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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    @Nikkei_Simmer I hope you heal quickly!
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,029 Member
    @MamaSimTee - hurt like the dickens but well it was my own brain-short that caused it. Y’know…men, right? Bullheaded, stubborn and well we do schtupid schtuff.
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    lol my girls always have something to complain about.XD
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    Peter: What in the maker's name is your child wearing?
    Elizabeth: Hideous right? My mom made it...I'm gonna go surprise
    Derek at the station.
    Peter: He's gonna kill you.
    Elizabeth: I know XD

    Derek: What are you doing....what is my son wearing?
    Elizabeth: Isn't it precious?
    Derek: No...take it off.
    Elizabeth: But grandma made it for him.
    Derek: I don't care if the Queen of England sent it, take it off.

    Elizabeth: You really hate it that much?
    Derek: yes...yes I do.
    Elizabeth: Good, then I don't feel so bad hating it.
    Derek: Then take it off.
    Elizabeth: Fine, let's go Michael.
    Derek: Actually, it might ne nice to have you all here

    Derek: That's the alarm I gotta go.
    Elizabeth: 1001 Valley Lane? Derek that's our house.
    Derek: What? Who's home?
    Elizabeth: Just Peter...

    Elizabeth: I'm heading back
    Derek: and Michael stay here.Let me go see what Peter
    is doing.

    Derek: my house better still be standing.

    When Derek arrived, the first floor was fully engulfed.No signs of

    Derek: Who are you? Why are you in my yard?
    Mailman: Sorry, I was trying to deliver your mail...
    Derek: You should leave, but go the back way.Anyone in
    the barn?
    Mailman: Yeah, some dimwitted guy and a little kid.
    Derek: Maker.

    Derek: Peter, I ought to hang you upside down.
    Peter: It was an accident!
    Derek: We'll talk later, just get out...why is there a kid in my barn?
    Kid: My sister's in the house...we wanted to play fire fighter.

    Kid: I'm sorry...
    Derek: Its alright buddy, here I'll carry you.
    Kid: You'll get my sister to right?
    Derek: Absolutely.

    Luckily Derek managed to save the home and got everyone out.
    Derek: I don't think I need to repeat, you shouldn't try to fight
    fires on your own and you shouldn't be entering people's houses
    without permission.
    Kids: We're sorry.
    Derek: Stop by the fire station sometime I can let you help there. ;)
    Girl: Thanks mister! Bye!

    Derek: What happened?
    Peter: Sorry, I went to the grocery store to grab something
    and left lantern going..didn't think it would catch the drapes.
    Derek: You are so lucky my house is still standing, and even luckier
    my family wasn't home...

    later that night

    Derek: You and Amber sure got things cleaned up.
    Elizabeth: I want Peter severely punished.
    Derek: What do you want me to do? Ground him?
    I thought you were gonna change Michael out of that nightmare.
    Elizabeth: I did, then mom came over and changed him back into it.
    She took pictures.
    Derek: I swear to the maker if she shares that on social media, I will
    spam her until the end.
    Elizabeth: You wouldn't do that to a frail old lady.
    Derek: Try me.
    Elizabeth: -rolls eyes-
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    Thank you very much on all comments about subways and dramatic ambulance pictures. ;)
    Yeah, I suppose there is a lot of potential for story telling down in the subway and below if something should happen.. (which is part of the building process for me, imagining all the what ifs...)


    "I'm pregnant!" "Thumbs up, good job!" Haha, well, that's one way to react I suppose. :P

    @GraceyManor I like the bear toddler outfit, that' very cute. ;)

    A glimpse back in time. Dole Plains, winter 1994.

    Leonora Bråheim, Gautes mother and the future mother-in-law of Leya (Palashs sister), was having a hard time putting out a massive fire at the Pelly household.

    She spent all day on it, only to almost freeze to death..

    ..which lead her to think she's had enough of that and wanted to quit to join the military instead. Her lifetime wish of being a fire fighter super hero was already achieved, so maybe now was the time to switch to a greener pasture...

    Military green, that is. :P

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    The people of Simbria

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    Page 4375 - 4376

    @Turjan I think it'd be noisy in general just living by a military base.
    It seems if there is an easel in the house, Sims tend to go for it.
    Great updates!

