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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents
    January 24: Taking Notes!
    At the high school, there is a small storefront that sells school supplies. D.J.'s income was small, but doable to buy a notebook. D.J. counted a little over 2,900 simoleons. He wanted to write down everything he's experienced since he arrived in Mt. Komorebi 24 days ago. Since he didn't own a laptop or computer, the old fashion way of writing worked.


    After school and before heading to the Lounge to begin his writing, he noticed a little spikey tree by his tent he never noticed before. Probably because it could have been buries in the snow, but now visible that the snow has melted and he's got a green yard again.

    Upon further inspection, it was a potato plant. It looked to have fresh potatoes ready to be harvested. This could be a good food supply. This could help save a little bit of simoleons. Of course, he didn't want to live off of potatoes, but it'll be a savings. So, D.J. harvested what he could. He collected ten potatoes from the little tree.


    Arriving at the Lounge, D.J. found an empty table outside where it was quieter. He pulled out his notebook and started writing down what he could remember when he first arrived. D.J. gave himself a chuckle or two on remembering days past of him sledding and falling off the sled.

    One of the elderly patrons he's met before walked by seeing D.J. writing. The elder man knew that wasn't his homework and inquired what he was writing. D.J. replied he is jotting down all the memories he's had since he arrived in Mt. Komorebi. The elderly man thought that was a great idea.

    D.J. only stopped to grab a bite from the Lounge before writing more. He eventually had to stop when he noticed he had to get ready for work.

    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
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    January - Day 25: "It's the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey!"


    No reason for this screenshot really, y'all don't need to see Cale getting out of bed in the morning. But, I wanted to show off what he did with his gold plaque for climbing the mountain. And, I just liked the lighting too.

    Cale will be hanging out on the mountain and at the Onsen a lot now. He needs to rock climb in icy conditions or during a a thundersnow storm, or go down the expert slope at high intensity in the same kind of weather to complete the aspiration. Cale arrived at the Onsen and ran over to check conditions on the mountain. Unfortunately, though it was snowing and freezing, it was sunny. Dangit!

    It wasn't a totally wasted day though as you'll soon see. First of all, I spotted Selena (@lilypadmeulin) soaking in the hot springs. Cale had a shower and got in to sit next to her. However, she immediately got out when Cale got in. No matter what I did to try to stop her from leaving, it wouldn't work. Maybe she'd heard about his reputation and didn't want anything to do with him? Hopefully one day he can change her mind.

    No worries though, there are plenty of lovelies in the world for Cale to pursue. This game generated townie named Hana was also in the Onsen and very receptive to Cale's advances. She happily went home with him for a bit of a romp. Cale went back to the Onsen after she left. He did some skiing to increase the skill, and unfortunately hurt himself. Soooo, you guessed it, back to the Onsen for a soak.

    I was happy to see DJ (@LegacySims2017) was there having a soak himself.
    "Hey, I'm Cale. How's it goin'?"

    "Hi, I"m DJ. Wait...did you say your name is Cale?"
    "Uh yeah, Cale Conrad."
    "Cool, I've heard of you. You've got quite a reputation Dude."
    "Ehehehe Yeah, that's what she said."
    Oh Cale, that was so lame!
    (Hey, what he said was just begging for that reply.)

    "Could you give me some advice? I'd love to know how you do it."
    "Seriously? I'm no expert. I don't know why the girls flock to me."
    "Oh come on, you must have some ideas why, please?"
    (What am I now Watcher, some kind of love guru? Not sure I like what's happening.)
    Eh, are you sure? It's quite flattering if you ask me.
    (Maybe...what do I say though?)
    I don't know, you'll think of something.

    "Okay, well let me think about this for a second."
    "Cool, I can wait."

    "Well I guess it doesn't hurt I got these big guns. Some girls seem to like guys that are fit and buffed up."
    "Great, I'm already fit, I don't think that's it."

    "Hold on, hold on, there's more."
    "Oh good."

    "You've gotta know what you're doing in the sack too. I'm really, really good at that."

    "At least that's what one girl told me anyway. That was just one though. I don't know how to judge something like that and I don't want to. But I guess it couldn't hurt, right?"

    "Treat them right, you know, think of their needs if you get my drift. Don't be selfish. Lots of flattery, respect and sweet talk and they'll be falling at your feet! I guess that's it. I don't know."
    "Sounds good to me!"

    "Thanks Dude. Glad I met you."
    "You're welcome. Nice to meet you too DJ. I have to go though, looks like it's getting bad outside. See you around!"
    "See ya later."

    Cale got out and went to the changing room. The weather had taken a turn for the worse. Hopefully it would be the right conditions now.

    On his way out he ran into Aaron (@afai1261). Almost literally ran into him.
    "What are you lookin' at?"
    "Well, I guess you, at the moment, right? No need to be hostile Dude."

    Cale watched Aaron walk by him and flop down into a chair with a heavy sigh. The angry expression on his face had instantly deflated to sadness.
    "Are you okay Dude?"
    "No...yeah, I guess. Whatever. Doesn't matter. I'm sorry, I just get a bit freaked out when someone gets too close to me and immediately get angry. I can't seem to control it. I get angry a lot over dumb things."

    "You too? Hey, so do I! I'm trying to work on it, getting a little better I guess. In the past, I would've kicked your butt for looking at me like that. It's tough though, believe me I totally understand."

    "How do you do it though? Just turn it off, stop yourself like that? Sometimes I wake up angry and every little thing ticks me off. Turns people off when you yell at them for just being themselves. I don't have many friends, mostly a loner because of it. It's a miracle I'm even here. Usually just stay home and try to tell myself I'm not lonely. As for finding someone to love me? Pfft, forget it."

    "Like I said, I'm still working on it. I wake up angry sometimes too, okay, I wake up angry a lot still. Someone told me to count to 10 when I feel like that. Then if that doesn't work, take some deep breaths. I guess that gives me time to think about why I'm angry or something. I don't know. It usually works. All I know is, little things, like the way you looked at me, they don't bother me anymore. I smile more and as for love? No problems there Dude. I don't mean to brag, but...I have more than I can handle."
    "Hmm, maybe I'll try that."
    "Doesn't always work, but it's worth a try."

    "Don't think it'll help me get any though, not the way I look. I don't look like you."
    "Oh come on, I don't look any better than you. You're a good looking guy. I bet you could get anybody you wanted."

    "Does that include you?"
    "Well, no, but..."

    "Yeah, I thought so."
    "You didn't let me finish Dude. I said no because I'm not into Dudes. But if I were? The answer would be a definite yes. Don't sell yourself short uh...what was your name? I don't think you said."
    "It's Aaron."
    "Okay, Aaron. I'd like it if we could be friends though. If you'd like to be?"
    "I would."

    Cale and Aaron continued chatting, getting to know each other and ended up being good friends.

    They took a selfie together to mark the occasion of when they first met. Hopefully they would be friends for a long, long time.

    "Is it okay if I hug you?"
    "Oh yeah, I'll take all the hugs I can get. I didn't get many growing up, except from my Mom."

    "I'm so glad I met you."
    "Me too. I have to go though, the Watcher wants me to take at least one more run down the mountain before I go home."
    "The Watcher, yeah, mine likes to boss me around too. But they are good to me so I don't mind. See you around Cale. Maybe we can go snowboarding together or something."
    "Snowboarding! Never tried it yet. I'd love too! See you soon Aaron."

