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Sims 5 dealmakers vs dealbreakers


  • BlueR0seBlueR0se Posts: 1,542 Member
    Hard to say until more information is released, but multiplayer and no mods would are high contenders for immediate "NOPE."
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 2,799 Member
    My TS5 dealmakers - Yes, please include!
    1. Dynamic personalities. Id love a mix of personality points AND traits. With a working attraction system.
    2. I can make my OWN neighborhoods/worlds. With my own community lots, townies,
    3. I want sim memories, and strong consequences for actions. I want my choices to matter!
    4. Lore! Take stories from all the Sim universe, past PC games, console, mobile games etc - some storylines from all Sims Universe and include them into the new game! Easter egg galore!
    5. Innovate ideas for expansions! Can we get one thats a old time western styled world? No cell phones, newspapers included. Something set in the past with all older technology. What about an alien expanasion with a Sixam world? With am evil alien race and a kind one? How about a medieval expansion? Something really new! Not just cultural worlds but fantasty or sci fi world inspiration.

    My TS5 dealbreakers - No, please dont include!
    1. A hyperfocus on "inclusivity". I dont like how its being handled in TS4 and if TS5 is anything like it I wont engaging. No political or social activism.
    2. Low-effort DLC. I dont want stuff peacemealed and recycled.
    3. Having to resort to CC for black players. Please dont make this mistake again.
    4. Making multiplayer unsafe. If it must include multiplayer, make it safe for people to play. I dont want it to include ped0s, scammers, bullies etc. I just want to safely play with a friend online in private server.
    5. Try. Like actually try! Dont assume you still have the same audience. Or we will just go back to older games again.

    We must share the same hive mind because *chef kiss* to all 10 of these points.

    Great minds think alike 🤣
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  • CuriousCarrotTopCuriousCarrotTop Posts: 43 Member
    What I'd love to see: great building system (I really enjoy most aspects of TS4 building, I wish it were easier to roof a wrap-around porch though lol), well-organized and visually appealing CAS system, better traits/emotion system with more than 3 traits without needing mods ("better" as compared to TS4 without any mods), open or semi-open world(s) (similar to TS3 but without the constant crashing), pets pack has exotic pets like birds as well as horses (also like in TS3), and I know they won't do it but seasons being built-in to base game with the option to toggle and tweak seasons based on personal preference (it's such a big thing for realism for me that I kind of hate having to pay a bunch extra just for seasons!), and one must is that there's a good system for mods and CC, I also love the gallery we have in TS4 right now and hope they implement something similar in TS5! And I hope they release a fully playable, complete base game from the get go and that EPs aren't so darn buggy like they often are at release (and even sometimes long after) right now with TS4!

    deal-breakers: multiplayer focus, honestly if there is any multiplayer at all I will have SERIOUS doubts but I will consider it if it's like, a local only or friends only type limited multiplayer. But even still, I vastly prefer solo play in the sims and think it should remain that way. Also, there needs to be decent babies (a balance between TS3 and TS4 babies would be nice for me), good toddlers, well rounded kids and DISTINCT teens, and the usual YA/Adult/Elder age groups. If babies or toddlers are missing I literally will not buy it, that's one of the main reasons it took me a few years to buy TS4 (I waited until toddlers were added to base game, other BG improvements had been made by then as well if my memory serves me) and ultimately GAME STABILITY, I ended up stopping TS3 despite loving it because it crashed my computer so, so often. Like the computer fully shut itself down or froze so bad I had to manually restart more than half of the time I played the game.

    Like TL;DR: learn from the past! I hope they take the best of previous games, leaving out only what needs to stay out in order to avoid the worst of them (such as terrible bugs and poor stability)
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  • Lulu29Lulu29 Posts: 171 Member
    Deal breakers: Open worlds-The ability to travel without the loading screen. This has been somewhat irritating for me. Sometimes I just want my Sims to be able to travel quickly and because of the loading screen, they don't actually go out much because of this.