    @Astro Thanks.
    Well, I guess it's better than having burnt food.
    Nah, not weird at all in the Sims. In real life, possibly.
    Great updates!

    @emorrill She was an amazing woman.
    Lol, it's not necessarily a bad thing, though.
    You're welcome.
    I'm looking forward to reading it.
    You're welcome.
    I loved it. I thought Austin Butler did a fantastic job, even if he didn't look exactly like Elvis. Tom Hanks as Colonel Parker was good too, although not as good as Austin. The lady that played Priscilla did well too, even though her scenes were limited. There were some inaccuracies though, which is bound to happen, and they did gloss over certain aspects of Elvis' life. Austin did a fantastic job singing as the 1950's Elvis, but then they used the real Elvis with Austin lip synching for the 60's and 70's. I'd definitely recommend it, but if someone doesn't know a lot about Elvis, they might take some of the inaccuracies for fact.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you.

    @texansky Thank you.

    @ButterWafflesAR Great update!

    @GraceyManor Great update!

    @PalmArrow Nice pictures of the police station and the hospital!
    Great update!

    @bekkasan You're welcome.
    Great pictures!

    @Emily4331 Great update!
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    In the words of River McIrish-Chikamori

    I knew for a fact that things were not going to go well today when I saw the bald guy come out of the office with an enormous frown on his face. On top of that he was dressed in his Navy uniform.


    That spelled trouble with a capital T. I’d seen him before..always heard him grumble to that head of the bunker…the Fleet Admiral who is something else in terms of strict adherence to rule of law. Perhaps it’s the air of command that he wears around him like a layer of clothing. He's got that air of quiet dignity and doesn't seem to say much. He just goes ahead and does what needs to be done.

    I had no idea the bald guy was so high-ranking. He had a metric plum-ton of gold braid on the sleeves of his Navy jacket.

    My jaw nearly drops when I see Fleet Admiral Nakamura who has four stripes above a big gold stripe on his uniform come out of his office, the tall redheaded woman in uniform with one more stripe on her sleeves than the bald-headed guy, by his side, with an identical disgusted frown on their faces as they walk over to the side of, I guess, the bald headed guy who I knew now was a rear admiral, and eyes the new group of people in the building, with a baleful glare.

    There’s also yet another red-headed woman in Navy uniform with one more stripe than the tall red-head who joins them. I guess they’re the command staff of the bunker. Joining them was what I could guess a two-star in a green uniform -he looked like a US Marine who faintly looked like that Koffi guy around town but much more muscular.

    Evidently the people not in military uniform are townspeople in our town that the military has designated are necessary to the rebuilding of society. I haven’t kept up to date with many of the people from my high school and it’s been over twenty years since I graduated from school.

    The only person, I’ve kept in touch with is my husband, Haruo. We have three canines a wolf and a fox and two cats. We ran or shall I say, I ran a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Sunset Valley where we took in North American wildlife who had been injured. We released them if they hadn’t been habituated to humans and we brought the rest with help from the military to the bunker and hopefully that would help bring some of the wildlife back to the earth. We also had a pond on the upper level that would help to grow fish and my husband being the outdoorsy type would take care of that.

    This is some scary news that has been floating around the bunker. Quiet whispers of the possibility of nuclear war. We've been selected to continue on humanity should it come down to the whole world being destroyed by nuclear weapons. In a ways, I'm thankful that Bebe, me, my husband and others have been selected, but I'm still saddened for the people who lost the chance to survive...if what they are saying is true and that the town is going to be incinerated by a nuclear firestorm.

    If I thought the old bald guy was decorated...the Fleet Admiral was even more so - that pretty blue ribbon with the stars…evidently that ribbon gets a lot of people rubber-necking and a lot of deference from the other military in the bunker. The initial meeting was without military uniforms but it was very clear that the men and women in the bunker were not playing - that we had a serious situation on our hands and that we were all going to have to work together to survive this what they were calling was going to be the Apocalypse.

    It’s scary to think that we in the bunker were going to be subject to military rules and regulations. But it was understandable in any case. In q situation like this we needed direction and guidance and jot platitudes.