    As the sun went down, Cale did a continuous run on the expert slope at high intensity just for the heck of it again.

    It was still bitter cold and snowing, but it wasn't a windy blizzard anymore. It had improved again while he was making friends with Aaron.

    He didn't mind though, he'd made two new friends, no, actually three if you counted Hana. Which he did. It had been a very, very good day.

    *Note - I don't know why DJ didn't have his body hair or why Aaron wasn't wearing his contacts for the proper eye color. Somehow both those things weren't on your Sims. They have them now though.

    Comments/replies coming up next. Hope y'all had a great day/night! <3
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    Ah, clever with the helicopter picking them up. Aww, nice hugs for everyone. I'm sure they'll be lifelong friends now. Good idea getting a journal to log all his experiences. Very nice that DJ and Selena had a great chat for over an hour. Maybe their son is just shy or something. hehe :)

    Holy Simoly! 10 potatoes! Nice haul DJ! Glad he's enjoying reliving his memories of Mt. Komorebi.
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    edited January 2022
    Oof, Month is almost over and I have played like 4 ingame days? Oh well, we'll see I guess :grimace:
    She's getting on quite well and has started building which I hope I'll show tomorrow...
    Today's quote is one I personally really like. Change is hard and you have to be ready to accept it, which really takes time...
    January, Day 25 - “Minds are like flowers; they open only when the time is right...”
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    Ok so I was going to post an update but my cat decide to bug me for hours to find his darn ball after I got from work. -_-. I will post twice tomorrow. She didn’t do much besides snowboard a lot lol
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    Jan 22 - Uplifting Plans

    After last night's dinner at Kaori's house, I was not feeling hopeful about the possibility of Kaori accompanying me on the mountain excursion. Kiyoshi, Kado and I were heading to the rock climbing gym tonight, and I would ask Kado then if he would be willing to lead the excursion. But, I remembered Kado telling me, when I first started training with him, that Kado had other responsibilities now and could not make the trek.


    When I came home from school, and after thinking about the situation all day, I was rather angry. And it didn't help that I got the bills today! What the heck? How are they so much?

    Aaron @afai1261 popped by for a visit, but we couldn't talk long as I had Drama Club, but complaining to Aaron about "my bills", and his whining to me about "uncool adults", helped us feel better. Especially after we took a selfie together and complimented each other on how buff we both looked. It certainly helped to commiserate with another teen who really understood me.



    I then headed off to Drama Club. We had an exercise to perform in Drama Cub, and I chose to sing a solo love song. I must have been thinking about Kaori as I sang it, because the teacher said she was so moved by my singing. And I got a promotion!




    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After Drama Club, I headed to the rock climbing gym and spoke to Kado.


    And, just as expected, Kado told me he couldn't lead the excursion. I could understand, though. He has a family now and that is his priority. But, so much for my plans of going on an excursion with Kaori, or even an excursion by myself.


    Kado knew how much I wanted to go on this excursion, and he told me about a guided mountain excursion scheduled for the following month. A small group with an experienced climber. And he gave me the website. What a great idea! If Kado couldn't lead the excursion, maybe I should just wait and go with Kaori at that time.


    I quickly looked up the website...oh wow...look at those views...and gee...they eat really well on the climb...and they look like they are having a blast. This is perfect! And then I saw the cost...$45,000 simoleons! What? Bottled trail cook...oh my gosh! Even if I sold all of the Judith Ward autographs, I still wouldn't have enough simoleons to pay for this. And this was just for one sim! There was no way I could take part in this. No, there had to be another way.


    As I sat at the counter mulling over options, Kiyoshi came over and we chatted.


    Kiyoshi: "Hey...why so glum?"


    Dylan pulled a face, "I wanted to go on that mountain excursion, but Kado said I needed to go with someone else. I asked Kaori, but her Grandfather won't let her go because he says I am inexperienced because I have not done the climb before. And Kado can't lead the excursion for Kaori and I because he has family commitments. I checked on-line about this guided mountain excursion happening next month, but the cost is way too much. I can't afford it. So, I guess I just won't be able to attempt the trek..."


    Kiyoshi: "Dude! Hello! What about me? We have been training together, remember? I can go on the mountain climb with you. Kado just told me that I am ready. He would have no problem with us going together. We have the skills. And I don't think my parents will have a problem with it, especially if Kado speaks to them."

    Dylan looked at Kiyoshi: "Really? You would go? Of course! That's it! We can do the mountain excursion together! You are freakin' awesome dude! That is the best idea I've heard all day!"

    Kiyoshi: "So, when do you want to plan this? I've already got all the climbing gear. We have a school holiday coming up on Friday, why don't we do it then? You know, do it over the weekend, and then we don't have to rush. You got a tent?"


    Dylan: "Yeah, bro, I got all the stuff we need. Just have to pick up some more protein bars. Okay, let's plan this! We can do it!"

    They did a bro slap of hands and Dylan had never been more excited in his life.


    They sat there chatting and planning things out, and Kado even came over to make a few other suggestions. This was it! They would be meeting at the bottom of the gondola at 6am on Friday. Woot!



    Dylan thinking, "And then, when I've done the climb with Kiyoshi, I will be an experienced climber...and Kaori's Grandfather won't be able to say no to Kaori and I going on that trek together. I can hardly wait to tell Kaori this plan. Yes! This is going to work out! After this, Kaori and I will be able to go.

    And when I am up on that mountaintop with Kaori, I can talk to her and tell her about my past...and...maybe tell her something else. Maybe tell her that I more than just like her..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    And finally, finally! Dylan maxes the rock climbing skill! Woot!

    And no wonder things are always breaking at the rock climbing gym, because everytime they go there, it's a thunderstorm.


    And...Dylan gains some handiness skill from repairing the tub.

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    Sorry guys, it’s been a busy few days with school and one of my good friends had to put his dog down yesterday so I’ve been spending time with him since that hasn’t been easy. Hopefully I’ll have time to comment tomorrow
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    HI All! Comment time. Have a great day/night!

    Jan 25- Nice Velma invited Aaron and Dylan over to help with the project :)

    @miss_eulenauge -
    Jan 25- Nice photo of Lucy with the flowers. Can't wait to see her house :)

    @Karababy52 -
    Jan 25- Fantastic daily photo shot! That could be a magazine cover! Ha ha! Funny that Selena wouldn't chat to Cale. She Nice looking townie teen for Cale to um...get to know. Funny chat with DJ in the Onsen, and he met Aaron, too, who also has anger issues. Again, gorgeous shots of Cale skiing.

    @permanentrose -
    Sorry to hear about your friend and their dog :(
    Jan. 25 - Congrats on making it to the summit with Aimi and Pepper! Woot! Love that daily shot of them holding hands with Pepper in-between. And I see that Robin discovered the cave...and also celebrated in the tent on their achievement. Woot! Poor doggo Pepper all tuckered out.

