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CAS only using basegame

Hi there ,

I would try to make a sim for using on gallery with only basegame attributes , but if i'm finished with my sim he shows that i have used some other packs, even if i choose only basegame stuff.
I checked it several times over and over , but i got no idea what i have didn't seen.

Someone that can explain me what i'm forgot to do? or do i something wrong.

Thanks! ;)


  • BerrypichuBerrypichu Posts: 25 Member
    Make sure all the accessories are off as well, I know long sleeves tend to hide bracelets, long hair hides earrings, rings, socks. Have had this happen to me one too many times, so just make sure to check every outfit 😊
    My gallery:
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  • TammorsTammors Posts: 357 Member
    I think that if you have any cc in the game, anything you upload to the gallery will show up as modded.

    I remember uploading characters to the gallery that I had made long before I put any cc in the game, and they showed up as modded even though I had not made any changes to them at all.

    Do you play on more than one machine? My daughter and I play on our computers, and sometimes on xbox. It occurred to me that I could upload a sim from my computer to the gallery, download it on xbox, and reupload it from xbox. Xbox won't accept cc, so uploading the same character from xbox would show up as base game only. I never did it, but it is something you could try if you wanted.

  • TammorsTammors Posts: 357 Member
    Speaking of base game only, I have noticed that if I search the gallery for "base game only" lots or the option to only use the packs I have, it gives me a bunch of lots with cc from packs I don't have. What's the point of allowing people to search with those options if the listings don't adhere to the search parameters?

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