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Hello simmers,

Upon requested, I decided to share my two saves that developed into full blown stories and even intertwined.

They used to be in two saves but I moved them to one.

The families are the Adler's and the Stones.

I have previous stories for both that I will link here.

The Adler's: started out in July 2018 as a test save because I finally gave sims 4 a try, but grew into much more. I did not take many pictures and when I did bad ones, so poor Hazel does not have as much backlog, but here is the link to her story, it started a little before she was born and continues.

Hazel Adler: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/50197897832/in/album-72157715139683883/

The Stones: Used to be A runaway teen challenge but developed into so much more.

Rainbow Stone: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/50320987648/in/album-72157715138300326/

NOTE: Just click in the pictures and use the arrows to move for both, be warned there is a lot of content! It works on mobile phone too. The Stones has extra links and stories on my wordpress blog that is in the very first post of Rainbow's story.

Weekend With You.

Note: This leads up to Rainbow and Hazel finally meeting after being scouting penpals for some years.

This is the links to the Thread I posted them in:

Part 1 H&R Meeting
Part 2 H&R Meeting
Part 3 H&R Meeting
Part 4 H&R Meeting
Part 5 H&R Meeting
Part 6 H&R Meeting
Part 7 H&R Meeting
Part 8 H&R Meeting

Here are also small summaries of each family to get the gist of their dynamic.

Highlights Of The Adlers
-As teens Aubree Adler and Declan Eos became parents to Hazel Adler.

-Aubree’s parents Nadia (with the bun) and Reed (blonde) allowed Dec (in the hat) to move in and help but it was quite the turmoil between Nadia and Aubree (long brunette) on how to care for Hazel (toddler) etc they fought often.

Mom and daughter frequent fights

They had a huge support group of friends and family the Adler was known for parties (Mostly Aubree because of her party animal ways).

-As teens do, they thought the best thing to do to get their independence was to flee, so Aubree and Declan bought a trailer with some very sketchy methods. Once Nadia and Reed were gone on an anniversary cruise, the two young parents moved out and into their trailer. They were too young and dumb to see the help, care and love they were leaving behind.

At prom

Moving also made a sad little girl, all Hazel knew was she missed grandma and grandpa's house and could not see it anymore, Dec and Aubs neglected to think of Hazel and how she would react being rip away from all she knew.

-Unfortunately, Nadia and Reed died on the cruise ship…..Yusuf or Yu got the news, his wife Brandie comforted him and with a lot of Aubree’s friends they all tried to track her and Dec down to tell them the horrific news.

They found them and the funeral happened.

-Time passed and hearts healed, and Hazel continued to grow in her skills, around the time she was five, Aubree was pregnant again but due to complications she and the baby did not make it, leaving Hazel and Dec behind. (IMO I still see fully skilled tots as five year olds).

Declan also started acting strange, saying nonsense was he on something? Little Hazel dubbed this side of Dec, “weird daddy”.

-Declan’s cousin in law Vanessa moved in to help them cope.

-More time passed, and Hazel became a child

Vanessa became a permanent fixture in Dec and Hazel's life, even if that was not her plan to begin with. She just could not leave the little girl with Declan not when he was acting so strange, so she partially raised Hazel.

While Dec became worse and worse despite how much Hazel needed him.
He was getting help for his grief but would not, or could not take it, he came home dazed a lot.
He skipped his appointments he stopped doing is healthy routine.
He had never finished high school but got a job but then lost it.

The erratic behavior kept getting worse, one night Hazel was asleep and he woke her up to read her a story then seem to become angry or hallucinate (No he was not sick, not in that way).

Hazel had two best friends since toddlerhood, their names were Illana and Jesse (with glasses) they were actually Yu’s stepchildren, they were super close, Illana was loud, fiery and slightly bossy but a good sim, Jesse was more timid and gentle like Hazel.

At least Vanessa had Yu and Brandie helping take care of Hazel too

Hazel made another friend from a penpal assignment via Scouts, her name is Rainbow Stone

As time went onward, Hazel is now 10 and starting to see who stays to tuck her in and be with her and care about her friends and life.

To whom keeps giving her hugs but leaving her and acting strange.

Highlights for the Stones
-Gemma Stone was Max, Mckenna and Lilith’s “mom”. She was awful and treated them horrible throughout their childhoods.

