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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 671 Member
    edited May 20

    What to do about Craig Clarson and his love life? I don't know, sit back and grab some popcorn... :P

    Oh, thanks, well mostly I just let them roam free, which can make it a little tricky to make it into a coherent story, and some things they do are left out if I can't make it fit. :P

    Oh yeah, I noticed Iselins boots when I was looking at the screenshots.. that's the kind of thing I don't notice so well in game, because everyone keeps moving about, but on still photos, it really stands out. :P And that's when I think I should change it, but next time I load up the game I will probably forget and her shoes for her formal outfit will remain unchanged :P

    Eirin forgetting to make food is a little bit my fault, too so I share that embarassment... :P

    Hahah, oh no! I literally said out loud to the screen when I saw that my simself was in jail for not paying child support.. I hope the jailtime makes him learn, but I guess I shouldn't be to hopeful.. :P

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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 6,831 Member

    Ty, yeah it prob is a sunrise, forgot what time I took it.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,671 Member
    Hey friends. <3

    Sorry it's been a hot minute again since I've made any comments or replies to your tags. :kissing_heart: It's been so so busy lately and I'm still trying to get on top of some of my lingering health issues. They aren't serious, just...annoying. :confounded:

    @bekkasan I think it's so cool sims can fly a kite! I had no idea! :smiley: It made me sad to see that poor Shane :love: got struck by some mysterious lightning. :cry: However I think he was glad it was him that got hit and not Gina. <3

    @Brandontaylor Thank you for the sweet and fun comments on my recent story post. :blush: They were a joy to read as always.
    Cute that you and Leah will be the same age soon. :grin:
    This gave me a good chuckle: :lol:
    If Harvey is younger than Elliott, then that means with Harvey being the "father" of the group, Elliott would have to be the "grandfather", lol.
    True, Sebastian did need to calm down about Alex talking to Maru. (I find it funny how so many of you felt that way. :lol: ) He would've been fine about it normally if Alex hadn't picked a fight with his best buddy a few days prior... that's what landed Alex on his 💩 list. :lol:
    Been enjoying your Goth Family posts. :) I'm glad Daisy could get Harlan back, even if he's a ghost. <3
    Awesome house! You and soocoolsim did a great job designing and building it!
    ^Thank you. <3 It was fun!

    @mycami21 Hey girl! :smiley: So lovely to see you pop in again, and that we could catch up in a PM. <3 Have you been reading texansky's Simselves posts? You should. They're fun! :mrgreen:

    @Silverofdreams30 Your new sim Elizabeth is beautiful! <3 I love her hair!
    Thanks for the compliment on Bluebell Cottage. <3

    @texansky I'm still enjoying and chuckling at all the shenanigans the Simselves are getting into. :blush: I love that Mark and my SS are inseparable. <3 What can I say? I am truly a devoted woman to my man. :blush:
    Seeing Alex face-plant on the bowling lane would be fun. J/K - he's redeemed himself in my eyes.
    Maybe the slip 'n slide?
    ^Lol! :lol:
    I always forget about the slip n slide! :grin: Thanks for mentioning it.
    And thank you for the sweet compliments on Bluebell Cottage. <3

    @TinySpaceFox Thank you for sharing that cardigan for Martin. :star: I've totally added it to my game! <3 He's so so handsome! :love: It looks like you use the cc hair on him (Kjiko?) that I was using for a long time on Alex now instead of the Duck Tail from the Store. :blush: I think it suits him better than the Duck Tail. ;)
    It's also scientifically proven that playing the piano makes you 200% sexier. :tongue:
    ^AMEN! :love: SO true!

