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Character CAS Stuff Pack

I would love to see a CAS-oriented stuff pack with hairstyles, clothing, accessories and facial features that would help to create more diverse, weird, and humorous sims. A lot of these ideas are for nerdy characters and more unkempt, disheveled characters. I would love to hear other ideas as well!

Some ideas -

-Bad/uneven haircuts
-frizzy/unkempt/nerdy ponytail (think Mia from Princess Diaries)
-awkward Dwight-esque center part style
-super man curl style
-bowl cut
-wispy, sparse hairstyles
-sticking straight up hair - especially for toddlers

Facial hair:
-long, wispy beard
-braided beard
-patchy/badly shaved beard
-big thick moustache
-more waxed/upturned moustaches

Face Details
-more freckles
-shadows/bags under eyes
-missing teeth

-more slouchy beanies
-pillbox hat
-lumberjack cap

-coke bottle glasses
-broken glasses
-calculator watch
-thick gold chain necklace

-badly applied/heavy makeup
-smudged/smeared makeup


-poorly fitting clothes - button down shirt too-tight, highwater pants, etc.
-mismatched outfits
-bunchy, loose socks
-shoes with holes
-dirty, scuffed up sneakers
-duct-taped sandals
-long-john underwear/pjs


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    redrogue60redrogue60 Posts: 2,058 Member
    edited July 2022
    I think a bit of more character can be achieved with just a few interesting CAS Assets. Here are mine

    Teeth Customization
    • Braces
    • Buckteeth
    • Grillz
    • One Gold Tooth
    • One Missing front tooth

    • Boater
    • Picklehaub
    • Tam O'Shanter

    • Eyepatch
    • Pince Nez

    • Comedia Dell Arte
      • Bauta
      • Columbina
      • Il Dottore
      • Pantalone Mask
      • Volto
      • Zanni
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    SimsLovinLycanSimsLovinLycan Posts: 1,910 Member
    edited July 2022
    • More mullet styles (there are several variations)
    • Rat-tails
    • Spiked-up anime protagonist hair
    • high pigtails for teen/adult sims

    Hats/Hair Accessories:
    • Impractically Large Bows
    • animal ear headbands that aren't part of a hairstyle
    • porkpie hats
    • whoopee caps (aka. The Jughead Hat)
    • Impractically wide-brimmed hats a la Vampire Hunter D or Riley from Pokemon

    • Harlequin tops
    • Genie Pants
    • Vests with coat tails on them
    • poofy knee-length skirts (I mean, anime-level poofy)
    • Dresses with impractically huge bows on the back
    • many capes...
    • Fantasy armor, like with crazy pauldrons that are either impractically sized/shaped or only cover the one shoulder and nothing else, and those unrealistic ladies breastplates and armored codpieces!
    • Platform shoes...including maybe a swatch with goldfish in the platforms...

    Face Details:
    • Normal teeth with slightly sharper/longer canines
    • Teeth with one sharp canine
    • facial tattoos
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