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Are You Buying Werewolves ?


  • MsDSweetsMsDSweets Posts: 86 Member
    Greetings Fellow Simmers, Well, unfortunately for me, the Werewolf gameplay isn't really my style. The world, CAS and B&B didn't blow my socks off so its probably a "No" for me. I purchased the other supernatural packs because I love and can use the majority of the world, CAS and B&B. If after the live stream and someone comes up with a mod that curtails the supernatural element, then it may find its way into my game.
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 7,721 Member
    edited June 2022
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    Already ordered it. I knew a month ago when speculation started I would buy it if it was true. Yesterday when it became official it was just a matter of which card I was going to put it on.
  • EvvieSimmerEvvieSimmer Posts: 130 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    I'm a big occult player so I have already preordered! Can't wait!
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  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 2,122 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    As long as any aspect of the gameplay that I find annoying can be customized or modded away, yes. Probably have to wait for a sale though. I'm on a super tight budget.
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  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 5,048 Member
    At this point it's a no I buy packs for gameplay and I don't care about werewolves I'd only be buying it for the clothing options which are actually decent.
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  • StuffyMarxStuffyMarx Posts: 330 Member
    Possibly. I'll keep an eye out for reviews and such once it's been released. If I'm underwhelmed by it then I might pick it up in a sale towards the end of the year.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,933 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    Absolutely! Even if there are a few bugs, doubt it could be any worse than a couple of other packs I've bought and enjoyed anyway. 😁
  • LeowyldLeowyld Posts: 73 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    I'm not someone who tends to have lots of extra money to spend on entertainment stuff, so I often get pre-emptive buyer's remorse when I think about buying a new game or something. Heh. Not with this. One of the easiest decisions I've made, already preordered! It's just about a perfect gamepack for me. The werewolves look great to me (I wasn't needing anything overly menacing or serious - that's not generally my style). What is my style is the new buy/build items! Cannot wait (and that waiting is the only thing I'm unhappy about today). 🐺
  • JadeleineJadeleine Posts: 2,115 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    Yes and I already have a charater in mind who Im going to make!
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,618 Member
    Undecided, but probably not. I have been waiting seven or eight years....

    It doesn't look like it will live up to the grandness of the Vampire pack. The art style sort of turns off my vibes for immersion. I was happy about the fighting, until I saw them be all nice and friendly afterward. Too cupcakey, cutesy for me.
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  • haisinhaisin Posts: 792 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    Goldmoldar wrote: »
    bshag4lv wrote: »
    Absolutely! I really like the look EA gave the weres, they are supposed to look cartoony. Can you imagine fierce, scary werewolves with cartoony everything else...wouldn't be a good look. :D

    I not pre-ordering, but I will buy it on the day of have to have all three, vampires, spellcasters, aka witches and werewolves. For me, mermaids, aliens, plantsims and ghosts are minor occults. Now if we could just get onnne more occult...faeries. That would complete the occults for me. :)

    I agree as looking at how Sim's series is drawn it just wouldn't look right, out of all the occults I love WereWolves the most.
    I can imagine scary cartoony werewolves that would look good. I imagine they would have more back mane and yeah probably a bit bigger hands and longer snouts and hind legs, perhaps a bit longer fur too at least in some places, darker expressions on their faces and they could have tails... they might be a bit more crouchy too, but totally maxis match anyway. Did I think we would get something like that? Not really, but I can imagine them :smile:
  • ThriorThrior Posts: 597 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    Most likely yes, eventually, (cuz more occults are certainly welcome) but I never buy a pack immediately and without learning of its' features first from more objective sources. Realm of Magic was disappointing compared to Vampires but I still got it during a sale and only after making sure there's mods to make it more challenging (though one major reason for me to get it was CAS, loved those clothes). If Werewolves pack ends up really lacking on gameplay and having tons of annoyances which I need to find mods for, then I'm in no hurry. But, generally, the theme is interesting enough for me that I do think I'll get it at some point.
  • PlumbobCrossingPlumbobCrossing Posts: 8,451 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    At first I wasn’t too sure but it’s actually grown on me and I can’t wait to try it out. I’m trying to figure out a good storyline to play out with them.🤔
  • Lisamango0Lisamango0 Posts: 147 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    Well, I loved the trailer. The CAS. The BB, the world, the aesthetic. I think the wolves look cool, just hope we can edit them a bit.
  • SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 488 Member
    edited June 2022
    No. Werewolves just aren't something that interest me, personally. I may buy it eventually for the build & buy, though, & I'm happy for those who've been wanting them! :smile:
  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 589 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    I've been waiting for this for years. So definitely gonna buy it. Might not get the kits I don't have or wedding pack yet. But definitely this.
    I am disappointed that they are apparently giving us a small world again. Especially since you'd think wolves would need to run. But overall so excited.
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  • AkilAkil Posts: 252 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    I’m going to say yes, but, not until it’s released and others report on if it’s a buggy mess. If it is I’m not bothering.
  • superkyle221superkyle221 Posts: 1,118 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    I'm not a huge fan of occult gameplay, and I've not been a fan of how werewolves have been done in the past, but... werewolves are one of my favourite supernatural creatures and I'm super interested in everything we've seen so far. Probably won't get it right away, but we'll see.
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  • PlumbeebPlumbeeb Posts: 615 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    Of course! Wouldn't pass up an opportinity to add more occults to my game.
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  • BlkBarbiegalBlkBarbiegal Posts: 7,915 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    excited <3
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  • mikamika Posts: 1,732 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    Already pre-ordered
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 4,853 Member
    I'm waiting to see the gameplay and whether or not it functions. I generally like what I've seen of it so far but after the whole incident with My Wedding Stories being released broken am I cautious to commit myself to it just yet.
  • MareahMareah Posts: 792 Member
    I already ordered it. I usually wait with packs until i either feel like i am into enough parts of their content, or feel like i am really into that one hairstyle enough to warrant buying a whole pack just for it :p But i went ahead and bought this one today. Impulse buying have been a habit of mine recently :s Hopefully the next pack is about finance and saving.
  • TARDISgradeTARDISgrade Posts: 193 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    Absolutely! I've been waiting for this for a while, and I'm so excited.

    I can't wait to populate Henford-on-Bagley with werewolf farmers. One of them is also going to be a vet and run a clinic.
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  • NushkaNushka Posts: 380 Member
    Yes (Includes on sale)
    Yes but I'll probably wait until it goes on sale.
    Happy simming!
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