    @Nikkei_Simmer I still can't believe how much gas prices are up there... It's ridiculous! :unamused: Hopefully the inflation will chill and things will get better and more affordable. 🙏
    But yeah, if you have any things that are nice and that you are willing to part with and sell, you could get that computer quicker. ;)<3 What about selling some of your amazing photographs?
    CC hairs do load up slowly...drives me crazy sometimes when I'm in a hurry. :p

    @Turjan Reading about your sims at Uni was a riot! :lol: I totally understand you wanting to intervene (especially when they were dead tired and starving!) even when you initially intended not to. I have a very difficult time just letting sims do what they want without intervening. :p I'm not a control freak, I swear! :lol:
    Hmm, not sure what exactly Sam's gift to Abigail was, but hey, I get the drift. I have to think of one of those fond tales in my circle of friends. One of my best friends, who wasn't too versed regarding American euphemisms, usually sent Christmas parcels to her friends in Germany. For one of her friends, she had bought a "relaxation set" at the mall, you know, with candle, towel, bath lotion, a CD, etc. Her friend in Germany unpacked the gift in front of the family, and her children's comments when she pulled out the battery-driven "main attraction" of that "relaxation set" have become legendary ever since. It took my friend a few years to get over that embarrassment.
    ^HA HA! Oh my that's fantastic! :joy:
    Yeah it was one of those gifts that I kind of left for the reader to imagine, but mostly it's pretty straightforward. :p
    I agree, I'm not a big fan of the gift giving party in the game either for the exact reasons you stated. It was...disappointing to say the least when I first tried it out. :( They could've made it better with less lame gifts.
    Thank you for the sweet comments. <3
    I tend to forget about the kicky bag. :p Thanks for the suggestion.

    @GraceyManor I thought your new story sounded familiar. ;) It reminds me a lot of this Hallmark movie I saw a couple of years ago. It's very similar. :)
    Did you come up with a title for the story yet? I struggle coming up with those. And names...
    That Diner is pretty awesome! Especially with the car resting above the bar! Wow! :grin:

    @MamaSimTee Great to hear from you lady. <3 I'm glad you're enjoying getting out in the nice weather and tending to your plants. :) I enjoy doing that too.

    emorrill Lovely house there, I like the living room. The calm colour palette appeals to me. :P
    ^Thank you. :) Those kind of colors appeal to me too and that's why it's my favorite room. :blush:
    Never heard of Edguy, but the song was pretty good. :)
    I like that Christmas tree in your update. :) (Surprisingly it's not one that I have. :open_mouth: Cause (I thought) I had most everything Christmas for this game! :mrgreen: Is it a S4toS3 conversion?)
    For the most part it sounds like the family had a very nice Snowflake Day. :)
    Cool that our RL families shared the same traditions at Christmastime. :blush:

    @Avatarit Great to see you again. :grin:

    Time for me to get back to adulting now...

    I've been getting things set up in game for my next story update. :star: Most likely just two more updates until it concludes... I know, it gives me a sad too. :cry: But at the same time it's good. <3

    I've also been working on another (starter home) build for the Disney Magic Kingdom world when I need to relax. :) It's turning out better than I expected it to :smiley: and it's actually a lot of fun building and decorating on a budget! Seeing just how much I can squeeze in while staying under the 16,500 limit! :mrgreen: It's a good challenge. 👍

    Anyway, keep calm and sim on my friends. <3
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    Here’s bit of an Excerpt on “The Chikamori Selfacy” - Chapter Thirteen: tentatively titled: The University Years: Years One and Two:
    After that solemn occasion it was Christmas and as such the festive occasion had a countdown to the festivities. Once Remembrance Day had turned the corner and was barely out of sight the shopping malls started cranking up their festive tunes and most everybody was assailed by the constant bombardment of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and other popular Festive Favorites such as Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. Those reindeer things are dangerous.

    And on the classical side, like death and taxes, you could be sure that choirs everywhere were tuning up their lungs for the 5,475,382nd performance of the ubiquitous Georg Frideric Handel’s penultimate choral work: the oratorio: Messiah along with its constantly exhorted bellicose number performed solo or alongside its oratorio, the chorus within called Hallelujah. (Author’s note: the Author has had the opportunity to perform that quite often when he was going through music school in Douglas College during the late 80s and early 90s) If only some choirs would turn on occasion to Johann Sebastian Bach’s festive vocal work, The Christmas Oratorio (perhaps the author would ironically and somewhat perversely exclaim… “Hallelujah!”).