She got ran over by a hit and run car leaving the three siblings to continue to survive but now solely on their own that became a blessing despite how hard it was.

Each one had a vice to overcome:

Mckenna the eldest twin teenager was always a go getter giving her all to keep her siblings fedand housed.

However, she had a nasty habit of taking her anger and frustration out on Lilith, causing Lilith to temp move out to live with family friends.

However, she realized all her anger had nothing to do with Lilith and sought to first find an outlet for her anger, she chose exercise and wood working.

She did her best to make amends with her sister, they now have an amazing relationship and it was worth the years of fixing and atonement on Mckenna’s part

And even Mckenna found love after swearing off it because of her “mom” Gemma.

Lilith the youngest child of the Stone trio, was different, she never stopped being a child inside and she was hated most by Gemma, which Mckenna picked up on and continued until they made up.

Gemma, was just one "mom" of Lilith (I let gay couples have kids naturally in my game) Gemma never told Lilith or Gianna Zest they were mother and daughter.

Matty Zest the uncle of Lilith and younger brother of Gianna Zest. did some detective work and figured it out.

Mother and Daughter were ecstatic to fill the holes of time.

But time was short, to short for the two…

But even after the loss things moved on towards a new better path.

Mckenna showed her compassion and Matty promised to always watch over her even if she went to live back with her siblings.

Lilith also found her niche in children’s book thanks to her childish manner and great writing skills, she went to uni and graduate and started writing.

For Max the middle child, youngest twin and only boy of Gemma, found his vices in hookups resulting in a baby, one that the mom did not want. But Max did, he knew that life of being unwanted.

The teen dad called the little girl, Rainbow.

They all moved into a new house together out of the rat infested apartment.

Max studied in programing online and got a tech position. He also meet a lovely lady named Julianna, they took things slow, falling in love.

Rainbow was the light and hope at the end of the Rainbow, the main, but not only reason all three stayed together and mended.

Child Rainbow is a bright and jubilant little girl, she is well loved by Max, Mckenna and Lilith!

She was homeschooled but made her own friends and the penpal Hazel Adler.

Rainbow had her share of problems too.
Accepting Juliana into her life (She thought she was an evil spellcaster out to take her daddy) but with the woman’s patience and calm attitude it happened in no time flat.

Then she had too much homework that Max added on for homeschooling, desperate to give his daughter everything he never had.

But with each problem, Max learned to help his daughter through it. Their bond is the most precious, I love it and feel the love from them.

Alright if anyone is still here, I will be posting actual parts in this thread with spoilers to help it load quickly to continue this story onward, thanks for reading and happy simming!
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    :o You moved your stories to the Writer's lounge! Hiii!!! Yas, this will make it easier for me to follow my sweet Rainbow and Max. 😍😍🥰🥰

    I'm a bit busy atm too. Just sneaking online time on my phone whenever I can but once I'm free I'll catch up 😊 Happy Weekend!
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    @mercuryfoam Yes I did! Haha! I know what it is like to be busy take your time and enjoy!~ <3

    Alright, everyone, here is the first update right after 'A Colorful Weekend/Weekend With You.

    This update will be of the Adler's.

    Declan, placed the pictures they took together around the desk he spent a lot of time at, sometimes live-streaming, sometimes just surfing the web.

    Each time he went to look at them, he smiled, his little girl was no longer a 5 year old, she felt heavier in his arms, her questions more acute, her eyes more sharp, keen, knowing.

    These thoughts always turned his eyes away from the photo and the wave of joy and pride turned sour.

    When had it happened? When had she grown?

    And why could he barely remember?

    Declan's Thoughts: Oh and I bet ^^he^^ can remember just perfectly about ^^his^^ daughter every. single. moment.

    These bitter thoughts sent a wave of envy....

    After all, Declan thought he never had a knack for anything. untalented, but maybe that changed with Aubree, he had a knack for love, compassion, family.

    But.... now he even doubted that.... he had been doubting it, for as many years as his own daughter grew from 5 years old to 10 year old.

    Rest is under the spoilers
    After Rainbow and her daddy left, Hazel found herself feeling immensely sad, even if the two did skype the very next afternoon, it was not the same as those precious days together.

    She felt and found herself reverting back to her clingyness she had as a toddler that never really truly left but started to diminish when she started finding a bit of her own two feet.

