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Post Your Favorite Sims Downloaded from the Gallery and Share the Item Name



  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 240 Member
    SwanSong93 wrote: »
    Two of my favorites

    "Jordan Ash"

    "Manuel Ferrara"

    They're so handsome 😍

    New versions were shared just a few days ago <3

  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 3,739 Member
    edited April 3
    @StartUpGenius The only time I ever see her in CAS is if she's the one that pops up when you first enter. The first time that I missed her and wanted find her, I spent 5 minutes clicking the randomize button and she never came up. After that I was ready to pounce the first time she surfaced. Now I have a vanilla copy to work from when I want to create a really special sim.
    My Gallery ID: DaniRose2143
    Under The Tartosan Sun
  • StartUpGeniusStartUpGenius Posts: 135 Member
    @DaniRose2143 Oh, my mistake. I also found her when I started CAS, not through randomizing from the gallery 😅
  • StartUpGeniusStartUpGenius Posts: 135 Member
    edited May 15
    What's her name? She's another default Sim in CAS
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