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How Do You Spend Your Satisfaction Points?

simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 35,382 Member
Which rewards are must haves for you and which would you never purchase for your Sims?

Instant Fun Instantly fills the Fun Need!

Instant Hygiene Instantly fills the Hygiene Need!

Confident Potion
Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Confident!

Energized Potion Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Energized!

Flirty Potion Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Flirty!

Focused Potion Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Focused!

Happy Potion Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Happy!

Inspired Potion Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Inspired!

Sleep Replacement Instantly fills the Energy Need!

Moodlet Solver Instantly removes all negative moodlets from your Sim.

Insta-Large Drink this to become a bigger you!

Insta-Lean The most efficient diet beverage on the market.

Potion of Youth Drink this to turn back the clock on your Sim's current age.

Re-Traiting Potion Drinking this will allow you to reset all your Traits!

Quirk-B-Gone This potion removes one Fame Quirk of your choosing from a Celebrity Sim.

Potion of Curse Cleansing A potion to remove all curses from a Sim.

Always Welcome Sims will act more at home when at others' residence, and the host won't mind at all!

Gym Rat Build Fun and don't lose Hygiene while exercising!

Observant Sims learn the traits of others just by meeting them!

Speed Cleaner Tidy up much faster!

Mentor Once Mentors reach level 10 in certain skills, the Mentor interaction becomes available and they can help other Sims improve their skills even more quickly!

Morning Sim Build extra skill in the morning.

Night Owl Build extra skill at night.

Speed Reader Read books faster than your average Sim.

Free Services All single use service requests are free.

Marketable Sims sell items they've crafted for more Simoleons!

Creative Visionary Have a higher chance of painting and writing masterworks.

Entrepreneurial Sims are more likely to get promoted in their careers.

Frugal A Frugal Sim's household has reduced bills.

Great Storyteller
More successful at telling bigger and better stories!

Stoves and Grills Master Have a chance to create Impeccable Quality consumables that use stoves and grills!

Incredibly Friendly Sims are immediately liked when met with a nice Introduction!

Cold Acclimation
Sims aren't affected as much by chilly weather, but can still feel the effects.

Heat Acclimation Sims aren't affected as much by hot weather, but can still feel the effects.

Waterproof Sims do not get wet in the rain.

Storm Chaser
Sims love stormy weather and thrive in terrifying conditions.

Iceproof Sims aren't negatively affected by cold temperatures and enjoy the cold.

Heatproof Sims aren't negatively affected by hot temperatures and enjoy the heat.

Money Tree A Money Tree for your Sims to grow their riches.

Mermadic Kelp Eat this to turn into a Mermaid!

Independent Social needs decay at half the rate

Shameless Never suffer embarrassment

Steel Bladder Sim never needs to use toilet

Beguiling Gives a +60 flirty moodlet for 4 hours

Antiseptic Hygiene decays at half the normal rate

Carefree Sims never get tense

Connections Sims start a career at level 4

Fertile Increases the chance of twins and triplets

Great Kisser Success rate of kisses is much higher

Hardly Hungry Hunger decays at half the normal rate

Professional Slacker Sims never get demoted or fired

Savant Increases skill gains by 25%

Seldom Sleepy Energy decays at half the normal rate

Super Green Thumb Plants stay watered longer, get less bugs, increased growth rate

Needs No One Social need does not decay

Re-traiting Potion Reset your sim's traits

Forever Fresh Hygiene need no longer decays

Forever Full Hunger need no longer decays

Never Weary Energy motive no longer decays

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  • StormkeepStormkeep Posts: 7,632 Member
    Speed Cleaner, Frugal, and both Heat and Cold Acclimation I get for pretty much every Sim I play. After that it depends on what their existing traits and career-path are.

    One's I literally never get are the ones that remove their needs. Most of their needs decay way to slowly in TS4 as it is.

