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UNIVERSITY: How do I get back to a Sim after save and exit

I just started playing the Scenario of 2 sims trying to become CEOs but only 1 does. I made my characters and decided one of them should go to college - I don't think they both can (?) Anyway, she was most of the way through her 1st semester, just a couple of days left, and I got tired (it was really late) and saved/quit.

Today I went back into the game to finish her semester and, while she was the one pictured on the "Load Game" option, it took me to her house and husband, without her. I tried to go to the University World but couldn't find her. Went back "home" and checked her husband's "Friends" and she isn't showing at all! I looked on the Notification Wall and while her previous notifications are still there, there is no picture or information of her!

What's the deal? Are we really unable to save and quit with someone we've followed to University? Or is this a glitch because of the scenario? Back home, it says the Scenario is complete although I've only played the household 7 hours and hadn't even gotten around to getting them jobs.

Look forward to your input.


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    StormkeepStormkeep Posts: 7,632 Member
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    Did you move her into the dorms or did you have her attend college from home? You didn't specify.

    You can absolutely save the game and come up back to it in either case, but if you moved her out to attend university you need to load from wherever you moved her. If you had her attend from home, then she should still be available from the home household.

    If what you're describing is accurate though (she vanished completely from her husband's relationships) it sounds like you were affected by some crazy game glitch/bug. Don't move the sims out of their household when doing scenarios, it causes other problems too and also there's a glitch where just leaving the home lot (for any reason) can cause the scenarios to get marked as complete.
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    BoergeAarg61BoergeAarg61 Posts: 968 Member
    She might be in the library.
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    columbia93columbia93 Posts: 319 Member
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    I said "followed" to University so thought it was clear. Sorry. Nope she's gone. Like I said, I tried going to the University world first, couldn't find her, so tried home....and it looked like she no longer existed. As I said before, it's just a white silhouette in the "Notifications" and she doesn't exist in her husband's "friends" panel. Didn't die - just never existed! Bummer.

    Wouldn't it be great if EA would let you know there may well be problems if you do anything resembling playing with Expansion packs during a Scenario? Yeah, wishful thinking. You'd think that a scenario that calls for a Sim to become a CEO might get someone to thinking that a degree would be a good thing....thus a not use something you've bought! I've never had my TS4 attend from home - used to playing TS3, I guess, where online learning was a mod I never tried! - so it seemed like an option I wouldn't want to give a go at.

    I've only done a couple of scenarios and one was more of a challenge one for understanding "fame". The other went on for ages and ages, and leaving the lot never caused a problem. But then, I never saved off lot.

    Still a bit peeved about this but I guess I've learned to not try that again!


    This got me thinking about my other Scenario family....they'd grown out of their house so I moved them to a larger one but I couldn't get them to eat. They'd cook but they'd take their plate and put it on the floor. Even nuking did this. I thought it was counters, because the kitchen was pretty creative (user-made), so I moved them to another house. Same issue. I ended up moving them back home. I successfully moved them to another house but I just realized it was after the scenario was completed (as they were like 95% complete before the move). Difference was, the whole family moved so probably why I was able to keep them together and complete the scenario.
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