    @LegacySims2017 -
    Jan 23 = Congrats on making the summit climb in yesterday's chapter! Woot! Nice family photos to remember the climb, and of course back at the Onsen relaxing. Ahhh...that's the life.
    ]Jan 24 - Wonderful that DJ will keep a journal of all his travels, and nice way to start the writing skill. It looks like he was having fun with putting his thoughts into writing. lol
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    January 25th Comments:

    Grandfather better be careful, or his granddaughter may just run away.
    Looking forward to Dylan and Kiyoshi's excursion. And 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸....that lightning strike screenshot. Perfect timing.
    D.J. writing in his journal was fun to watch. He was all giddy, laughing, smiling...was great. I have plans with this Writing Skill. You might already jump to the right conclusion but won't spoil it if you don't want to know. Journaling is just the start of it.

    One usually avoids places to get attacked by wildlife. Here, Cale is going so he can be. :lol: Wait, he's got a wall with all the girls he's hooking up with? lol ... How did I miss this? Must have slipped by as I was reading sometime, I guess. A ghost skier. :joy: That would be fun to watch.
    Regarding the Lots on the mountain, I happened to click build at one of the markers and noticed an empty lot to build on. I think it's the second marker but can't remember off hand right now. Next time you run the excursion, I say just hit the build mode at each marker stop and see if there's a Lot to build on.
    I like your placement for the excursion plaque. It fits nicely there. I liked how Selena had just upped and left when Cale got to the hot springs. She was like, "Nope. Not gonna happen!" Was fun seeing D.J. take some advice from Cale. Still waiting for your guy to show up in my gameplay. So far it's just been Selena I believe. We can just pretend that D.J. did a bit of shaving before he went to the hot springs. :joy: That look Aaron is giving Cale. Dang. If looks could kill. Glad it all smoothed over later. I've noticed Cale seems to be in a neutral to better mood when someone approaches him. When he approaches first, he tends to have anger issues.
    I have future plans with this journal writing D.J. is doing. Hoping to officially start it next month when he's in Windenburg. Selena was a good chatter with D.J. I did laugh at first. When she entered the hot springs, I swore she was going to sit on D.J.'s lap. She got real close to him from the screenshot you saw. But the game didn't even have her sit down. She glitch moved and then walked out. As there was a blizzard outside, I played it out as if she recommended leaving the hot springs cause of the weather. I was in shock when D.J. pulled 10 potatoes. Since they are winter growing, I think I'll save a couple at least for his greenhouse next month as I am planning to run the seasons to real time seasons.

    Was fun seeing some of the Challenge Sims out and about. Poor Robin and Lucy. I had D.J. pass on the Motive Games. I don't regret it at all. :lol: Fun Aaron and Hunter (oh, and Yoshi) screenshots. Looking forward to seeing Aaron's excursion.

    I love those sunset images. Very beautiful. And I laughed that Robin and Aimi were running out of time, so they had to stop the snowpal building. They lost track of time making sparks happen in that cave. :lol:

    Hope you're feeling better now and can't wait to see Adam take on the mountain excursion.0

    Boo! All work and no play for Velma. At least she has good friends to help her with her work.
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
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    January 26
    *This one is another long one but I didn't want to split it into two. Also I know how bad the story part relating to the actual climb is but I don't care lol
    There was a knock at Aaron's door. He rolled out of bed and, thinking it was Hunter, went to answer it without putting a shirt on. So when he opened the door to a man that was clearly not Hunter... "Can I help you...?" he began, feeling somewhat self conscious (read: absolutely freaking mortified) to be shirtless, scars in full view, in front of a stranger.
    With a puff of smoke, Hunter appeared out of nowhere (Aaron was happy to see him again, of course, but how did he know?) and turned towards the man, a surprised smile playing on his lips.
    "Hey Dad," Hunter greeted him, giving him a hug, and Aaron gaped. This was Hunter's father?! "I live down the road..."
    "Caleb told me he'd seen you here," Hunter's father replied, and Hunter frowned. Aaron did too. Caleb??? Who...?
    "Dang it," Hunter muttered. "Well, dad, congrats, you made it to my boyfriend's house." He indicated Aaron with a wave of his hand. "You might want to put a shirt on, Aaron," Hunter whispered to him.
    "Come inside, then," Aaron said. He pulled a t-shirt over his head. He was certain Hunter hadn't arranged this visit. Surely he would have said something... Oh Watcher this was awkward.
    Hunter's father grinned. "I knew there was something more to you moving to Mount Komorebi than just snowboarding," he said to Hunter (who dramatically sighed in that way that only teenagers can), and extended a hand towards Aaron. "I'm Lonnie Mulligan, and as Hunter has so helpfully said, I'm his father." Aaron took his offered hand and shook it, smiling outwardly but inwardly a bit confused. Hunter hadn't talked about him to his parents at all? What did that mean? But Lonnie didn't seem too bothered to be meeting his son's boyfriend for the first time (or even to be finding out that his son had a boyfriend in the first place). Even if said boyfriend was in his underwear...
    "Come on Dad, I told you about him..."
    This was not how Aaron envisioned meeting Hunter's parents (or one of them at least) at all. He inwardly grimaced when Lonnie said "You didn't tell us that you'd become official."
    "Okay, well here it is, this is my boyfriend Aaron and I like him a lot. Do not ruin this."
    Lonnie held up his hands. "Alright, I won't. It's good to finally meet you, Aaron."
    "Good to meet you too," Aaron managed to squeak out. "Did Hunter's mother not want to come?"
    Lonnie sighed. "She's busy entertaining at the Stargazer Lounge-"
    "And she didn't even care enough to come see her son and find out how he's settling in," Hunter muttered and turned away for a moment. Aaron wasn't sure what to do or say.
    "You know how important it is to her-"
    "But I am her son!"
    Lonnie winced. "I'm sorry, Hunter."
    Hunter went to go sit on Aaron's bed, looking slightly dejected and Aaron felt more awkward than ever.

    Aaron met Hunter outside the onsen on Friday morning, ready to begin their mountain excursion.
    "I'm sorry about last night," Hunter began. "I mean, this morning. I think." He rubbed his forehead. "My mother... she's not the best."
    "Neither is mine," Aaron said automatically. He pulled Hunter into a hug and kissed him briefly.
    "I wasn't expecting to see Dad," Hunter noted. "At least one of my parents cares..." He trailed off.
    "Hey," Aaron murmured. "It's okay. I don't want to sweep this under the rug and forget about it, but we have a mountain to conquer." He gave Hunter what he hoped was an encouraging smile and was relieved when Hunter returned it. "Let's do this!"

    And so the climb to the top of Mount Komorebi began. Aaron stretched, pulled on his nice new pair of climbing gloves and shoes, noting how nice they felt compared to his old pair, and together with Hunter climbed the first wall, and the second.

    "You doing okay?" Aaron asked Hunter when they reached the trail marker.
    "I'm a vampire, Aaron, I'm fine with physical activity," Hunter said with a grin. Aaron kissed him again.
    "That's what I like to hear."
    "But, if you meant how I'm doing with regards to my mother..."
    "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to," Aaron soothed. "I'm here for you."
    Hunter smiled slightly. "You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, Aaron."


    Aaron stared up at the highest rock wall he had ever seen. This was it - the infamous Croft Icefall. Aaron paused for a moment and took a breath. "I'm just going to light this bonfire," he called to Hunter, but Hunter was nowhere to be seen...
    Oh. Of course. He was bounding up the wall, showing off. Aaron shook his head and smiled at his boyfriend's antics and lit the fire, reaching out to warm his hands and composing himself before tackling the icefall. His climbing gear was in great condition, he was in great condition, he had practiced rock climbing for so long... Yes. He was going to make it.