    But all musical aspersions aside. The festive occasion called Christmas was for celebrating friendship, love and closeness of family and for those who were religious in the faith celebrating the birth of their Saviour. Haruo and River weren’t particularly religious so for them Christmas was fun.

    Rarely in BC does snow fall before Christmas so for most Christmases, BC had mostly green but evidently a polar inversion had developed and had unseasonably plunged Vancouver and by connection UBC into a deep-freeze dropping six to twelve inches of snow or 15-30cm (metric), leaving UBC students who had to take the bus or Skytrain stranded and those who lived on or near campus having to trudge their way to class on foot through nice little drifts of snow that inadvertently found their way into one’s shoes and made their socks soppingly wet.

    So two weeks before Christmas, Haruo, River and the rest of their family knew they were going to have a White Christmas. With snow falling every day the accumulations were mounting up. The hills were treacherous and slips and falls were numerous.

    Unfortunately some classes ended up getting cancelled for the day so Haruo and River decided that they would skip class and study hard at home instead of sliding in wet cold boots all the way up the slope to Point Grey and UBC. They would actually get more work done staying put and working ahead in their studies. What was even more surprising was that hockey practice was cancelled.

    “When we’re done studying?” River looked over at Haruo. “Can we…” she paused meaningfully.

    Haruo looked at her with a questioning look as River batted her eyelashes. “Can we what?” He asked.

    “…um…” she stroked his arm, “y’know…”

    Haruo’s right eyebrow began a journey towards his hairline. “Yeah…” his lips curled in a slow grin.

    “Oh great…we’ll trim the tree and put out the Christmas decorations…”.

    “And after that?” Haruo asked.

    “We gotta string the outdoor Christmas lights on the house.”

    “…and after that?”

    “We have to go and get groceries for our family…we need to make some turkey and stuffing and all that good stuff…” she trailed off; a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.


    “…and then…if you’ve been a good boy through all that…” River was just reveling in her fiancé being kept in eager anticipation so she paused for a long moment. “…we can go get a Starbucks eggnog frapp”. *zing*
    “Oh yum. “ he curled his arm around River’s waist and kissed her deeply, passionately, projecting what he really wanted.
    Her response was her green eyes dilating somewhat. “To heck with it…” River said breathlessly, “Studying can wait!”

    Two hours later

    Considerably more relaxed, River sighed and settled herself down at the kitchen table to study. Meanwhile Haruo stayed upstairs to study with the help of listening to Domenico Scarlatti.
    @texansky - https://youtube.com/channel/UCzW-Mi1y4HgYPe7fDiQLckw -that’s my channel - it probably has a much easier to remember url but I can’t remember. 🤣. It’s all Sims at the moment and I won’t be able to put up new stuff until I replace my computer.

    @emorrill - will have to try but lots of shooting to do. My originals ended up on a hard drive that is now inaccessible until I replace my computer. So various hurdles to overcome.

    Am starting to realize just how much degenerative disc disease puts you into the “disabled” category. Some days are better than others in terms of pain management but those days seem to be few which kind of restricts the employ I can do. Whatever I do has to be on “my physical abilities at the moment and that kind of availability doesn’t work out for employers so whatever I do has to be self-employed work. This is a time that I wish I could draw or paint well, then I could put some work up.
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    River McIrish, River McIrish...and MORE River McIrish...and maybe a little bit of Bebe Hart thrown in here n'there...
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    @emorrill i haven’t yet.What was the hallmark movie called? Sounds like something I’d like XD I swear I didn’t copy it lol this is all randomness out mfi my head XD
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,274 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer Nice throwback image.
    Yep, it's a shame.

    @GraceyManor Well, if Elizabeth gets with him, her life will be like his.
    That car themed diner looks cool.
    Great update!

    @Silverofdreams30 You're welcome.

    @Sprottenham Lol, I guess she wanted to dress younger than she is.
    She'll be a good writer eventually, I'm sure.