    Realistic looking Sims-Currently I use CC to give my Sims a more realistic looking vibe. I'm not overly keen on the clay hair look and would like to see textures in hair, skin, even objects, etc. It'd be nice to see the colour wheel again.

    Free babies-Can we please make babies free in TS5? Many players have come up with some good ideas for this and it'd be nice to see them in the new game.

    I wouldn't want: The ability for strangers to come into my game and potentially messing up the progress that I've made/destroying buildings. For me the Sims is a place where I don't have to deal with other people. It's escapism and allows me to forget any stress in my life. If this has to happen it should at least be made optional for those that want it. I'm open to buying TS5 providing that it wouldn't wholly be an online experience.
  • LatinaBunnyLatinaBunny Posts: 4,666 Member
    edited March 2022
    Deal makers: Having detailed toddlers and more detailed occults. :smile: And better babies that our sim parents can travel and play with (with stroller, baby changing table, baby mat, baby swing, etc). CaST and more detailed building tools again.

    Basically, a lot of features from Sims 2, Sims 3, and from Sims 4.

    Deal breakers: No toddlers and less occults, and less detailed babies (the stuck to cradle baby objects again). :(
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  • SimskristaSimskrista Posts: 174 Member
    I want buy options similar to Sims 3 again. i.e., bed frames and bedding. I want to pick the frame color/material and then the bedding color. No more EA picked options because we definitely don’t have the same taste
  • viola-illyriaviola-illyria Posts: 182 Member
    Deal Makers

    How do you want CAS?

    TS4's CAS is fun and bright, although I'd prefer less moving around. The filtering system is great. I'd like the ability to create collections and favourite items (similar to TS2). My ideal sim personality system would be a mix of TS2 and TS3 (personality points creating a base personality refined by adding traits, turns ons/off, favourites and even sexuality, which would affect who the sim flirts with in SP)

    How do you want build/buy?

    TS4's build mode with the TS2 ability to make collections of items in buy mode and the TS3 colour wheel. And bigger icons, even if it's fewer items per row.

    Also, the funny descriptions and names of walls and floors that the original game had.

    What kind of worlds / neighborhood management do you want?

    Large worlds with smaller neighbourhoods within them. There would be loading screens travelling between neighbourhoods but everything within that hood is open world. Story progression would affect the world at a global level, though.

    What kind of gameplay is needed?

    Less focus on Create Your Ideal Self and more focus on You Are The Watcher And This Is Your World. I want to make my sims miserable just as easily as I can make them happy. Bring back the TS3 style rabbit holes where your sim would have a choose your own adventure style quest in them (it's not used enough in TS4).

    Less focus on YA, more focus on family play.

    What other features are needed?

    Occults, occults and occults. Also dragons. And occults!

    And larger expansion packs that come out less often. I feel like I'm getting charged 3 times just to get the content I got in one TS3 expansion.

    What should be base game?

    Every life stage, seasons, aliens and ghosts. Pools and toddlers.

    What about life stages?

    Baby, toddler, child, tween, teen, young adult, adult, elder. Tweens would have more independence than children but less than teens. They'd be prone to moodswings and being rebellious and would break out in acne more often.

  • CynnaCynna Posts: 2,366 Member
    Deal maker: simulation. I need the Sims to live up to their names.
    Dealbreaker: simulation on the level of or below that of TS4
  • literalhorsesliteralhorses Posts: 3 New Member
    What I would LOVE to see is the ability to create custom traits in-game. For example, they could have a list of three dropdowns that allow you to select prompts like "Sim hates...", "Sim acts ___ when talking to other sims", "Sim is afraid of____", "Sim is inspired by ____", etc.

    Also, custom aspirations! It's kind of hard to have a fun time when there are only a limited number of aspirations you can have, and the expansions don't always add new aspirations, which makes the expansions less fun. Users could add and name milestones, each milestone has prompts like "Collect X number of ____", "Rescue X stray dogs", etc.

