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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    @DaniRose2143 I enjoyed seeing your posts
    @HillyBeth Your sims are good-looking.
    Chapter 2 is out. Once again, preview pic.
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    Edited to Add photos I missed for the sixth Win of an Accolade. Just to keep the record straight. :)

    When It All Comes Together, an Erik Cantrell REDUX

    Ever since Erik won his fifth Best Song Accolade, time had slowed to a crawl. Likely it was because he wanted to be married, yesterday. He had some last-minute running around to do, too. He originally purchased bouquets for the three Bridesmaids, Hayleigh, Regina and Mercedes. However, when Hayleigh failed to show up at the Engagement Dinner, they both had doubts if she would calm down long enough to take part in the wedding. Hayleigh was very High Maintenance in nature.
    "And the winner for Best Song, Collision, music and lyrics by Erik Cantrell, goes to Erik Cantrell"

    So, after talking it over, the two decided to ask Brianna to be the Maid of Honor. Then Hayleigh came hat in hand, to apologize and ask, rather meekly for her, if Kayleigh would still allow her to be a part of the Bridal Party. “Of course you can and I’m so very glad you changed your mind. Now my wedding shall be complete.”

    This sent Erik back to Tartosa to purchase a fourth bouquet. He had the merchant double-check his previous order to make certain he matched it to the others. Brianna, in the meantime, invited her fiancé, Spock of the House of Talek Sen Dene, to stand in as a fourth Groomsman. He accepted. Things were fast coming together, Erik was happy to note.

    Brianna scheduled a date at the Spa in NewCrest for the girls to relax.
    When they first arrived, she ordered a round of Van Haute Meloire for the Bridal Party.

    Kayleigh so excited for her Big Day, proposed a Toast. “To Us! May our friendship last a lifetime.”

    “Hm, pretty good.”

    “To Us!” the rest chorused.

    “Let’s get our nails done,” Brianna said, tugging Kayleigh along with her.
    First was the hand massage, which Kayleigh didn’t really enjoy.

    Then came the nails.

    The polish.

    Checking the job to make certain all is as they wanted it.

    While the Bride and her Maid of Honor had their nails done, Regina opted for a foot massage.

    Everyone wondered what became of both Hayleigh and Mercedes, as they seemed to have disappeared.

    To everyone’s surprise, Erik showed up at the Spa. He proceeded to hand out the bouquets, looked around and didn’t see Mercedes and then realized it was good the couple planned on taking their Best Man and Maid of Honor out to lunch the next day. Erik got up early, too early, as it turned out and ventured back to the island to procure that last bouquet. He waited almost two hours, occupying himself by building a sand castle, or two or three while he waited for the vendor to open up shop. When Erik heard the merchant hawking his goods, he ran over to the shop-on-wheels and bought two, just to be on the safe side. Later on, he held a concert and another photoshoot. By the time he returned, it was nearly noon. Time for the Lunch Date.
    “Bree, before we go I wanted to give you something,” Erik said.
    “Oh, what is it? You’re just so sweet.”

    “Oh, what a lovely bouquet. This is for Saturday. Thank you.”

    “I hope Italian is okay with both of you,” Erik said. “Giorgio’s is a favorite of Kayleigh’s and mine.”
    “I’m sure it will be great,” Joey said, as they all got seated at a table.

    As usual everywhere Erik went a crop of fans and Paparazzi were sure to go.

    Again, dawn’s light quickly awakened Erik. The day was Friday. Rehearsal Dinner. He kept busy, as did the others. He even threw a load or two into the washing machine. In trying to place a wet load into a dryer (his mother now had three sets of machines), he made the discovery it must have been sitting there forgotten for a day or maybe even two. “Pee-you! That’s gross, that’s just gross,” he said, dumping it back into the machine, adding detergent, softener and turned the machine back on.

    Others were running around doing various chores. Kayleigh vacuumed the upstairs to perfection, while Erik's mother did the same for the main floor. She was one to believe a clean house would make any celebration that much more satisfying. Erik agreed, it was nice not having to think about housework when exhausted.

    Just as they contemplated having another water balloon fight, to help cool themselves off, it was time to grab a quick shower and dress. The rehearsal was in one hour, followed by the Rehearsal Dinner. No time for fun and games.

    Jetting off to Tartosa to the lounge, with the others, Erik and Kayleigh were delighted as they went inside.
    “Oh, Erik, it’s lovely.”
    “Yes, they did a grand job of it. I like how they did the seating for our large group. This way we can see each other’s faces to chat.”

