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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 1,941 Member
    edited January 2022
    Carlin, Rodney and Mallory started their second term at Foxbury today and moved in to a new abode for the second year:

    Mallory doesn't seem to like the décor:

    Actually this isn't a new build. This is the original layout of my sim self's eldest daughter's Sienna's house:

    During the welcome wagon Sienna wanted to hangout with her younger brother Carlin:

    And Sienna began having flashbacks to 1982:
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  • NikkihNikkih Posts: 1,758 Member
    edited January 2022
    Ive decided to only play with one family in my game, so I can really focus on them, building relationships, drama etc they seem like a normal family just you wait 😂, I play with aging on long so my sims will have children so my stories can change, I have a family of 5 with 1 dog, 1 cat and a hamster, they live on a farm with a cow called daisy and chickens, their oldest daughter is a teen vampire, her mother was romantically involved with a vampire before she got married with her 2 other children's father, her daughter can walk in the daylight I thought her human side could be represented by this a tried to make her as human as possible for a vampire sim, her younger siblings a child sister she's a spellcaster ( from her fathers side he's descended from spellcasters but it skipped him) and her toddler brother a normal sim just like their mother and father, in my today's game of playing them I decided to cause a bit of drama, the father has been woohooing with the nanny and his wife found out unknown to him, so she having an affair with the male maid, the drama 🤣

    I don't know how to put a picture of them on this but I've uploaded them to the gallery

  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,624 Member
    wow @Nikkih I'm glad you shared their backstory because they are so pretty and.... normal looking o:) that was a fun read
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    I'm copying and pasting this from this thread:


    It's worth reading the thread.

    So, I was going to try and do a Toddler Play Date while my sim was on Vacation, and then, this happened...

    Kylen was trying to help his husband grill... I really love this screenshot. Aaron is casually walking away after accidentally starting a fire. Kylen hasn't noticed, and Lir is putting out the fire.


    The firefighter's showed up after Lir put the fire out for his dads. His brothers were still way too close to the fire. Alex is the new Legacy Founder for my Kailani Legacy restart, and he's just staring at the charred grill. Alen is behind the bush slowly walking away from danger. Alen is the spare. Alex and Alen are twins.


    Aaron said forbidden words when the firefighters started dancing...


    The firefighters were completely useless, but that didn't stop them from acting like they helped.

  • ThriorThrior Posts: 612 Member
    edited January 2022
    @Metior_Ice Pffft, snorted at the useless firefighters. Last time I had any firefighters on site they just stood there for ages admiring the weather.
    Daephene wrote: »
    @Thrior It is hilarious to me that this is still happening to him! I guess he's just fated to be a reluctant hero.
    @Daephene Yeah tell me about it. I kinda hope it'll keep happening too because at this point I think it's part of his character :D. I just imagine someone inquiring him about his hunts like: "So done many evil deeds lately?" and him being like:

    Daephene wrote: »
    I learned that toddlers can "Bok bok at" chickens, and when their communication skill is maxed they have other options, which include "Talk like chicky to chicky chick." The chickens seem to like this.
    Now that's a cute one since it seems like the chicken is excitedly talking back. (Plus chicken butt lol.)
    I don't really have interest for Cottage Living myself but I wouldn't mind grabbing those chickens since they seem fun.
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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    edited January 2022
    Thrior wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice Pffft, snorted at the useless firefighters. Last time I had any firefighters on site they just stood there for ages admiring the weather.
    Daephene wrote: »
    @Thrior It is hilarious to me that this is still happening to him! I guess he's just fated to be a reluctant hero.
    @Daephene Yeah tell me about it. I kinda hope it'll keep happening too because at this point I think it's part of his character :D. I just imagine someone inquiring him about his hunts like: "So done many evil deeds lately?" and him being like:

    When Aaron accidentally set the grill on fire, I instantly thought of your vampire.

    The fire and the low needs that the toddlers endured because of it, is why I didn't do a toddler play date.