    Hazel stuck close to Vanessa's side, following her like a shadow, she did enjoy watching Nessa do flowering arranging it fed into her creative hands-on nature.

    Vanessa of course did not turn her away, she honestly had no idea what to do, but felt it would harm Hazel more if she pushed her away instead of making her feel secure.

    Tucker dropped in to visit wanting to check in on everyone.

    Vanessa greeted her step-dad warmly, she was far used to his inconsistent ways by now and just wanted to spend time with him.

    Vanessa also felt that Hazel was coming down with a bit of something.

    So she made Hazel take a few naps and drink lots of juice and tea.

    Vanessa's Thoughts: I really hope Declan kept her bundled tight during the off and on snow we been having....

    When Hazel was not clinging to Vanessa or napping, she went to snuggle her bunny finding comfort in it softness. <3

    She seemed rather withdrawn from her other friends right now, mostlikey not wanting to be a bother by missing Rainbow so much or hurt any feelings.

    Poor girl, your friends would understand.... I am sure, but it seems Hazel is not so sure.

    At least the clingyness seems to extend to those in her 'circle' which means her family she known since she can remember.

    So Tucker takes some time to watch her draw and give encouragement.

    Hazel thrives from the positive words doing on of her most favorite activity, she was eager to start on Winter decor for her room and for others early on!

    Tucker is not the only one to drop by, Yu does as well.

    He wanted to make sure Hazel was alright, Jesse and Illana had been missing her company, so he wanted to make sure she was alright without putting her in an unprepared situation.

    Doing this was not a huge deal for him or Brandie, but they have come to understand her personality very well.

    Yu had heard how hard Hazel had been working on her Winterfest projects and wanted to lend his support, also to tell her the twins offered up a fraction of their allowance to get her some more crafts to work with.

    Hazel was very grateful!

    She told Yu so how much she loved and appreciated the gift and that she would tell the twins and come over for a sleepover soon.

    Hazel's Thoughts: My friends... and someone basically an uncle, thank you, now I can really work hard on Rainbow's gift and everyone else's too!

    Hazel is starting to become very aware of things.

    Not only about how strange daddy gets and the signs of this, and how he is not getting better....

    But how much Vanessa does for daddy and her.

    Now 10, the girl has learned a lot about her character values from school, scouts, and watching those around her.

    She wants to be more helpful to help out Vanessa in all that she does.

    So she started picking up chores here and there, and not just to earn a scouts badge but to really be helpful.

    Hazel happily keeps making her arts and crafts.

    She is happy that Yu comes by and shows him a sneak peek of Jesse and Illana's , he thinks they will really enjoy them!

    Hazel swallows hard, her grip on crayon tightening just a bit more with nervous pressure.

    She 🐲🐲🐲🐲 her dried lips and opens them to ask a burning question, the one Rainbow advised her to ask, the one she really wishes to ask with all her heart.

    But the poor bean loses her nerve.... and just keeps drawing.

    Her efforts show as Yu helps her hang up the decor and they both admire it.

    Vanessa brings up some hot chocolate and they all sit around chatting here and there and admire the work.

    Hazel smiles gently and takes another sip feeling so very warm, Rainbow might have had to leave, but they meet again, they promised.

    For now, the ones in her life, who could easily come to her side were very much around her.

    Yet.... in this peace and happiness, reassurance for one so young gone through so many losses as she had,

    A person she loves so deeply keeps moving away from her, not at her side,

    But striding right of the door.....

    This update is for the Stones

    After they finally arrived back in Oasis Springs the traffic holding them up extra long, it was very late into the night.

    The two got in and unpacked quietly since Mckenna and Lilith slept already.

    "It will be okay baby, Hazel is okay, Nessa texted me, you can video chat tomorrow okay?"

    "Okay daddy.... "

    Rainbow of course trusted that but she was still pretty sad.

    More under the spoilers.
    Max stayed with her until she drifted off this time, then tucked her in again, finally after watching her a bit longer, he turned out the lights and went to bed himself.

    The next morning, Rainbow rushed to give hugs to her two aunts and then they had breakfast while Rainbow told them every, single. detail of her time with Hazelnut~

    After getting off of video chat with Hazel, Rainbow was cheered up even more and knew Hazel and Vanessa were going to flower arrange together.

    She happily opened the door when her friend Paisley came around to play with her~

    Having the lively chatter box entertained, Lilith got back to writing her latest kids book and Mckenna went back to crafting some woodworks.