    Events are customizable, appearances are customizable, lots are customizable, but personality and aspirations are not very customizable.

    I think the lack of personality customization is the biggest bottleneck to the amount of fun I derive from playing Sims (other than bugs and lag).
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,618 Member
    edited March 2022
    Dealbreakers: Multiplayer. If it doesn't have a world editor. If it's on the same kiddy level as TS4. If it doesn't have any humor, it's funny to me when Sims trip and fall and die or do something uncouth and get slapped. If it's all about Simself, no thanks. If it forgets its roots and goes with microtransactions to 'level up' and or buy to get a special reward etc. If it's about the 'player' and not the Sim..such as TS3's system of badges for players..boring, or if it ask how many hours have I played...trying to reward a player instead of a Sim. Or like in TS4 with wasted dev time counting how many times a Sim has peed. Why would I care about that stuff if I'm playing a life simulator? It's about the Sims not the people playing and or at least should be. If it's not going to have basic gameplay base features. Like transportation, a choice to get a phone or not, a Story Progression I control not the game. If it forgets it's roots and tries to build a competition between players..NO thanks. That's my short list. Oh, and another deal breaker, if it promotes Simmers to sell their cc to other Simmers..just no. <(planned microtransactions)
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  • JokubasJokubas Posts: 100 Member
    edited March 2022
    • Layered clothing. Instead of choose "top" or "outfit", you have things like "undershirt, shirt, jacket", etc.
    • Better distinctions between lifestates. This is mostly a Sims 4 problem, but I don't want it to continue. Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder shouldn't be nearly interchangeable. If teen isn't a proper bridge between child and young adult, then add pre-teen or tween or whatever you want to call it.
    • The game to be designed with the obvious expansions in mind from the beginning. The things we know they'll get around to shouldn't feel stapled onto the game and interact poorly with the other expansions. Optimally, very basic versions of these features should appear from the beginning to form a foundation the expansions can build on, instead of the expansions having to shoehorn themselves in.

    • Multiplayer. I think more games could use two or three player co-op, but any wider multiplayer and it's going to ruin the game one way or another. Even if the multiplayer isn't actively intrusive, history has shown that having to design for multiplayer will forever be a drain on the singleplayer
    • Any sort of temporary, "battle pass" like content. If I like a piece of clothing or furniture, I never want to find out that I missed the window it was available two years ago. I don't want to be compelled to play the game when I don't feel like it or miss the chance the get the item I like. I don't want to be forced to pre-emptively decide I like an item while it's still available, instead of discovering it when I realize it's perfect. The perpetual anxiety of this is ruining gaming for me.
    • A realistic art style
    • An overly mugging-for-the-camera art style
  • EthropturEthroptur Posts: 51 Member
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    I've long thought about how TS5 could resurrect my love for The Sims. I've only played two hours of TS4 in total, and since then approx. 400 hours of TS3. How could TS5 not only bring The Sims back to a state of high quality, but surpass previous iterations? There are several things

    A return of the open world and create-a-style from TS3 would be a necessity. TS4 really dropped the ball on this. The customisability from TS3 was excellent, and whilst TS4 introduces some nice new features that make for instance easier building construction, it falls short relative to TS3. TS4's create-a-sim and build mode would also be ideal.

    I would also prefer if weather dynamics, age bracket-specific features a la TS3's Generations EP, and being able to register as self-employed were in the base game. Adding a new age bracket to detail the 50s-to-mid-60s would be great, too. The elders in all Sims games feel more late 60s+, and so there's an odd disconnect between adult and elder. It's like the Sims miss 20 years of their lives. I have tentatively named this aged group "getting up there".