    Once I have the core of traits that make sense for the Sim (plus the 'all sims' ones mentioned above) I just spend any more that a sim gets on Instant Hygiene, Moodlet Solvers and mood potions for if and when I take anyone from that household to do places where there's less opportunity to interact with other things for the same effects. Pretty much most of the potions end up in a storage chest and never get used though... :lol:
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  • ThriorThrior Posts: 612 Member
    edited January 2022
    Depends on the sim for I tend to pick traits based on how I picture their character, not just because I have enough points to buy whatever. However, I have never gotten the ones that completely eliminate needs. Those don't seem to be listed there but I mean the Needs No One, Forever Fresh, Never Weary and Forever Full. I may use the traits which lessen those needs like Hardly Hungry or Antiseptic but the absolute ones I only grant to vampires for they have their own versions in their skill tree. To me it just makes way more sense for an immortal supernatural being to have such traits, especially since with vampires you can add challenge in other ways thanks to their weaknesses. With regular sims however I feel like they become complete bores if all their needs are eliminated.
  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 3,328 Member
    As soon as they can afford it, I buy Storm Chaser (I used to even cheat this onto toddlers) because I don't like my Sims being afraid of storms all the time.

    I'll get waterproof if I've got a garden so they can tend it in the rain. And I'll often get Observant so I don't have to take three conversations to figure out their traits.

    Frugal early on in a legacy - I'm less worried about it later once the money is established.

    And the rest it depends on the sim, though Creative Visionary sees a lot of use. As does Marketable.

    I almost never buy potions, and not just because I tend to play spellcasters and the potions have more fun side effects if they fail. :) But also because I try not to work my sims to the point where their needs are that bad.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 35,382 Member
    Stormkeep wrote: »
    Speed Cleaner, Frugal, and both Heat and Cold Acclimation I get for pretty much every Sim I play. After that it depends on what their existing traits and career-path are.

    One's I literally never get are the ones that remove their needs. Most of their needs decay way to slowly in TS4 as it is.

    Once I have the core of traits that make sense for the Sim (plus the 'all sims' ones mentioned above) I just spend any more that a sim gets on Instant Hygiene, Moodlet Solvers and mood potions for if and when I take anyone from that household to do places where there's less opportunity to interact with other things for the same effects. Pretty much most of the potions end up in a storage chest and never get used though... :lol:

    Same. I have tons of potions stored for when an aspiration or career task requires a specific mood.
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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 35,382 Member
    @Thrior thanks. I thought I'd missed a few. I'll add them.
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  • ModerateOspreyModerateOsprey Posts: 4,875 Member
    Depends very much on the individual sim for me. I use the reward traits to diversify or reinforce how I want a particular sim to be.

    I have never used any of the reward traits that go against nature, so to speak, so never use Never Weary, etc.

    I do use potions. I like to put trays of em out at pretty much any longish event. The main potions I use are moodlet solvers and Quirk-B-Gone.

    Not really a reward potion, but I also use trillions of gallons of medicine
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  • JustMeAlbJustMeAlb Posts: 368 Member
    The one I'd like to get first is Steel Bladder, so frustrating when progress is suddenly halted as the sim does their dance of desperation and I worry if they can make it to the toilet or overly specific bush in time. However I often end up having to get them Water Proof first when they get so uncomfortable from a little rain (poor little sim) that they are unwilling to do anything, and I'm not big on the umbrella thing.

    I've almost never gotten any of the potions. Once in a moment of panic I got the sim a potion to fill a need because I honestly didn't know if they'd be able to stay awake long enough to eat something before starving to death, turned out I had been too panicked to make sure they actually drank it and they had struggled through the situation without using it.
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  • ACruelButLovingGodACruelButLovingGod Posts: 708 Member
    My sims get a standard progression:

    Incredibly Friendly, Never Weary, Savant, Forever Full, Steel Bladder, Needs No One, and Forever Fresh, always in that order. Potion of Youth as necessary until I've decided the sim's lived a "full life" and aged them off the roster.

    Later, they get the rewards to get rid of Tense or Embarrassed moodlets, weatherproofing (Waterproof/Heatproof/Iceproof), additional skill boosting via Morning Person and Night Owl, whatever whim strikes me.

