then raised it again. “There’s a lot of remorse I’ve been feeling since you and Sebastian disappeared and…it’s given me time to really reevaluate myself. Decide on what kind of father I really want to be to the two of you. So you fly baby. Fly high! Make history! And I’ll be watching with immeasurable pride from the sidelines…” He lovingly smiled.
    Maru tearfully smiled at him in return, with much appreciation. “Thank you dad. I love you.”
    “I love you too baby.” He hugged her again. “I love you so much!”

    When they broke their embrace, Demetrius then turned toward Sebastian - both exchanging quick, faint smiles at each other - allowing Robin to hug and talk to Maru now.

    “Come ‘ere son,” Demetrius beckoned, taking a somewhat restrained Sebastian into a hug and patting his back. This wasn’t easy for either of them, but they both needed it. “It’s good to see you. I’m glad you’re alright.”
    “Thanks. It’s good to be home.”
    “I knew you would take care of your sister,” he continued, “keep her safe. I didn’t doubt it for a second.” Then he looked Sebastian in the eye for emphasis. “I’m proud of you Sebastian. And I’m proud to call you my son. I should’ve shown that to you everyday when you were growing up; been there for you and encouraged and complimented you more, instead of getting upset with you over the stupidest little things. You needed a better father…and I failed you in that way.”


    Sebastian lowered his head, unsure of what to say.
    “Will you accept the deepest of apologies, from one lousy step-father, and allow me the chance to make it all up to you?”
    Sebastian cracked a heartfelt smile. “Yeah. I’d like that.”


    Demetrius smiled too.


    “Look at how long your hair has grown,” Robin observed and admired to Maru, brushing her fingers through it. “It’s been a few years since it’s been this long.” She winked.
    “So tell me about him,” the mother smirked, folding her arms together. “I wanna hear every detail!”
    “Oh mom…,” Maru trailed off with a bright and blushed smile.

    “Mom! Dad! Oh my gosh!” Emily and Haley practically said in unison as they took turns hugging each parent.

    “My beautiful girls!”
    “Oh my babies!”

    “You’re home!” Emily wittily remarked, grinning brightly.


    “Hey, that’s our line,” their father quipped back with a wink.
    “It feels like we haven’t seen you two in forever!” Haley exclaimed, then frowned. “I guess…it’s practically been three whole years!”
    “Pretty much,” their mother said in a mournful tone, still wishing they hadn’t been traveling the world for so long before the girls were sent off on the quest.
    “When we got word from the Mayor that you two had suddenly disappeared we didn’t waste a second to catch the next flight home!” their father declared.
    “I’d never felt so scared in all my life!” their mother exclaimed, holding a hand to her heart. “Thank goodness the Wizard told us what really happened not long after our return!”
    “We are so sorry to have put you both through that…,” Emily expressed, kissing both of them on the cheeks. Haley nodded.
    “You didn’t do it,” her father corrected, “the Wizard did. However,” he sighed, “we’ve forgiven him for it, especially after he explained everything because many of us parents were about ready to burn his tower down! We knew he was the culprit!”
    “OMG!” Haley expressed with wide eyes, never thinking her parents had that in them.


    “Well thank goodness you didn’t burn him and his tower down,” Emily frankly said. “Or we never would’ve made it back!”
    “That’s what he said...”
    Emily lightly shook her head, but certainly couldn’t fault her parents for acting so rashly.

    Switching gears, their mother addressed, “Haley my dear,” reaching out to touch her hair, “what have you done to your beautiful hair!?”
    The sister’s shot knowing side glances at each other, before Haley replied. “It’s a long story mom…”


    “We both have long stories to tell,” Emily added with a smile.
    “Well maybe you could give us a watered down version now and explain the rest later,” their father said.

    Afterward, as their daughter’s walked away from them to return to their true loves, the father and mother stood motionless in a stunned silence.

    “Do you…approve of the men they chose?” the man finally asked his wife, his tone bleeding with feelings of uncertainty. Out of all six of the men chosen to join the girls on the quest, Shane and Sam were his least favored.
    There came a deep sigh. “Not exactly…However, if they were brought together by fate…that’s really not something we can dispute.”
    Her husband gave a casual nod as he released the same kind of deep sigh. “I guess not. The two boys do seem…better. More mature. So…I guess we’ll just have to see how their relationships go.”
    His wife nodded in agreement.

    “SHANE!” a little, purple-haired girl happily squealed, running towards him.


    “JAS!” Shane joyously greeted, getting down on one knee and opening his arms out wide to her. When she jumped right into them, he clasped them tightly around her and then held the back of her head as he pressed his cheek against hers. “Ohhh Jas! Oh my girl, my girl,” he cried, turning to kiss her cheek. “I missed you SO much!”
    “Ow Shane…your whiskers are scratching me,” the girl groaned.

    Marnie watched the reunion with her hand held to her mouth and tears streaming down her cheeks.

    “Look at how BIG you’ve gotten!” Shane tearfully exclaimed to Jas.
    “Yep! I’m a big girl now!”
    “That you are!” he chuckled.