    Aaron slowly walked out onto the peak of Mount Komorebi, taking in the gorgeous view and the beautiful colours of the sunset that was beginning to form. Hunter followed. "Wow," both breathed, and Aaron turned to Hunter, eyes bright. They kissed yet again, and as Aaron held Hunter in a tight embrace, he heard himself whispering, "I love you." From the way Hunter tightened his grip, he knew the other boy had heard, and then there was a very soft yet still audible, "I love you too."

    Aaron set up the tent after they broke off the hug, neither wanting to let go first, and gestured towards it with a wink. Hunter raised his eyebrows and followed him in.

    It may not have been their first woohoo, but it was certainly the best they'd had yet.

    Okay so the story took a bit of a turn there, didn't it? ;)
    Aaron was asleep when I noticed a sim outside his door, and I knew it wasn't Hunter because it wasn't his clothes and hair, and when I took a look I realised that it was none other than one of my sims, and Hunter's father in fact! I was astounded. I created Lonnie about 2 years or so ago now and I would say he is one of my favourite sims but I have a lot of those :joy:

    So I sent Aaron out to meet him, because it's totally normal to meet your boyfriend's dad for the first time while wearing nothing other than a pair of shorts lol. But before they could properly do anything, Hunter swooped in out of nowhere and gave his dad a hug!
    This was all autonomous and Hunter invited himself over. It was so unexpected but I loved it!

    Here's a better look at Lonnie :) The other picture was kinda dark lol

    Anyways Lonnie stayed for a bit

    He was also uncomfortable the whole time and I have no idea why haha

    I sent both Lonnie and Hunter home so Aaron could get some more sleep. I think it was nice that Aaron got to meet Hunter's father finally :) And such a fun coincidence that Hunter decided he needed to come over too :joy:

    And finally the part we've all been waiting for...

    The excursion! I was so excited to get this finished that I think I played it way too fast (so I didn't really appreciate it as much as I should have), so Hunter and Aaron will definitely have to do it again. My first time doing the excursion too :smiley: It's just going to be a bunch of screenshots haha

    Aaron lit the bonfire, and Hunter's already so eager to get to the top :joy:

    I'd gotten Aaron some food from the vending machine for the trip but it had disappeared. Luckily he had harvested 10 potatoes ages ago and I never took them out of his inventory so I made him eat one of those :D
    Mmm... raw potato.

    Aaron started climbing the wall. Hunter was nowhere to be seen...

    ... Then I found him. Oh the ground.
    Stop firedancing!


    Omg nooooo! I was genuinely upset about this :joy:
    would it have melted and become unblocked if I had made them wait lol

    But whatever, they made it to the peak :smiley:

    And celebratory woohoo in a tent ;)

    I'm pretty sure Hunter's energy need is massively glitched because every time I go into his household, his energy is always empty. And when I'm not controlling him, he won't do dark meditation so he decided to sleep in the tent for a long time. Aaron was fully rested but needed to use the pee bush :D

    While waiting for Hunter to get up...

    Yes, of course, what else are you going to do :joy:

    He was still doing it when Hunter woke up lol. Then I felt bad for Hunter and cheated his needs up (it's fine because he's not the challenge sim ;) )


    Back home and the shiny new gold plaque goes on the wall :smiley:

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    Day 24: Great shot of Lucy in the moonlight.

    Day 21: Come on Sachiko, talk some sense into your husband!
    Gah I hate how Shigeru has stereotyped Dylan! Yikes, again.
    Feels bad, man.

    Day 22: Oof those bills are high!
    Oh hey there Aaron!
    Ah, Kiyoshi to the rescue!
    Massive congrats for Dylan maxing the rock climbing skill :smiley:

    Day 24: Beautiful scenery shot for the daily pic <3
    Aaron hasn't been having much luck being attacked by wildlife either, so every moment he's not at school I have him hiking in the hopes he will be lol
    Ooooh Joy is absolutely gorgeous!
    Oh, Cale's got a reputation now? Hehehe at 'very high reviews' :smirk:
    Omg that phantom skier is too funny :joy:
    Eww hornets *shudder*

    Day 25: Okay once again, that daily pic is perfection!
    I love that 'mountain wall' with his plague, pictures of him and Joel, and all that climbing gear!
    Oh wow Hana is pretty cute for a game generated townie!
    Hello DJ! Love that Cale is giving him some advice. "That's what she said" - Cale!
    Cale Conrad, the woohoo master ;)
    Ahhh you have no idea how excited I got when Aaron showed up!
    Aww Cale's giving him advice too! I'm so glad that they're friends and that Cale can help Aaron sort out his own anger issues.
    Omg funny that Aaron says that ("Does that include you?") because in my game he does find Cale very attractive!
    Aaron asking if it was okay to hug him and Cale saying yes was so sweet :bawling:
    And they're going to go snowboarding together??? Omg yes!
    It's kinda weird to see Aaron without all his muscles though lol

    Day 25: Love that pic of Aimi and Robin holding hands with Pepper in between them.
    That scenery shot with the sky being all pretty and everything is just... *chef's kiss* :love:
    Ahh great way to celebrate getting to the peak ;)

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend's dog :(

    Day 25: Look at Adam's awesome class turnout!
    I hope you feel better now, and I can't wait to see Adam's excursion :)

    Day 23: Ah I love that DJ is going to start a journal!
    Hey Selena!

    Day 24: Aaron got some potatoes from that plant too haha.

    Day 25: Poor Velma! But I'm glad she has Aaron and Dylan to help with her project :)
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,525 Member
    edited January 2022
    January 26

    A few more mountain excursion pics - when they woke up in the morning, Aimi and Robin watched the sun rise <3

    Robin also snapped a few pics of Pepper.

    There's no time to lose - let's try finishing up this aspiration! Since I actually want Robin to get a wildlife attack, I doubt it will actually happen haha.

    Yep, I was right. Not wildlife to be seen - just a nasty fall for Robin :(

    Well, let's try our luck with skiing.

    Robin easily did several high intensity run on the expert slope, making the wildlife encounters the only thing left for Robin to do.

    Meanwhile, at the gym, Aaron showed up YET AGAIN in poor spirits (it's probably since he still dislikes fitness in my game) @afai1261

    Dylan has taken it upon himself to encourage Aaron in his endeavors apparently. Good luck with that :D@SoulGal7

    She jogged the hiking trail in the other neighborhood, alone this time - perhaps Pepper had deterred the creepy crawlies last time. But no luck. She'll try again tomorrow.

    Back at home, Nanami invited herself in and took a glass of water, because apparently she doesn't have her own water in that big fancy house of hers...

