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Diminish the Torment Legacy Challenge- Rules and LP



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    wow, that's some career-change for Becca. So unexpected!
    It was really dramatic how Clarence passed away. During a thunderstorm. And then losing a friend right after is so not fair.
    It's always interesting how the family dynamics change after the head of the family passes. Who takes over and how are important aspects of everyday life handled.
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 2.5. Birthdays and Winterfest a.k.a Family Time
    On the second day of winter we had another set of birthdays. Kirk and Samir are young adults now.

    Only me and Jose have to still go to high school. I got some school projects to do. I’m keen on getting good grades so I did my project as soon as I could. Kirk and Guidry were kind enough to come and help me with it. I think we had a good time working on it. It’s a nice way how we can spend more time together and gain skills and get the grades up. So win-win-win, I’d say.

    Winterfest was fun. We had presents, some of them more useful then others, but everyone liked what they got.
    Graham wanted to surprise us with a Grand Meal. Instead we had a Minor Fire. Nothing surprising about that. What’s a Haas family holiday without someone setting the kitchen on fire, am I right?

    I’ve grown to like my alone-time. I usually just meditate, it makes my mind calm.

    And when the mind is calm then it’s enjoyable to create order in the house and garden as well. Jose caught me fixing the sink and took a picture. I know I look a bit hesitant on it, it was my first try on something requiring any handiness, but I did well, and I’m not afraid to do it again - I know I can handle it.

    And I enjoy taking care of the garden. Including both smaller plants and the oversized crops. I plant the seeds, water and fertilize the plants, and sometimes, when I feel like it’s necessary for me or the plants, I talk with them. Even if it’s in the middle of winter and it’s freezing outside.

    I think we are doing well.

    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 2.6. Chilling at the Spa
    It was the day after Winterfest.
    Jose and I were at school and Graham at work (or at school, both apply, he is a teacher!).
    Gil, Samir and Kirk were home, doing nothing special.

    It was probably Samir’s idea to go and check out the new spa that opened in Newcrest. They could have waited until we got home, but they didn't. I guess Samir was feeling salty about me wanting to reach Inner Peace just like he did. Or maybe it had nothing to do about anything - maybe they just didn't think about waiting for us.
    Anyway, I'm not going to hold it against them. I can go sometime later.

    They were happy about the “adventure” and gushing about it when I got home. Samir was pumped about the facial masks and mud baths. And Kirk had enjoyed a fresh salad he made himself at the spa.

    Gil took a yoga lesson.
    He said he liked it and wouldn't mind joining me sometime if I didn't want to go alone, but he’s not sure he’d take it up as a hobby.

    Graham got home and wanted to join the boys at first. But he decided to go back home right after he arrived. He said he was too tired and was afraid that he’d just fall asleep and wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything fully.
    Indeed, he was absentminded enough that on his way home he was almost hit by a tram.

    Gil, Samir and Kirk followed soon.
    Kirk had decided that it’s such a short walk home that he felt no need to change his clothes. He walked around Newcrest in a bathrobe and slippers like he owned the neighborhood.

    Gil had no time for self-pampering at the spa, because the yoga lesson took too long, so he decided that he would create a spa experience with a bath and a facial mask at home. He occupied our bathroom for a full hour.

    Kirk didn’t feel like changing his outfit even after he got home. He was wearing the robe and slippers even while fixing one of the broken wind turbines.
    It seemed a bit out of character for him. I guess he was just feeling bold that night. More on that later...

    .. Because the most important thing for me, personally, was this:

    All my hard work has payed off and I’m an A Student! Yey!
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Birthday party! This was a double birthday party. Bruh aged up to young adult, and Becca is finally an elder. Bruh didn't get the Lazy trait, so he may or may not be the heir, depending on whether Clark gets it.

    Bruh made the difficult decision not to attend university. He didn't get into Britechester's language and literature program, and he just wants to focus his efforts on writing as much as he can, as well as he can. Becca is disappointed but supports his wish to write. (He got it from her, after all.)

