Pleasantview 0.5 Project [NEWEST: Goths' Winterfest Vacation]

tatselktatselk Posts: 369 Member
Hi all, I'm starting a Pleasantview 0.5 Project, in which I will be more or less adapting the storyline of TS2’s Pleasantview (ie all the drama with the Pleasants and the Goths) and placing it in TS4’s Willow Creek.

The Sims and the Lots in Pleasantview 0.5 won’t really/exactly be like the ones in TS2's Pleasantview. I’m just trying to capture the essence of TS2's Pleasantview, not recreating it wholesale.

The timeline would be basically set slightly before the events of TS2's Pleasantview. But the ages of the Sims won’t exactly match up.

The project is supposed to start officially in 2022. But I will start posting some stuff here in the meantime. :)


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