    I didn't stage anything. I just wanted Lir to meet his brothers before they met Zalen. Unfortunately, I realized that I would need to level up my toddlers to get the most out of a play date in Selvadorada.

    Did you know that, instead of mosquitoes, toddlers have butterflies fly around them in the jungle?
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 1,941 Member
    So it turn's out that Mallory wasn't meant for Carlin but found a new love interest in Rodney Munch. They shared their first kiss today:

    Moment's later a first kiss ended up in to this:

    Carlin seems to found love with someone else: (I forget her name for the moment)

    The new couples have a barbequed meal to celebrate:

    I think I might need to replace Carlin and Rodney's bed's with doubles or move Rodney in to Mallory's room!

    Once all the WooHooing was done, it was back to the books!

  • sims_premadesims_premade Posts: 789 Member
    William Goth and Bryony Landgraab went to Henford-on-Bagley for a little holiday



  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,933 Member
    I recently got my eighth anniversary badge on the forum. I would've been in my first year of university back then. I don't remember exactly why I joined, maybe it was to comment on a particular thread. I only became properly active, i.e. daily visits (even if it's just a quick look at a couple of threads) two years ago.
  • jpsulsuldagdagjpsulsuldagdag Posts: 450 Member
    edited January 2022
    My party animal mean sim named Samantha is getting ready for some house party. Samantha is a distant cousin of my main sim Spencer (the one on my profile pic), and they only met in childhood and they drifted apart after.

    The small house party is held on her terrace. Just some cocktails, some food, gossip, and music. Aside from her friends, Samantha also invited the hot brothers from next door and of course Don Lothario. Samantha is kinda "friends with benefits" with one of the brothers named Sergio.

    Sergio acts all rude that night so Samantha began to flirt with the other brother named Joaquin instead to make Sergio jealous. Sergio began to bown down his head and like cry or something.

    Samantha later apologized to Sergio for her behavior. After the party, they went into the bedroom to have some talk and do more than chill.

    Before they have the chance to woohoo, Sergio became rude again and insulted Samantha. So Samantha yelled and threw a drink at him. I didn't capture that moment, sadly.

    the poor maid had to deal with the after-party messes the next morning

  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 1,941 Member
    edited January 2022
    Carlin finished his Physics course at Foxbury and these were his final grades at the end of his third and final term: dDNBcWF.png

    Two days later Rodney and Mallory graduated:

    After the graduation ceremony Rodney had a Question for Mallory:

    Mallory said yes!

    After their graduation ceremony, Carlin, Mallory and Rodney had one last moment together before they moved out of their university housing:

    Rodney moved back to Windenburg with Mallory and Carlin moved back in to the family home until he finds a place of his own.

    Eagle eyes may have noticed my sim self and his wife have been busy decorating the family home as they have been bored out of their minds with no kids in the house. (Not really, they enjoyed having peace and quiet and no kids around for three whole weeks!)

  • PlumbobiPlumbobi Posts: 95 Member
    so in my let's play, the game crashed. So of course I restarted and it took me back to the beginning...got a little farther, and it crashed again. So now I'm living where it's like my sim has had alternate realities because I can't remember what actually happened in the let's play I'm recording or what happened in these "alternate realities" that weren't saved because the game crashed....I'm so confused LOL
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    So, I'm working on the story update, but here are a few extras.

    I caught Dylan reading after proposing... Not sure what kind of advice the book gave him, but I think I'm more shocked to see him reading period.



    Kylen had a derpy moment when it was go time. Aaron was in a panic.


    Random Townie that the game generated during their date: "Sir, I'm a huge fan!"

    Sefina's thoughts: "Don't tell me Metior created an Evil Doppelgänger of my Husband again?"

    Metior: "For once, I didn't create the Doppelgänger."

    Sefina: "But you're going to delete him, right?"

    Metior: "..."

    Sefina: "Right?"


    Zephyr's Stan: "He's making moves on my girl, isn't he?"