    Yep, that's all she came for apparently :D
  • Carebear92Carebear92 Posts: 108 Member
    Jan 25
    Today was literally just snowboarding and working on her aspiration. Uqrkp53.png Kiyoshi and Savannah hanged out a few times, they really enjoy each others company. Savannah got her snowboarding skill up to level 4 so she can do the intermediate slope with high intensity, she did very well and felt accomplished. Savannah plans on saving money for the hike up Mt. Komorebi, hoping to do that real soon! Dtf0GQi.png Savannah also expanded on her house today, she was able to get most of her necessities. She's just missing the living room at this point, that will be coming soon! 6ohUPUH.png Kiyoshi is so adorable, he came over and gave Savannah a gift which is really cute. Kiyoshi pretty much comes over close to everyday or if he doesn't, he will invite Savannah over.8vh8uXp.png

    Table of Contents
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,123 Member
    January 26th: To the top of Mt. Komorebi

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Reach the top of Mt Komorebi

    Today was the day! Kaori, Kiyoshi, and I were going to put all our training to the test against the might of the mountain. I really hoped we were ready. At 7am we met at the onsen only to discover ourselves in the midst of a thunder snowstorm! A wise sim would have probably called off the whole thing. Good thing we're teens, onward we go! We took the gondolas up the mountain and gathered at the foot of our first ascent.
    I started to climb, swinging myself up and more or less trying to show off for Kaori.
    Once we reached the top, I gave Kiyoshi a high-five and Koari a kiss on her hand.
    At our next stop a tent was waiting for the use of hikers, so I took a quick nap as my teammates went ahead to check out the wall. When I woke up the storm was subsiding but when I got to the cliff, they were both already at the top high-fiving!
    I quickly climbed up and gave them a hard time for not waiting for me. As we made our way to the last part of the climb, I discovered some blackberries and had a quick snack.
    And together this time, we made our way up the hardest climbing wall yet.
    And we made it! The storm started to pick up again, so I quickly ducked into a cave along the way.
    I shouted for the others but they were too far ahead. Inside I found a forest spirit; I could sense it appraising me and suddenly the storm outside calmed down and the clouds began to part. I turned to thank it, but it was gone.
    I ran to catch up with the others, and we were there: the peak! At the top we could see for miles and the sky seemed so close we could reach out and touch it. Kiyoshi set up a fire while I relived myself in a bush, and then we roasted some hotdogs together.
    Kaori led me away from our campsite and under the full moon, we kissed and I asked if she would once again be my girlfriend.
    I set up my tent and we sat around chatting for awhile, but the climb had made me sleepy, so I took a nice long nap.
    When I woke up, Koari said she had a surprise for me and whipped out a rose she said she found growing down the mountain a bit.
    It was a very sweet gesture and of course I had to reciprocate. It was getting late, so we bundled our stuff up and headed home, which always feels faster for some reason.

  • miss_eulenaugemiss_eulenauge Posts: 250 Member
    edited February 2022
    Another very cool quote that I heard today :) I can imagine Lucy's Grampa telling her that when she's venting to him as a small kid, showing her how to let out her emotions in a good way...
    I think she was going through a phase and I found it super fascinating how she'd just give back all her frustration to her environment in these grimaces. Aching to write story but oh well, life is... life. :(
    January, Day 26 - "If we don't accept and express our emotions, they pile up like a debt that eventually comes true..."
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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,557 Member
    Hi All! Comment time! Have a great day/night everyone!

    @Shadami -
    Jan 26 - Velma is coming along really well, and love that shot of her talking to Laika. Wow! Nice things that Velma finds under the dust! hehe Lots of sims visited her, and she is doing rather well with her house. Nice.

    @RememberJoy -
    Jan 25- Nice meditation pose for Adam. Yes, I would be interested to know which is better, the selling table or plopsy, because I have been using the selling table. Hope you feel better soon :)
    Jan. 26 - Yes! Adam, Kiyoshi and Kaori head up to the mountain together. Oh gee, and they start off in a thundersnowstorm! Great! I bet they all wanted to run inside. lol Looking good on the Croft Icefall wall. Wow! What luck to have found that forest spirit who calmed that storm for you. And what a gorgeous shot of Adam and Kaori in the moonlight. Perfect. Adam is nicely equipped for his trek, and that fire sure looks nice and warm up there on the top of the mountain. Congrats for completing the mountain excursion.

    @Carebear92 -
    Jan 25 - Nice expansion on the house, and so nice that Kiyoshi comes over all the time, and brought her a gift. Congrats on getting to level 4 in Snowboarding. Savannah is on her way.

    @permanentrose -
    Jan 26 - Love the daily shot! And the one with the sun rising with Aimi and Robin at the top of the mountain. Poor Aaron...well, Dylan is his friend, so yeah, he helps him quite a bit. So, it's just the bug one left. Woot! Almost done! You are speedy! And Nanami figures your water tastes better. lol

    @afai1261 -
    Jan 26 - Gorgeous shot of Hunter and Aaron at the top of the mountain. And so, the night before they go on the mountain excursion, Hunter's Dad feels a need to come and see the BOY! lol Nice looking sim. I am sure that poor Aaron felt uncomfortable meeting Hunter's Dad in his skivvies. hehe I think Hunter was rather enjoying this expedition. Look at him twirl those fire sticks and Hunter was certainly gung-ho about climbing the Croft Icefall. Aaron, you did it! You did a great job! I love that shot of Aaron with the snowy background kind of looking up, like he is thinking that he never in a million years thought he would ever make it. Ah, too bad about the cave, and woohoo at the top! Woot! Funny about the soccer ball...when uni comes around, Aaron will be ready for the soccer team! hehe. Congrats to Aaron and Hunter for completing the mountain excursion. I love that painting, too. :)

    @miss_eulenauge -
    Jan 26 - Teen angst, gotta love all the expression they have. lol
  • hiddengnomeshiddengnomes Posts: 20 Member
    This seem so fun! I’d love to do this challenge in ts3 <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    January - Day 26: "Action. It's the grind, it's the hustle, it's the persistence... "


    This update spans over a week in Cale's world. It took four days of diligently going to the mountain and checking the weather. He started on Sunday and finally, on Thursday, it was icy conditions. After Cale's second trip down the Expert slope at high intensity, the milestone goal was completed and subsequently the aspiration! Congratulations Cale! Inbetween checking on the mountain and his needs, the garden etc., Cale read Snowboarding skill books. He's up to Level 6 now.

    I immediately had him start working on the other aspiration and buy a Simmi! Nothing special, just a Princess Cordelia, but it counted. Of course. Check!

    A quick 1 hour swim in the Wakaba River. Check!

    The next day, Cale reached Level 10 in skiing and just for fun to celebrate, he took a few runs down the Ludicrous slope at high intensity. I forgot about all the cool tricks they can do at this level. He unlocked some new skis too. However, I thought he had to buy them in build mode so he used the blue ones. Later, I learned he had the Level 10 skis in his inventory. Oh well...

    Go Cale!

    Whoop Whoop!


    The next day was Love Day! I hadn't planned on Cale doing any of the holidays this year, but forgot to remove that one. Rather than cancel it, he invited Kenzie out on a date, his first date with anyone. Well, the date happened at his house, but it counted! He gave her a rose for a romantic gift. She loved it. @KateLynne I just have to say, I love her, she's such a beautiful Sim.

    Cale thinks so too. I gave them a nudge for the romantic interactions at first, but then they took it from there. Of all the girls Cale's romanced, he and Kenzie's bars are the fullest for each other, almost maxed.

    A lovely kiss before the date ended with a very easy to achieve Gold award! I should've waited to start the date though because the Festival of Light was also happening that evening.

    Cale tried to invite Kenzie back to hang out at the Festival together and she said she'd be right there. However, she never showed up. Dangit! I wanted them to kiss on the bridge for the special sentiment. Ah well... Cale bought a kimono and wore it for the milestone goal and I got a kick out of the fact he wore his sneakers with it. Check!