    Shortly after the Cantrell household arrived, the rest of the guest straggled in.

    And even a fan or two.

    Erik gave Kayleigh a squeeze when in came her sisters and parents. Erik called the group to attend. “Let’s have toasts!” Then he asked Captain Drake Golden to do the honors.
    “To the Bride and Groom!”


    They danced, chatted and had a relaxing and glorious time.

    Erik and Kayleigh decided another practice session wouldn’t hurt.
    Since they had practiced, just the other night, but it got interrupted.

    “May I have this dance?”

    Tonight, the floor was theirs. “Babe, I think we got this,” Erik said. They danced as if they had danced together all of their lives. Smoothly moving through the steps as a unit.

    When all was said and done, the evening was successful, fun and brought them closer to their wedding day.

    One more night and she’s mine. Erik climbed into his upper bunk and was soon asleep.

    All for now! Stay tuned, next up the Wedding! Thanks for reading! :)

    ETA: Pictures from the Fifth Best Song, Collision, by Erik Cantrell. Whoopsie, I did it again. Missed one. My bad.

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    Hey everybody!!!
    Here’s whats’s been happening in my game!
    Last time, I hung out with my vampire legacy family, the Morecombes.
    I decided to drop in on my human (er…mostly human family) the Beauchamps.

    Roseanne and the Colonel
    I dropped in on the family patriarch/matriarch, Frank and Roseanne Beauchamp. Frank is a retired Colonel in the Military. Roseanne is a retired school teacher and homemaker. They both are in the final stage of life and are living it to the fullest. They live in a retirement home in Oasis Springs. Today Frank and Roseanne are enjoying a trip to the Mediterranean.
    They tend to wear matching clothes If9h5G4.png
    The local cuisine is pretty good 1lDQNQX.png
    I love the new draw in sand feature that came with MWS pack tmpCNRD.png
    The scenery here is gorgeous. Roseanne received a call from her favorite grandson, Rocky, that he has some important news to share! But he wants to tell them in person. So he’ll be dropping by when they get back home. sniIvxT.png

    Empty Nesters
    I left the Colonel and Roseanne on a great note and decided to drop in on their only son, Cody Beauchamp and his wife Melusine. Cody is head of the local police department. He’s lived in Oasis Springs all his life. Melusine immigrated here from Windenberg in her early 20s for college, she works as a interior decorator. She’s also a witch.
    Mel and Cody have 4 children together. The triplets- Rachel, Rosemarie, and Rebecca. Unfortunately Rachel passed away a few years ago. Their youngest child and only son is Rocky. The last of their children flew the coop years ago. Frank and Roseanne used to live too. But since they moved into the retirement home, they house feels really empty (at least it does to me:(
    I dropped in on Mel and Cody cooking breakfast together NzUPG8l.png
    Its a lazy Sunday. They were both off work. Bored. So they decided to go for a run together. Dz3lzcM.png
    Hmm. Watched a movie together. Boring
    They didn’t feel like cooking. So off to the local restaurant!
    Not going to lie. I don’t play them much, I just wanted to make sure they were ok.

    Down on the Farm
    One of their surviving daughters, Rosemarie, lives on the outskirts of Oasis Springs on an old historic ranch. I caught her singing Disney Princess style to the backyard birds lol. gthvooo.png
    I think she’s absolutely precious 6LuasJo.png
    She lives here with her husband Clint Fontenot, and their 3 children
    Rosemarie was partially named after her grandmother, Roseanne, but everyone calls her Rosie. Rosie tends the family’s large garden. brr7GH3.png
    They recently adopted a Austrailian cattle dog name Rango. aWfEpF7.png
    They also have a small dairy operation. Rosie’s husband, Clint Fontenot, tends to the cows.
    Clint used to be my game’s Pollination Technician. He has since worked as an astronaut, but took early retirement from that gig. 3OTw03N.png
    He’s enjoying life as a farmer/rancher. He especially loves fishing in their pond 9hImkxY.png
    They also have some chickens. Everyone pitches in with caring for the poultry. Zp33AHz.png
    Their oldest child, Gage, is involved in the FFS club (Future Farmers of Simerica lol). He’s raising a llama for the next agricultural project. Gage was conceived via pollination. That’s how Clint and Rosie met lol. Gage really wants to get into the Oasis Springs Technical High School. 1ILoNwU.png
    He’s been trying really hard to maintain high grades. xsicXO7.png
    Clint is constantly emphasizing the importance of a good education. 3E1ZgIC.png
    One weekend, Gage entered the family’s most prized hen into the local Poultry show in Henford-On-Bagley. Gage got 2nd place! Zp33AHz.png
    Meanwhile, Clint and Rosie haggled on a sale price for their produce at the local Farmer’s Market. They can always sell their produce at a higher price here. Uc1CKrk.png

