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Which Sims game is the best?



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    kneal007kneal007 Posts: 205 Member
    I own 2-4 and The Sims 3 wins. I still play it every day during this Corona time mess. I love the open world, endless customization options, best expansion packs, HOWEVER, its impossible to play without a nice PC and nraas mods. One must own a nice PC and, at minimum, install the Overwatch mod to clean up the glitches or the game isnt even playable.

    From 2009, if I told you guys the thousands of dollars we have spent to buy computers that can handle this beast...The mods have been a lifesaver or The Sims 3 would be the worst rated as a stand-alone game.
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    boombamboomboombamboom Posts: 52 Member
    I think that Sims 3 is the best! That's the one where I really spent my days playing.
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    WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 2,122 Member
    If I vote just on content - Sims 1 had the most, hands down. Sims 2 was the only one so far that actually felt like an upgrade. I have zero opinion on Sims 3, other than gods awful hideous sims. Never played it because of that. Sims 4 is fun, and a favorite of mine - but it definitely feels light compared to the first two editions...especially Sims 1.
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    waterywatermelonwaterywatermelon Posts: 473 Member
    edited December 2020
    Myself and a few other friends are arguing about which Sims game is the best. We want to settle this argument. Whichever game has the most 'votes' is the game we decide is best. Tell us your favorite Sims game and why it's your favorite (if you want to).
    I can't grammar to save my life. :/

    Then, I will "grammar" for you.
    I and a few other friends are arguing about which The Sims game is the best. We want to settle this argument. Whatever game comes out with the most votes is determined to be the best game. Tell us your favorite The Sims game and why it is your favorite.

    Well, there was a copy of The Sims expansion pack at my local public library, but I couldn't play that version on my computer at the time because it was just an expansion pack and required the base game. That event occurred during the summer of 2006, between my sophomore and junior years of high school. In late 2006, I did my own research about The Sims and noticed that The Sims 2 was available as well. I read extensively about The Sims 2 on Wikipedia. The Sims 2 had aging, aspirations, wants, fears, life stages, genetics and generational gameplay, and I was sold! I got The Sims 2 for a Christmas present, and was instantly hooked.

    Then, I went out and bought The Sims 3, and I loved the fact that The Sims 3 was like a mini package of The Sims 2 with bits and pieces from various expansion packs. It was a tremendous upgrade to what I had at the time, which was just The Sims 2 and The Sims 2 Best of Business collection pack (Open For Business EP, H&M SP and K&B SP).

    Then, EA released The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection in 2014, and I downloaded that from Origin as soon as possible to upgrade my game to all expansions and stuffs. And just recently, I got that Frances J Worthington III in La Fiesta Tech to get into the Secret Society so I could explore the Secret Society for the very first time. I still have lots more to explore, though, like werewolves and vampires and zombies and the other Secret Societies and the hidden vacation destinations.

    The Sims 3 is endless fun by itself, but I also own The Sims 3 Seasons and Pets expansions, and they really expand the game in so many ways! I'm hoping to buy The Sims 3 Generations pack soon, maybe in the Expansions bundle so I can get the World Adventures pack as well.

    The Sims 4 is okay, but with The Sims 4 Get To Work EP and Seasons EP installed, I get a lot more features.

    It's quite hard for me to pinpoint which The Sims game I like best, because I like them all. EA/Maxis makes the best games ever, IMO. I have played with other simulation games before, like the Tycoon games and Oregon Trail, but the Maxis life simulation games are awesome!
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    SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,204 Member
    Sims 3 & Sims 4.
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    tx631292tx631292 Posts: 18 Member
    sims 4
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    rjssimrjssim Posts: 1,351 Member
    The Sims 4.
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    cody6268cody6268 Posts: 643 Member
    Sims 2 is best when it comes to Sims and intrapersonal relationships, but it's the weakest in terms of graphics.

    TS3 does have the open world, and a lot of stuff. I'm enjoying it a lot now. I feel the real problem with TS3 is the fact that if you play it, make sure it's on a PC with an SSD.

    TS4 has the best user interface, but is missing a lot of stuff. And often buggy. Every patch ends up seemingly breaking more stuff than it fixes. I think the engine is ready to burst.
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    Hauk150Hauk150 Posts: 358 Member
    I think all of them are awesome in their own ways :):)

