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EA & CC creators collaboration

SthenastiaSthenastia Posts: 511 Member
edited November 2021 in The Sims 4 Game Feedback
I wonder why EA prefere to make a questionable content for KITs, packs and updates, when they have a lot of possibilities to hire CC creators to make something new? Ok. I understand that they don't want to risk that the customers would download CC for free instead of buy KITs/packs, but they can ask CC creators to make something new or patch their content to the basegame (or make a free pack).

What i heard in below video [11:00] really made me sad some time ago. EA received a permission to use the full kitchen set [for free], but they rejected this because of what?

Currently a lot of creators have their Patreons, but after some time their creations are free to download. Why don't to improve this? EA can make a KITs/packs in collaboration with CC creators and pay them fairly for each sold copy and the creators can have a profit for a long time because their CC content will not have to be free after a month or longer. What is more, official CC content can be available for all of the plaforms and updates will no longer break this content.
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  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 3,448 Member
    Seems kind of a grey area because technically everything cc creators make is using EA material and meshes. So it's like asking to use their own material. Everything cc creators make EA employees can make? Now how and why they choose certain design choices? I don't know. Because sometimes it seems like cc creators get more creative with the meshes. I don't know if it's because EA devs have restrictions or what.
    I've seen cc creators take a simple plain EA mesh and mold it into something fantastic.

    The only benefit I can see to collaborate with a cc creator is that some of them have a lot of sim fans. Like the collab they did with Ebonix I think, for the nails really made it even more popular then it would have been.

    Would I like to see more collabs and creations with cc creators?Absolutely 😁😁
    I feel like bringing new eyes in to visualize new creative things is never a bad thing. The Ebonix made nails were the most creative. Just way too long for my average sim. And luumia has been making great trailers.
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 3,485 Member
    I would like the team to develop a body hair menu and make Luumia’s bodyhair official.
    Ideally the body hair menu would work like the paint menu in Create a Pet, with presets and the option to paint details on a sim’s skin.
    In that case it could be a separate body detail paint menu instead, rendering the need for slots obsolete.
  • QueenMercyQueenMercy Posts: 1,621 Member
    I’d like them to do more makeup collaborations with cc makers.
  • berkleyrawberkleyraw Posts: 13 New Member
    They should collaborate way more with CC Creators! As CC Creators know by far their audience better compared to EA.

    We have so many amazing talented CC creators who even provide constant amount of good swatches with wonderful colors and amazing maxis-match textures that seem to be even in plenty of cases much better than the ones that are by EA (even though they have improved, yes but the costum content is still better).

    They could if they would use the Creator to create awesome themed assets for Kits!

    Especially for
    - Build/Buy
    - CAS items

    And let them go crazy with the amount of assets (like between 30 and 50 as they do). Why? That simple creators do one thing often way better! You may wonder what could that be? They provide complete matching sets without forgetting matching swatches! :D
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