    Becca tried to cope with leaving for her new job in the rain... could things possibly be worse?

    Yes, they could always be worse.

    Bruh is not happy about all the garden work, but it's helping bring in more of an income. Here he is suffering in the begonias.

    Fortunately there are other wonderful people in Bruh's life. Like Ren, the librarian. They've been bonding while Bruh is there writing.

    And, of course, the lovely Katie Jameson. Bruh took her out on a date to the park. (She's a freegan, so hopefully she doesn't mind not having a lot of money spent on her.)

    Bruh felt very smitten

    And asked Katie to marry him. She accepted!

    Bruh returned to find a very messy yard. Trash stinking on the ground, litter box not cleaned since Lord knows when AND having been struck by lightning... could things be worse?

    Yes, yes, things could always be worse.

    But, Bruh is determined to make things better for his family. He has been upgrading the kitchen equipment to work off the grid. And here is his very first hot cooked meal: Yorkshire pudding, with fresh milk and eggs from the grocery stand.

    He's hoping that when Clark ages up to young adult and heirdom becomes clear, he'll be able to remove the Grody trait so that everyone can eat much more happily.

    Clark aged up to teen! He got the Romantic trait and the Master Actor aspiration. Good grief.

    Clark eagerly tried out the waters of romance by taking his childhood friend Silvia out on a date to Mimsy's. She came. As did... her father. Okay. I guess they like to keep a close eye on their girl. Clark and Silvia nevertheless managed to enjoy their evening very much.

    Bruh and Katie decided to get married at Harvestfest dinner. Bruh cooked. There was a fire. Bruh extinguished it immediately and resumed cooking.

    I won't let anything ruin this day.

    Everyone come eat!


    They said their vows at the head of the table, gnomes looking on.

    Katie moved in. They began planning to adopt babies as soon as they could.

    Late that night...
    "Oh no!! I forgot I have to do the whole garden!!"

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    @Antqua - Is it alright for the "heir" to attend uni from home? Just wondering if this counts as a "job". Asking because in my story, Ella and Eli have just aged up to YA, and wanted to know before I registered them. Thanks :) Also like @mightysprite idea about when a pop-up comes up for a job change, that they either change jobs or they don't. I didn't do this with the first Gen. for Susumu because I had randomly rolled his career, but it sounds like a fun idea. I may start this in Gen. 2 with the heir's spouse. Of course, they could be job hopping a lot since those pop-ups come pretty much every day. lol

    @Antiqua - Ch 2.5 -
    Samir and Kurt are good looking kids, although it's funny to see Kurt with that quivering lip. lol And another fire! the tree went up in flames. Oh, Samir must like his gift...a duffle of cash! Amira - In my story, Cece knows just how you feel about talking to those plants in all kinds of weather. lol

    Ch. 2.6 - Chilling at the spa
    Oh my Graham almost getting hit by that streetcar! Oh gee, Graham, go home. Gil hogging the bathtub for his "spa" experience for an hour - too funny! And Kirk wandering around in his bathrobe from the spa...he just didn't want to have that spa experience be over. And...he got a free bathrobe in the bargain. lol And congrats to Amira for getting an A! Yes!

    @mightysprite - Nov 28th post - B-day party
    Buh is now a YA, and Becca becomes an elder. Oh gee! Becca an elder already! Oh my gosh...does Bruh hate gardening? lol Poor guy...well, someone's gotta do it. Clark, as a teen, doing that "I'm sexy" look in front of the mirror...funny! Loving Clark's first date...supervised by his date's father. lol And so Bruh and Katie get married at about a shoestring wedding...Harvestfest meal...slightly charred...and say your vows at the head of the table...guests...gnomes...come as you are...seed packets as wedding gifts. hehehe Well, at least they didn't get married in the bathroom! And here Bruh is trying to have his wedding night...and then remembers the garden...hehehe and it looks like Clark is too tired to do it as well. lol Oh my gosh!
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    @SoulGal7 The heir is allowed to attend uni, as long as they do it from home.