    @texansky No, she wasn't. It seems some of my family want to argue if I don't intervene.
    He seemed like he was relaxed. He kind of alternates between sparring and meditating.
    Yeah, I just figured it was about time. I had Lauren for a while, then kicked her out, but then I moved her back in. I never ended up doing much with her.
    I guess it just happens when you have a lot of snow on the ground.
    Yeah, that's partly why I brought him back. I thought he could also meet Jacob that way.
    Christa will age up a few days before Jacob, so she'll only be a bit older, but I can easily fix that.
    I'd be embarrassed if I was being watched during my first kiss.
    Yeah, lol
    That song was written about gas being high in 2008, but he recently said he's re-released it since things are that way again. He was a pretty well known country singer in the late 1970's, 80's, and early 90's but he still makes new songs, they just don't get played on the radio anymore.
    You're welcome.
    Congrats to Craven and Oriole!
    Congrats to the others as well!

    @emorrill You're welcome.
    Lol, I really don't feel 31.
    Yeah, I guess I can't blame him.
    You're welcome again.

    ***Hasn't been a lot going on today. I woke up to storms, waited until things ended and the sun came out, then went for a walk. It's supposed to storm later, with a marginal chance of severe but I doubt it'll get too bad. I saw recently where the developers of Titanic: Honor and Glory were blown away by the response on their newest demo, Demo 401, so they have decided to make it the best demo they can, then they will work on the Alpha. It delays the final game, but the Demo 401 is so awesome that I'm not that disappointed. They said they are going to add a lot to the demo to make it really good to tide us over until the Alpha is ready. Lastly, I discovered a new song recently that I really love. It is by current country singer, Cole Swindell, and it is called "She Had Me At Heads Carolina". It is kind of a tribute to the Jo Dee Messina song, "Heads Carolina". I will share both in spoilers, but if you haven't heard the Messina song, listen to it first before Cole's song.

    Heads Carolina - Jo Dee Messina

    She Had Me At Heads Carolina
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    Goth Family Update, Day 300 - Day 302

    Jacob got hungry in the morning so he ate some leftover birthday cake.

    Lily sat on the couch to watch the cooking channel with her father.

    Brandon chatted with Jacob to get to know his son better.

    Lily had a wish to train Elizabeth in athletics, so I had her use her summoning to bring her to the gym.

    Brandon had a wish to redeem some of his festival tokens. He ended up buying two of the snowy bears.

    Then he joined in a snowball fight with some other festivalgoers.

    The rest of the family met up with him and everyone skated.

    A victim of the recent meteor wanted to skate with Jacob so he let her but then left shortly after.

    Since Jacob was hungry, I sent the whole family to the Bistro for supper.

    Daisy went to a party later that night, but since it was a smaller house, there weren't too many guests. Daisy spent most of the night talking to her uncle, Tyler Langerak. He is the son of Dwight Langerak and Rain Forest-Sekemoto-Langerak-Yu.

    The other Sims who know martial arts weren't ready yet, so Brandon did some meditating to try to raise the skill.

    When Lily was ready, she and Brandon sparred. He lost this round, but I'm not sure who the overall winner was.

    Harlan and Daisy shared one last kiss before Harlan went back to the Netherworld. Daisy won't have to wait too much longer to see him again, though, she only has a couple days left on her lifespan.

    Lily and Brandon sparred a few more times while Harlan kissed Daisy and left. Lily ended up reaching level 9, the same as where Daisy is.

    ***14 more screenshots will be posted a bit later, I need to get out of my chair for a while.
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    Goth Family Update, Day 300 - Day 302 (Part 2)

    After their sparring session, Lily really needed a shower so Brandon joined her as he kind of needed one as well, just not as bad.

    Jacob asked Christa to come over for a while, and thankfully she agreed. When no one was looking, they shared a kiss.

    Brandon was up to his old tricks again, pranking Lily.

    Jacob tried to ask Christa on a date, but she refused because she couldn't stay. I think she either had to work, or it may have been because their prom was later that day. Instead, they had pillow fight until it was time for Christa to leave.

    Jacob decided to introduce himself to Christa's mother, Mercedes Goth. Mercedes is a distant relative to my family, but Christa and Jacob aren't that closely related, making the relationship alright.