    Apparently, pregnant human sims can swim if they are telling their partner the "Big News!"


    I used cheats to see what Dylan's Twin sons, Barnabus and Wade will look like as Young Adults. The only details I changed was their nose, eyebrows, and hair style. I think they'll end up looking pretty good. They definitely take after Dylan more than they take after their mom.

    Barnabus and Wade both have the Sulani Mana trait, but they aren't mermen. They are human... or, more like Demi-gods. I'm planning on making this a water themed legacy. If I like any of the heirs or spares enough, I might turn them into merfolk.

    Barnabus Zalrian (The First-Generation Heir)



    Wade Zalrian (The First-Generation Spare)


  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,624 Member
    Penny, Bess and Sterling's apartment is looking more furnished bit by bit.

    And the view, good heavens

    Even from the converted closet they use as a greenhouse, it's astounding. Everyone should have a gorgeous mountain scene to, uh, massage their meat by

    Sterling didn't seem to care about the Harvestfest gnomes. Bess sure did.

    Penny is a busy style influencer these days, developing her ideas and doing plenty of vlogging

    Not too busy to play with Sterling though. I love those work from home careers.

    Sterling loves to discuss culture with favorite family friend Diego.

    Sterling aged up to child. He wears glasses, is Creative, and has the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. He got a soccer ball, a science set, and a creative table for his birthday. Also, he can now make his own fashion vlogs instead of wandering in and making toddler comments during his mom's vlogging sessions. He's developing a name for himself already.

    And he and his other mom can do bubbly experiments right next to each other.

    At Winterfest, Penny made her mom's hallacas recipe for the first time

    Sterling approved

    They took a plate of hallacas over to Knox and Natalie's house, and met their toddler London.

    Knox and Bess are good friends. He coaches her through preparing for her invention presentations

    It's nerve-wracking sometimes. Bess got offered another job, but she was positive it wasn't the job for her.
    She and National Leader Victor Feng already know each other through, you know, back channels. Private investments and that. No need to be on the staff.

    But Bess was thinking of starting a side hustle. She really likes juice fizzing, but when she tries to sell it at the flea market, no one buys. She also likes fixing up appliances. What if she had her own shop? To sell juice and upgraded appliances?
    She found the perfect building in Magnolia Promenade, which in my universe is a neighborhood of San Myshuno.
    Welcome to the Spark-n-Fizz.

    Bess hangs out there while she's "working from home" (actually there is some overlap, what with all the appliance upgrading)

    The customers are buying! Though they haven't bought anything out of the fridge yet. I wonder if it's working.

    Penny really wanted to win a gaming contest at GeekCon so she prepared to crush it...

    And she did crush it!


    Even better: She spotted Brytani Cho trying to be incognito in a superhero costume.

    Brytani was willing to pose for a photo op.

    Bess took Sterling to the Festival of Snow. Sterling saw Orange Bailey-Moon there. Orange is famous, for something. (What is it? I have no idea. I wish there was a way to tell what someone's famous for in the game. It's so strange that our sims freak out over the celebrities but then still have to ask what their career is...)
    Sterling tried to introduce himself. No luck. Awkward...

    But eventually he did make a friend. This kid needs more kid friends I think.

    Bess made a friend too.
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    My update is gonna be pic heavy!

    I finally got to put a sim in the Actor career without any lagging! Adeline Cole graduated from the University of Britechester with a Drama degree and joined the Actor career. After two commercials, she landed a movie roll and was nominated for a Starlight Accolade award!(ceremony pics in next update as it hasn't happened yet)
    Birthdays have happened as Ben Cole, his sister Ashlynn, and their cousin Michael became young adults and a teenager. The two boys were born the same day.
    Adeline's first gig!
    Coming soon........ Mr. and Mrs. York!
    Birthdays and Adeline's second gig!