    Then Jas reached up and very gently wiped away the tears that escaped his eyes. “Why are you crying? Is something wrong?”
    “No, nothing’s wrong," he replied with a smile and a sniff. "They’re just happy tears because I missed you! And I feared I’d never see you again…” Two more tears escaped his eyes. “But I promise you Jas I’m not going anywhere again. I’m here to stay, and I’ll take care of you.”


    “So you’ll be my daddy?”


    “Yes!” he wholly expressed with another sniff. “I’ve always been your daddy. I'm just gonna be a better one.”
    Jas immediately kissed his forehead, to avoid his whiskers, and said, “I love you daddy,” then wrapped her arms around his neck.
    “I love you too!” he squeezed her again.

    When he put Jas down, Marnie approached him with an illuminating smile. “You look great nephew,” she couldn’t help saying first. “And happy.”


    “I am,” he confirmed. “And sober. For good.”


    Marnie’s heart burst with joy as more tears rolled down her cheeks. She enveloped him into a tight hug. “Oh Shane I’m so proud of you! And I’m so glad you’re alright. I always prayed that you'd be.” Then she let go of him and looked at him. “Because I kinda love you too,” she teased.
    “I love you too Aunt Marnie.” He lovingly grinned. “Thank you…,” he paused, trying to hold back the lump forming in his throat over the other emotions he was feeling, “...for everything. For taking my sorry self in and putting up with my sh–” he stopped for the sake of Jas' ears, “my addiction for as long as you did. I know I was a terrible burden on you…”
    “Oh Shane…you were not.”
    “Marnie, I love how sweet of a person you’ve always been, but you don’t have to be so nice…we both know I totally was."
    Marnie placed a hand on his cheek and said with seriousness, "You are my sister's son...and I didn't think twice about taking you in after what happened." She closed her eyes, trying to hold those emotions back. "Sure you were a bit of a handful to deal with sometimes...but you were never a burden."
    Shane smiled thankfully at her, his heart greatly touched. "Thanks Marnie. And thank you even more for taking care of Jas. Especially while I was gone on the quest. It comforted me greatly knowing that she was in your care.”
    “You are very welcome dear. I sure missed you. You were a tremendous help on the farm whether you want to believe that or not. And there was a certain chicken that was mourning your absence as well.” She winked.
    His eyes lit up. “Charlie!?”
    “Yeah,” she laughed. “The poor dear was sitting in the corner of the barn for weeks after you disappeared. Eating and drinking very little. I honestly thought he was sick, but he didn’t show the classic signs of a sick chicken. Eventually he perked up a little, but I couldn’t help wondering if it was because he missed you.”
    Shane smiled. “Well, I guess we’ll see how happy he is to see me when I get back to the farm.”

    Noticing Emily quietly approach them, Jas grinned and said, “Hey! It’s the lady with the blue hair!” Shane loved it and it made his heart swell.
    “Yep!” Emily confirmed, resting her hands on her knees to be at eye level with Jas. “How’s the prettiest little purple-haired girl in town doing?”


    “Good! My daddy’s home!” she happily said, hugging Shane’s leg.
    “Yes he is!” she said, giving Shane a smile, knowing how much that meant to him for her to call him “daddy.”

    Putting his arm around Emily, Shane looked down at Jas and asked, “So Jas, what would you think if the blue-haired lady became your mommy?”
    Jas, Marine, and Emily gaped in unison.
    “Ooooh! I’d love that a lot!” the little girl exclaimed.


    “Ohhhh!” Marnie practically squealed, “I was hoping you and Emily would finally find each other.” She winked. “I wasn’t blind to the looks you two would sometimes give each other at the Saloon…”
    “Oh Aunt Marnie…”
    “Well he always was very fine to look at,” Emily said with a smirking smile at her love. They pressed their foreheads together affectionately and brushed noses.

    “Well since we’re making announcements…,” Marnie paused, turning towards the Mayor who was hanging out nearby, beckoning him forward. The man appeared shy, with rosy cheeks neither of the two had ever seen on him before. Marnie put her arm around him and said, “Lewis and I have been dating for quite a while now and,” she glanced at him real quick for permission, “we’re engaged!”



    Emily cried with joy and took Marnie into a hug, while Shane stepped forward and shook Lewis’ hand. “Congratulations!” they both said.

    “TWO weddings!” Jas cried, throwing her cute little hands in the air.

    The four adults laughed. Although they had a strong feeling there would be more than two going on soon…

    Giving each other loving looks again, Shane whispered in Emily’s ear, “So you alright with becoming Jas’ mommy?”
    “Oh you know I am! Do you even have to ask?”


    He grinned, giving her a light peck on the lips. “I’m going to find the perfect moment to ask you to marry me properly…you won’t even expect it.” He smirked.
    “I look forward to it!” She gave him a peck on the lips now. “Although, don’t feel like you have to do anything fancy. In my mind, you’ve already asked…long before now.” She smiled.
    “Yeah, true,” he smiled back. “I love you Emily. I can’t wait to start a brand new life with you.”


    “Same. I love you too.”

    “Grandma! Grandpa!” Alex exclaimed, hugging each tightly. “Gosh I’m so glad you’re both ok! I was crazy worried!”
    “We’re just fine dear,” Evalyn lovingly assured. “We always knew you would make it home to us. You’re a strong boy.”
    “Easy there boy!” George groaned after the hug. “Have you forgotten we’re not spring chickens?”