    Later that night Cale traveled to the mountain again to go sledding. He doesn't look too keen on the idea, eh?

    I guess he had reason to be concerned since he wiped out at the end on the second run. One more time and milestone goal complete. Check!

    By this time he was extremely tired, almost in the red so I sent him to the Onsen to relax in the hot springs. He looks a bit bored eh? He never actually fell asleep, but the goal was completed anyway. Check!

    Who's he looking at you might wonder?

    Dylan was also soaking in the hot springs again. Cale sees him here quite a bit, but they haven't had a chance to meet yet. Cale's always got something else he needs to do at the moment, or Dylan leaves before they can chat. This time was no exception. Just as with Selena, Dylan got up and left not long after Cale sat down and I couldn't stop him. Ah well, hopefully soon these two will connect. Cale ended up briefly chatting with some townie to fulfill the aspiration milestone goal. Check!

    Cale took a walk to the Temple the next day in hopes of having an encounter with some forest spirits. I thought it was cool how when hornets attacked him this time, all he did was stand still and they went away. One of the perks of completing the prior aspiration is he'll never suffer ill effects from wild animal encounters. Cool!

    Eventually after walking around all day to the Temple, the Bamboo forest, etc., he finally found some of the spirits! They gave him a blessing of 100 simoleans! Check!

    It took two days to find the Yamachan mascot and get a selfie with him, but it finally happened. Check!

    Oh and I also found out that when Josh and Yamachan did the hip bump I'd never seen before? It's actually part of a dance they can do with Yamachan called, 'Mountain Move.' Very cool! One more milestone goal, 'get into an emotionally meditative mood' and this aspiration is complete too. I knew this one would be easy to do. Not sure what aspiration Cale will do the rest of the month, or how he'll end up moving away from Mt. Komorebi yet. I have some ideas, but not sure if I can pull them off. We'll see...

    Comments/replies coming up next. Hope y'all had a wonderful day! <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    Oh man, those are some really big bills! o.O Cale's were less than 1K this last Monday. Awww, I'm so glad Aaron stopped by and helped with Dylan's mood. Makes me smile to see so many of our challenge Sims becoming friends with each other...or more than friends in Cale's case. hehe Congrats on his Drama Club promotion after singing the love song. I bet he was thinking of Kaori as he sang. :) Bummer Kado couldn't lead the excursion, but nice that he had an idea for who could for Dylan to pursue. *gasp* 45K? Uh, yeah, no way Jose as Molly would say. Wow! Very nice of Kyoshi to offer to go on the excursion with Dylan. How ironic eh? Last year he went with Sakura and this year he's going with Dylan! Well, cool! Congrats to Dylan (and you) on reaching Level 10 in Rock Climbing! Woot Woot! :)

    Thank you about my daily post pic! I can't stop taking sunset/sunrise shots here. It's just so pretty! Add my hot dog Cale to the mix and I'm in screenshot Heaven. :) Yep, pretty sure Selena knows about Cale. But I'm confident in my Dude's abilities when pursuing the ladies. She'll succumb to his charms one day, mark my words! ;) I'm so glad he met DJ and Aaron at the Onsen. Dude needs male friends his own age. :)

    Aww man, so sorry to hear about your friend's dog. That's so sad. :( Nice of you to hang out with him to help cheer him up. No worries about the challenge or comments or anything else. Just be there for your friend.

    Fabulous daily post pic! Robin looks so serious! Wow! What a gorgeous shot of the sunrise between them on the mountain! Love it! Pepper is so cute! hehe So, so many fantastic screenshots of Robin skiing in this update! Awww man, poor Aaron! I should take that dislikes fitness off of him too in my game. So sweet of Dylan trying to mentor him though. It's tough getting wildlife to attack when you want them too.

    A few tips. Try by that covered gazebo thing with the benches near the Temple and on the right side of the Temple. I always see them there. And by that map sign by the steps going to the Traveler's Shrine in the other neighborhood. Cale got attacked twice there. Oh and another tip. Watch the ground in the Bamboo forest. Sometimes you can see where the bugs drop before they even get there. It's like the game is telling you, 'hey, come over here, this is where the bugs are!' ;) Bridges seem to attract the bugs too. Oh geez! Nanami too? Why does the game allow that? I don't get it. I've been keeping Cale's doors locked now after Joy broke in.

    Uh, yeah. hehe Cale takes a photo of every lady he romances and takes one with her. He's going to have quite a collection by the end of the challenge eh? hehe It was SO weird seeing that ghost skier on the mountain. I watched it ski all the way down, do the jumps and everything. It was bizarre! The skis disappeared after that. o.O Very cool! I had no idea there was more than one lot, I thought there was just the one on the top! Interesting how there is still so much to learn even after playing for so long. Very cool find!

    Selena cracked me up. It was perfect how she just would not stop, just as if she had heard about him. hehe I had so much fun with Cale's encounter with DJ. I couldn't resist trying to make their convo a bit funny, making fun of Cale's eh, romantic reputation. hehe Ah, he shaved, okay, we'll just pretend that's what happened. hehe I know! He looked so angry! I wonder what was the real reason for it. He's a loner so I'm guessing he just didn't like Cale being there. Hot headed too, so that's his emotional reaction perhaps for having his space invaded?

    Yeah, interesting how that works eh? Cale hasn't been so angry lately for some reason. Maybe because I took autonomy away? I'll be giving it back again though now just to see if there is any difference. If he just wants to drink water and troll teh forums all the time, then off it goes again. He still wakes up angry almost every morning. But it quickly gets buried under other moodlets for a variety of reasons.

    Very cool you have plans for DJ's journal writings. Can't wait to see what they are going to be. :) Weird how that happens sometimes eh? I have some very intimate looking screenshots of Josh and Essa dancing too close to each other too because of a glitch. It worked out though, looked very loving as a result. :) I think I need to have Cale look for some potatoes. Might be too late though since it's now Spring. But if there is a plant still there, he could take a graft I suppose. Worth a look anyway. :) I commend you for following the real seasons. That would personally drive me nuts! hehe I normally don't like Winter much in the game. It's fun in SE, but that's about it.

    Absolutely gorgeous and romantic daily post pic of Aaron and Hunter on the mountain top! Love it! *gasp* Lonnie is Hunter's Dad! Holy Simoly! How did I not know this? Should've seen the resemblance. Gah! I'm sure you remember how much I loved Lonnie before. I've always said you make some of THE most handsome Sims I've ever seen in my life and Lonnie is no exception. Way cool man! So good to see him again. :) Bummer for Aaron though, standing there in his underwear. o.O Like you said, not exactly what you want to be wearing to meet your boyfriend's Dad. hehe So sweet how Hunter just suddenly popped over out of nowhere too. Aww, looks like he missed his Dad.