    *Note: I haven't edited the two boys yet. Tomorrow. :)
    Adeline's second gig!
    Origin ID
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 1,941 Member
    It's the last day of Summer 1984 so Dan and Sienna took the kids to a beach in Sulani:

    Building sand sculptures

  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    edited January 2022
    The first babies of third generation have become toddlers! Their names are Andrew- in honor of their great-grandfather- and Aiden. Aiden was born first though. Except their trait, hair, and wardrobe coloring, the brothers are identical!
    Aiden is in blue and white overalls, Andrew is in black and white overalls.

    Their parents are Finley and Myra Cole.
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    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,933 Member
    One of my Sims just got into university and has now enrolled at the University of Britechester to do a Distinguished degree in Language and Literature. I then realised that I hadn’t got her twin sister to even apply! :# The sister plans on doing Biology at Foxbury.

    @HillyBeth the toddlers are so cute!
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,933 Member
    Well, I lost all that freaking progress because I was getting endless Last Exceptions. They wouldn't stop appearing so I had to switch off my computer. Massive pain in the butt! :'(
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    One of my Sims just got into university and has now enrolled at the University of Britechester to do a Distinguished degree in Language and Literature. I then realised that I hadn’t got her twin sister to even apply! :# The sister plans on doing Biology at Foxbury.

    HillyBeth the toddlers are so cute!

    Right?! Love those boys so much!
    I had Adeline quit acting and she went back to college for a teaching degree. She's now a professor, like her mother had been before retiring, and her husband is a doctor. Funny enough, Addy's cousin Finley married a Medical Intern. I switched to them and I missed playing with the little ones! They also adopted one of Fin's aunt Kathy and uncle Ryan's dogs and moved to Windenberg.
    Origin ID
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
  • imranaliimranali Posts: 5 New Member
    My sims right now are on vacation at Granite Falls. Eddie is a doctor so he needs a day off LOL. Once they get home they will try for a baby. They'd like to have children. I never really played family play in Sims 4 so should be interesting :)
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    edited January 2022
    The Legacy of the Sea


    Dylan: "You mean the world to me. You know that right?"

    Cecelia: "You always remind me. How could I not know?"

    Dylan: "I was just checking. I look forward to our future together."

    Cecelia: "Will we have a future? You'll watch me grow old and grey while you stay young forever."

    Dylan: "I still won't leave you. I'm here for you. I'll always be there for you."


    After a few days, the couple had a traditional merfolk wedding. Even though Cecelia was human, both her and Dylan stayed true to their merfolk heritage. They exchanged rings and kissed.



    When the merfolk went to the dance floor, Dylan thanked his mom for showing up and being there to support him. He knew she didn't approve of Cecelia, but he was relieved that she didn't protest to their marriage during the wedding.


    As the sun rose, the Zalrians and Kailani's went inside for drinks and to catch up. Sefina joined the wedding with Zephyr, but she had to admit that she never imagined that there would be so many merfolk in the world. It was a little overwhelming.


    After being caught up in the mood, Zephyr took Sefina to a place closer to the sky, by a waterfall that cascaded down a cliff.

    He kneeled in front of her. "Will you marry me?"


    Sefina: "Yes..."



    Sefina jumped into Zephyr's arms. "Yes!"

    Zeph: "We can have our wedding tomorrow. It doesn't have to be traditional."

    Sefina: "It doesn't have to be traditionally human either."


    Zephyr and Sefina had a typical human wedding as a compromise.


    After the weddings, Dylan, Cecelia, Zephyr, and Sefina went home to Sulani.

    Dylan sang his Charmer's Lullaby to Cecelia and gave her his Mermaid's Kiss. The ritual was a simple merfolk tradition between partners, but it was one that sealed the bond between two merpeople. Cecelia tried to sing her Charmer's Lullaby, but her voice failed her. Her human existence started to weigh heavier on her.



    As Dylan pulled away from the kiss, Cecelia had a confession. "This is really hard for me to say, but I'm struggling. We both know this won't work. It can't work."


    Dylan: "I don't care if your human or mortal. My love for you is deeper than the sea."