    “No, but–” Alex gasped, noticing something. “Grandpa! You’re not in your wheelchair!”
    “Yes,” Evalyn said with a beaming smile. “I’ve been cooking him healthier meals and giving him essential vitamins and supplements to take since you’ve been gone.”


    “It’s all because of that dam’ned Doctor Harris coming back and putting all these ideas into her head about what’s best for me!” George grumbled, emphasizing with his cane. “Da’mn doctors, all they ever care about is pushing you to be active and eat like a rabbit to stay healthy! No one wants to do that!”
    Alex suppressed a laugh. “Well grandpa this is good because you’re walking again!”
    “I always knew how to walk, I just preferred sitting! Is that a crime?”
    Alex and Evalyn shook their heads.

    “But maybe…,” George broke the short silence, changing his tone to a much calmer one, “maybe I let your grandmother do all that stuff for me because…I wanted to make sure I was still around whenever my grandson came home.” He tried to swallow the lump that was forming in his throat, along with his pride. “Especially when I got a few things to teach ya, and say to ya, before I go into the ground...”
    Tears formed in Alex’s eyes. “I wanna learn it all and hear it all grandpa,” he expressed. “There’s still a lot more about life that I need to learn.”
    George nodded.
    “You already seem so much more grown up,” Evalyn noted, stroking his hair away from his eyes. “You’re not the same young man as before…”
    “You’re right grandma, I’m not,” he said, glancing over at Maru, “and a lot of it I owe to her.”
    “Who dear?” the old woman glanced around, forgetting her poor eyesight. “Haley?”
    George rolled his eyes at the very mention of the name.
    Alex lowered his head with a chuckle. “No grandma…that was an old dream.” He looked at Maru again. “Now I have a better one.”


    “Well thank heavens!” George exclaimed. “I couldn’t stand that airhead blonde ditz every time she came around! Flapping her lips constantly using those annoying slang words you kids think are so cool to say these days!”
    “Grandpa! Not so loud…”
    “So who is the new girl then? She better be one of the smart ones!”
    Alex smirked.

    Pam squeezed Penny tightly and tearfully as they embraced. Penny couldn’t remember the last time her mother held her so affectionately. Naturally, she held her mother just as tightly in return, her heart swelling with love at the gesture. She missed it.

    Harvey watched silently from the sidelines.

    “My dear sweet Penny!” Pam cried. “Oh my girl, how I missed you!” She looked into her eyes and cupped her cheeks in her hands. “I was so worried about you!”
    “I was worried about you too momma,” Penny wept as well.


    Pam lowered her head, knowing exactly what her daughter was referring to. “I’m so sorry sweetheart…,” she finally expressed, looking into her eyes again, “for everything I ever said or did that hurt you, and everything I put you through because I was so da’mn selfish. You didn’t deserve any of it!” She sniffed. “I was wrong, and I was drunk, but mostly I was wrong.”


    She stroked Penny's cheek now. “Baby you are my everything in this world, the reason I’ve always kept on living since your dad left. And I never realized just how much I needed you...until you were no longer here.” Her voice choked as her lip quivered.
    “I feared I had pushed you away…for good. And I began to feel the sorest of regrets.” She closed her eyes and shook her head, feeling it all over again. “Especially over all the things I never said…”
    Tears fell from Penny’s eyes as she held her mother’s gaze.
    “I love you sweetheart.” Pam expressed, still holding her daughter’s face. “I’ve always been so proud of you, and the woman you’ve become. Being a teacher to those sweet little kiddos in town.” She smiled. “I’ve always admired that. You turned out to be so much better than yer grumpy old ma.”
    “Oh momma, that’s not true,” Penny lovingly countered, squeezing her hand, “I always saw the good in you. Even if you couldn’t see it in yourself. Please don’t beat yourself up. I understand! I never faulted you for drinking so much after what dad did…”
    “You’re sweet baby,” Pam stopped her, “but I knew better than to go down that road, especially when I had a child that depended so much on me. It’s a mistake I can’t ever take back, but as it always goes in life…we learn from our mistakes and we never repeat them. I never want to hurt or let you down again. Which is why…I’ve been cutting back on drinking.”
    Penny broadly smiled.
    “Four months now I’ve only had one drink a week. Gus has been helping me stay on track. He serves me a few different virgin margaritas when I visit the Saloon on a day when it’s not my drinking day, which is Friday,” she chuckled.


    “Oh momma, that's wonderful!” Penny happily exclaimed, throwing her arms around her again. “I’m so proud of you! I always knew you could do it. I love you so much!”

    A few feet away, Harvey smiled at them with glistening eyes and Pam couldn’t help but take notice.

    “Is there something you need, Doctor?” she asked as she broke her embrace with Penny.

    “Nope,” Harvey answered, wiping away a tear that barely escaped his eye, “just witnessing a beautiful moment.” He smiled again.


    Penny affectionately smiled back at him.