    No one was paying attention to Christa's sister, Belinda, so Jacob changed her diaper and fed her for Mercedes.

    However, it soon became time for the prom so Jacob headed over to the school and he and Christa had an amazing night.

    The following morning, once everyone was ready, the whole family got together for a jam session. Since Lily is trying to learn all instruments, she took over for keyboard, and Daisy used Lily's guitar. Daisy already had some guitar skill, so she wasn't at 0 like Jacob was. Jacob just kind of played along quietly in the background until he learned the first level of the skill.

    After a while, it was time for Jacob to go take some skill classes in athletics, cooking, and charisma. Daisy grabbed the mail around the same time, and the jam session slowly broke up.

    Both Lily and Daisy were at level 9 of the martial arts skill, so I had them spar several times just because I love watching high level martial artists spar.

    Afterwards, Brandon turned on one of his aura's that affect athletics and logic so he could tutor her in logic.

    Later, Jacob made his first meal, autumn salad. The whole family joined together to eat.

    ***That'll be it until Monday. I have to work both Saturday and Sunday, but I might play Sunday after work and share the updates on Monday (May 23rd, 2022)
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    Yeah! I thought the bar was pretty nifty, reminds me of ford's garage.It came with the world Alpine
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,635 Member
    "Finally, I got a job." Elizabeth sighed as she scurried along the beach.
    Tomorrow she would start as a life guard, it's not a dream career, but
    at least she'd be helping people and earning money to get by.

    "I think I earned myself a decent meal" She hopped into her
    car and rushed home to get dressed. She decided to treat herself
    to a meal at the Jazz Club, normally out of her reach, but with a new
    job, a one time thing would be okay.

    "Are you waiting for someone? Or may I join you?" A familiar voice
    sounded from behind her.Elizabeth whirled around to see Derek standing
    Elizabeth: No, I'm not waiting for anyone, please sit.

    Derek: Thank you, out by yourself tonight?
    Elizabeth: Yeah, figured a night out would be good.
    What about you? What are you doing here?
    Derek: After party for the premier of a new movie.
    Elizabeth: I wouldn't know anything about that..
    Derek: We might have to change that..Would you like to dance?
    Elizabeth: Of course

    Elizabeth: Looks like the cameras are on you again.
    Elizabeth commented, pointing to the cameras behind her.
    Derek: They aren't on me tonight.
    Elizabeth: Oh? Then who are they on? Who else is her?

    Derek: They're on you.
    Elizabeth: Me? Why on earth would they be on me.
    Derek: They're wondering who this beautiful girl is dancing with me.
    Elizabeth: Flatterer.
    Derek winks and chuckles at Elizabeth's comment.

    Elizabeth: Thank you for the ride home.
    Derek: You're welcome. Hang in there, Elizabeth, things will
    get better for you, especially someone as lovely as you.
    Elizabeth: Flattering me again, I see.
    Derek: Is it working?
    Elizabeth: A little...
    Derek: Good.. XD Good night, Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth: Good night.



  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 6,831 Member

    Thank you, that hair is from that restore catalog, its
    a nice one.

    I have played a lot of sims 2 the past week, but it has been
    a lot of fun.
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    texansky wrote: »
    I'm up to 1-38 Arrivederci. I'm not sure if I am further along now than when I stopped reading it in the past. There are some things I am reading that seem familiar, and some stuff I don't remember reading at all. I've been so wrapped up in the story, I haven't commented on this forum since the 14th and haven't played my Simselves game since the 13th. :open_mouth:

    @texansky Congrats to little Ana ! It has been a while since I've had babies in the game, and seeing yours made me want to add some pregnancies :) The blissful air of Hemera Fin, holding her little Sammy, not knowing he's growing up loner and evil. Poor mother should be warned :sweat_smile:
    I'm stalking, keeping track of what is happening on the forum. It always makes me smile to watch the pictures and seeing what is happening in game. Unfortunately I don't seem to have enough time to comment as there is hardly enough time to write on my story.
    I'm glad you're trudging through it again, and you're probably right about some things you don't remember, because I have rewritten a lot. There were some pictures I wanted to change, the first chapters when I didn't use poseplayer, and I found myself passing two years, retaking pictures for alwmost all chapters, and rewriting... I'm glad my Grey Witches have succeeded in interesting you and I hope you'll enjoy the rest!
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    Thank you @Brandontaylor "We aim to please" ;)
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    @emorrill Thanks, well I don't know if the christmas tree is a conversion, but it's a tree I first saw @Cororon use, and it can be downloaded from The Sims Resource here: https://thesimsresource.com/themes/christmas/downloads/details/category/sims3-sets-objects-decorative/title/christmas-tree-and-decoration/id/1181611/

    It is a set with an empty tree and decorations, so you can (or have to) decorate it yourself. And I see they actually had a tinsel as part of the set (the decorations are in links in the description). I was looking for it in game, but couldn't find it amongst the sea of available decor items to use.....

    Lol, I guess she wanted to dress younger than she is.
    Haha, maybe so. ;) (If you are talking about Iselin?)

    Hehe, I see someone is finding someone attractive in the picture where Lily trains Elisabeth. :P

    Hmm, Brandon must have some antifreeze in his veins, I suppose... :P

    You got a cool martial arts shot there of Lily and Daisy in the kitchen. :P

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    I was bored, decided to create a no cc folder and share a few sims that I uploaded,
    I have done this before maybe @emorrill, @bekkasan, or @meerkattime want to download them hehe.
    I do have all expansions/ stuff pack except for sweet treat,

    First sim


    Base sim before


    Tyrone Dempsey after working with the sliders

    Traits: Avant-Garde, couch potato, Grumpy, Night owl
    photographers eye.

    Lifetime wish: Chess legend



    Sim 2


    Base sim before


    Wilson Shea after

    Traits: Bookworm, computer whiz, Family- oriented,
    Good, good sense of humor

    Lifetime wish: super popular



    Sim 3


    Tori Vann after, I forgot to take a before photo

    Traits: Artistic, Lucky, perceptive, snob,
    socially awkward

    Lifetime wish:

    Gold digger



    enjoy! you can add cc or do what you want with these .)
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    Thank you, that hair is from that restore catalog, its
    a nice one.

    I have played a lot of sims 2 the past week, but it has been
    a lot of fun.

    I wish I saved my SIMS 2 stuff. I had fun with that version.
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    My wizard sim just froze his lover after a beautiful date.....wow...
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,545 Member
    edited May 22
    Hello All

    I've been a bit quiet lately. My son caught covid at work and he's over it now but I've got it. I have had my vaccinations and just feel as if I have a bit of a head cold. I hope it doesn't get any worse.

    I've still working through my Big Game. I've moved the sims around to my satisfaction.

    Years ago, long before I started making videos, I had my Big Game in Dragon Valley. When it got unplayable I moved everyone to Sunset Valley 2nd Edition Final. This left Dragon Valley empty. I need one sim in a world and my spreadsheet told me that Blossom Flower was in Dragon Valley. But I knew she was in Dark Harbor and I moved her with the rest of the residents of Dark Harbor when that world became unplayable. Dark Harbor is currently totally empty. I tried sending a sim there but they couldn't find a place to stay. I'm going to have to start a fresh game in Dark Harbor and set it up with a base camp and at least one sim living in it and then put that nhd file into my Big Game and then I'll be able to send sims there again.

    As a result of the Big Game having been in Dragon Valley some of my sims had married DV townies. I moved all sims from DV.

    Then I started adding new worlds to this game because it needed more space for the ever growing sim population.

    I found the Mithrilen family living in Norbrewych. Riordan Mithrilen was at the Chocolate Cake Island Boarding School and I sent him home and moved him back in with his mother. I found his little brother, Davis, was missing. I did all I could to get Davis back but nothing worked. So I did a total annihilation of him as bits of him were messing up the game.

    Now, Because of the issue with a potential duplicate copy of Blossom Flower in Dragon Valley I sent my travelling sims there and found Blossom Flower was not in Dragon Valley. The only occupant of the world was a toddler, Davis Mithrilen.