    I also want them to add new layers to Sims' personalities. Re-introducing the fatal flaw system from The Sims Medieval would be a fine choice. Each Sim could have up to two fatal flaws, with a minimum of one. The player could then lose this fatal flaw through completing one of multiple opportunities to do so. Five traits is a necessity. Traits should also be more dynamic, being affected by overuse or underuse of the actions associated with each trait. Furthermore, I think that integrating the MTBI system into The Sims would add an extras dimension to Sims' personalities. It would make for a good foundation for a Sim's personality, whilst the traits could focus on more specific personality characteristics.

    Dealbreakers include a lack of open neighbourhoods, lack of create-a-style, and any mandatory multi-player features. No Project Olympus 2.0, please.
  • slowdtdthslowdtdth Posts: 1 New Member
    Let's say dealmakers would be things that we haven't seen in franchise or they were long forgotten, with dealbreakers being annoying things we already know are bad.


    - Real variety of installed worlds - we only have fancy villages and mega-futuristic cities right now. I want to see more european locations resembling big cities, such as London, Naples, Saint-Petersburg, Vienna, Istanbul and so on. They're not futuristic in many ways, but consist of different types of residences - duplexes, blocks of flats, multi-flat houses, villas, communals and so on. San Myshuno is cool but is buffs me that the only apartment-type neighbourhood is too fancy. Speaking of fanciness, we need more realistic towns like Evergreen. All the non-american neighbourhoods are highly romantisixed too in Sims 4.
    - Redone flat system - it should be AT LEAST similar to Sims 2. I would be dissapointed if I can't build lots for multiple families the way I want to.
    - Good mix of open world and stability. I don't need any single person in my town to function on AI and every single tree in town existing in my game memory when I'm on my lot. I would be actually happy if they implement fully-functional distrists, like in Sims 4 multiple for every town, and when I play in this district it's fully interactive and open like in Sims 3, but if I decide to travel to another one I get a loading screen. It would be super okay.
    - Better gallery
    - Balance between emotions and other things. In Sims 4 traits only affect what kind of emotions you recieve, but he outcome of said emotions is always the same. It needs to be different - sims should get emotions, but how those are processed is decided by traits, memories, core values and so on. This way we can get different reactions out of sims and make them have personality. I also liked zodiac thing and interests in Sims 2. Also I think skills should be more than just a progresion without any diffuculties and challenges.
    - Mixed venues. At least two-in-one, like hotel and cafe or cinema and a club.
    - In-game support of CC for chosen creators
    - CASt like in Sims 2 where I can choose pre-made swatches but on every item there's multiple different zones to change, like coloring a bed frame and a matress separatelly. Also matching swatches.
    - Game progression settings for both types of players: those who build and create everything from scratch and those who don't care for every townie's well-being because they didn't curate them.
    - Realistic economy and spendings - no free clothes and returning money from more expensive wallpapers. But also no fee for drawing on a tablet.
    - Realisctic chances and no annoying pack features on everyone. Not every sims should be a selebrity, get a time machine on their lot, hang out with vampires and be killed by a murphy bed