    “Oh dear…,” Pam breathed, realizing something. “You don’t have anyone here to welcome you home do you?”
    “It’s alright,” Harvey dismissed.
    “No. It’s not!” she retorted, holding her arm out to him, “get in here you!” She beckoned with her hand, “C’mon!”
    Penny giggled with glee as a blushing Harvey stepped forward and was quickly enveloped in the arms of them both.
    “It’s great to have you back Doctor,” Pam sincerely expressed while patting his back. “Doctor Harris has been so insufferable the whole time you’ve been gone, good L*rd! I can’t believe I once preferred him over you.” She rolled her eyes.
    Harvey laughed. “Well I gladly accept that compliment Pam. Thank you.”


    As Pam stepped back, Harvey kept his arm around Penny. “Actually Pam…there is something I wanted to ask you.”

    The mother obviously took notice of the Doctor’s arm around her daughter and smirked at him with a raised eyebrow while saying, “Yes?”


    Harvey looked at Penny for a moment, to which she happily nodded, and with confidence he shifted his gaze back toward Pam and asked, “Would I have your permission, and blessing, to marry your daughter?”

    “Absolutely!” Pam answered without delay. Her heart sang with joy and her smile was so big that her cheeks hurt. She could see the same joyous expression on both of their surprised faces. “I was so hoping it would be you Harvey…there is no other man in this town that I trust more, or approve of, than you.”
    “Oh momma!” Penny cried, happy tears welling up in her eyes again. “Thank you!”
    “Yes, thank you Pam,” Harvey deeply expressed, taking her hand in his and clasping his other hand over it. “I promise I will love and take care of her, always and forever.”
    “I have no doubt in my mind that you will,” she said, then addressed them both. “I want grandbabies! And soon!”


    The two grinned. “Yes mother…,” Penny said with a chuckle. The three of them embraced again.

    Elliott kissed and stroked Leah’s belly for a good minute and then wrapped his arms around her waist, giving her the most loving of gazes. “You really are glowing my love.”


    She blushed.


    “It’s very sexy…,” he added, giving her a quick, yet tender kiss. “Looks like you get to have the baby here at home after all.” He winked.
    “Yeah,” she smiled, then lowered her eyes. “I guess so.”
    “We better get in touch with that Midwife from the city immediately.”

    Elliott studied her for a moment with a tilted head. “Unless…that’s not what you want after all?”
    “I’m not sure,” she replied with a sigh, looking back up at him. “I’m having trouble thinking about anything right now.” She pressed a couple of forefingers on her temple. “I just want to go home and relax. Get some sleep. Lots of sleep…”
    “You’re coming over to my place,” he suggested, stroking her hair away from her eyes.
    “Or, how about you come over to my place? That’s where my precious bed is, that I’ve missed terribly, and my house is nicer than yours…”
    Elliott gasped at her with wide eyes. “Oh is that so?”
    “Yes. That is so.” She held her gaze, hinting a smirk.
    He grinned. “Well whatever my fiancé, and the mother of my child, wants,” he paused, pulling her in closer to him, “she will have.”
    “I love you,” she expressed with beaming eyes. “You do have a nice place. I just think my place is nicer.”
    “Yeah yeah,” he teased, kissing her again.

    Afterward, Leah glanced over at Harvey, drawing her upper lip between her teeth; thinking.


    Sam’s family was the last to come through the door when all the parents arrived.

    “SAM!” Vincent cried, running towards his big brother and throwing his arms around his waist.
    “Vincent! Hey little bro!” Sam greeted, bending over to give him just as tight a hug. “Wow you’re not so little anymore,” he chuckled while studying him.
    “Hee hee!” Vincent grinned. “Did you go on a big adventure!? Huh? Huh? Did you fight some aliens too? You HAVE to tell me EVERYTHING!”


    Sam laughed. “Don’t worry buddy. I will,” he said, while patting and rustling Vincent’s hair.

    “Yes, that will have to wait for now, young man,” Jodi said as she approached Sam with tears in her eyes. She looked so happy and beautiful…more than Sam ever remembered. In a way he found it a little strange, but also good.


    Jodi took him into a tender, relieved hug and said, “Welcome home sweetheart. Are you ok?”
    “Yes mom,” Sam replied, giving her a little squeeze before breaking their embrace. “I’m great! We were pretty safe over there. You had nothing to worry about.”
    “Good,” she sniffed, stroking his cheek. “My how you’ve grown…” She smiled while studying him. “You look so much like your father…”
    Sam blushed.


    “It was much too quiet around the house without you…”


    “Oh so you actually did miss my ‘noisy’ music?” he smirked.
    She chuckled. “Well yeah, that, and the random sounds from your video games and the late night footsteps. And the sound of your voice…,” she paused, a tear escaping her eye. “I’m so glad you’re home. I missed you so much. I love you.”
    “Love you too mom.”
    “I have a surprise for you,” she tearfully expressed, stepping aside and gesturing with her hand towards the door.
    Sam’s eyes widened in wonder.

    In stepped a stalwart, blonde haired man, with a dimpled chin and defined jawline that was ever so familiar, wearing a military jacket…and a smile.