    The next day after scouts, Max and Rainbow went to visit Juliana to tell her about their trip and check up on her.

    She was feeling much better and thanked Max for his thoughtful soup he made, it had eased her stomach and the lovely flowers smelled well, lovely.

    She is actually pregnant but unaware heh thanks MCC ;-)

    I know Rainbow's is shorter but a TON of huge things happen with her in the next few updates to make up for that!

    And no, I can't tell you Hazel's life gets better or happier, I am so sorry, but good things happen along the way.

    That is all for now :)
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    @Lyrie i noticed your post in WHIYGT. I'll put my comment there and leave here for your chapters? :)
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    I am enjoying the back story! :)

    Tales of San Myshuno
    Posting in What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

    Wishing for a hard life?
    The Slacklater family's adventures in the Diminish the Torment Challenge, and how you can play too...

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    @mercuryfoam that is perfectly fine! :)

    @mightysprite Thank you so much! Glad that you do~ :)

    @DeafSimmer Glad it makes it easier, I am following your reboot story as well, they are adorable, I love them so much.

    I might have another update out today or tomorrow happy simming!~
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    Hello, everyone, another update on my Adler's and Stones!

    The Adler's.

    We start off pretty grim *sigh* :(

    Hammy the Hamster passed away!

    It was not actually the original Hammy, but Hammy 2 but Hazel never knew that (Dec her dad and Vanessa hide that from her).

    But now there was no hiding this....

    After standing in shock waiting for this to not be real, reality hit and Hazel broke into tears crying her heart out.

    A Sad, Stressful Day
    She turned to her bunnies on her night stand and viewed each one including her stuffed bun-bun, tears welled in her eyes and back down her face, a thought entering her mind.

    Hazel's Thoughts: At least they can't leave me, they are not alive.

    Declan actually came up hearing her sobs and I was impressed and just watched, idk what they were talking about it just said "chat"

    Grrr >:(

    Whatever he freaking said sent her under the covers crying!


    Nope, called off school that day no way she is going like this.

    Then this dope goes to dry already dried and clean laundry and sets himself a blaze


    I was sooo tempted to let him burrrrrrrn!

    Gasp! I was literally shocked when Hazel did NOT go towards the fire but ran right outside!

    Yeeeees break the code Hazel! :-O Or maybe sims got smarter?

    The only good thing is I finally get to experience the firefighters in my game! :D

    The fireman did not mess around and put Dec out straight away! :smile:

    Then they both tackled the rest of the flames!

    I think I got lucky they did not dance xD

    Vanessa came home happy as can be about her ladder climbing at work, she is now in the gardening track!

    But she also got a little stressed due to the Declan fire incident, and had to help Hazel try to cope and grief her hamster, seems about right about how things happen to poor Vanessa all the time!

    Rod, Vanessa half brother came over, he was in an angry mood, after calming him down, Vanessa decided they would go to the movies, Hazel too, Declan did not wish to go.

    Rod ran ahead and Vanessa and Hazel followed after.

    While they were gone at the movies, Amelia came by to try and find test dummies for her practicing on massages, she did all the reading and studying now she needed to put it into practice.

    Vanessa dropped off Rod back at home with her step-dad Tucker and her mom Rachel.

    Then she did Hazel's night time routine tucking in her extra tight and staying with her, reading an extra story and promising Hammy was in a happy place for hamsters.

    Then realizing Amelia had been abandoned downstairs she came to chat with her of course.

    They talk about her strange symptoms she has been having and also her new massage home business she was trying to start up.

    I was testing a mod that said goodnight so sweet~

    Also, Amelia talked Vanessa into coming over to get a free massage since she seemed a bit tense and a little stressed.

    Vanessa's Shift In Romance
    Why not practice on a a couple of test dummies er friends/boyfriend?

    Over at Vanessa's the other night to talk about her strange symptoms, she thought Vanessa looked much to stressed... probably Declan again to be perfectly frank, so Amelia invited her over for a massage.

    Vanessa looks a little hesitant but agrees.

    Amelia did fantastic so much so I was just watching and forgot to take a pic xd

    "Hey watcher you sure you want me to sit here? My bro and his darling seem quite busy and not in need of company.... three is a crowd in most cases, ya know, with this stuff."

    I have no idea her real issue but thought it was funny! xD

    Vanessa surprised me by asking Beck to be her boyfriend!!!!