    - Current greedy DLC policy.
    - If at least one Base game feature from previous games isn't implemented, I'm rioting. They should already learn on Sims 4 trainwreck.
    - Multiplayer in any mandatory form
    - No pets and seasons in BG, because I bought it 3 times already and these are some basic things to make the game realistic. You can think of dozens of other DLCs to sell.
    - Subscriptions and passes
    - Either photo-realistic or too cartoonish style. I want something similar to how sims look in TS4 with moderate Alpha (still clearly artistic, but human-like textures)
    - Non-improved CAS, because there's still much to implement - saving makeup, multiple accessories, layers, different skins, detalization, personality, deeper toggle of relationship and backstory before the start, maneer and mimics, good randomizer.
    - Dumb IA
    - No events, occurencies, challenges, lore
    - No STORES!! Groceries, clothes, supermarkets, convenience stores, furniture stores - all shoul exist with cumtmizable list of products. Also no schools, hospipals and other services. But i can see it as a DLC.
    - No cool adventure worlds without proper, animated and multiple-ending events
    - Happines simulation, no depressing and unlucky outcomes
  • simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 1,031 Member
    • Wants and fears. I need a decaying aspiration bar and meaningful wants tied to core aspirations (romance, family, creativity, popularity, etc). No, the specific aspirations ("renaissance sim") should be something different, such as a Lifetime Want or Objectives. They should NOT be a stand-in for aspirations
    • AI that keeps Sims busy and interacting in the world without my control. But they should be unhappy without me
    • Freezing progression of My Households that are not currently being played. I mean literally standing in place where I just left them off. Respect rotational play, please!
    • Two-sided relationships! And a daily and lifetime relationship bar...with numbers! Why mess with perfection!
    • Venues that have community objects that provide interactive functionality. Placing multiple down allow for mixed-use community lots. I don't like the idea of just labeling what the lot is first. It's a top down approach. It should be bottoms-up, starting with which objects are placed down on the lot.
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  • akuheikomatsuakuheikomatsu Posts: 79 Member
    • Open world with the ability to place empty lots where you want
    • Create a style tool
    • More adult humor like TS1/TS2
    • Engaging, fun and functioning gameplay with more challenges and consequences. Use things that worked well in previous games and expand upon them.
    • Making it easier for modders and creators to make cc.

    • Multiplayer and being required to have an online connection to play. This is an absolute no from me, dawg.
    • Missing core features at launch. TS4 launch was the first and only time I have ever requested a refund for a game. I immediately went back to TS3 because I was so disgusted.
    • Selling DLC that requires you to own other DLC. *cough MFPS cough*
    • Releasing packs that are knowingly broken and still charging full price for them.
      *cough DO & MWS cough*
    • Lack of attention to detail. Broken textures and meshes, recycled animations and assets, etc.

    I could go on and on. It was really hard to pick just 5 for each.

  • RebeccaThurstonRebeccaThurston Posts: 234 Member
    I was going to go point by point through all the questions raised by the person that started this thread but through writing I came to the conclusion that I will accept pretty much any direction the development team want to take the next installment of the franchise. I don't want to go into it with saying it has to this way or that in order for me to be happy. I have found that each one at launch is still a work in progress and I am okay with that because I know enough about the franchise to know that they will add a lot post launch.

    With one exception.

    I don't like the idea that the next installment is going to be multiplayer but for me it also depends on how that is incorporated.

    If they do it like they did in Sims 3 with the Simport where we could visit each others games then absolutely fine. That's a totally optional thing that didn't really have any effect on our game. It was just an option for those that wanted to use it.

    They could also do it like Avakin Life does it. For those not familiar with that title, it's a browser game you can play on your phone. You can purchase various homes that only you have access to unless you make it public in which case other players can go in and rate your decor. However, they also added in social spaces where you can go and interact with other players. For the Sims it might be in our home game we can have full control over the residential areas but there might be social spaces such as gyms, libraries, night clubs, museums etc where we can mix with other players. Even that though I have some issue with because who has control over those spaces? In our game it should only be ourselves and no one else. Of course they could also be totally controlled by Maxis/ EA. In which case it becomes like every other multiplayer game out there where it's their world and we have zero control over it - which is kind of bad for a franchise where we have always had control over the majority of the world.