    I liked the job-hopping idea a lot and added it to the rules. It's a fun way how to make the game both easier and harder at the same time (ah, the added risk of losing all your progress due to a phone call and the "wrong" pick from a random yes/no option!).

    Becca is also an elder already! Oh no!
    I don't know why, but I laughed when I read that Clark wants to be a master actor. Imagine if he gets the lazy trait and you have a lazy romantic actor on your hands. Poor boy, having the father of the date hover around during that dinner.
    Congratulations to Bruh and Katie for getting married. Hope they have a wonderful life together.
    The family is doing great, so happy for them!
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 2.7. A man of his dreams?
    Like I said - Kirk was feeling brave, ignoring all the usual rules he usually follows. He's wearing his white robe and slippers. Maybe he was pretending he was a Super-Sim and the robe was his cape or something.
    I have never seen him this bold before. When a passer-by noticed Kirk in the garden, Kirk actually went over and started chatting with him.
    This is the way Kirk met Sean.

    They became friends.
    Sean enjoyed our company and wasn’t too afraid of all the ghosts and specters we have hanging around. I could see Kirk glancing at him in a particular way but Sean didn’t seem to notice anything.

    Apparently Sean is unflirty. He doesn’t flirt himself and also doesn’t notice when someone is acting romantic towards him, unless it’s blatantly obvious. Kirk is never blatant.

    Kirk and Sean felt really comfortable around each other and could talk about the most mundane things (like the cold weather) and be totally happy about it.

    It all changed at some point.

    Kirk somehow broke through the unflirty exterior and Sean started showing interest in him. True interest, romantically speaking.
    The kiss they shared was the first one for both.

    But not the last one.

    I might get ahead of thing but I'm starting to think - is Sean the man of Kirk’s dreams, the man he will build a family with?
    It sure does start to look like he might be the second member of our family to find a significant other.
    It is exciting in a way but I also worry about my brothers leaving one after another.
    OK, enough of these selfish thoughts. Main thing - that Kirk would be happy!
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
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    Chapter 17: Birthday Party Woes

    It was the first day of fall, and I was out in my garden, and my own bees attacked me! I guess I have been busy with other matters and have been neglecting them, and they even needed some mite treatment.


    All of the kids were at school, and Susumu had work in a few hours, but was busily practicing his drink making skills.

    The bills came and we were $887 simoleons poorer. I am not sure when it happened, but suddenly we had less than $1K simoleons to our name. Perhaps it was all the recent purchases that we had made, or the fact that I hadn't sold anything at the market lately. I decided to harvest the garden and head to the market afterwards.


    Susumu must have realized the simoleon situation, too, as he started a yard sale.

    When I arrived at the market, I sold some items to the garden shop and some to the grocery shop. I also brought a small cross stitch to work on at home. I never fully sell everything, as I always keep items in reserve, in case Susumu has something special he wants to make.


    When I counted the simoleons, I was surprised that I had made a whopping $8K simoleons. That garden was a lifesaver! It was a good thing because it was Susumu's birthday tomorrow, and I had seen a wonderful new suit for him in one of the shops here. I decided to get it for him as a surprise.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When I arrived home, the kids were back from school, and they all had school projects to do! I couldn't believe it and they were all due tomorrow. Susumu and I helped, and then, even Bridgette helped when she was done her own project. Miraculously, the kids all finished their homework and projects. It was quite the stressful night.

    And it looks like we have another dog lover on our hands, as Trevor is quite unafraid in petting the strays around the property. In fact, I've watched him around the house, and he is always quite content playing with the doctor set. He told me today that he hopes to be a vet one day.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The next day, the kids headed to school again, and it was Susumu's birthday. He told me he wanted to hold a dinner party, and Clara Bjergsen, who he works with, told him that they would have the party at her house. The Bjergsen's lived in Windenburg, and they had a rather large house near the water. I smiled and told him that I had an early birthday gift for him, and gave him the suit. Susumu told me it was perfect and he would wear it for the party tonight.