    I made a new fairy to leave alone in Dragon Valley. I called her Titania Flower.



    My current mission is to make sure all worlds have the number of worlds with ageless sims to 51 (this is from NRAAS Traveller mod). That's the number of worlds I've got installed at the moment, not the number of worlds in this game. I just thought I'd include all of them in the count just in case I decide to use them in future. I probably won't use any of the EA worlds as they are all packed with townies and I really don't need any more sims in my game.

    So now I'm going to pick up the toddler and take him back to his mother and brother who are now living in Norbrewych.

    I must admit I was very surprised to find him all alone in Dragon Valley. I suppose the world was empty and the game just grabbed a random sim and put him into the world. It doesn't seem to like totally empty worlds.

    Happy Simming All.
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    Matthew Hamming came up to my 2 star childish vampire and asked her to move in with him. She had used the "think about me power" on him and had a charisma of 10, but I was more than a little surprised. Remy said yes and moved from a small dump to his mansion. I haven't had an npc ask my player character to move in ever. Thanks to "think about me" and quite a bit of fawning by my vampire the two were best friends. They'd also jammed together. (Charisma and guitar were her things.) She worked very hard to get his charisma up, primarily using her vampire tricks to persuade his acquaintances that they actually liked him, because left to his own devices he alienated people, He could work the mirror, but he kept having trouble keeping friends.

    Got him to charisma 10, right after he aged up. He kept going to work hoping for the last promotion to fulfill his dream. One evening, as soon as he walked into the house, my vampire autonomously marched up to him and accused him of cheating. I could not stop her: big donnybrook. There is only one bed in his big house, so he slept on a lawn chair if she was in the bed. After about a week everything had been smoothed over and they were once again lovey dovey: for a couple of days. As soon as things had stabilized, she again accused him of cheating. I don't think she did knew that I was planning for her to inherit the house fairly soon. This time she moved out. The next day there was an announcement that Hamming and an earlier flame were having a baby. I think the old lover didn't stay with him for long, and Matthew is constantly being dunned for child support. Even went to jail once. Career has gone all to hell, down about three levels, but he does call her once in while.

    Early on, while my vampire was still mad, she hit him with the "think about me"as the limo dropped him off and Matthew dropped the cane she had given him and burst into tears right as he went through his gate. He looked pitiful.
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    Feel better @Karritz When I got it in December I slept a lot. Best advice I could offer is rest and hydrate.
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,545 Member
    MamaSimTee wrote: »
    Feel better @Karritz When I got it in December I slept a lot. Best advice I could offer is rest and hydrate.

    Thank you. I'm drinking water but sitting around the house. Not wanting to lie in bed so can't be as sick as my son was, so far at least. I've felt worse in the past with a heavy cold. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse and that I'm over it soon.
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    Yes, I really enjoy sims 2 as a little break now and then
    from s 3.


    Feel better soon


    I enjoyed the updates!
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,602 Member
    Some comments.

    @Lucy_Henley: I can see that getting social traits outside of university is going to be a bit more effort. However, if your sim lives at a dorm at university, (s)he only has to talk to that roommate with 10 levels of that social skill, and you probably get a few levels. If you go with several sims, every time they talk to each other, they will gain a bit of "group influence". It's usually easy at university. but more difficult in homeworlds where they don't meet any members of that group.

    @Sprottenham Thank you. As far as romances are concerned, the difficulty with university is that it's a different world. While the "friend" data transfer from your homeworld, the romances often don't really count, even if the tag says "girlfriend", and they may have to rekindle their relationship. It's the same after they go home again: those relationships don't necessarily transfer. In my SV game, one of the sons of my main family had a full-on romantic relationship with one sister (not his, of course) at university, ignoring the other one completely, and upon return, it was the other one he went for, ignoring his university fling.
    Heh, I like Iselin. Well, reading about her, that is :wink: .
    Great background stories. Yeah, it's nice when a rocky relationship steers into pleasant waters again.
    The group shot where everyone waits to open the presents is, indeed, a really nice one.
    Ranveig hits a little bit too close to home with her interference. Although I see she can be reasonable about it in the end, so that's a plus.
    Awesome update :smile: . Very enjoyable.