    Bebe is saying that she’s thinking about joining up and becoming a doctor and a commissioned officer. I sort of wonder what my husband and I are suited to do within the bunker. Hopefully we can pitch in and do our part to contribute to our survival. Our dogs and wolves will help us towards that end as they will help to ward off attacks.

    When I replace the computer I’m gonna have to remake RADM AJ Chegwidden, Master Guns Stacker and a few other JAG-Sims.

    There’s gonna be a lot of editing done to this story. The chapters are probably gonna be in excess of 9000 words a chapter.


    Tosh told me that it seemed as though things were on an inexorable slide to the brink of destruction; that from what he could tell; there was no escape. It was the strategist in him that told him that things were not going to go well in the Pacific...and the Russians were just waiting to jump in with both feet. They had always been our adversaries and it was only a matter of time before we and they came to blows.

    It was admirable in how Tosh could split his attention between the affairs of the world stage and the goings-on of bunker management and provisioning, but he did so and that was the one of the interesting aspects of Tosh’s abilities. He does tell me in quiet times in our cozy little meetings that he relies on me to be his right hand and that overseeing reports and effectively managing the bunker wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for my efforts.
    It makes me feel appreciated that I’m doing something rather than just hanging around waiting for the blast doors to lock and the warheads to drop.

    Although I look at Tosh and I wonder if there is something more than just admiration for an effective leader.


    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww… 😝
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    Page 4378 - 4379

    ***I have not been quite as busy this week, so I've been able to get some commenting done. I've still got a bit of catching up to do, so my comments have been kind of brief. Even though I haven't been as busy, our county fair is going on so I have been going to it in the late afternoon and evenings. Last night was the fair queen contest, and tonight is the harness racing. I've already spent enough money down there and yesterday was only the first day, lol.

    Anyway, I also got a bit of bad news. Around the time that my great-aunt from South Korea passed away, my aunt (my mom's older sister) found out she has brea'st cancer. She has surgery to remove the cancer on the 2nd of August, but she will also have to have radiation. We aren't sure about chemo yet, but she has already had colon cancer in the past, so we hope it hasn't spread or anything like that.

    @ButterWafflesAR Great update with Lindsey!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Great update!

    @emorrill Great update! I read it the other day when I saw you posted it. I'm glad everyone is back home and will get to talk to their families again. It was also nice that Abigail got to hug her father now.

    @Onverser Great looking Sim!

    @Astro Great update with Myra and Leighton!

    @PalmArrow Great update with Audrey and Janella!

    @bekkasan Great picture from the Mary save!

    @Emily4331 Nice poses!
    Great update!

    @Sprottenham Great update!

    @GraceyManor Great update!
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    Goth Family Day 312

    Christa decided to exercise soon after getting up.

    Brandon and Lily shared a morning kiss.

    Later on, Brandon decided to chat with Christa.

    Lily decided to practice the keyboard some more.

    When Jacob got up, he decided to eat breakfast.

    When the rain let up, I took this picture of the town and a rainbow.

    Jacob found his aunt, so he talked to her for a bit.

    A few of the family members played music together for tips.

    Jacob also had a chat with his Grandma Carrie.

    He also got an autography from his Aunt Ivy.

    Then he sparred with a relative of his. I think she's Rose's daughter, so if that is the case, she'd be Jacob's cousin.

    Lastly, for this update, Brandon and Lily woohooed before bed.

    ***This brings us up to the marriage of Jacob and Christa. I have yet to replay it, but I may do so here in an hour or two before going to the county fair, or it might wait until tomorrow. I'll just have to see how I feel, but I need to get out of my computer chair for a bit.
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    …yay…I think…@Brandontaylor - at least my pinky finger is still attached. 😁👍 although I wouldn’t recommend utilizing a box cutter to open up a cat food bag again. 😳

    My college-friend’s response to hearing about that on FB was:

    Provided me an afternoon of giggles.

    Rewriting the “Mushroom Cloud Chronicles. On Chapter 3 now.
    Stiles McGraw known for being the irreverant "funny guy" grinned and said amiably, "Hey, there, Navy guy..." Oh...oh... That was the wrong thing to say.