    Clint and Rosie have 2 younger children, Grace and Felicity that are very close despite their age gap. npgoBhW.png
    Gage was accepted into the Oasis Spring Technical High School, home of the Screaming Llamas. Its basically a boarding school type building I made. He’s joined by 6 other students and their boarding school master, Mr. Andre Silva. CcLggVJ.png
    One night, Rosie’s identical twin sister, Rebecca stops in. She has some juicy gossip to share about their younger brother. Rosie internally rolls her eyes wqVozh4.png
    Rebecca is always one for gossip. But in all honesty, she’s lived quite the scandalous life herself (at least in Rosie’s eyes). She tells Clint how Rebecca and her current husband met…tVHhV38.png

    Rebecca, aka Becky, is almost the polar opposite of her twin sister. Becky lives in San Myshuno in a swanky apartment in the arts district. She’s currently married to her second husband, Thorne Bailey! I caught Thorne serenading his wife in the kitchen. lZoBaPd.png
    Becky works as a fashion guru. She started out as a lowly makeup artist, and met Thorne while on set at one of his music videos. They fell instantly in love. Problem was, they were both married to someone else! Thorne and Becky carried along their affair for many years until Thorne and his wife (the first one-I can’t remember her name) divorced. The divorce was covered for months in the tabloids. Thorne lost his house and custody of Orange as a result.
    Becky and Thorne’s affair was uncovered and all the lurid details were on display. Becky’s marriage with her first husband ended spectacularly as a result. But that left Thorne and Becky to finally tie the knot. That was several years ago. They now lived happily in a swanky apartment. Thorne actually likes to cook believe it or not 7aHzknu.png
    Thorne and Becky have a young son together, Rowan. Thorne’s ex wife died tragically young, and he got custody of his teen son Orange. 7dcVl40.png
    Despite all the drama. This family is fairly close knit KtN3rP9.png
    Becky’s Fashion Guru career has taken off. She makes prodigious blogs and videos DFlrlGs.png
    Thorne’s career has taken a nosedive but he’s still a successful musician. He writes songs QCVHTNC.png
    And publishes them 3tbG6jc.png
    He still gets recognized on the street though aY8aixJ.png

    Rocky and Parvati
    I left them on a really good note and decided to drop in on the youngest Beauchamp. Rocky is definitely the baby of the family. There is at least a 15 yr difference between him and his older sisters. Rocky is in his early 20s.
    Rocky drops in to see his grandparents after they got back home from vacation. He has some huge news. Rocky is getting married! IN2R9Z1.png
    He got engaged to his fiancee, Parvati Jabari, a few months ago. They met in high school and have been a couple ever since. After graduating, Rocky went on to join the military, and Parvati went to college. They maintained a long distance relationship for years. But when his military service came to an end, Rocky opted not to rejoin. He entered the police force instead.
    They are currently living in Parvati’s old poky apartment in San Myshuno. I love Parvati, she’s one of my most beautiful sims. Parvati is the youngest daughter of Geeta Rasoya and Prof Thomas Jabari (I made her in CAS). She’s the kid sister of Raj Rasoya! Anyway. Parvati is a musical genius. She graduated Magna 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙 Laude at Britechester University with a degree in Music. She is currently a classical violinist. This apartment is beautifully decorated but way too small. Time for a move! zLpk55A.png
    They decided to move to a fixer upper in Willow Creek. They also adopted a crazy little dog named Gizmo via Neighborhood Stories. oQpHnWZ.png
    Anyway. They moved in and did some redecorating. Time to prepare for the wedding! bAgBzsn.png

    The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
    Parvati met up with her bridesmaids for their Bachelorette Party. Her really good friend Callie LeChef, her neighbor from across the hall at their old apartment. And her best friend she met in college, Samantha Gratz (she’s a vampire). They met for brunch. m565bFy.png
    Then they headed to the local spa. Massages and pedicures anyone? 9f3VRQ8.png
    Followed up by a spell in the sauna.