    She was always the hesitant one due to her obligations -self felt- for Declan and not self felt for Hazel, but she asked him autonomously! <3

    Beck was so overjoyed he did a little wiggle cheer it was so cute~

    Beck moved forward, it was cold but, he had a surprise or step of his own in their relationship.

    He just hoped she would accept it, though a bit shy in his movements he leaned a bit inward and!

    kissed her! Right on the lips and with a lot of his lovey dovey good-natured feelings.

    Vanessa breath caught as her eyes widened like alien saucers, it was by far her first kiss but still with him... she relaxed closing her eyes enjoying this new moment wishing for more already.

    The two spent some more time together after the kiss, doing a mix of shy and yet comfortable kissing and cuddles.

    "Bye for now, Beck."

    Vanessa held on to him tightly, she chuckled at having the feelings she read so much about in books not ever wanting to let go.

    "I'll see you soon?"

    Beck asked hopefully holding her to the same degree.

    "Yeah, you can count on it."

    She quietly told but not exactly promised.

    Beck smiles softly, he knew he would be counting away the time until then!~

    The Stones

    Okay so this is a photo dump mostly lol I finally got the Moshina pack or however you spell it, and I was practicing and trying to get use to taking pics.

    I like how it looks like Max is holding her arm or something and Rainbow is like "Yaaaaaay crazy Woot!"

    Rainbow looks like she is tugging on Juli again because she is so confused xD Love them all!

    Photo-bomb All together
    Of course here they are being goofy!

    And of course in this one, they have all that simstagram sass model vibe, I know this was all your fault, Max!

    I adore the stances that Rainbow and Max have in this picture~

    Posing them was really fun! I loved all the choices!

    They already look like a family! <3!~ (This was done by pose player)

    Aww they look nice in their more formal wears! (This was done by poseplayer)

    These precious people are goals!~ (This was done by poseplayer)

    Photo-bomb: Max and Rainbow
    This one captures their love and deep bond <3

    This one captures their love and deep bond <3

    This pic captures their goofy sides of them both xD

    Photo-bomb: Juliana and Rainbow
    I love them and how fair they have come!`

    Awwww love this~

    To think Rainbow used to think she was an evil spellcaster!~ xD

    What a cute pose they did such a good job but we need more poses lol moooooreeee!

    Such sass lol this is all Max's encouragement, I know it to put on simsagram!

    Photo-bomb: Rainbow Staring Herself.

    She is so excited about the promise of ice cream later the little fiend! xD

    Awww, I love her so much~

    The pro sly innocent look she has perfected dang why is she so cute to make you fall for it! xD

    And here is a cute one off of these two dorks.

    Awwww Max is a dork like this and I guess Juli as calm and together as she is can have her moments!

    The three were coming back from taking pictures, it was a gift Juliana gave Max a while ago and he finally cashed it in.

    They were now of course, going for ice cream in the strangely cool weather of winter in Newcrest.
    50974348912_2d2be71767_h.jpg596. by Lyrie Creesen, on Flickr

    The two were in love and they could not help but share a kiss, today had gone great, so many days before that had gone so great too, and it was bliss~

    Rainbow pretended to find this oh so gross and hide her eyes making noises through her giggles.

    It felt so long ago when she was first very not okay with Juli dating her daddy, but now it seemed almost unreal to have felt that way.

    Of course she had thought Juliana was an evil spell-caster but nope! Now, she felt the woman a mom.

    Mckenna and Matty
    There was a lot of romance in the air, Mckenna went to visit Matty and he greeted her in this manner oh-la-la~

    "Hey beautiful, I love you."

    Matty got a very loving kiss back for that~ <3

    Also I was testing out a mod that let's your sims tell their lovers they love them as well as loved ones like family or friends~

    Matty got a very loving kiss back for that~ <3

    Also I was testing out a mod that let's your sims tell their lovers they love them as well as loved ones like family or friends~

    They went out on a fishing and hiking picnic date via Explore mod and this the way Matty kissed Mckenna goodbye, love!~

    I check the receiving moodlet for saying I love you and my heart melted because Mckenna started out so angry and hating love because of what her "mom" Gemma exposed her too as a child, aka horrible neglect and countless of woohooing with no romance attached.

    That is all for now :)
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    Hello everyone, this is another update for my Stones and Adlers.

