My celebrity is not so popular

Granted, she's a materialistic snob who lives alone and has very little friends, but she's still a proper celebrity. Her reputation is neutral, but yet when I play other sims and I see her making her entrance in public places, all the townies wave their arms and go bleh. Like to say oh no, not her. Then they start adoring her like nothing happened. I mean this should not be happening even with a neutral reputation.


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    Sometimes they do that to my Global Superstar. Not so much anymore. Even though I have MCCC set to keep his status from diminishing, I have him do things that add celebrity points. Have you tried that? Also, I do believe the reputation brings a lot to the table. Just have your Sim meet fans and sign some autographs and/or take Selfies with fans. Going to those Meet A Celebrity events won't hurt, either.
    Currently, my Rock Star (I use the mod Road to Fame) has won eleven Starlight Accolades for Best Song. He's almost always surrounded by fans. Some of them get so hyped they faint dead away, too.

    I got worried for a time when he didn't seem as popular as he was before he entered Uni, but by having him put out albums and signing autographs, things have picked up again. I'm certain, too, that winning those Accolades didn't hurt his cause. ;)

    I hope it turns around for you. It's just not as much fun playing with a Celebrity Sim when the fans just aren't there or aren't all that interested.

    Best of luck! And Happy Simming!
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