    Rocky and his best men did the same! Well sort of. I sent them to the Blue Velvet. I gave the Blue Velvet a HUGE makeover and they were also playtesting it for me. Rocky’s best men are his bff from high school, Miles Feng, and one of his fellow servicemen from his days in the military, Tank Grunt. They had a lot of fun playing darts, hrnkCUj.png
    And tapping the juice keg. Miles is such a goober. He’s constantly pranking his friends. bFjVM4q.png

    The Wedding
    Well this took me several tries but I finally got it to work!
    Here’s a screenshot dump. I love the color scheme. baHgmpZ.png
    The guests have gathered. A lot more people showed up but they were all late arrivals. nDXbeK2.png
    The Best Men/Bridesmaids made the procession down the aisle. Poor Miles can’t believe his bestie is finally getting married. Rocky was Mile’s best man at his wedding too. Samantha thinks its cute. y52WMCu.png
    Next up is Tank and Callie 9PbQidj.png
    The transport mod knight statue thing comes in really handy when trying to wrangle sims for screenshots. The bridesmaids in all their glory taQtTvM.png
    And the best men:)
    Rocky’s little niece, Grace (Rosie’s daughter), was the flower pal. She knows she has the most important job lol 1VX9GXc.png
    Rocky’s nephew, Rowan, was the ring bearer. I kept expecting him to trip and fall horribly lol but he did ok. HUEQg97.png
    Finally the bride and groom! Rocky and Parvati make their grand entrance sSzUaBj.png
    They exchange vows vYyMcbB.png
    And the wedding rings. X2cWEAd.png
    Spousal kiss N0ahMLX.png
    Everyone celebrates SBYSud2.png

    The Reception
    There was plenty of food! UIiH3Mu.png
    LOL Miles makes a toast. jO46DW6.png
    Parvati’s older brother, Raj, FINALLY makes an appearance. He missed the whole ceremony! Then he got mad because they were being affectionate in public. But he did enjoy the toast WIcs6kg.png
    Parvati greets her brother hO6mov1.png
    Miles has to make the best man speech. He was telling some hilarious stories apparently HyezC2n.png
    He also had to slip in a hilarious gag gift for Rocky Jgw40p2.png
    Cutting the cake together e3nkcaq.png
    They are cute couple TAViQdP.png
    Throwing the Bouquet SqZI0Gm.png
    Callie caught it! Maybe her boyfriend will pop the question and she’ll be the next bride ;)qOG3kCD.png
    First Dance. I can’t wait to see their future together! VoWmUhs.png
    Anyway that's all I got. Enjoy!!!
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    @sarabeth2984 The wedding is beautiful. <3
    @GalacticGal I enjoyed your update! :)
    I just released Chapter 3! :) Another preview pic.
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    Change of Perspective (images from last week)

    The final Semester was hard for Brigitte... as you all can see. But so worth it!! A famous University Footballer and an A+ Biology major!


    At the same time love is in the air...


    ...And now we are back at the present, where Knox has, inspired by Brigitte's vision of the future and his trust in his parent's ability to turn Evergreen Harbor around without him having to be present at all times, also applied to study biology: His long term goal is to turn his local environmental engagement into something different but just as important: His new dream is to become a marine biologist aiming at saving marine wildlife all over the planet!

    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
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    Max spent his last term at university mostly focusing on his own robotics project. He had always admired his servo friend Zeus, and now it seemed he was close to creating a servo of his very own.

    Even choosing the right paint took a lot of time and concentration

    "Max, I'm pregnant!"
    "That's nice-- what do you think is better, this diode or that one?"

    Finally the moment came to pull the big blue lever


    I did it! It's alive! It's happy!

    Her name is Margin of Error.

    "Now let's discuss the purpose of your existence: to steal things.
    I've given your programming a trait that will allow you to steal things from others, and it will give you extra energy when you do. This will enrich our household."

    "What is 'enrich' ?"
    "Well, it means we can have big fancy houses, take amazing vacations, eat delicious food..."
    "Ha ha! Silly humans! I do not eat food, I take up very little space and can be happy wherever I am!"

    And then Margin of Error started going on about other silly human pursuits.
    Max called Zeus on the phone. "I have a problem. It got on to the subject of vacuums and now it won't stop. Can you come over?"

    Zeus helped Max and Margin of Error get off to a good start.

    Lilith finds the servos better company than her sister, who makes her feel like this.

    Margin of Error has the maker aspiration. She is always happy to see the Upcycling Initiative NAP inspector

    And happy to see everyone, really

    Max gave her a work area in back. She happily made eco upgrade parts, recycled them, and made eco upgrade parts out of the recycled bits and pieces, etc. She seems to enjoy loops.