    Kind of glad Hunter's Mom wasn't with Lonnie. Being in your skivvies in front of Dad is bad enough, but just think how mortified he would've been if she had been there to see him like that too. o.O Feel bad for Hunter though and the situation with his Mom. Wonder if we'll get to see her too at some point. :)

    Love both their outfits for the climb. Especially Hunter. Not surprised Hunter just kept taking off to climb the walls. Joel did that with Cale too. I think it's their job as NPC climbers to do that or something. Can't control them so not much you can do about it unfortunately. Ah well. hehe A potato! Hey, it works for the have a meal portion of the climb, so why not? Weird how his other stuff just disappeared. HAHA! Hunter! What the heck are you doing? Well at least he's having fun eh? Fantastic screenshots of their excursion throughout. Croft Icefall is impressive eh? It's so scary looking! I love it! Cave iced over for them too. Well that's no fun! Dangit!

    Oh yeah, NPC vamps are always low on energy for some reason. Don't blame you for cheating it up for Hunter. You're right, he's not the challenge Sim so you can do that no problem. I cheated for Josh last year too. Not a lot, but when it was needed like with Hunter. He's a SuperSim though, so didn't need to cheat much for him. Of course Aaron passed the time with the soccer ball while Hunter was sleeping before you did cheat it up. hehe I got teared up when they both said 'I love you.' *sniff* Who's crying? I'm not crying, you're crying! *sniff* Love that plaque and very appropriate putting it under that painting Aaron did of the rock climber. Perfect spot! :)

    Thank you about my scenery shot. :) Cale finally got that completed, but it wasn't easy. I agree, Joy is gorgeous! I didn't have much to do with that though, she's a born in-game by the genetics tool Sim. However, the game automatically gave her one of the skin overlays I have, so I think that enhanced her beauty a bit. In my opinion, she's one of the most beautiful Sims I've ever had in my game. I love her! Yep, Cale's got a rep now. So far it's not really hurting him, but helping him, in a way. We'll see if that continues though. ;)

    Thanks again about my daily post pic. I try. It's fun! I love scenery/landscape screenshots in this game. Hana is very pretty! I was shocked. That's very rare in my game. Cale got lucky in more than one way. hehe Woo Hoo Master HAHAHA! Uh, at least he has some good reviews. He's just a kid though so how good could he be, I mean realistically speaking? hehe

    I was SO happy to see Aaron in the Onsen! I thought they weren't going to like each other at first though by the look Aaron gave him. hehe But it all worked out. He finds Cale attractive eh? Well that's very cool! hehe Too bad Cale's not gay, they'd make a cute couple! Oh well... But yes, they will go snowboarding together. I had Cale reading skill books so he wouldn't embarrass himself in front of Aaron. Speaking of that and his lack of muscles. I could cheat up his snowboarding skill and his physique if you like? Let me know. :)

    I hope it was okay how I 'spoke' for Aaron and what he said. I always hesitate doing that. Don't want to make other challenge Sims say stuff their creator might not think was in character. I tried to make him seem like he is in your game as best I could though. :)

    @hiddengnomes - Hi there! I'd welcome you to try this out if you'd like to adapt if for TS3, go for it! Let me know if you do. I'd be interested in seeing how it goes for you. :)
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,525 Member
    Love your Jan 23 daily pic! The colors are gorgeous! That was a nice idea to use the graves in Mt. Komorebi as a place marker for their parents' graves. And the romance continues with Kenzie - they do make a very cute pair. All his lovers are gonna backfire at some point though and that's gonna make a great update. Looks like you are struggling with the wildlife encounter bit too. I wish they saved up for that part of the aspiration since Robin's been attacked at least 3 times now.

    Sam and Samara's daughter is gorgeous! It's really good you don't have risky woohoo or teen pregnancy enabled in your game...or actually it might be good for your extra challenge. LOL :D And yay for Cale getting Love that this aspiration has us rooting for our sims to get hurt/attacked. Lovely screenshots as always too!

    That daily shot for Jan 25 is gorgeous! That sky!! Cale's plague reminded me that I have to get Robin's out of her inventory too - I'll definitely display that. Hana is super cute, especially for a townie! Fun that DJ and Cale are bonding too! The challenge sims are really starting to show up in your game now! It is funny seeing all the sims not in their creators' games though, since most of them are so buff now that they look so scrawny in the other games :D

    Yay, congrats on finishing the aspiration! I remember you did the sightseer aspiration second last year too - it's really such a breeze after the extreme sports one. I love watching sims go down the ludicrous slope! At least Cale wore sneakers with his kimono and not bare feet haha! Nice job with that aspiration! I'm trying to think of reasons for Robin to move too - I might just take the easy route and say she's following the same world schedule that her mom did haha.

    Robin and Aimi didn't finish the snowpal, the screen booted me out to the next part haha. I was curious to see if things stayed preserved on that part of the climb, or if it's just the lot at the top of the mountain. Oh well. I doubt I'll have time to squeeze another excursion in before the end of the month to test it out. Maybe another time though.

    Thanks for the tips on getting attacks too, I will try them out next time I play. I have an update for tomorrow ready to go but hopefully the next one will have Robin finishing the aspiration :)

    Oh no, not the Murphy bed!!! Jules actually died that way in the challenge last year but I just exited without saving lol. I hate those things. They're so cute and a great space saver but even if you upgrade then, they can be deadly. Poor Aaron had a rough day, poor guy.

    Haha, gotta love that Robin is being all sad in your game. Our sims are just miserable in each other's games :D If you want Aimi, I can upload her! She has a lot of CC though which is a pain. If you want to give Robin a random GF in your game though totally go for it ;) Kenzie really is being a flirt in your game haha. Gotta love that soccer ball too :D It's really giving me flashbacks to Jules being obsessed with juggling her ball last year lol. Anyway, good luck on your excursion! I think you might have posted it already, working on catching up on everything now :D

    Haha, what a funny way to meet your BFs dad indeed :D Gotta love it when sims just randomly appear at any time of day. Hunter's dad is very attractive too, but I expected nothing less :) Congrats on doing the excursion for the first time too! It's definitely fun to revisit. I wish I had done it more last year randomly throughout the year. The raw potato photo is probably my favorite :D But seriously, gorgeous shots! Bummer about the cave though :( Maybe next time though! I love it when they reach the top right at sunset, makes for especially gorgeous pics!

    Lol, was that delivery boy line a nod to Dylan's role in my game? :D But Shigeru is not happy at all for Dylan to be part of Kaori's least Sachiko is supportive though! You got really good screenshots that captured their facial expression for the dialogue you wrote. I wonder if Kaori will still go on the excursion with him...I also wonder if Shigeru will discovered Dylan's secret and that might be why he has to move next month.

    Oh nice, Dylan is gonna climb with Kiyoshi! Will you do two mountain excursions then?

    Yeah, I am kind of considering other romantic interests for Robin since I feel like it might be more fun to have her explore her options rather than just settling down right away, even though I think there's something special about couples staying together long term in this challenge since it makes the memories extra special. So I am torn. But yeah, I definitely have some teens in mind, mostly girls, but Robin might swing both ways like her mama, not sure yet :D

    Nice time the DJ had at the festival of snow, and nice job getting his rock climbing skills up too! It looks like we're all finally getting that mountain excursion in :)

    Nice job with your excursion! You got some great screenshots, and that was a great idea to place cabins in the editable lots! I love that you included the bit about the helicopter ride too since there's no animations for them descending the mountain haha. Also you seem to have about the same amount of money as I do for Robin. I can't seem to get her a lot of profit these days, but I can consistently keep her around 2k which is doable for now. Nice that he got a journal!