    Tags: @Silverofdreams30 @RedDestiny92 (If everyone else wants to tagged let me know!)


    Vanessa had some snacks with Hazel when she came home from school that day.

    This was their normal and the sandwich belongs to Dec who took it and ate it at the computer O.o I was so surprised I dd not get a pic!

    At least he was streaming and earning some money for the household!

    Vanessa decided to plant some holly since it was in season, the greenhouse she used to have, she got deconstructed and the money back for it because it needed to go into something more, fire damages, appliances that keep breaking and a gambling debt Dec had been trying to hide.... >.>

    Vanessa was worried about Winterfest gifts she had so many ideas for Hazel and the girl really would love them, but did she have the simoleons?

    At least Beck was able to help her get the mini flower making station for Hazel, the ten year old would spend hours watching her so why not help that interest?

    Vanessa's and Beck's Date
    Beck and Vanessa went out for a dinner date and they both had news to share.

    Beck shared his thoughts on Amelia, and the fact he finally landed himself a substitute position at the local Landgraab Elementary.

    Vanessa happily shared her thoughts and enthusiasm towards Amelia also thinking she was pregnant as well as the job landing, she had her own amazing career news, she made it to the botanist branch in the gardening career.

    He was just as happy for her, they ate and chatted now and again becoming overly flattered and a little bashful with all the romance yet they enjoyed it~

    These two are marshmallows and I went them to melt together forever!

    Overcome by their shared sentiments (smitten) Beck let loose some lovey-dovey love he had been careful to hold back, he declared they were soulmates and Vanessa did not disagree!~

    Also ignore the crazy sim in the pic lol

    Beck was so filled with joy that Vanessa agreed they were soul mates that he said goodbye to her in this manner. <3

    Beck was so elated and flushed in a passionate way , he flopped right into the snow spreading his arms out wide smiling like a dope into the cold wintry starry sky.

    Life could hardly get better.... well it could but those things take time, Beck understood and respected that, his love was too great for his blonde beauty to do anything less but take it steady, it was too much for him to lose, if he pushed things but he valued to keep helping her, especially for herself.

    A few days later after a lovely date, were Beck had confessed that she was his soulmate, she was still feeling flutterly flattered butterflies in her stomach and her heart raced lightly when she thought of it.

    She was happily chatting with Hazel having a nice dinner, but she realized out of the corner of her eye Declan's state.

    After "slipping up" again when the Stones were over, Vanessa actually demanded he go back to therapy, he had stopped.

    She felt proud of that, proud of her own moves, at heart she was such a softie when it came to family.

    But was Dec alright? It always kept her questioning, worried, she tried hard not to backtracking in her decisions.

    Was she really doing the right things?

    One thing she was sure of, she was doing decently raising Hazel, she had helped the girl cope and still coping through her loss of her first pet.

    Hazel had even expressed a desire to have a bunny...but did not elaborate on a toy one or a real one, well! Vanessa would see what she could do.

    Hazel was really in the Winterfest spirit, making decorations for her room and others and painting and creating a lot of crafts for gifts to give!

    A Good Weekend
    Vanessa had a bit of research she had to do for her job, but she no longer would allow Dec alone with Hazel, so off to Brandie and Yu's house they would go.

    Hazel was obviously excited to go and that her dad would come along too!

    At ten, Hazel now even understand her daddy needed to be watched maybe even more than her.....


    He legit turned his back on this.... ever since Max came and Dec held all that hostility, jealously, and self pity it was seeping out to bitterness even disdain maybe.

    Hazel hugged her friend Illana happily wondering though what she was watching? Her friend since toddlerhood had always been a bit wild, a tad bossy and always a trill seeker!

    Jesse came over to also give Hazel a hug hello, they both wondered what in the world Illana was watching now? It did not seem like viodcritter's!

    Jesse was always a sweet, quiet, yet slightly geeky boy and a very good ear to listen too.

    Not to worry, mom to the rescue, she gave them all some pancakes, set the T. V. to between tweens and warned Illana to keep it there missy!

    Illana huffed but did as told but she was not a baby anymore! She was 11!

    Declan sat alone in the kitchen to eat his pancakes enough said.

    After breakfast the kids ran outside to shoot around the ball and play a game of llama with each other before they went to their scouts meeting.

    Declan decided to talk to Brandie who was listening to him and trying to hear out his kinda out there complaints about life.