    "What happened to you?"
    "New coat of paint! Ha ha!"

    Max gave her a tuneup.

    Then she recharged herself. Which apparently they do out of thin air. Didn't even have to plug into the wall or anything. Ok, the moodlet is funny

    Meanwhile, the normie in the house continued to date the cute pizza delivery guy. "Is that what you're wearing on our date?"
    "Pleasantly surprised, eh?"

    On the next date he was dressed marginally better although he went a bit overboard with the accessories.

    He's a sweet guy though. Angela's going to keep him.

    Margin of Error had been reading the mischief skill book for a while now. It was time to teach her how to steal. First stop: Diego Lobo's apartment.
    "These are wonderful beings! Great trip! May we steal them?"

    "I... don't actually know how to steal cats."
    "I will converse with cats while you steal things then!"
    "Margin of Error, not so loud! Get in here, you have things to learn. And we need to be very quick and quiet before the guy who just invited us in actually walks into the room where we are. Okay. See this piano?"
    "I see piano."
    "Okay. Now go to the other room for five seconds."
    "....Five seconds have elapsed. I return."
    "See? Piano is now ours!"
    "I see no piano."
    "You have no idea what's going on here, do you?"
    "Ha ha!"

    Getting machines to do what you want is not always easy.

    Next stop: the Von Haunt estate.
    "So you steal things, and then we get money."
    "Silly humans! Okay! I can't steal anything here!"

    Oh right, she has to have a higher Mischief skill in order to be of any use as a kleptomaniac.

    But there was one thing--
    "You can do it, Margin of Error!"

    "Ha ha! I do feel more energized!"

    Max let her recycle the sign. It was worth 0 simoleons anyway.

    Margin of Error likes to read the mischief book next to Max so they can study together.

    Max's presentation for class includes a historic picture of a villain who... looks oddly like Max. I decided it's Jacques in his youth.

    As Margin of Error's stealing improved, the three of them got the hang of tag-teaming large estates.
    Who needs magical immobilization when you can just force the occupants of the house to come chat with you in any location you desire?

    Let's have a nice chat while my associates rob you blind. Then they'll come out and chat, and I'll go rob you blind. Have a nice day!

    (Or, you can fight me due to my curse, while my associates rob you blind. Either way.)

    Toward the end of the week, Max completed a second servo, gave him the Kleptomaniac trait, and named him Standard Deviation. Margin of Error got a new gray metal plating so that Max could tell them apart more easily.

    Now time to train this one up in Mischief...

    The first haul from the first time out when both servos were really and truly able to steal something. All four kleptos swiped, and Max also Burgliated.

    They're making more money than any college students have a right to.
    Also, Lilith switched to the Criminal career so as to fulfill her aspiration, and is now a Boss. Which I think is what Jacques was before he died. Family business.

    Eliza's story thread is here

    Tales of San Myshuno
    See What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

    Don't Lose the Farm!
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    So this happened yesterday. During my unfortunate hiatus from Sims 4, I had the idea of integrating my Sims 3 gameplay into Sims 4. So Ryan is now a Spellcaster. When he learns to give other sims the power of magic, he'll give it to his wife and children. ;)<3
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    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
    BRAND-NEW: Two Become A Legacy
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    Rock Star King Takes a Wife

    Erik pulled himself awake to the bleating of his cell phone. Yawning widely, he all but stumbled down the ladder from the upper bunk. Caught up in what today was, he had all but forgotten the scheduled concert. He got himself ready and left the house in the darkness of the early hours. The concert was closely followed by yet another magazine photoshoot. Every time he drew a nomination for Best Song, the magazines clamored to have his image grace their covers. Erik didn’t mind so much. He was handsomely paid for it.

    He did find himself growing slightly restless. His dismay must have been on display, as the photo session was taking longer than normal. He glanced at the time piece on his arm. “Just one more, Mr. Cantrell. I know your wedding is set for later today. I’ll do my best to make this quick,” Rory Globachar said, as he snapped away.

    The others were already up by the time Erik returned home again. Erik stood back for a moment, noticing how various members of his family were handling the long wait before the ceremony was set to begin.
    He found Adrian out in the backyard shooting hoops.

    Kayleigh was in the attached garage/greenhouse. She looked beautiful, as ever.

    Erik realized he was hungry, so he decided to fix a grand breakfast.

    Later on, after checking the mail, he decided to work on the lyrics he was busy composing.