    Cecelia: "But, it might not be deep enough. We both know that you can't leave the sea behind. You're one of the Sapphire Princes and the Spirit of the Sea. And..."

    Dylan: "They're just titles to me. I know I can't change what I am, and you can't change what you are. But, maybe, we can create something that can be our bridge between the Land and Sea. Would you...?"

    Cecelia: "I think I know where you're going, and the answer is yes. But, I'll be leaving Sulani afterward, so their future can be in a place closer to humans."


    Dylan and Cecelia had a moment in the waterfall. The mist swirled around them, and even though Dylan knew that they were going separate ways, they were going to create a legacy to immortalize the fleeting time they had together.


    On the shore, Zeph had a bittersweet goodbye with Sefina. "You'll always be my one and only love, but Cecelia needs someone that knows the human world, and I have to stay here. I have responsibilities as a Prince and the Spirit of the Sky. If there was another way..."

    Sefina: "We both know that this would end one way or another, and I'm not about to leave my best friend to fend for herself in the human world."

    Zeph: "Look after her. I'll always be looking after you two. This doesn't have to be goodbye. Me and my brother, we can leave Sulani to visit you. We can't be away for long, but we will still be there for both of you, always."


    Zeph: "And, do you mind... for one more night."

    Sefina: "You don't have to ask. I was thinking the same thing."


    As the moon set on the horizon, the couple had their moment in the waterfall after Dylan and Cecelia went home.


    Zeph leaned in for a kiss, and Sefina pulled him into the waterfall by the waste.


    Sefina and Cecelia left Sulani the next morning and moved to the World of Newcrest. The world was home to a variety of Fae, Spellcasters, and Aliens. They would blend in better there. It was hard for the girls to leave, but Cecelia made up her mind. She would raise the Legacy of the Sea away from Sulani. She would ensure that no Darkfins would know of the children she was about to bring into the world.

    While Cecelia was walking around the neighborhood, she was approached by Zephyr. He did little to hide his mermadic heritage. As the Spirit of the Sky, Zephyr was immune to the elements, so it didn't matter how hot or cold the weather was. It didn't matter if there was rain or sunshine. The function of human clothing to protect from the elements simply didn't matter.

    Cecelia: "You know you'll have to hide that you're a merman when the twins are born."

    Zeph: "I just thought I drop by to check on how you are doing. Dylan will be over later. He's tending to the sea at the moment."

    There was a moment of silence before Zeph spoke up.

    Zeph: "Did you know I'm a criminal mastermind?"


    Cecelia hid her face in the palm of her hand and shook her head. She knew better than to believe Zephyr. Even more importantly, she couldn't believe that such a mischievous liar could be responsible for watching over everyone. Zeph was easy to forgive, and his reputation was pristine. He was mischievous, but not evil.


    After changing into his human disguise, Zephyr and Sefina went on a date to Mt. Komorebi.

    Zephyr: "So, how have things been?"

    Sefina: "They've been fine. It hasn't been easy. We're founding a new legacy, so we have our hands full. Cecelia is expecting twins."

    Zephyr: "I bet they'll look a lot like me and my brother."


    Zephyr: "By the way, thank you for helping to look after Cecelia. I know you're busy running your own business, and I'm grateful for the time and energy you are giving up."

    Sefina: "I've been thinking about looking for another job, but the house hasn't been producing enough power to run the internet. I don't think the business career is for me."

    Zephyr: "My family has a lot of contacts. My dad has been around a long time, so I'm sure he knows someone that can offer you a new job."

    Sefina: "I appreciate the offer, but I want to forge my own path. I don't need the guidance of the stars or extra wind in my sails."

    Zephyr: "I admire your determination. Just remember that I'm always here to help."


    As the couple prepared to part ways, Sefina had a joke she wanted to share.

    Sefina: "What did the barnacle say to the boat?"

    Zephyr: "I don't know."

    Sefina: "I'm stuck on you."

    Zephyr chuckled and the two parted ways.