    I like when my sims are doing stuff, not when they're tending to their needs.
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  • cynciecyncie Posts: 4,401 Member
    I usually like to get Speed Reader (makes leveling up skills quicker), Frugal, and Storm Chaser for most played sims. After that, it depends on the sim. I use the reward/aspiration traits to round out their personalities. The ones I never get are the needs related ones. If you take out the basics of every day life, the sim just becomes a task grinder, and that’s not for me. If I really need them to complete a task before nature calls, I just cheat their need for that task.
  • SailorCetiSailorCeti Posts: 807 Member
    They don't come fast enough for me to bother with, unless I cheat and get all the ones I want right away. I used to do this all the time, but interestingly, it made the game boring. Unlike in v3, where points would go up just for being in a nicely decorated and comfortable room, and I could do it naturally. This is one of my biggest pet peeves with v4.
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  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 3,490 Member
    Steel bladder is my number one, then it depends on a sim. Usually I go for antiseptic and needs noone as the next spends.
    -probably just playing Phasmophobia :p
  • BenjamilianBenjamilian Posts: 395 Member
    Never potions. It feels a waste to get something consumable and temporary - perhaps because I play with ageing off.

    Speed reader, morning and evening are great boons, and gym rat saves a lot of hassle with lively sims. Seldom Sleepy is a great boon.
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,794 Member
    edited January 2022
    I mostly spend points on traits that I feel will be useful and add personality. My sim has many reward traits, but Savant and Creative Visionary are probably my favourites. I don't like to choose traits that feel out of character or stop needs as I enjoy looking after my sims. I also sometimes spend points on potions if I want my sim to be in a particular mood for something and can't do this by other means in time.
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  • NetzspannungNetzspannung Posts: 2,454 Member
    'Steel bladder' is the only one I get that influences their needs. Otherwise they just need to go to the bathroom too often, and it's not like they actually never use the bathroom once they have this trait. After drinking coffee, tea or bar drinks their bladder need still goes down. A lot of Sims get 'Incredibly Friendly' and 'Stoves and Grills Master'. Kids that move out always get the 'Always welcome' trait, so that it actually feels like they're going back home when they visit their parents. I also like to get the 'Re-traiting' potion when it makes sense to me story-wise, e.g. a Sim with the non-committal trait finds their soulmate, then I may change it to romantic or even family-oriented. The rest depends on the Sim I'm playing e.g. 'Gym Rat' for Sims that are into Fitness or Wellness. Some of the potions are really helpful while on vacation in Selvadorada and I really want to push through to the last chest in the temple.
    Reward traits I never get are 'Forever Fresh', 'Forever Full', 'Never Weary', 'Needs No One', 'Seldom Sleepy', 'Hardly Hungry' and 'Antiseptic'. And I don't get 'Beguiling' anymore either since it backfired on me once while I was playing another Sim.
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  • LatinaBunnyLatinaBunny Posts: 4,666 Member
    edited January 2022
    I often forget I have those points, lol. I barely use those anyway, because some of those are like using cheats, which kind of ruins some of the challenges of playing the game. (And I can easily do some types of cheats by typing whatever the codes are in the text bar thingie, anyways.)

    I only used points for the occult stuff like the mermaidic kelp and maaaybe a trait-related aspect or two that fits a particular sim.

    But mostly the mermaidic kelp, lol. (I always love playing merfolk.)
    ~*~Occult Family Player player~*~
  • ModerateOspreyModerateOsprey Posts: 4,875 Member
    It's a real shame there isn't a reward trait that makes them play video games more often ;)
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  • EternalSunshineEternalSunshine Posts: 338 Member
    I use the reward store traits a lot. Almost all of my Sims will eventually get the following:
    • Always Welcome
    • Observant
    • Mentor
    • Morning Sim and/or Night Owl
    • Speed Reader
    • Free Services
    • Frugal
    • Cold Acclimation
    • Heat Acclimation
    • Waterproof
    • Independent
    • Shameless
    • Carefree
    • Savant
    • Super Green Thumb
    • Brave