    Ella got a call from Kiyoshi, who asked her out on a date. Since it was her Dad's birthday, Ella declined. I saw the sad look on her face after she told Kiyoshi no, and I suggested that Ella invite him to the party instead. Afterall, Sofia would be there tonight, and I had seen Eli giving Sofia some looks, so it was only fair that Ella was able to invite someone, too. No sooner did I mention this to Ella, than she ran off and called Kiyoshi immediately. When she hung up, all I heard were moans and groans of "I have nothing to wear" coming from her room.


    And the day just flew by, and then the kids were back home from school, and Susumu got ready for the dinner party. I have to say that the suit fit him perfectly.


    The house was quite packed, and Susumu went right to work making some party food. There was music on, and some of the kids started dancing. Eli and Sofia had gone for some privacy in the bathroom to chat, and Trevor later reported that they were getting "mushy" together. Since Susumu had given Eli the "woohoo talk", I trusted Eli, and knew they probably just wanted to be alone to talk.

    And then it was time for the birthday cake! Susumu made a wish, and then he aged to elder.



    I still think Susumu is the "hottest" guy around, and, I told him quite boldly at the party. He was thinking the same thoughts about me, and in fact, he didn't want to wait until he got home for his birthday gift. So, we quietly snuck into one of the bedrooms...I was so nervous someone would come in...and...oh my...well, let's just say that Susumu told me later, it was a birthday to remember. *fans self*



    While Susumu and I, Ella and Kiyoshi had gone upstairs to chat and Kiyoshi brought up the fact that their relationship was long-distance. He so wanted Ella to live closer to him. It sounded like things were getting quite serious between them.


    But when they came downstairs, Ella went for a swim...I didn't even know the Bjergsen's had a pool...and Kiyoshi sat alone on the couch.


    Well he was sitting alone, until Belinda started talking to him.



    Maybe it started innocently enough, as Belinda and Kiyoshi share the love of adventures, but somehow, and I am sure it was quite by accident, Belinda and Kiyoshi flirted with one another. I can see it happening. They both got caught up in all the excitement of the evening, and they are both rather attractive teens. But for Belinda to flirt with Ella's "love interest" is just not right.


    I mean, Ella and Kiyoshi have not officially made it known that they are together, but I saw how Ella looked at Kiyoshi when he came to the house, and at the party. I just hope that whatever happened between Belinda and Kiyoshi does not affect Belinda and Ella's relationship as sisters.



    The party was over and it was a success. We headed home and Susumu opened his gift from the kids. Tomorrow was another big day as Ella and Eli were becoming young adults.

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    That was a nice party! it's so sad to see Susumu get older. The short life span doesn't leave us much time with our sims after becoming an elder. Nice to see that Eli and Sofia are getting closer. they make a cute couple. That thing between Belinda and Kiyoshi however... Surely a mishap, right? I guess it is easy for a young girl to get smitten with the sister's friend (not boyfriend officially as stated!) but still, I hope it gets sorted out before it gets messy. Maybe Belinda will find her true love interest and forget about Kiyoshi?
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    Chapter 2.8 - New Year begins, new heir begins
    New Years Eve was exciting for two reasons.
    The obvious one - New Year will soon start and we had planned a get together at home for the occasion.
    The other one - it was soon time to have a birthday party again.

    We started the new years eve with the usual - Graham decided to cook something for the evening, and started a fire.

    And then another one.

    He was rather upset about it and went for a walk to cool down.
    At least that’s what he said to us.
    More likely he had planned to meet with someone outside.

    He came back with Salma. His girlfriend.
    He had never said anything about it.
    Soon others arrived.
    I tried to make us some food but had no better luck than Graham - another fire and no warm food to serve.
    We would have to settle for some salad.

    After the fire I had to get a shower and change my clothes. Just when I got back in the kitchen it happened.
    Graham decided it’s time to propose to Salma (he had aged up a few days earlier and I guess a New Years Eve is a good day to turn a new page in life and fully commit.)
    She accepted.