    Oh, was it ever the wrong thing to say, because the Fleet Admiral whipped his head around so fast his brain probably got whiplash and stared daggers at Stiles to the point where I think there was a wet spot accumulating down the front of his just about groin level.

    Not a word out of the admiral at all, other than a cold expression of shut the flark up if you know what's good for you... oh…Stiles, you really stepped in it, real good, eh?

    When he did speak it was with a frosty clipped tone, "You will address me as sir. When you speak there is only two words that should slip out of that slimy piehole you call your mouth: one is "YES"...the other is "SIR!" Do I make myself clear?"

    Stiles looked petrified. He went to rub his nose that instantly looked as if it about to run...rivulets of snot. The fleet admiral focused in on him, "You'd best put that arm right by your side or I'll BREAK IT OFF! You're in the military NOW, not in a daycare!" Well, that answered that question. We were all going to be military.

    Poor Stiles McGraw, he looked thoroughly confused and unhappy, I think the thought in his mind was, "What did I sign? What did I sign?" After all we did sign a contract to be here in this facility...and considering what the alternative was, joining the military...was a better alternative than roasting alive in a nuclear furnace. Well... Welcome to the Navy or the Army or whatever this branch of the military was going to be.

    And then the admiral focused on the face of Jared Frio. "You have a problem?" the fleet admiral sneered at Jared, presumably with an equally angry looking face.

    "No..." Jared replied and was going to say more when the admiral gave him a crazy-face look and said,

    "Oh, you do, sweet-cheeks. You got a major problem on your tail-end, ME. And you'd better wipe that face clean and give me a dead-pan stare...because if you don't I'm going to smack that sneer clean off your face and knock your pus-filled brain-sack into another zip code!!!” The admiral sneered at Jared, "You look like YOU got a problem with authority, maggot, Best not try that with me. Otherwise you’ll be doing push-ups till you heave your guts all over the pavement and the girls will be able to macrame your large intestines into a quilt!!!”

    Let’s just say, it’s fun writing a “shark-attack” without any foul language. 😁👍
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    @Evalen Thank you :smile: . While I'm not playing Star Trek, I was playing some sims who were playing Star Trek as advertisement for a TV channel.

    I had no idea that mummies didn't like crowds!
    Heh, that was just a fancy way of the game telling me: "You have more than seven sims in your household! No mummy for you!"

    @Sprottenham Thanks a lot :smile: . In my experience, those routing errors in cities with apartment buildings with hidden rooms on the ground floor never stop. I can imagine that remodeling all these buildings being too much work for Sao Paten. Even in Bridgeport, it takes a while, and sometimes finding the Hidden Room Marker and replacing it with a Public Room Marker isn't that easy (I have used a big rug for that).
    The wallpaper of the volcano behind the office desk also looks cool, hmm, I just hope they don't live on a volconic island!
    That wallpaper is actually a moving image and will scroll all the time in an endless loop, which I find pretty neat. Volcano on that island? No, no volcanoes. We have some nice lakes though :smile: .
    Heh. Fortunately, in real life, cats leave a few hints behind.
    Great nightmare pic of that accident. Looks as if Sofia gets used to becoming a mother, despite her fears.
    Palash sensing his dad :smile: .
    Nearly freezing to death while fighting a fire seems to be some magical feat :lol: . No wonder Leonora wanted to change jobs.

    @ZeeGee Yes, thank you, that was a great suggestion :smile: .

    @bekkasan Nice that you made Jamie "materializing" connected to heat. Makes sense :smile: .
    Well, Bert's greed is probably just the right hook for him to hang himself. At least there's no fear of the evidence disappearing :lol: .
    I really have to try my hand at producing some of these skull cuts.
    That's a great pic of the sunrise again with the outlook of things to come :smile: .

    @Astro Nice pics, but I have never got Bonehilda to work well with toddlers. Quite the opposite.

    @bekkasan Thanks for the comments :smile: .
    That sounds like some really happy time with the little one :smile: And who knows, maybe, you'll get them both?
    Aww, thanks about the house colors. I must admit, as I don't really see colors correctly, those colors fitting must be an accident :lol: .
    Lucky, the sim using the Philosopher's Stone, has the "unlucky" trait, so he doesn't need any death flowers. There's no way to kill him permanently, aside from old age.
    Thanks, yes, I also like the sunsets in this world :smile: .