    “Dad!?” Sam barely uttered, inching closer. “W-What…what are you doing here?” Next thing he knew he was being enveloped in his father’s arms. Naturally he hugged him back. “Sorry, I know that sounds bad, but I mean–”
    “I know what you meant son,” Kent kindly assured, breaking their embrace. “When your mother sent me a letter saying that you had…disappeared…I was granted hardship leave. So I got on the first jet headed to the Valley and…,” he knowingly smiled at Jodi, “I’ve been home ever since. Waiting for your return.”
    “Awesome!” Sam grinned, but then his face fell. “But…now that I’m back, does that mean you will have to go back to–”
    “It’s over Sam.” Kent held his smile.

    Sam’s eyes bugged out. Pretty sure he knew what his dad was indicating. “The war? The war is over!?”


    “The war is over,” Kent repeated in confirmation.
    Tears rolled down Jodi’s cheeks, especially seeing Sam’s relieved expression.
    “Oh my gosh…,” Sam expressed, in somewhat disbelief. “I mean, thank G*d! I was beginning to think that was never going to happen! How did it happen?”
    “There will be plenty of time to talk about that later, son,” Kent said, placing a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “But right now, we just want to focus on you and celebrate your homecoming. Look at you!” he exclaimed with his hands spread out. “I hardly recognized you!”
    “Yeah…uhh,” Sam blushed a little, scratching at the back of his head, “I kinda toned up a bit.”
    “I see.” Kent grinned. “Perhaps to impress one of those pretty ladies over there?”
    Jodi chuckled; curious as to which lady it was as well.
    Sam’s cheeks turned redder. “Yeah,” he confirmed. “She’s definitely the prettiest one of the bunch to me.” He gestured towards Haley with a grin - Haley grinning back and giving a quick wave to his parents - and it surprised both of them that it was her. “She’s really made me want to be a better man. More of a man,” he tittered, turning back towards them. “And she totally supports my dream of becoming a musician!”


    “That’s wonderful,” Jodi said, really glad to hear it.
    “I always wanna work hard and take care of her; support her dreams too. Show her every day how much I love her…just like I’ve always seen you do for mom, dad.”
    Kent nodded in appreciation. “Well I have no doubt you will, son. I’m very proud of you Samuel. I’ve always been proud of you.” He added with a loving look of sincerity.
    It’s all Sam ever wanted to hear and his soul rejoiced. “Thanks dad,” he said with glistening eyes. “You’ve always been my hero. I love you and I’m so glad you’re home for good.”


    “Love you too son, and me too!”

    “MOMMA’S GONNA HAVE A BABY!” Vincent blurted out, jumping up and down, unable to hold it back any longer. Then he clapped his hands over his mouth.
    “Whaaat!?” Sam broadly grinned, staring right at his mom.
    “Yes,” Jodi answered with a blush, feeling Kent’s arm slide around her waist. “It came as a bit of a surprise…”


    “Not really…,” Kent smirked.


    “Okay, not entirely,” she chuckled and returned her eyes to Sam. “I’m four months along so not too big of a bump yet,” she said, rubbing at her belly.
    “Holy cow! That’s…uh…wow!” Sam stumbled on his words, gripping at his hair in overjoyed surprise. “I can’t believe it! Dad’s home, the war’s over, and I’m gonna get another baby brother or sister! Three rad surprises in one day! This is the BEST day ever!”
    Kent and Jodi smiled.
    “I’M GONNA BE A BIG BROTHER!” Vincent shouted, jumping up and down again. “A big brother! A big brother!”


    The three laughed at his adorable excitement.

    For a few moments, nothing but tears were shed as Abigail’s parents took turns holding her tightly in their reunion, expressing emotional breaths of relief.

    When Pierre hugged Abigail, Caroline looked over at Rasmodius with a loving look of appreciation and lipped, “Thank you Marlin.”


    He nodded to her with a smile, his heart pining again. She hadn’t looked at him in that way for over twenty years and he still missed it deeply.

    With feelings of uneasiness, Pierre took a step back as he allowed Caroline to hold their daughter once again.

    “My beautiful Abby!” Caroline expressed, stroking Abigail’s dark purple hair. She didn’t miss it being brown anymore. “I missed you! It felt horribly empty here without you…every day took forever to pass. I’m so thankful you’re back and that you’re ok!” Pierre nodded beside her.
    Abigail smiled. “I missed you too mom, and you too dad. It’s great to be back…,” she tried to say with sincerity, but the truth was…it wasn’t great. A lump began to form in her throat as all those unwanted feelings she tried to suppress came right up to the surface. Knowing she now had to face the inevitable dilemma, but didn’t want to. It was too hard. It was breaking her heart. She struggled to meet their gaze, batting the tears away with her eyelids.

    Pierre and Caroline noticed, their hearts beginning to race with similar emotions. The spirit of their joyful reunion was gone.

    “So, umm, the Wizard told us that you know everything?” Abigail timidly asked, the emotions quickly overtaking her. “And everything about me?”

    The two nodded with emotional swallows.

    “So then…do you look at me differently now?” She mostly directed at Pierre, head lowered and lip quivering, beginning to cry. “Like I’m one of the ‘heathens?’ That should be cast out?”


    Tears filled Rasmodius’ eyes as she said it, his chest tightening.

    “NO!” Caroline cried.