    Sims 1, Where it all started, it defined the Sim concept, and it has tons of content
    Sims 2, I like all the great amount of content it has, and it was a good evolution from Sims 1
    Sims 3, I like the open world and the expansions, its so big and fun
    Sims 4, I like the customization, the CAS and building houses and making stories
    Sims Medieval, I really liked the medieval concept and the game is good too
    Sims Consoles, some of them are very fun, like Sims 2 with the direct control style, and Castaway Wii this was very good and very interesting concept, and Bustin Out Xbox not my favorite but still interesting game
    My Sims, this games are very good and cute, not many people knows about them, but i think they're very good
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    Destin2016Destin2016 Posts: 568 Member
    Sims 2
    You like me because I'm a scoundrel. There aren't enough scoundrels in your life.
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    OnyxAnnOnyxAnn Posts: 2 New Member
    I like all of them too I do say I like The Sims 2 more. Because I have played that one more but the other games I do like.
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    SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 524 Member
    The Sims 2.
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    MrSimGamer112MrSimGamer112 Posts: 29 Member
    Sims 2 so much effort and little details went into the game.
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    AuntyCaitlinAuntyCaitlin Posts: 18 Member
    Sims 1 and 3 for me! For some reason I don't have a lot of memories from Sims 2... but Sims 1 was my first and I remember it being a big part of my childhood (and the burglar giving me nightmares). Sims 3 had such good gameplay (Open World, I miss you!) so that's a win for me!
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    Renato10Renato10 Posts: 472 Member
    The Sims 3 > The Sims 2 > The Sims > The Sims 4
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    beathappeningbeathappening Posts: 11 New Member
    Sims 2 because of the lore.
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    texxx78texxx78 Posts: 5,657 Member
    I like 3 better cause it offers everything i look for in a life simulation game.
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    LogicallyironicLogicallyironic Posts: 137 Member
    edited December 2021
    Looking at the whole series, Sims 2 is the only one that felt like a 100% upgrade. The jump between Sims 1 and Sims 2 is MASSIVE. The Sims 3 added and improved a lot, but it sacrificed detail and I've never been able to overcome the optimization issues and bugs, even with patches and NRAAS. The content in the Sims 3 is a ton of fun, but the stress I have from knowing my game could turn into a BFBVFS at any moment puts me on edge too much to fully enjoy the game. The Sims 2 has problems due to its easy corruptibility, but these issues seem easier to tame from a user standpoint, especially since the game as been out for over a decade. I'm much more at ease playing the Sims 2. Sims 2 sims are also, in my opinion, some of the most realistic and "organic" sims in the whole series thus far.

    It's hard to compare all of them side-by-side, since there's a two-decade gap (or 1.5, however you look at it) between 1 and 4. I think that if I look at them while accounting for their age and place in the series, I'd say 2>3>>4. Sims 1 I don't like to compare too much, because it was the first of the series and innovative across all fronts simply for being the beginner of it all.

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    haisinhaisin Posts: 954 Member
    I just spent a whole day playing The Sims (and I played it yesterday too :joy: ) and I love it. The animations, graphics and sounds are great and so much fun :relaxed: I don't play it often, but when I do I love it.

    I started playing The Sims years ago as a kid with The Sims Deluxe Edition, so the first game is nostalgic to me. I mainly play The Sims 4 nowadays and I like it. I played The Sims 2 a lot years ago and I enjoyed it until I got bored with it, but maybe I'll go back to playing it one day. They are all good games in their own way <3 I have only played The Sims 3 on playstation (my little sister bough it) and not much, so it could be better than I know and I might like it, but I don't like its graphics, so I have never really desired to buy it and try it on PC.

    So currently my order is: The Sims 4 > The Sims 1 > The Sims 2 > The Sims 3.
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    theemaskedsimmertheemaskedsimmer Posts: 63 Member
    Sims 2 is the best game in the series! I have been playing since The Sims 1. Once we got that upgrade to the The Sims on Sims 2 it was just legendary. So much detail and time went into each expansion pack, stuff packs, and just the overall content. I have played hours upon hours of endless gameplay on Sims 2. Even to this day I play and often STILL do not get bored.

    Now Sims 3 was good too. Everyone I know who owned it experienced glitches and bugs. However, I ran this on my mom's Toshiba Windows Vista ( at the time) laptop and it played effortlessly. The open world gave the gameplay more imagination room and realism. The graphics though ehhhh. I felt like it also lacked the depth that Sims 2 gave me.

    Sims 4 took me many years to get into. It was a hard adjustment going from Sims 3 graphics to Sims 4. I also needed more game packs/content for it. Once Seasons came out and the toddler update I started playing more. Everything we have now for it and the depth they have added into the game I would say it rates a close 2nd place for me on the best list!

    Overall though it is hard to just pick one for the best. They all would not be where they are without the other. So I have love for them all!
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    Veemo8Veemo8 Posts: 4 New Member
    I'm decisive between sims 1 and sims 3. I love the open world, but I miss the mid century shopping music
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    VailsVails Posts: 50 Member
    For me, it's The Sims 1. Even though it's older than me by a few years, I absolutely adore everything about it. The isometric artstyle, color palette, soundtrack, NPCs, mechanics, comfort/room motives, dated sims models, and how it just SCREAMS very late 90's-early 2000's. Ahh. If I hadn't lost a disc to it, I'd be playing it again.
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    YumengYumeng Posts: 125 Member
    Myself and a few other friends are arguing about which Sims game is the best. We want to settle this argument. Whichever game has the most 'votes' is the game we decide is best. Tell us your favorite Sims game and why it's your favorite (if you want to).

    So far, I think The Sims 2 is the best. From TS1 to TS4, I like the [Aspiration/Wants&Fears/Memory] system in TS2 best.

    Secondly, I like The Sims 1, it would be better if it also had family tree and those systems in TS2.

    I like the open world in TS3, but the way of sims' walking is strange in TS3, the movement feels not smooth, and the zodiac signs began to become no interesting.

    I like hospitals, police stations and high schools in TS4, but the characters are similar because they have no zodiac signs. How nice if TS2 has hospitals, police stations and high schools!

    I think both TS3 and TS4 have their advantages and disadvantages: At least there are zodiac signs in TS3 while sims walk naturally in TS4.
    I need zodiac signs, half-tile walls&half walls&platforms, half walls&platforms with a height of 0.125 times, inverted half walls&platforms, discontinuous voice slider(mid-value can be taken) and rotating objects horizontally and vertically in a discontinuous manner(22.5 degrees per rotation).
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    sonicgamersonicgamer Posts: 31 Member
    I still think the Sims 2 is the best overall; especially the music. Creating a neighborhood with premade maps was the best option.
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