    And that’s when something else happened.
    Jose aged up.

    And right after that - no need to be Sherlock Holmes to guess what happened, It's enough to remember that Jose and I are twins - I aged up too.

    I'm a young adult now.
    A magical new year will be starting soon.
    No more creepy Crawlies in our home.

    Fleeba zoob!
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    @Antiqua Fleeba zoob indeed! Wow! What a pair of aspirations for those twins! Look out world!

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    @SoulGal7 I love the birthday party at the Bjergsens :) Sounds like everyone enjoyed having a break in their beautiful home. Aw those teens, so impulsive... I'm sure they will figure it out.

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    Chapter 2.9 - How Graham met Salma

    It had been a devastating day, all the wind turbines broke, then the bathtub and stove. Gil decided it was too much to repair on our own. We had money put aside for emergencies, and this seemed like the right time to put it to some good use.
    He called the Repair Service and asked if someone could come and take a look at all our broken things.
    Emergency repair service was fast - they arrived in half an hour and fixed the wind turbines one by one, and then the stove.
    They couldn’t fix the bathtub. It was an unusual problem that the service didn’t really have the proper gear for.
    The repair service worker said there’s nothing they can do right now about it.

    Gil was his usual outgoing self and started chatting with her. He asked what she liked to do on her off time and it turned out she liked plays. Gil isn't much of a theatre man himself but he had an idea - someone in our family is rather interested in these things and it would be fun if Salma could meet Graham.

    So Gil decided he need to set it up. He invited Salma to come and visit us the next day.
    Salma was off work the next day and kindly agreed.

    Next day was a big one for Graham. He got promoted.

    Graham got home and shared the big news. Salma congratulated him on the promotion.
    Gil had had a hunch and he was right. They hit it off immediately.

    Graham was happy to get to now Salma. Working at the Repair Service was her temporary job, until she finds her passion career. SHe had thought about enrolling in the university but couldn't afford it.

    I don’t know how much time they spent together, really. From the little snippets he told us later on, I know that they shared their first kiss on our front porch.

    Soon after that he asked if she would be interested to go steady with him. She was.

    They were stargazing together.

    Chatting until early morning hours.

    They were falling more and more in love.

    Graham wanted to stay with her forever.
    And that brought us to that New Years Eve when he proposed.

    Graham and Salma got married at the same venue as Grant and Kiana did.

    It was a great party.
    I had fun, but had to take a nap in the early hours.

    And just like that, Graham got married and moved away.

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    @Antiqua -
    Amira age up - a new heir" - congrats on starting Gen. 2. Graham and Salma- Sometimes love happens in strangest places, and Salma being the repairperson and Graham falling in love with her is just kismet. Congrats to the newlyweds. And so they have moved away to Brindleton Bay.
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    Chapter 2.10 - Catching up
    It has been a while since the last update from my part. Sorry about that! A lot was going on at once and it's about time I told you about it.

    After Gil started his job at the big company he started acting all tense. We were worried that the job wasn’t suitable for him. After a few days he started coming home more relaxed and happy. Looked like he was getting used to going to work.
    Little did we know he was actually not in the office.

    Even though he was always wearing a suit when he left home.

    On this picture of Gil leaving for work (or so we thought) he is petting one of the strays.
    He had gotten really attached to him. I guess playing with Peanut helped Gil to ease the tension and feelings of guilt.
    So he adopted Peanut.

    We agreed right away that taking care of Peanut was Gil's responsibility.
    He really enjoyed his new role as a pet owner.
    He gave Peanut frequent baths.

    Gil did his best teaching him and training him.
    Sometimes Peanut understood what was expected of him.

    Sometimes he didn’t.

    We heard news that Kiana had passed away.
    We visited Grant to pay our respects and offer Grant some company.

    Bradford had grown up so fast. He looked like the perfect mix of Kiana (the sunglasses!) and Grant.
    Grant had decided to move on fast. He was already married to Helen.