    If Erik suffered a bout of nerves in all of this planning, he was calm until now. Breakfast, while tasty didn’t sit well on his stomach. He also knew his big day wouldn’t be the same. Earlier in the week his newest buddy, Thorne Bailey, had drowned. Perhaps, that’s what had him down. There was such a vague rivalry between them, both in the Entertainment field as they were. Thorne composed music, too. He was a very talented Sim. So talented, that Erik felt his loss when he simply retired from his job. Now, there was no comeback. He was just gone.

    The sudden bustling of family members drew him out of his revelry. Must be near the time. Erik got up, cleaned his dishes and headed upstairs. After checking the time, he found he did have time for the shower he felt he needed. The women were all running around. It was almost comical. “Where’s my dress?” one called out. “Where’s my shoes, has anyone seen my shoes?” “My pearls. I left them on my dresser. They’re gone.”
    “Check behind the bureau, Mom,” Erik shouted down the stairwell. Sure enough, they had slipped behind the wardrobe.

    With all of the commotion, it was a wonder the eight of them got out of the door. Packed into the hovercraft, Erik began to feel entirely too warm. “Dad, can you turn up the air. I’m dying here. Hot, and not in the ready for my close-up way.”

    Erik was grateful when they arrived in Windenberg. The venue came into sight. They all piled very carefully out of the vehicle. No one wanted to be guilty of crushing the Brides’ gown, after all.
    Camelot was a gorgeous venue. The daylight was slowly ebbing.


    With some help of the venue staff, the cake got placed ever so carefully on the table provided.

    For some reason, despite yesterday’s rehearsal most seemed at a loss as to what they were supposed to do, now. Happily, Joey took the reigns and sent Sims up the aisle.
    First came the youngest bridesmaid, Mercedes a Teen. Erik wondered what happened to the bouquet he gave her?

    Next was Hayleigh. She was either standing in solidarity with her younger sister, or she also managed to leave hers behind. Oh well, there’s almost always a glitch or two no matter what.

    Regina was there, and dressed, too, but she missed her cue. So, Joey sent little Lorelei down, next. She didn’t mind at all. In fact, she better understood her role that the older Sims in the Bridal Party.
    “Better get ready, ‘cos here comes the Bride!”

    Brianna, bouquet in hand, made her way up, preceding Kayleigh.

    Joey called for the Bride and her father to come. But Drake remained in his seat. Kayleigh made her way down the aisle alone. She gazed wistfully at her father.

    Then continued on her way toward the wedding arch, and her groom.

    She did cast her father yet another look as she passed by his row.

    Unfortunately, Erik was on the phone as she approached.

    “If you will all, kindly, take your seats. We’ll get started,” Father James Tomlin said. “We are gathered together today to witness the joining of these two Sims. This union is for a lifetime, so I will ask if both of you come to this moment of your own free will.”
    “I do,” Erik said.
    “I do,” said Kayleigh.
    “Then let us proceed.”

    “Speak your vows to each other,” Fr. James prompted.

    Before Kayleigh could recite her vows, Erik’s cellphone went off.
    “Babe, hang on just a sec,” he said.

    “No, I already told you nothing more today. Yes, I mean really. I’m standing in front of the wedding arch, even as we speak. So, goodbye already. Thank you.”

    “Now, if we may proceed. Kayleigh, I do believe it’s your turn.”
    “You know,” she began, giving Erik the ‘eye’, “I should knock your block off for that.”
    “Yeah, I know.”

    “Being that it’s our wedding day, I’ll let it slide for now.” With that she said her vows.

    “Now, it’s time for the rings to be exchanged,” Father James said.
    “With this ring, I thee wed,” Erik said.

    “With this ring I thee wed, but I’m certain I need my head examined.”

    “You may kiss the bride,” the Officiant said. Only when the two came together, they clunked heads.

    “Oh, ow, Babe, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”

    “Let’s take this a bit slower, this time.”

    “I now pronounce you Sim and wife!”

    “And now if you will all follow the bridal party to the reception area.”
    The Recession began with the two youngest, Mercedes and Adrian.
    “You’re sure cute,” she said.

    Aaron and Regina were next.

    Spock took Hayleigh’s arm and the two made their way down the aisle.

    Then it was the Honor Sims, Brianna and Joey. For some unknown reason, they were on the wrong side of each other. Oh, well.

    Down the aisle and then down the steps they all went, the guests following in due time. Joey, as the Best Man called the guests to gather for the Toast. The evening was settling down on them fast. All were glad for the togs chosen by the bride and groom. The air was cool but no one was uncomfortable.
    As the Best Man, Joey offered up the first toast.