    It also brings up people like stalkers or griefers or just people that we don't want in our space. It happens in every massive multiplayer online and they have to consider that. With a single player game that's known for their custom content allowances it doesn't really matter as it's only going to be ourselves that are affected by anything we add or remove. With a multiplayer that's no longer the case. To what extent are they going to want to police their game where (just as an example) some have nudity mods and others play it around their kids and don't want that element in their own saves. If we are all just sort of thrown into the same game world there are going to be many conflicts because we all want different things and at least with it being single player we can pretty much make our games our own.
  • SimSpockSimSpock Posts: 273 Member
    Have I missed something while away? Is TS5 confirmed now? I haven't seen anything to that effect, but maybe I missed it.
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 5,005 Member
    Deal Makers
    Sims who are aware of the world around them as well as other Sims and their actions
    Unique personalities with actions and unique animations tied to them
    Attraction system
    World editor and CAW
    Color wheel
    Group activities not locked to objects
    Worlds fully interactive not full of set dressing and unusable water
    Challenge and reward built into the game careers should reward you with something unique and fun, all clothing should not be unlocked, fridges should not have an endless supply of food and so on.

    Online multiplayer game
    Set number of lots and only worlds created by the Sims team
    Missing life stages
    Rushed empty base game
    No cars
    Traits that do nothing so that all Sims act the same

    Sims 4 went from "You Rule" to "One of the stories we want you to tell"
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 849 Member
    SimSpock wrote: »
    Have I missed something while away? Is TS5 confirmed now? I haven't seen anything to that effect, but maybe I missed it.

    No. It has not been confirmed. This thread is for players to talk about things that will either make them purchase the game (deal makers) or avoid the game (deal breakers).
  • SimSpockSimSpock Posts: 273 Member
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    Deal Breakers:
    • mandatory multiplayer
    • non-mandatory multiplayer that constantly nags to engage in multiplayer
    • anything relevant to single player experience that's buried behind multiplayer
    • no open world (I want my character to be able to walk around town, looking at the sights again)
    • poor character progression. I'm tired of needing mods for something that should be in the game, and done well
    • the previous point notwithstanding, the game not having a rich framework for mods
    • no complex emotions, desires, goals, and interactions, like TS2 had
    • starting over again (for the 4th time) with a base game that's missing any meaningful stuff from the prior game

    Deal Makers:
    • I don't have any. Get all of the above stuff right, and I'll take a serious look at it. If those are done well, and the game is stable, and the overall gameplay looks engaging, then I'll be happy to drop money on it to give it a try.
  • simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 1,031 Member
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    SimSpock wrote: »
    Have I missed something while away? Is TS5 confirmed now? I haven't seen anything to that effect, but maybe I missed it.

    We know EA is currently working on the future of the Sims Franchise. Most people interpret that as Sims 5 but it could be a multiplayer spin-off.
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  • CynnaCynna Posts: 2,366 Member
    It would be nice to have windows and doors that open and stay open at the direction of the player.

    For example. Snowy Escape came with a nice, 4-tile Shoji screen (?) door. There's also a version of the door that is open. Instead of having to two objects that must be changed in build mode, it would be nice to click a button that directs a Sim to open the door and have it stay that way.

    Also, it would be nice to see Sims look out of windows again and ring the doorbell.
  • movefan89movefan89 Posts: 60 Member
    The only things I’d like is multiplayer but not multiplayer only.

    Packs from the past. Have extension pack with things from sims, 2, 3 and 4 would be fun.

    I’ve got more but I’d say them when we know about sims 5.
  • chocolatefrostingchocolatefrosting Posts: 67 Member
    edited May 2022

    Definitely open world/open neighborhoods. I don't want to have to see a loading screen to go to my next door neighbors house.

    Cars and actual functioning bikes would be cool.

    Bring back the lore, what ever happened to Bella Goth?

    Maybe an online feature would be cool as well?

    Deal breakers?

    Raised prices. I feel like the Sims franchise has been slowly raising their prices over time which doesn't make me to hopeful for the future Sims games.

    If they make the sims too cartoonish. I like the sims how they are now. I don't want IMVU characters and I don't want Disney characters. I want a sim.
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 2,799 Member
    movefan89 wrote: »
    The only things I’d like is multiplayer but not multiplayer only.

    Packs from the past.

    What kind of packs from the past?
    The Sims has currently lost its identity. Bring it back for TS5


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