    “Heavens no Abigail!” Pierre cried as well, taking her hand. “You’re our daughter and we love you! I love you.” He emphasized. “I know I haven’t always shown it in the best ways, but I really did mean it when I said it. Even when I began to figure out that you weren’t mine…”


    His eyes lowered for a moment in sorrow, but came back up. “As far as you being cast out, that’s never going to happen!”
    “But the things you would always say about magic and those who–-”
    “I know the things I said.” He choked. “Because I was misled. And maybe because I felt bitter too…” He shot a quick glance over at Rasmodius and then returned his eyes back to her. “Magic is a part of you…I know that now.” He tenderly squeezed her hand. “How could I ever fault you for that? I guess I just thought that magic was something learned, not something a person could be born with.”
    Abigail nodded appreciatively with a sniff. “I understand daddy.”

    “I always knew you might be born with magic powers…,” Caroline softly came in. “I was just afraid to acknowledge it or even mention it…for obvious reasons.” She exchanged a quick glance with Pierre. “Forgive me Abby. I was trying to protect you, not shame you. I love you! And I didn’t want anyone taking you away from me!” she choked as tears rolled down her cheeks, images of that fateful and terrible day she was pulled apart from her true love flashing in her mind again.


    “I know mom…,” Abigail continued to sob, the same images playing out in her mind as well.

    Caroline wiped away her daughter’s tears as she continued. “We want you to always be free to express yourself without fear. And we’ll be right here by your side to help make that a reality. Always. No matter what happens…you’ll never walk alone.”
    Pierre strongly nodded.

    With a joyous breath of relief, Abigail took both of them into a tight, grateful hug.

    Rasmodius turned away to hide his fallen tears, trying to keep his composure, but greatly struggling to do so.

    Abigail noticed, and her heart tightened with ache as she did.

    She looked back at her parents and said, “Rasmodius shouldn’t be alone anymore either.”


    The great Wizard turned around at her words.

    “Look, I know it’s an awkward and uncomfortable situation between you three,” Abigail continued, “but he’s my biological father…and I love him too.” She wept.

    Rasmodius’ heart swelled with her expressed love. Instinctively, he stepped closer to her.

    “He helped me so much on the quest…saved my life in two instances when I was being reckless.” She glanced over at him tearfully and thankfully, holding out her hand to him. He took it. “That’s when I felt his love for me…,” she then turned back to her mom and dad, “and I don’t want him to not be a constant presence in my life.”

    The three parents exchanged different emotional glances at each other.

    “Please…is there any way the three of you can put aside your hard feelings and make this work?” Abigail implored. “For me? Because I love all three of you. And I don’t want to live my life without either of you in it.”


    Caroline immediately stepped forward to kiss Abigail’s forehead in comfort, while Rasmodius placed a caring hand on his daughter’s shoulder.
    “Of course sweetheart,” Caroline answered her. “The four of us are a family now. And the four of us will make it work. Together.” She smiled.


    Overjoyed, Abigail hugged her mother and Rasmodius both at the same time.

    Pierre watched the beautiful scene for a moment, then lowered his eyes; his heart still hurting and working to heal…even after so many years. He tried to respect that Rasmodius got the short end of the stick also, and that his heart, too, was healing.

    “You ok with this dad?” Abigail caringly asked him.
    Pierre pasted on a smile for her. “I will be honey…don’t worry about me.”

    Abigail approached him and took his hand in hers now. “I am so incredibly blessed to have three loving parents in my life. I owe much of who I am to you. You raised me, so you will always be my dad. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me…and for always loving me.”
    “Of course Abby,” he said, taking her into a hug. “You’re my baby girl. Always.” He patted her back. Caroline wiped away a tear in the near distance. When they broke their embrace he added, “your mom is right. The four of us are a family now. It's going to be okay.”


    Abigail gave him the same broad smile, her heart singing. Oh how relieved she felt!
    “Thank you dad!”


    Soon each household began intermingling with each other, the tower bustling with many voices.

    “MISS PENNY!” Jas and Vincent cried out together, running to their beloved teacher and throwing their arms around her.
    “Oh my darlings!” Penny expressed, hugging them in return. “I missed you two so much! Goodness you’re both so BIG now!”
    Jas turned to Vincent and asked with a furrowed brow, “Why does everyone keep saying that?”
    Vincent shrugged with his hands spread apart, wondering the same. “I don’t feel any bigger.”
    “Me neither!”
    Penny just laughed at their adorable antics. “I do hope you two have been keeping up with your schooling while I’ve been gone…?”


    “Yep! Miss Marnie has been teaching us!” Vincent informed.
    “My Gamma!” Jas exclaimed happily.
    “Wonderful!” Penny said through a big smile. She would have to thank Marnie later.

    While Penny chatted with the kiddos, Harvey made his way towards Leah, who seemed to be making her way towards him as well. They smiled as they made eye contact, stopping within a couple of feet from each other. For a few seconds both debated on who should speak first.

    “Hey,” they ended up saying at the same time, which made them chuckle.

    Harvey began again. “Listen, umm…now that we’re home…if you want to go with a midwife for your delivery, I completely understand. No hard feelings,” he assured. Though truthfully it made him a little sad to say it.
    “That’s really sweet of you Harvey,” Leah expressed with deep appreciation. “Thank you.”
    The Doctor nodded.