    @Nikkei_Simmer Hope your hand is healing well. Reminds me of me accidentally stabbing myself with a meat knife between to fingers last year. Which, in my case, was really stupid, btw.

    @Brandontaylor Thank you for the comments. Still, it's funny to hear the trumpet at 5 am, just as the military members in my household have to wake up.
    That's a nice view of SV with that rainbow :smile: .
    I hope everything goes well with the wedding this time. I don't do any in my large households, as my computer doesn't really deal with them very well.
    Didn't really play anything.
    I noticed on Steam that I got another comment on one of my really old SimCity 4 pics. Which is kind of funny. I haven't really played the game in years and don't even really remember how to build stuff like what's on that pic. There hadn't been any comments, either.
    Regarding Sims3, I have an older pic of a foggy day here.
    Looks fake, but I like it anyway :lol: .
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    @Turjan - it seems to be. Although since the injury was yesterday, it’s gonna take a while. The doctor said that since I opted for “glue” instead of stitches, it’ll take longer and probably scar, not that I care about esthetics. As long as my finger is functional and works as advertised, I’m fine. 😁

    Doc: “You might be worried about scarring if the wound was on your face”

    Me: naw, Doc, I’m too old to care about my looks - I’m on the second half of my life. Chalk any scars up as life-experience.
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    My Sim decided to casually water his plants in his underwear early in the morning lol
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    My Sim decided to casually water his plants in his underwear early in the morning lol

    I mean, who doesn't water their plants in their skivvies?
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    @BlueSpaarkle That's alright. My sim went to pay the bills in her nightgown in the freezing snow. That's just how a sim do. :D
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    @Brandontaylor Thanks. ;)

    Christa is pretty as always... and as much as that family enjoys playing music together, maybe they should form a band. :P

    @Turjan Yeah, it's probably going to be a lot of work to fix all the ground floors in Sao Paten. I can live with the routing errors, I mean, I'm not the one getting repeatedly fired because I find myself stuck in a dark room (!), so I'll just take it one day at a time... :P

    The wallpaper sounds even cooler now, and yeah, no volcanic activity I see, just that huge lake there.. probably caused by a meteor strike, then. :P

    Thanks about the nightmare picture. Of course, I still don't know what kind of mother Sofia will actually be. ;)

    Whoa, I don't remember Sim City 4 looking that good. I would probably still play it on this computer now, if I hadn't lost the booklet.. I bought it when it was new, but didn't get to play it all that much, because shortly thereafter I moved out and went to university, and didn't take the game with me... :P

    Hmm, rainbows in Sims 3 aren't always pretty... double rainbows is a real thing, but it doesn't at all look like that. :P

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    @PalmArrow Oh bummer he hasn't visited on his own. She's a great Mom though.

    @Emily4331 Thanks! Downloaded. I hope I can try it on one of my sims, perhaps Layla? this weekend. :smiley:
    Silly sim practicing soccer kicks in the dark!

    @Kelvin Pretty windsurfing picture!

    @Astro Great photoshoot of the pregnancy.

    @GraceyManor Awww, kiss and make up. :smiley:
    Wow...big fire and glad no one was hurt.
    Michael looks adorable.

    @Sprottenham I love the 'what if's' that happen when playing my sims.
    wow, she really turned blue from the cold. I guess the heat of the fire wasn't enough to help. :grin:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Ouch! How many stitches? Those box cutters are sharp!
    Nevermind, saw your next comment before posting. :grin: I do like the glue option.

    @Brandontaylor Glad you enjoyed the pictures.
    Happy to see an update on the family. Hope the wedding works without troubles.
    Love the rainbow picture!

    @Turjan Thanks for the comments! :smiley:
    So, the unlucky trait works all the time against a unexpected death? I've had a few unlucky sims but they never died plus I do collect death flowers to put in inventories. If there is not a death flower at the cemetery already in a world I add a couple. :grin:
    Cool pic from your SimCity 4.
    I like the foggy double rainbow.