    Then the Maid of Honor said a few words.
    “To Kayleigh and Erik, may they live long, love long and try not to kill each other in the process.”

    No words could be more sage. The call went out to gather for the cutting of the cake.

    Kayleigh reached for the knife and that’s when the trouble began. Was it dipped in butter?
    “Whoa, whoa!”

    “Hey, be careful with that thing. It’s sharp, you know.”

    “Kayleigh, now you’ve got me worried. Are you alright?”

    “Do me a favor, please. Let me help you with that, okay?”

    “Oh, all right.”


    The wedding wasn’t perfect, but all had a good time. They danced, they drank juice, they ate a marvelous meal and the cake was delicious. They blew bubbles.


    The party lasted into the wee hours of the next morning. All had a great time and the couple, despite the few gaffs were very happy.

    All for now. Thanks for reading!
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  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 2,421 Member
    edited May 14
    @sarabeth2984 It was fun to get to meet all of your families in your update! The wedding was so beautiful. Miles Feng is really cute. How did you manage to meet your pollinator tech?
    @Sims4MagicalTales The idea of a secret 4th sage is awesome. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of that prisoner...
    Well now that's a morning-after mood if ever I saw one XD

    Tales of San Myshuno
    See What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

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  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,435 Member
    @sarabeth2984 It was fun to get to meet all of your families in your update! The wedding was so beautiful. Miles Feng is really cute. How did you manage to meet your pollinator tech?
    @Sims4MagicalTales The idea of a secret 4th sage is awesome. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of that prisoner...
    Well now that's a morning-after mood if ever I saw one XD

    Well unfortunately for her it was a morning after studying to 2am, but a chocolate croissant might be appropiate in any circumstance :wink:
    That said I am not sure if being so tired you forget you're still in your sleepwear when biking halfway across campus for coffee is a good thing in any case :smiley:
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  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 4,453 Member
    I just released Chapter 4. Once again, preview pic! :)
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 2,421 Member
    Eliza Pancakes, Supervillain: The Final Chapter


    Max graduated with his Villainy degree! He took a job as a Villain which makes him the same rank as Eliza. He teases her about it. She tells him there's plenty about moving up through the ranks that they don't teach you in school.

    Meanwhile, Lilith LOVES her job as a criminal Boss and is continuing to work as long as she possibly can

    Max, Lilith, Margin of Error, and Standard Deviation moved back home with Eliza, bringing along their earnings from three university terms of solid thievery plus Lilith's work earnings. Angela married Jim and stayed in their home, keeping her painting and work earnings. Max invited Zeus to join the household. "We'd love to have three kleptomaniac servos in our family business," he told him.
    "Why should I let you make me a kleptomaniac?" asked Zeus.
    Max started to explain about money, but remembered how hard that had been with Margin, and said instead "It might be fun."
    "Fun! I am in. Also, your daft servos obviously need a role model."

    Lilith really enjoys the servos' talents. No, not like that. Like this

    And now that we've got our own private army of kleptomaniac robots, and S370,000 in the bank, it's time to rock and roll.
    The irresistible power of chat is still the best way to compel the occupants of any house to stay out of it while we take turns robbing it.

    The servos are still a bit limited in their Mischief skill but now they can manage paintings at least

    Eliza kept Copypasto-ing the flower arrangement daily, too.

    A couple of days later, Eliza aged up, and baby Leo Villareal was born, into a truly super-rich supervillain household.

    Well done, you terrible, terrible people.


    Oh by the way, if anyone else wishes to play with an army of kleptomaniac robots, I split off the servos from the rest of the household and put them on the gallery. Zeus has been renamed Angle of Incidence, because why not.


    Tales of San Myshuno
    See What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

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  • DuckyQueenDuckyQueen Posts: 312 Member
    @mightysprite I’m sad that your scenario is over because I’ve been enjoying it so much over the past month
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 21,590 Member
    Thank you @Sims4MagicalTales for the shout out!
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  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 2,421 Member
    Aw thanks @DuckyQueen :) That scenario was a lot of fun but I think I'm ready to get back to my main save now (the San Myshuno one).

    Tales of San Myshuno
    See What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

    Don't Lose the Farm!
  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 4,453 Member
    I just released Chapter 5! Here's another preview pic. :)
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,031 Member
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    Hello :) ,

    I was messing around with scenarios, but non of it was worth to write about. I've played the plant sim scenario, which took longer than expected, because the plants didn't reached the perfect growth stage. I tried the golden chicken, but in the end the copy&pasto spell help me with that.