    “Although…I think I’ll have her deliver my next baby,” she added with a light smirk.


    Harvey’s eyes brightened and his mouth turned back up into a smile.


    “It has to be you who delivers this baby Harvey,” Leah continued, caressing the base of her belly. “It doesn’t feel right to me for you not to. They were a part of the quest and,” she emotionally paused, “we started this journey together…and that’s how we’re going to finish it.” Her eyes glistened.
    Harvey’s did the same, loving the sentiment in what she said. He felt truly touched. “Well I am honored to continue being your Obstetrician Leah,” he expressed. “Thank you. I promise I’ll continue to take very good care of you and the baby.”
    “I know you will,” she smiled. “I never doubted it.”
    He smiled at her in return with a happy heart. “So…,” he sighed, slipping his hands into his pockets, “I guess I’ll see you in my clinic…tomorrow?”
    “How about the day after?” she kindly objected. “This momma here is getting some much needed rest!”
    Harvey chuckled. “Well while I agree that rest is good, I might be feeling a little concerned about the baby’s well being after such an abrupt journey through the cosmos.”
    “Yes you made that quite clear earlier,” she chuckled too, then smiled, “which touched my heart. But trust me Harvey, the baby’s alright. It’s called a mother’s intuition,” she winked again.
    “Well I certainly can’t argue with that.”
    “Nope. So I’ll see you in two days.”

    They laughed as they gave each other a hug.

    Soon it came time for all of them to leave the Wizard’s tower. It was getting a bit stuffy in the room with so many people in it.

    “I do believe a celebration is in order!” Mayor Lewis declared to the bunch, with one arm around Marnie and pushing open the heavy door with the other. “We’ll immediately get everything set up in the Town Square! And it will begin at dusk!”


    "Woo!" Everyone cheered.

    “I’ll make sure everyone in town is there to welcome y'all home,” Marnie vowed. “Which reminds me…,” she broadly grinned, addressing the twelve in particular. “This is the perfect opportunity for y’all to meet the newest resident of Pelican Town, and my new neighbor.”
    “Wow. Someone actually moved here?” Sebastian asked in humorous disbelief. “That’s new…”
    “I know, right?” Marnie chuckled. “Apparently they inherited old Charlie’s farm and they’ve been hard at work fixing it up since they arrived.”
    Shane bounced his eyebrows at that and mumbled, “Good luck to them with that…”
    “Aww, now we won’t get to hang out over there anymore,” Abigail whispered to Sebastian who gave her a sympathetic frown. The property provided the easiest way to get into the mines where Abigail liked to practice her sword fighting.

    “They’re such a sweet person,” Marnie continued. “Y’all are going to love them.”


    “They? Them? C’mon, is it a dude or a chick?” Alex couldn’t help asking. Maru chuckled beside him.
    Marnie slapped a hand on her hip while replying, “I’m leaving that as part of the surprise. To encourage y’all to seek them out tonight and introduce yourselves.” She winked.
    Typical Marnie, they all thought. Always wanting everyone in town to get to know everyone. Truly, she had always been a diamond in the rough in Pelican Town.

    Hand in hand, Mayor Lewis and Marnie marched through the door, leading the way through Cindersnap Forest and back into town. Everyone gladly followed.

    Except for Rasmodius. He stayed behind, hands clasped behind his back, and watched as a brighter future began to unfold for his love and daughter with everyone’s exit. Love and unity had returned to the hearts of the residents of Pelican Town - well, at least half of them - and it was a glorious start towards better days.

    His plan worked and he could hardly believe it. His heart swelled with inexpressible joy as he released a breath of pride.

    Just then, Caroline appeared in the doorway, taking his breath away with her presence like she always did. She still looked just as beautiful as she had on the first day they met, especially with the rays of the sun shining behind her like a heavenly backdrop.

    She held out her hand to him and said, “C’mon Marlin. Join us for the celebration. You don’t have to hide anymore.”


    He greatly appreciated her suggestion, but still held back. It was probably a little too soon for him to make an appearance.


    She could sense his feelings and knew just what to say to ease them. “Let us protect and watch out for you now…as you always did for us.”

    A wide smile formed underneath his thick facial hair, his heart deeply touched by her loving words.

    He stepped closer to her, placing his hand in hers, and together they walked towards Pelican Town, a brand new future awaiting them both.

    Maybe not exactly the future they always dreamed of having together all those years ago, but were grateful and excited for it nonetheless.

    Especially for their daughter Abigail…and her eleven best friends.

    ***THE END***

    Well that's a wrap for Pelican Town to Sims Town everyone! *Happy tears developing*

    I would like to conclude the story with this song. (Which was actually my high school graduation song. ;) ) It was just so so fitting to the story and I encourage all of you to give it a listen real quick. It's short, sweet, and simple. 🎵 <3 (I'm not gonna cry......)
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    I know I already shared something today, but this if the first time I've ever seen a baby gnome!!! I have a few names picked out, but I can't decide on which one I like most. Aurora, Belle or Anastatia??