    After getting back from scouts the three swirled from their uniforms and was directed kindly but Brandie to pick an activity to go to this afternoon.

    The three got in a little circle and offered suggestions and then voted on what they would like to do.

    They all went to a family movie showing something about a squeal or something to the lost dogs movie, everyone was really excited to see it!

    After the movie, Hazel brought out her journal and wrote down all the things she wanted to tell Rainbow about!

    Hazel's Thoughts: Maybe she even saw it too! Anyways I can't wait to talk to her about it heh!

    That night, Brandie had to go to work (Yu had been at a gaming conference this weekend) so Vanessa came over to babysit the kids through the night, there was a guest room for her and already a bed for Hazel there.

    Don't worry she tucked in Jesse and Illana too knowing the twins very well by now.

    She unwinded watching an old movie while some cereal marshmallow squares baked in the oven for a breakfast treat tomorrow.

    She also texted back and forth with Beck~

    The kids did enjoy them the next morning although apparently lol Jesse wanted something more filling first! xD

    Like the day before, it was outside play on such a mild winter day, Hazel and Jesse swung happily on the swings while Illana ran around trying to catch a few insects and frogs to take to scouts.

    Her motive for doing this? Most likely clouded in mischief, a skill she was actively gaining!

    Once she found her bugs, she and Hazel happily had friendly races around the monkey bars.

    Illana won them all of course but they both had fun!~

    The trio went to scouts again and Brandie came back from a catering function, she was off for the rest of the day and Yu would be home this evening.

    Vanessa and Brandie had no issues chatting to each other.

    That evening Vanessa helped Hazel on a solo project in art and crafts constructing a bridge, they had a good time doing it.

    However, they both got slightly annoyed by Declan who was not helping and just chatting about random nonsense things the whole time.

    Finally Vanessa told him as decently as she could to go to sleep, he was obviously on something.

    The two females got done and it was an amazing build!

    Vanessa watched Hazel being so happy and then kissed her a well done and led her right up to bed routine, but a bit quicker, it was late time had slip a little!

    The Stones

    Mckenna was the cook of the house and she did not mind this, but she also thought it was time Max kept cooking and increasing his skill.... who knows she might not always be there to do the job for Rainbow and Lilith.

    Speaking of the latter two, they should also start taking steps to do the same.

    But for now, they should all enjoy their breakfast and get on with their day.

    Normal And Loving Times
    This is relatable!

    Going to school or work in PJs!

    Mckenna does everything autonomously, she is so independent always has been <3

    A normal day, Rainbow continues to do home-school online now doing a project with students online.

    Lilith is writing her latest book (all still unpublished, she is a nervous bean) Sippy Cups and Rubber Ducks.

    Mckenna is making furniture for the house, i have a littlemssam's mod that allows you to craft more, so she is decking out the house!

    They are always hugging and I live for it!

    I know some people have their sims always hugging, but I have a mod to stops that but they kinda still do it and I am here for it <3

    Rainbow enjoying the second book of the journey of young spell-caster Henry Puffer~ She is addicted to this series and the general idea of spellcasters!

    Max is making lunch, he agrees with Mckenna that he should increase his cooking skill too, so he is making some nice sandwiches.

    Everyone helps out around the house, it is very heart warming to see!~

    Rainbow is cleaning the counters, I have a mod that lets kids do more.

    A Little Get Together
    For dinner, Max makes tacos and invites Julianna, and Angel, his wife and three kids over for dinner, sadly Matty could not make it.

    This the only time you get to eat in your room miss, let that be clear! :O but it is cute she wanted to eat with the little toddler.

    Everyone gathers in the living room and has a good time bonding and talking!

    Oh-ho Juli is started to show~ the hoodie does a decent job but it is still shows~

    A surprise and an even happier Rainbow~
    The next morning, the two ate breakfast together, Lilith went to the library and Max to work.

    "Hey kid, I need you too skedaddle for a bit today, kay? Go visit Juli."

    "Sure! But hmmm, why so?"

    "You'll see,"

    "Oooooo~ Surprises~ Now I am more excited, heh!"

    Mckenna heard happy screams coming from the house, she finished hanging up the laundry.

    Rainbow came blazing out to glomp her in affection,


    "You're welcome Rainbow of course."

    Mckenna had handcrafted and painted the clothing cubbies for Rainbow, for as long as Rainbow could remember she shared with Lilith!