    This post will be maybe the last post, my decade challenge has now officially ended. Finally :smiley:. /throw confetti

    It took a while until I found my motivation back and to post again, but then I rushed through without making many pictures. I extended until 2020, where Amilie grew up into an young adult. My focus was on her story, although she isn't the heiress.

    2017 - 2020

    Let's start with two toddlers playing around.


    2018 marks the years, where Holger Kaufmann died during a heat wave. He became 71 years old.


    Hannah has also celebrate her birthday.


    Amelie started a professional training as a masseuse.
    Not always these massages were painless.

    When Amelie became 18 years old she moved out in her own appartment.

    When her boyfriend break up with her in late 2019, she started to struggle with her life and began to meet the wrong people.

    Sometimes she could not remember why she slept on the park bench.

    Then at the beginning of 2020 Covid19 arrived in Germany and in March 2020 the social life was totally banish from the public for a while.
    All shops where closed and especially those which had close contact with customers. Not knowing how to earn money, Amelie started to produce and uploaded her first videos.

    She will face an uncertain future ...

    The End of the Decade Challenge

    Thank you all for reading and patience. <3
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    Socks? With flip flops? Who would make such a bold, and some would say, controversial fashion choice?

    I'm just surprised she isn't trying to slap the taste out of Brytani Cho's mouth for showing up in the same outfit.
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 21,590 Member
    @DaniRose2143 Just trying to get the flip-flop on would be painful, don't you think?
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  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 3,856 Member
    @GalacticGal I've never worn a pair of flip flops in my life but it seems like it would be very uncomfortable with socks. Just having the one thong of the flip flop pushing the sock back between my toes would drive me nuts. Even with my sneakers, if my socks wrinkle up I have to stop and fix it before I can go on. I wouldn't make it two steps with that.😁
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    Knox Graduating... and a little bit more

    (Metagaming: Since I gave Knox the Academic Aspiration and knowing it's most annoying part is getting the Debate skill up, I only made him join the debate guild and no other clubs while at Uni).

    Debate, debate debate!

    (I must say the light rendering in this game is VERY good for being from 2014)

    Weekend activities!

    The big day came and went... More importantly he moved in with the love of his life, Brigitte. Her being self-employed means she can tag along when he does his Marine Biologist Stuff (tm). (Also the house is being built up more and more as they earn more. They are only going to live in it until they get married anyway)
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    I have a new sim to introduce, Hannah Wilkes. She's a budding Archeologist and all-around adventuress. She's from Strangerville and has dreamt of seeing the 'normal' world since her hometown is anything but. Her favorite activity is learning about ancient cultures and civilizations and finding artifacts related to them. Her specialty is Selvadorada, so it's there she's going to make a name for herself, and who knows, a few simoleons on the side.

    Before she sets off Hannah does a little last minute research and makes all her necessary bookings. She's ready to go.

    Hannah arrives in Selvadorada and gets a late start heading into the jungle. It's been raining all day, her flight got in late, and she expected to be deep into the jungle by now. And now on top of everything she sees a sign explaining what to do in case of poisoning. "Oh lovely', she thinks sarcastically, "as if things aren't already bad enough now this. This isn't what I'd call a good omen."

    After hacking her way through the first gate she encounters a terrifying crossing over a deep gorge on a not so sturdy feeling bridge.

    And at the second gate she's attacked by fire flies. Thank you Drake's. And with that, it's getting late, she's not very far into the jungle and everything is going wrong. So Hannah heads back to her rental and grills some Asada to fill her stomach before bed. Tomorrow has to be better! Right?

    Day 2 dawns with a plasma bat attack, but after that things take a turn for the better. The sun is out and Hannah is off to an early start. And with the sunny weather she can really appreciate the spectacular backdrop to her adventures today. She also finds quite a few relics, artifacts, and some treasure. Today has been as good for Hannah as yesterday was bad.
    Day 2 comes to an end with Hannah finally making it to the Temple just as the sun sets on Selvadorada. So she sets up her tent, grabs a book, and settles in to read herself to sleep before her adventure resumes tomorrow.
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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 27,196 Member
    Lovely start @DaniRose2143. Is this your first trek through the jungles of Selvadorado?
    Don't forget to smile today. 🌞
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 3,856 Member
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    @simgirl1010 Third trek, but it's been a couple of years since the first two. I forgot how much fun it is! And the scenery is amazing.🤯
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    I feel like I have to commemorate this:

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