    Jose was working hard on his acting career.
    It wasn’t going that well.

    Samir had made a friend who visited often. Tiara 😢😢😢😢😢😢.

    Very soon they got married.
    I think they might have rushed it, I’m not sure Samir and Tiara knew each other that well. But it was their decision and they have our support.

    The wedding was a nice reason to get together again.
    Grant and Greyson came with their families. Grant has gotten a bit gray. It reminded me how short the life is.

    Jose was talking with Greyson most of the day. After the wedding he announced that he’ll be moving out. He wanted to concenrate on his career. According to him, he needed more time for himself.

    And just like that, with Samir married and Jose also moving out, it was just the five of us left.

    Gil, Kirk, me, Clarissa and Peanut.

    Now, if you were asking who’s Clarissa then here’s the explanation.

    Kirk had been gaining weight. He wasn’t talking about it much until it was go time.
    Kirk and Sean had gotten close and, well, it turned out that Sean is an alien.

    Soon Kirk realized he had a new life growing inside of him. He told Sean, but he was not thrilled. Sean wanted nothing to do with it. They had a fight and broke up.
    I was wondering why Sean didn’t visit us anymore, but I never asked Kirk about it.

    One late evening Kirk said he had to get to the hospital immediately.
    The doctors performed surgery on him and ….

    .. Kirk had Clarissa, a healthy baby girl.

    And that was it for now.

    PS. I too made a friend recently. My friend's name is Cassie.
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    cool little story, I love it hahahahha
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    Chapter 2.11 - A surprise (or three)
    Where do I start this time?

    So, do you remember, what I told you about Gil and his new job? And his.. Hmm… reluctance to go to work?
    Well, it looked a lot like Gil had no plans on returning to work. For a long time he was not fired from his position but obviously they were not happy about him not showing up. Every day he brought home some money though, as he was selling the fish he caught, so we as a household had no reason to complain about it.
    And then eventually he got fired.

    Not that Gil cared. He did some chores around the house, dealt with the specters and did a seance every now and then. And played with Peanut. Gil had his life figured out, I think.
    Peanut had his little bed next to Gil’s.

    They spent a lot of time together.

    They’ve become true companions.

    Considering all of this, I’ve come to the understanding that Gil decided to never move away from home. He is happy caring for Peanut and dealing with the ghosts and specters and summoning Bonehilda.

    And he did say at some point that he would never have a family.

    Except he kind of did get a family.

    I’m shook.

    Guess it’s a good thing that Bonehilda is not exactly from this world. Not sure what will happen next. Do the girls become at some point less other-wordly then their mom and more regular sim-like as we are? Because us regular sims need food and shelter... And simoleons to get all of that.
    Will Gil pitch in then? How? I don't know!!

    With this surprise addition from Gil, my siblings already have had six children combined.
    Grant had Bradford, Greyson had Westley, Kirk had Clarissa and now Gil had Kailani, Lola and Shelley.

    I wonder, when is my turn?
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    @Antiqua I like Gil's approach to "work" :D
    And good heavens, what unique offspring! I look forward to finding out more about them.


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    Haha, yes, Gil is such a character!
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
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    Someone Becca saved from death is now suffering further, and she is sad about it...


    Yep. I can honestly say I've never seen that moodlet anywhere other than the Diminish the Torment Challenge.

    What is the suffering, you ask? Well...
    Bruh got a cramp from having to chop up too many delicious fruits for fruit salad.
    "Ouch! Aagh! I can't believe how many problems I have to live with!"
    "How many problems YOU have to live with?" objected Becca.
    Clark aged up to young adult, and he got the Cat Lover trait, not the Lazy trait. So now we know Bruh is the heir. And he is already a young adult!

    Katie, a very practical freegan, found out that the stand in Finchwick offers better selling prices during the fairs. So they saved up their garden produce to sell all at once during the fair for a very nice price indeed. Meanwhile, a steady stream of royalties from Bruh's books were rolling in. Finally, they had enough money to adopt a child! And enough left over to expand the house!