    Then, most of my Sims will also get some of the following, but it depends on their CAS traits:
    • Gym Rat
    • Speed Cleaner
    • Creative Visionary
    • Connections
    • Stoves and Grills Master
    • Incredibly Friendly
    • Great Storyteller
    • Storm Chaser
    • Marketable
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Professional Slacker

    Finally, occasionally, a Sim will get:
    • Beguiling
    • Fertile
    • Great Kisser

    I rarely use potions & I never use the traits that completely fill needs or heat or ice proof.
    I bought the money tree seed once & get more seeds from that original tree as desired.
  • PlumbobCrossingPlumbobCrossing Posts: 8,455 Member
    I always get Storm Chaser so all my sims don’t get scared over thunder storms.
  • VeeDubVeeDub Posts: 1,862 Member
    Depends on the sim and the save. I never buy any of the potions for any of them, and for some sims I don't use points but do use cheats to gain extra traits that make sense for them for story purposes. Others must earn everything they gain. But for either cheated or purchased, my general "starter set" is comprised of: Frugal, Carefree, and Shameless.
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  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 8,701 Member
    edited January 2022
    Use Often:
    Morning Sim
    Night Owl

    I usually take anything that will speed up skill gain because i do tend to max some skills and i do get tired of same animations over and over

    Storm Chaser
    my sims are often very evil and desire dramatic weather effects

    Cold Acclimation

    tbh unsure which one does what so i usually get both at same time :sweat_smile: as northern bean i just be very offended at how weak my sims are if i don't use these :lol: like its sunny autumn day not ice age get yourselves together you wimps

    also sometimes cause this isn't anime and ur not gonna get cold and die because u get wet in rain u wimps :triumph:

    Great Kisser

    why yes i often add these to my romantic sims because i just feel like that suits them

    Needs No One
    I have quite many loners and i just get tired of forced socializing at some point


    My sims kids often turn out getting big even though their parents are on thinner side so I do use this quite a lot to reset them even if they get like freakily skeleton for a bit

    Gym Rat

    For the sims that are constantly exercising and I can't be sending them to shower all the dang time

    when I really need twins or triplets for some reason and don't plan to have kiddos more than once with that sim
    Instant Fun
    Instant Hygiene

    Confident Potion
    Energized Potion
    Flirty Potion
    Focused Potion
    Happy Potion
    Inspired Potion
    Sleep Replacement

    theres gameplay ways to do these things and i prefer those

    Money Tree
    Free Services

    My sims just don't often lack money
    but i do add money tree to some rich occult families sometimes to keep the bills in check

    Heat Acclimation
    I don't really use these so much but again maybe thats just me being northern bean that feels roasted at warm temperatures so im not too bothered if my sims are too

    Creative Visionary

    I use these sometimes for creative and ambitious sims as add on but mostly nah

    Moodlet Solver
    Re-Traiting Potion
    Potion of Curse Cleansing

    Only if i have big buggy problem related to these

    Always Welcome
    why tho its more fun when ur not welcome
    don't really care cause i mostly know the traits anyway

    Speed Cleaner
    maybe if there was mess to clean (i dont even have dust pack) but usually there isn't so like maybe for paranormal maid service it be useful sure

    Great Storyteller
    tbh i haven't used this yet i think and idk if it makes difference
    Stoves and Grills Master
    yeah my sims don't really grill that much i guess i could see some cook sim having this trait tho
    Incredibly Friendly
    my sims are often not too likeable but maybe if i feel like making sim that just seems incredibly friendly... hmmm i guess i could use that

