June 2nd - It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!


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April 29th- Friday Highlights

Sul Sul my dear Simmers!
This is our last April Highlights. Time continues to fly and I dont like that at all (UwU), but we better get in the mood since I have a good bunch of discussions you won't regret jumping into! :smiley:

🔸Tuesday was Patch Day! The latest update brings a whole new look to the Sims 4 Main Menu, Bug fixes, Surveys and more! You can click here to read the patch notes.

🔹On Wednesday, a new Sims Delivery Express has arrived! 🥳 Jump in-game and explore the two new delicious Arab dishes, alongside a new tank top, cactus item, and froggy scenario for the nature-lovers! 🐸🌍🙌

'Everest is standing in Willow Creek in front of a mysterious, very pretty tree'. Intriguing screenshot posted here by @Duvelina

🔸I thought we should start with a funny moment: poor Hilda nearly getting hit by a landing rocket :smiley: Please guys, check these screenshots shared by @ChuChuExpress in our famous "Funny Moments" thread. I'm so glad that Hilda got out of this alive and without a scratch! 💛🐤

🔹Our next stop is a poll! @LIL_Lilly would like to know: 'What new life stage would you add?' A very good mix of replies here as well, come leave your votes! :wink:

🔸It is time now for our building pick and this week, I am delighted to feature @Simrissie_Rykel's 'Post-apocalyptic hideout'. Inspired by the 'Murkland challenge', those containers are perfect if your Sims are looking for a safe place to keep their loved ones protected and bide some time! 🧟

🔹And that brings us to another building related topic, only this time we have a Simmer seeking flower shop builds recommendations.🌸🌺 We have so many talented builders here so I'm sure you will be able to find the perfect place soon, @SamadamsPlayer.

🔸Finally, if your Sims live in The Sims 3 world, don't you worry! @graventhe brings us an innovative, fun & cheerful challenge idea that will definitely change the game for you. As they call it: 'Challenge Idea For Fun', join this adventure and share how it goes, peeps! 💡

I hope you enjoyed the read Simmers! As usual, if you have any recommendations send them to me, and I'll be back with more next week!

Until then, stay safe, leave your comments below and happy Simming! 💕
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