    @BlueSpaarkle I think it's even funnier that he is wearing his socks! :tongue:

    I was cleaning out some folders on my desktop and came across some pictures from when I was testing the various lighting mods for the Supernatural world. This is one of my favorites pictures, but wasn't my favorite lighting mod. I'm not even sure which one it was, as I apparently got lazy and stopped labeling the pictures. :lol:
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    edited July 2022
    @Astro, you can use University backpacks outside of the university world! You just have to buy one in Buy mode, similar as with the umbrella, and put it in your sim's inventory. Then you can click on it and they can put it on/take it off. You can style it and make it into a really nice accessory. Here is one of my sims wearing one on a hike in her home world:


    This is a cc bag I have and like a lot. I use it sparingly, though, because all handbags look a little funny if the sim is doing an animation where they wave their arms around!
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    @bekkasan , that is such a beautiful screenshot!
  • ButterWafflesARButterWafflesAR Posts: 95 Member
    @Astro A man can't panic on an empty stomach.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,253 Member
    My sim Audrey has given birth to her second child, Mark.

    The circumstances around her birth were a little complicated: Audrey lives alone with her first child, Janella. Janella's dad Roderick is still Audrey's boyfriend, but he lives on his own and his and Audrey's relationship has somewhat decayed.
    Audrey concieved Mark during a one-night stand with Nathanial, who is also in another relationship, and who got married a day or two later.

    I had never before played a pregnancy where the father was not part of the active household, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Nathanial rushing into the hospital! I wonder how he explained this hospital visit to his wife.


    Audrey came out first with baby Mark...


    ... but Nathanial followed after her and they got into a taxi together.


    He came into the house with her autonomously - there was no need to invite him inside - and while Audrey put Mark into his crib...


    ... Nathanial remained downstairs and poured himself a drink, as if steeling himself for the difficult conversation they would have to have. He also admired his wedding ring.


    Audrey came downstairs, and I used the "confess to cheating" dialogue option. Nathanial got very angry - a bit hypocritical of him if you ask me, since he was also cheating!


    Audrey managed to calm him down and repair their friendship a bit, and then suggested that they break up their romantic relationship and remain friends. He accepted. At that point I noticed that they were not alone in the room any more! It was already early in the morning, and Janella had woken up hungry and come downstairs to eat a leftover muffin.


    She had such an accusing look on her face. Poor kid, she doesn't look happy she overheard this conversation!


    At this point the baby started crying and Audrey went to feed him, and Janella introduced herself to her little half-brother's dad.

    This was such an enjoyable scene to play. It felt like watching a soap opera. I only controlled Audrey's actions, but everyone else's made complete sense!
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    @PalmArrow Thank you!
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,661 Member
    @Sprottenham Thanks. Those "rolling wallpapers" come with ITF. It's a small disc you fix to the wall, and then you have to choose what it displays. The lava is also "fake" animated (just lighting effects). The choice of pics is very limited though.

    Yeah, I guess we'll see about Sofia. Sims who "dislike children" are often excellent with babies and toddlers, as they cannot stand the crying and will try everything to make the baby/toddler happy for this to stop. The difficulties start at child age.

    I've already seen double rainbows, but yes, the pic looks fake. Next thing, one of those "My Little Pony" figures appears :lol: .

    @bekkasan Thanks for the comments, and that's a pretty picture. I can guess what you didn't like about the lighting mod though.
    So, the unlucky trait works all the time against a unexpected death?
    Yes, it's like a death flower that doesn't get used up, and you can't forget or misplace it. One difference is that the sims with this trait die more often than others (at least that's my experience). It doesn't matter though, as Grim will always show up, laugh, and point out he cannot deprive the other sims of this amusement. Or, in other words, he only comes to revive the sim. With a Philosopher's Stone, you can basically print money this way, depending how often you get the sim to die per day. Lucky died immediately.

    I first noticed the trait in Bridgeport. During those constant parties, one of the guys in the largest household died pretty much every time I visited :lol: .
    Still didn't play. Just a pic of the group in my last story, in one of the alternative versions of their fate in Mt. Holbston.
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