    Clark loves having his own room, but no one is used to it yet.
    "Dude! I am trying to sleep! You now have a choice of at least one or two other rooms in which to practice juggling!"
    "But this is how I always do it!"

    Expanding the house turned out to be the easy part...

    The adoption agency doesn't believe you can raise children properly in a home that is off-the-grid. Bruh tried to explain to them that he loves making all the appliances work off-the-grid, he knows how to gather snow at the library so they have water even when their pond freezes over... in short, they have everything they need and the child will be well cared for.
    The adoption agency wasn't buying it.

    Well, Bruh is the heir and he is a young adult now, and although he rather likes being off-the-grid and had been hoping to diminish one of the other curses upon their home, the wish for children was too strong. He worked with the utility company to connect up their home's power and water to the grid. Then he called the adoption agency again. And came home with baby Lorraine.

    Bruh and Katie were delighted with Lorraine. Sometimes, it seemed like another presence was watching and wishing them well...

    Katie got a job as a detective. But she hates working for The Man. Heck, in this job, she IS The Man. Or, well, The Woman, I guess.

    She got family leave upon becoming a mother... so for now she's just taking all the family leave and vacation days in a row.

    Clark's best friend Major aged up too and is an actor now. Clark keeps picking his brain about it. He's so jealous. He wants to become an actor so badly. And move far, far away from here. But the only job Clark could find was as a gardener. At least that has a somewhat flexible schedule as you can work from home. Clark resolved to enroll in a drama degree, work his hardest, and bide his time.

    "Gardening is... only for now..." muttered Clark to himself.

    He was very motivated and got a lot of scholarships!

    Clark got into the distinguished degree at Britechester. This degree is going to be his ticket out of here.

    He actually sort of likes the homework.

    Yikes! Another fire! Thanks mom.... (again)

    But now, Bruh is skilled enough to install a fireguard. So he did. Meanwhile, Katie's family came over to visit and meet everyone.

    "Some fireguard, eh?" Bruh said happily after finishing the upgrade.
    "Um... it's very nice," said Katie's mother Latoya politely. Obviously she has no idea about the life-or-death circumstances that can arise in one's own living room.

    Life seemed pretty good. Katie and Bruh adopted a second baby, Kingston. Bruh can afford to give away some money sometimes.

    They even had time for a date here and there.

    Just when everything seemed to be going okay

    Not even Attack Kitty's ghost could stop it... Becca was gone.

    The game chose this moment to tell me that Bruh now has the Emotion Bomb fame quirk. Well, okay. Your mother dies and you have an emotional meltdown. I feel like that's normal for everyone, not just a famous person's quirk.

    Shortly thereafter, Death returned for Hazley. All cats in the Slacklater home are now ghosts.

    Death took a moment to admire the decor before getting down to business.

    "Oh joy, just what we need, another fire!"

    Somehow, life continued. Kingston and Lorraine aged up. They're only a day apart in age. Here is Lorraine-- the aging up outfit was so cute I basically kept it, and she looks an awful lot like Katie despite being adopted.



    These two love each other. Siblings will always have your back.

    I'm still trying to figure out some of the challenges and NAPs. I do not understand what the upcycling or waste management people want from me...



    Another fire... should we bother running? It will be extinguished before we reach the street... I don't think Clark even put down his book this time

    Oh yes, speaking of Clark. Our romantic university student. He's been out with Major to try to meet girls at the club

    There he met Aoi

    And he met... um whatever this lady's name is... at the Romance Festival

    But his childhood friend (and first-ever date) Silvia stopped by the Romance Festival and so Clark had to politely get rid of... whatever her name was.

    They had a wonderful time

    And talked into the night

    Little Lorraine says, "I love Silvia! Will she be my auntie?"