    After the twins were born, Dylan didn't waste time coming over to check on his family. Dylan arrived when the rain began to poor. The environment was ideal for the Spirit of the Sea, but not quite ideal for humans. Regardless, Cecelia greeted Dylan with a kiss in the rain. Even though Cecelia decided to raise her sons away from the sea and merfolk, she still loved Dylan.

    Dylan arrived in very similar attire to his brother. Immune to the elements and the weather, Dylan didn't need to wear outfits for protection from the weather. It didn't matter how hot or cold, wet or dry. As a merman, Dylan was much more comfortable in the water. The same could be said for his twin brother.


    Cecelia and Dylan left for Sulani when they went on their date. Sefina stayed home to look after the twins. Cecelia flirted with the young merman.


    To prevent Cecelia from drowning, Dylan gave her the life-giving Mermaid's Kiss. Cecelia wished with all her heart to be a mermaid again.

    Cecelia thought: "If only I wasn't cursed to a mortal life. If only our children could enjoy the eternal youth all merfolk enjoy."


    Cecelia started to wonder if she was wrong to leave Dylan. She wondered if she should have included him in their lives. Still, they both knew that the Darkfins were still out there. And they both knew, that as long as Dylan was a target, the Darkfins would go after their sons to get to Dylan. And unlike Dylan, they didn't have mermadic powers to protect themselves.

    But when she looked into Dylan's sad eyes, she wished things could have been different.

  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,077 Member
    edited February 2022
    Sorry about the late post. Life has been a bit crazy, and I didn't have the energy to finish the update sooner. I ended up with a lot more romance than I planned for. You could say, my sims were in the mood.
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  • PlumbobiPlumbobi Posts: 95 Member
    I built kitchens...lots of kitchens...not gonna lie, wasn't my favorite thing to do in game LOL!!! :) But it'll make a fun video so :)
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,188 Member
    Look, the tree in the marketplace!

    A lot of smooches from Micaela!
    Shine and Princess Roddy headed over to Carla's Cantina. Shine chatted to Carla. Princess Roddy was on the balcony, admiring the view. 'Hello Princess Roddy!' said a voice. The princess turned around, recognising the voice. 'Hello Micaela!' he said, cheerfully. Micaela smiled. She batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at Princess Roddy, which made him giggle:
    Then she gave the princess several very great, big, loving smooches on his face:
    Princess Roddy went bright red and giggled. Micaela Díaz had covered his face in several very great, big, shiny, bright pink lipstick smooches:
    He used a makeup removal wipe to remove the lipstick smooches from his face:
    Micaela smiled and blew a very great, big, loving kiss towards the princess, which landed on his cheek:
    And then she gave him a great, big, loving hug:
    The pair then chatted to each other:
    Afterwards, Princess Roddy and Shine said goodbye and went back to Hillview Hideaway.
    Ramen, Phone Calls and more!
    Princess Roddy gave Jessica Lacey, his sweetheart, a call:
    Afterwards, he ate ramen whilst listening to S-Pop:
    And Shine typed up another children's book:
    Afterwards, the pair relaxed on the bed:
    Later on, Shine and Princess Roddy were feeling homesick, so they packed their bags and said goodbye to Carla Robles and the Puerto Llamante Marketplace team. Then a rickshaw took them to the airport. Shine and Princess Roddy showed their passports and they were escorted to the royal jet. George Cahill gave them the smoothest ride back. The pair then arrived back at Brindleton Bay, and headed back to Dianthus Hall.
    Welcome back!
    Princess Roddy and Shine arrived back home. Benjamin warmly greeted his big and beautiful wife with a kiss and hugged his firstborn son. Then later, Princess Roddy received the usual 'Welcome Home' smoochfest:
    Princess Roddy smiled. Sophia ran in and affectionately glomped her big brother:
    Hamish came in. Princess Roddy gave him a great, big, loving hug:
    And a loving smooch on his nose:
    Then the princess told his siblings all about his adventures in the jungle.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!

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