    @Brandontaylor: Thanks. I never got to generation 10 in any of my games, so that's an achievement in and itself. Maybe, one day I'll get there :smiley: .
    Jacob and Christa are a great little couple :smile: .
    Heh, I never had a ghost teach someone to drive. Now, that's an achievement, too.
    Aww, that shot of the urn.
    Your pics remind me of why I don't like fairies :lol: . Okay, that isn't completely fair, given the laundry list of things I forbade my witches to do via Retuner.
    Awesome pics altogether.

    @texansky Thank you for the comments. You guessed right, those four "homeless" sims are living together, and I let SP pull the strings. Funny enough, it decided to go for Jamison (Commitment Issues) and Vanessa (Evil) to try a relationship. Jorge rekindled his romantic ties to Ethan's (my founder) last daughter. Brandy found someone else, a relationship that went off like a rocket.
    Oh, Ethan has still 11 children, but at least 24 grandchildren by my last count. He should get some great-grandchildren soon, I hope.
    Looks like Craven Lestat's simself is still busy in your game :lol: .
    I don't give much on those stalker stories. Sometimes, it's just that the ex lives very close, so you get the messages every time one sim passes the door of the other one :lol: .

    @emorrill Real life can be so intruding :lol: . I hope you are doing well.
    Thanks. I had the feeling, the game threw all those curveballs to get me involved. It's setting students up for failure. Wake-up time is 6 am, and they will get pushed out of the door at 6:30 am. They can do one thing, if you are lucky, like eat, but only, if there isn't a queue in front of the fridge and nobody tries to talk to them. Same with classes: There may be two hours in between classes, but the push comes 30 minutes after the last one ended. There's no way sims can look after themselves without you interfering.
    I still love to go there with my sims for some reason, so all's well. Looking forward to what you will come up with next :smile: .

    @Silverofdreams30 Ah, great sims again :smile: . Have fun with Sims 2.

    @Karritz I hope your Covid case will be mild.
    Your fairies are often that "flowery" (if that's a word). Nice :smile: .

    Other people put some cream on their sweet pies, but Stephen wanted to try something different tonight.

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    edited May 22
    Since I’ve been writing without the benefit of being able to play my game (~sarcastically~ “tha-anks computer!”) I’ve been trying to develop the premades’s characters (that I use on a regular basis) so that I can give them a defined way that I’m going to play them from now on throughout the legacy.

    I’ve always pictured Bebe Hart as a kind of a happy-go-lucky kind of sim who doesn’t let life get to her and weathers the storms. She has a playful side to her and loves gently teasing those who she considers her friends but doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.


    Still developing the rest of the characters both OCs and premades.

    River, in my story, is a redhead (don’t blame me, but when I changed her hairstyle; it goes red automatically - so that’s the way I’m playing her). And she pretty much stays true to the stereotype about redheads. She’s a kind-hearted sim but boy oh boy, you don’t wanna get on her wrong side. Haruo and she are tight and well the last time I was able to play the game right before the crash the two had ever faithful moodlets.

    Since River, Haruo, Bebe and Torao will be the bulwarks of my story, they’ll probably get the most playing time once I replace my computer.
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    River McIrish, River McIrish...and MORE River McIrish...and maybe a little bit of Bebe Hart thrown in here n'there...
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    Now that the Premier League season is over, I can now play more often. My team finished fifth, after losing two games, but they are back in Europe (Considering at the beginning of this season they were bottom after three games, and they made Premier League history by reaching fifth in the table after that) unfortunately, not buying anyone in January cost them fourth and the Champions League place, but we're playing in the Europa League next season. Hopefully a Champions League return is possible, and with a young team still midway through a rebuild, our future looks better than it was two seasons ago (Long story short, our then Director of Football was transferring players from a notorious Super-Agent into the squad as well as wasting money in the process)
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)

    Aiming to complete a Legacy

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