    Eliza Pancakes, Supervillain (scenario play)

    Tales of San Myshuno
    Posting in What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,065 Member
    Hi All! I am still here, but am going to take a short hiatus on this. Want to finish up some other projects that I am working on. Have a great day/night everyone! :)
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 2,105 Member
    edited January 3
    Hi @SoulGal7 hope you are having fun with your other projects and it will be nice to see Cece and crew back sometime :)

    Everyone is into their books... in their own way
    Careful what you say, Mrs. Jameson, you may end up in a book yourself...

    Toddler moms all deserve Zoomers sometimes. (Especially when there's a curse on your house and it's hard to cook without causing a fire)

    The kids aged up! Lorraine got the Bookworm trait. And a message from the beyond.

    She feels truly understood by the snowpals

    She loves violin and has the creative prodigy aspiration, so Bruh likes to take her to the Casbah Arts Center to play violin while Bruh writes in the cafe area (and Kingston chats up whoever he can)

    Kingston's was truly a Diminish the Torment birthday: first the cake, then the fire


    Kingston got the Lazy trait! So he's the heir, unless Lorraine gets it later. Kingston is a Social Butterfly. He has discovered that you can earn a little money standing around in front of your house talking to people:

    A lot of the time Kingston just looks sort of droopy. Aw, lazy child

    He gave some good slacking advice to Mom. Mom is a freegan, hates going to work, and is currently taking all her paid vacation days in a row and then quitting. (That should take her almost up to the elder stage on short lifespan)

    Bruh supports Katie whatever she wants to do.

    Bruh took the kids to the fair. Lorraine made a friend

    Katie sold the week's worth of flowers from the garden for lots of extra simoleons. Smart lady.

    Bruh wrote.

    Crumplebottoms crumplebottomed. I have the bug where there are too many


    Clark proposed to his girlfriend Silvia.

    Thanks to the flower income, we expanded the house slightly. Clark and Silvia now have more room to have fun in the bedroom

    (Why, what did you think we meant? Clark is Proper, after all. He and Silvia are not moving in together or getting intimate until their wedding day)

    But we saved most of the money to get Clark and Silvia settled in their own place when the time comes.

    Clark is very motivated by one day getting the heck out of here. He did great in his first term at university!

    His most eccentric acting professor took a shine to him and invited him to his office to share some strange instructions. "You say your house is cursed? Since you're such a great student, I will share with you a secret way to lift a curse."

    Clark brought the instructions home. "I know how to lift the curse now!"
    "All right! Let's lift the curse! What do we do?" asked Katie.
    "First you say all these words," said Clark.

    "And then you go like this with your hands to the left."
    "My left or your left?"
    "You guys, this just looks like one of your daft acting exercises," observed Bruh.
    "Dude, if this professor doesn't know how to lift a curse, no one does," said Clark.
    "I'm having fun either way," said Katie.

    "And then the scions of the accursed family have to wail over the graves of their ancestors."
    "Am I a scion?"
    "Yes. Bruh, those are the pets' graves."
    "They are my ancestors too!"

    "I think it worked?"
    "Want to play soccer? I'm bored."

    I think it worked too! No more fires so far!

    Having made this contribution to his family, Clark felt ready to marry Silvia under some more auspicious stars. Somehow, during their courtship, Clark had never visited Silvia at the home she shares with her brother. Now Silvia had one big surprise for him: That home is the Oakenstead mansion in Willow Creek. (Seriously, I had no idea. This was genuine random townie placement.)
    So Clark got to marry the princess and move into the castle!



    A few hours later...
    "I'm quitting school. It's time to become an actor."

    And he did. Good luck, Clark and Silvia. Don't forget to make us some cousins soon.

    Since we didn't need to spend any money to set up Clark and Silvia in a home after all, we spent the money on the home lot instead. I lost the screenshot of the exterior somehow, but you'll see it in future posts. It is now two stories.

    Dining room and stairs up to 2nd floor

    Clark's old room is now a living room, with games

    and one of several important napping locations

    Hallway with play space

    There are 2 bedrooms up there for the kids.

    Shashoobie, happy new year everyone!


    Eliza Pancakes, Supervillain (scenario play)

    Tales of San Myshuno
    Posting in What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

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