    To answer your question about the excursion with pets, kids and toddlers - there are no animations for them climbing. They can't climb, but you can teleport them up to the top, but if you don't do that, they'll just get brought along to each stage of the excursion whether you move them anywhere or not.

    @RememberJoy Congrats to Adam on the birth of baby Caroline!
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents
    January 25: A Path Not Taken!
    Last night at the end of his shift, D.J. found out his boss gave him another raise and a bonus. He thought he must be doing something right with this job or his boss is being very generous and helpful due to his financial circumstances. He was actually doing well on saving up and not going spending crazy.


    As morning arrived, D.J. did his usual going to the Lounge for breakfast. While he ate, he did more writing in his notebook. He had a lot to catch up on for writing down and remembering all the stuff he has done in Mt. Komorebi.


    After school, D.J. made plans to do more hiking. He heard there was another hiking path up by the mountain near where he climbed and where the slopes are. But first he had to buy more repellent. He's avoided three of them wildlife insects so far. He'd like to avoid more if he comes across any.


    D.J. took a leisurely stroll for a couple hours before it was time to get ready for work.

    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    edited January 2022
    January 26th Comments:

    All Challenge Posters
    I am in awe of these mountain images -- daily or in the storytelling. The scenery is so amazing. Everyone is capturing their Challenge Sim perfectly at the top. Well done! Those who have not made it to the top yet, I look forward to those amazing images as well. :wink:

    Was nice to meet Hunter's dad. Congrats on the excursion finish Aaron and Hunter! Glad they found time to celebrate in the tent. :blush: Aaron is fascinated with that soccer ball now. :lol:
    Not sure if you're reading my other comments to the other folks here, but I mentioned to @Karababy52 I am doing actual seasons to Sims seasons. So, winter for D.J. will last until late March. Since the potatoes are good for winter growing, I plan on having him set up his own greenhouse when it comes to February and plant a few of them he found.

    Pepper's winter outfit is sooooo cute and adorable! I love when you keep showing pictures of her in it. Very cool shots of Robin doing ski tricks! In my "Plain ol' Legacy" gameplay, I had an elder Sim break into my Sims apartment and go to the bathroom for a glass of water. Then he left. So I laughed when you showed Nanami do that in yours. :lol:
    Thanks for the compliments on the mountain excursion pictures and ideas. I wish we could have had them climb down, though. Better storytelling to me. I'm in the works of how D.J. is going to earn more simoleons these next couple months as a teenager besides a part time job. If you didn't notice or know already, my gameplay seasons are going to match real life seasons. So, my winter is going to last through close to the end of march. So fishing is a tough one for me with frozen lakes. @Karababy52 helped me with an idea for next month in regard to planting. Kind of stealing an idea she is doing in this month. :lol:

    Savannah and Kiyoshi need to become an item already if they're not already. :wink:

    Congrats on Adam, Kaori, and Kiyoshi on completing the mountain excursion! Shame on the other two for not waiting up for Adam before one of the climbs. At least he found a nice cave to rest in and found a mountain spirit. That was cool. I didn't look for the cave part that I am seeing in everyone else's gameplay. Bummed!

    Good to see Velma and Aaron are becoming really good friends. I hope you're feeling better from your anxiety. Just seeing your images is fun. They will tell their own story if you don't feel like writing. :smile:

    Congrats with Cale finishing his Aspiration(s). He looked to be a very busy young man in all those pictures. :lol: Yea, I found out about the "Mountain Move" with D.J. and Yamachan as well. I was like... what is this for, so I tried it.

    I already have a story put together how I am moving D.J. out of Mt. Komorebi to Windenburg. It all goes into the make-believe stuff like the helicopter and other bits I did in my storytelling. Looking to see what creative idea you come up with for Cale.
    I am sure there are going to be days where I regret doing the actual seasons to Sims seasons for the rest of winter. But I guess it's another mini challenge on top of the already challenge. And when Spring and Summer come around, it'll be a nice 6 months of cool to warm to hot weather. It's a goal I can look forward to.
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    Jan 23 - Drama Club Practice

    Another school day and then Drama Club. When I got home, I had a visitor. Robin @permanentrose had come over to bring me a gift. So sweet of her.




    She had made this for me, and when I opened it up, it was a wooden horse statue. I was kind of taken aback and looked at her.


    Robin: "Well, I've kind of noticed you've been working out, and you look like a thoroughbred stallion now."

    I didn't quite know what to say. I was speechless. Was Robin coming on to me? She thought I looked like a stallion now? It kind of makes me wonder what I looked like before. Anyway, I thanked her and asked her if she wanted to hang out for a bit.

    I have to admit, Robin was cute, but I kind of heard around school that she was seeing someone. Maybe if I hadn't met Kaori, there might have been something there. But we were good friends, and that's how I wanted it to stay.

    I asked Robin if she could help me practice a scene for Drama Club.


    Robin: "Sure. What do I have to do?"


    Dylan: "Nothing really. Just relax. I am going to do all the acting. Ready?"

    Robin nodded her head that she was, and then, I swooped her into my arms, and she had a very shocked expression on her face. Seeing this, I was thinking that I should have probably told her that we were going to do a romantic scene, but it was too late, and I carried on with the scene.


    When we kissed, I have to admit, that there was a momentary spark there between us. I didn't mean for it to happen, but it did, and then I ended the kiss, and she just looked at me.



    I kind of asked her if everything was alright.


    Robin: 'Yeah...fine...everything's fine...I have to go, though." She asked if she could change into her bathing suit.


    I thanked her for the gift again and watched her leave. She turned around and said, "And're a great kisser...Kaori is one lucky sim..."

    I gave her an embarrassed smile. Wow! No-one had ever told me that before. Not even Kaori. I smiled to myself thinking about it and then headed inside to make some watermelon salad.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Once dinner was done, I was feeling rather stressed from lack of adrenaline-induced activities! lol I thought I would try some yoga to help me relax.


    Then, I got another visitor. It was DJ @LegacySims2017 and he wanted to know if I wanted to go skiing. Um, yes! I grabbed my gear and we took the shuttle to the mountain together.



    We headed up the gondola together, and I took the Intermediate slope, while DJ took the Easy slope.



    Fresh powder on the slope, and look at that powder fly.


    And DJ has a great run, and does a great stop at the bottom of the hill.


    After a few more runs, DJ headed home.


    To finish off the night, I tried my luck at the vending machine to see if I could finish my simmi collection. And, even though the machine stuck a few times, I did it! Simmis Collection completed. :)


    {Note: The Simmies Plaque is enlarged so you can see what it looks like. And the horse sculpture that Robin gave Dylan.]

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    So, I had decided that I was not going to use any of the challenge sims for the 100 Bae Challenge or Serial Romantic Aspiration, because I just want to keep all the challenge sims as friends. I have no idea what happened between Robin and Dylan, because they didn't even flirt or do any romantic interactions with each other. However, they now have some pink between them. Oops!

    The kiss between them is through the Romantic Scene for the Drama Club, and does not count as a first kiss. I really haven't done the Romantic Scene in the Drama Club a lot, so don't know if this is what caused it. So, yep, Robin has an adoring sentiment for Dylan, and they are Romantic Interests! lol


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    @permanentrose -Yes, I thought it would be funny that Shigeru thought that Dylan was a delivery boy - "borrowed" from your story! lol I thought you'd get a kick out of that. :)
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