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    @MamaSimTee I know right, they are so darn cute!! I just want to hold it. <3
    Post edited by ButterWafflesAR on
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,253 Member

    @PalmArrow Janella is so pretty. What skin do you use? I love the way it looks.
    @ButterWafflesAR , thank you! I'm using Mango Smoothie default skin. Janella also has a very light layer of freckles added in make up - they may look like part of the skin.
    Astro wrote: »
    How do you have a different birthday cake than the one in buy mode? I didn't know there were other types.

    @Astro , the chocolate cake comes with the bakery set from the store. Besides looking delicious, I think it's also less likely to cause a fire.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,912 Member
    edited July 2022
    love your username.! <3
  • ButterWafflesARButterWafflesAR Posts: 95 Member
    @PalmArrow I really did think they were part of the skin. It blends so well. Still, love the skin freckles in all.

    @GraceyManor Thank you! I was really hungry when I came up with it. :D I was really in the mood for freshly baked waffles with melted butter on top at the time I made my account. I love buttered waffles. :o
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @Astro Well duh, Dad's need all those carbs for the baby dance ya know!
    Congrats on the new baby!
    lol at the glitch picture
    Looks like they are enjoying their lives together.
    Congrats on the birthday and new cat. I do like that cardboard box for the cat! I know my real life cats loved amazon delivery unpackings. :grin:

    @PalmArrow Thank you!
    Congrats on the baby and I'm glad Nathaniel showed up and acknowledged his son.
    Yeah, was a little odd that he got upset when he was cheating as well. That's the sims though. :grin:
    Hope Janella is ok. That is a very sad face on such a young one.
    Janella is beautiful. Mom is too!

    @Turjan Thanks! That actually sounds like a fun, perhaps a little malicious, idea as part of an ongoing story to see how many times and ways the unlucky sim can die. Might think about that as a future side idea. :grin:
    I can't keep track of all your sims names but the blond guy in the red shirt is cute, and perhaps looks a little bored with the PDA going on in front of him. :grin:

    @GraceyManor Congrats on the new pregnancy. :heart:
    ohohoh! New story coming! Look forward to it.

    @Sprottenham Thanks for the comments. :smiley:
    I enjoyed the update and seeing that Deepak is recovering from his stroke and has a good team as well as family to help him.
    Hmm, the doctor does look a little strange with her girlish pigtails. :grin::lol:

    @Onverser Nice rooms for the family. :smiley:

    @Draganere Welcome to the thread and back to sims 3 and glad your simself is enjoying her new life. :smiley:

    @ButterWafflesAR Love the gnomes. Looks like they are having a great time. I always keep the gnomes in my games and have several little gnome cemeteries in my Ballan family saga. Awww, the baby gnome is adorable. :love: I like all those names! It would be hard to pick.

    @emorrill <3<3<3:cry::cry::cry: Comments on the story thread.

    I took this picture 10 days ago, the last time I played in Hidden Springs. The rain was starting to fall and was not real heavy at this point. You can see some streaks in the foreground from the rain. In game, the clouds in the outer areas were a beautiful, vibrant pink but the screenshot just shows a vague pink. Sigh! :neutral: I was a bit disappointed that the camera did not translate that very well.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,912 Member
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    This pregnancy was completely accidental.
    I have a mod in game that makes romance more autonomous
    I went to the restroom and grabbed a snack and came back and found
    them in the haystack LOL


    Sneak peak at new story.

  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,661 Member
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    @Sprottenham Sure, I certainly wouldn't use ITF just for some moving wall decoration :wink: . That was just meant as info.
    No worries, no ponies in my game :lol: .
    Looks like Sofia has found a her mark. Will they start a duel? Cadenza Tempesta, heh. Is she "beyond omnipotent" and has an "infinitely infinite" number of finishing moves? I guess that will get difficult for Sofia :tongue: .

    @Onverser I like that house extension :smile:

    @PalmArrow Those are great age-up results.

    @emorrill Ah, there it finally is: The End! Looks as if you tied all loose ends up. :smile:
    I'm afraid even Leah's house is a bit small.
    You even made Lewis open up about his love with Marnie :lol: . I had the feeling he just wanted to keep living alone, as none of his explanations for the current arrangement made any sense at all.
    A ménage a trois, eh? Looks rather progressive for that little town. I could almost feel sorry for Pierre. Almost :wink: .
    You even healed the lame and let the PTSD victim forget his nightmares with a new child (I'm not sure they even shared a bed).
    And then you let Marnie involve the player :smiley: .
    Awesome ending. And it's good to end here - before the bickering starts again :lol: .

    @bekkasan Thanks a lot for the comments :smile: . That's another lovely shot of Hidden Springs. I guess those color subtleties are lost on me.
    I can't keep track of all your sims names but the blond guy in the red shirt is cute, and perhaps looks a little bored with the PDA going on in front of him.
    Heh, that's Jose Frio. He started as a genetic mix of Connor and Jared, who are his brothers in my SV game. He's actually watching TV in the pic. The TV hangs on the wall above a table. I can see why you would think it's a comment, but he's cool with Madison and Lucas. He only has eyes for Heather.
    In my Mt. Holbston branch of the game, I used Elvis Presley from Union Cove as one of the anchors for Porter. Here he is on the porch of his shack.
    His direct neighbor in the next shack is Norma Jeane Mortenson, better known as Marilyn Monroe. She seems to have a bad day.
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