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Default replacement eyes

Hi everyone,

I got some issues with CAS, almost everytime after a download, first i do is put them in my mod folder, but then if i will starting with CAS , my default replacement eyes does always shows up with that wrench icon.

Can somebody please give me a bit of advice? I'm really tired of searching trough this forum all the time after finding a solution.

Many thanks! :)



  • Chaotic_MoiraChaotic_Moira Posts: 482 Member
    I'm pretty sure the wrench icon is suppose to be there for cc default eyes. Do you mean on the color swatches? Are the custom defaults you picked showing up on your sims?
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  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 6,662 Member
    Here is a thread from Sims 4 Studio explaining why the wrench cannot be removed:
  • DanyeoDanyeo Posts: 76 Member
    Yes it does showing up , but i fixed it with defaultsfixer , now i can finally use them without that wrench icon ;)


    Thx for your link , it was very helpfull :)
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