    Super Green Thumb
    If gardening hardcore then yes but otherwise nah cause my sims are not often big on gardening tbh
    Almost Never:
    Hardly Hungry
    Forever Fresh
    Forever Full
    Never Weary
    Seldom Sleepy
    Steel Bladder
    Professional Slacker
    It's just mostly all too "permanent" and if thats what i want i rather cheat it temporarily
    (usually straight to needs no one if i use it)
    Speed Reader
    Why would my sims need to read books faster???? is why.
    Mermadic Kelp
    tbh i didn't remember it can be bought from rewards but i usually just look for it in the cave or cheat catalog instead
    I don't really have need to make my sims suddenly bigger :sweat_smile:
    Potion of Youth
    I play aging off so :sweat_smile:
    actually ive used it couple times but its still kinda meh cause its every job from that moment onwards so i don't really feel like making that type of decision
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  • fallenangel66fallenangel66 Posts: 294 Member
    It's a real shame there isn't a reward trait that makes them play video games more often ;)

    It's literally all my Sim wants to do, I pretty much have to hate video games in the likes panel to have them leave the computer alone.
  • kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
    my list is pretty similar to eternalsunshine's... like it's scary how similar. nearly all of my sims tend to get storm chaser, too, though

    and, while everyone gets heat/cold acclimated, i also ensure that sims that live in places like strangerville, del sol, oasis springs or selvadorada tend to get the heat immunity one (gotta cheat it onto selvadorada natives) while sims from mt komerebi, brindleton bay, britechester or the like get the cold immunity one... just to avoid the silly overheating/freezing deaths while they're unplayed

    also, the only time i really use those traits that actually keep needs from decaying is when i cheat them onto ghosts just because it makes sense to me... ghosts shouldn't really need to sleep or eat or any of that, though i do make sure not to give 'never weary' to exhaustion ghosts or 'forever full' to starvation ghosts. again, because of their death types, it makes sense that they wouldn't have those specific abilities
    ...oh, and my handful of skeleton sims are treated the same as the ghosts

    i almost never use any of the potions, though occasionally a moodlet solver is needed. the re-traiting potion and potion of youth would be exceptions to this but i've got them for sale in a retail shop one of my households owns, so sims that want them just buy them there instead
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 6,872 Member
    edited January 2022
    I pretty much forget about the reward traits. Some I would never use are the ones that completely take away needs. That’s half the game…. Lol.

    But now looking at them I could see getting savant for one of my genius sims, speed reader for a sim that likes to read, creative visionary for my artist sim, always welcome for children, grandparents, grandchildren, or very close friends or girlfriend/boyfriends, shameless for sims I don’t see getting embarrassed, and the heat and cold acclimation and storm chaser for several of my sims….. and several others depending on the sim. Oh, and I may use the professional slacker for my scientist sim that want to take off time when she wants to have children…., though it would be nice if they had a temporary trait like this.

    But why don’t they have a never die of laughter potion? That is something a lot of my sims would have, since I think it is one of the stupidest things in the game.
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 5,285 Member
    edited January 2022
    In the story heavy rotational save it goes something like this:
    - Antiseptic, weather proofing and the need negating traits are reserved for androids, who get a standard kit along with some skills for free. With roughly half of my played sims being androids, that makes these traits my most used ones.
    - Everything else depends on the sim in question. It doesn't matter if they have the points to spend on Frugal, if I do not view them as frugal (or clever spenders), then that trait isn't for them. The same goes for lot traits. Exceptional good gardeners/hackers may take "Good soil" or "Fast Internet" with them whever they live, by virtue of their skills.
    - Potions are considered either medicine of drugs and to be used with great care.

    In the side saves I use whatever is the most helpful, starting with Always Welcome, Steel Bladder, Frugal and Raw fish lover (cc, feeds the sims right out of the pond and makes them happy). Often the sims do not gain enough points for the need negating traits before I discard that save. I've grown wary of Carefree, because it makes the Marry for money goal impossible (the timer being a tense moodlet).
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 35,382 Member
    SheriSim57 wrote: »
    But why don’t they have a never die of laughter potion? That is something a lot of my sims would have, since I think it is one of the stupidest things in the game.

    I wonder if having a hysterical sim drink a couple of the other mood potions would help dillute the hysterical mood? 🤔
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