    And despite her disinterest of most technology, she got Rainbow a music thing since she wanted to dance and would be taking dance classes until scouts started back up in the spring!

    Mckenna also crafted a bookcase, painted it and also painted the scale model ferryboat, the four of them had put it together and then Mckenna painted it for Rainbow.

    And lastly her photo wall!

    She turned it to a random song and tried it out, she had a blast!

    After regular dancing was done, she found Mckenna's old exercise videos and put in the dancing one (This is because of kids can do more mod).

    She was making cute faces so slight spam incoming~

    This mod was done well, the kids feet go through the floor a bit and they may hover a bit, but hey, maybe they just have the dancing powers so amazingly hard lol.

    In this pic she tried to do a spin but slipped but caught herself!

    Feeling very energized she decided to go clean the bathroom! At a girl! (a mod by Zulf lets kids clean)

    Rest Of The Rotation
    While she does that the adults are conspiring lol

    To go out to eat! Heh! :D

    They had a lovely meal but they stayed a little longer so Rainbow could finish her drawing~

    Also YAY! Max maxed out his parenting skill! Woot!

    Rainbow waits for her breakfast burrito to be finished, lol what a Mckenna stance that is! xD

    Her home-school meets up once in a while for field trips, Paisley her friend and fellow home schooler, mom was coming to collect Rainbow since she was a chaperone, to see an educational puppet show.

    She came home and told Bunnybow all about it!

    She also could not wait to tell Hazel all she learned and find out if her school did things like that!

    These two got home from work and Max finished up a side job while Lilith finished up her book, they both ate lunch together and got the sentiment happy from closer quality time or something it was really cute!~

    Rainbow helps her aunts write and woodwork by playing the violin

    LOL! she did not sound too, too bad she is getting better!

    That is all for now :)
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    @Lyrie aw the date was sweet I wonder if Dec will continue to have slip ups and fail or if they will just be sprinkled in, hard to say how people heal or fail and all, I think I had something else to say but Rainbow, as usual, stole the whole update she's just a sweet doll and I love her colorful room. Just watch her dance and imagine her growing up and it's like no....be a kid forever ha. Though I love this and look forward to hearing about the whole group, though I forgot Lilith's connection she's someone's girlfriend isn't she?
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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    Great update, sorry I'm late to comment.
    but I really enjoyed it.
    they had a great date.
  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 742 Member
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    Aaaaah my notification are being dumb again! >.<

    Thanks for commenting friends! :)

    @RedDestiny92 Heh, Rainbow kinda does that doesn't she? And not even on purpose! xD
    So far with Dec, it has been back and forth, moments 5 days he is decent, 10days he is not, but honestly ever since that visit with the Stones we been on a serious down spiral ,and something happened in my game, that made me make a slight 'for this moment' decision about an outcome, hopefully it leads to the better but for lack of better words and not wanting to spoil how... Dec will hit that low, low, rock bottom point here soon.

    Lilith is the youngest Stone sibling, Mckenna is the first born twin, Max the second and Lilith was after them about 3 years apart from her elder twin siblings. So she is also Rainbow's aunt, but they have a more sisterly and friend bond because Lilith is childish. Also, Matty Zest is her uncle, and so is Angel Zest, so a lot of connections but I get why you forgot, she is a quiet sweet bean who just wants to hang out with family and write books for/about toddlers and children. :)

    @ Everyone that reads, I'll post another update here in the next few days~
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    Hello everyone! This is a very special Adler update today, a huge moment in Hazel's story, the same will happen with Rainbow after I get done with Hazel :blush:

    Requested tags: @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30

    Alright onto the update~

    "Hello Hazel darling, come on in did you eat dinner yet?"

    "Mhm, we had spaghetti, Hi Yu."

    Hazel's Thoughts: Okay now is the time, i ask about grandma and grandpa, just like Rainbow said ask someone who knows and won't get too sad about talking about it, I think cousin Yu is it.

    Hazel spent a happy time there perusal, Brandie was at her cooking career, Yu entertained the kids by playing video games with them, he was also testing out a new golf game being an video game creator!

    But it was soon time for bed.

    Yu tucked them all in them came down to have some tea, making it it came back in and saw....

    A Peek Into The Past
    Yu's Thoughts: This is out of character, I wonder what is wrong or up?

    He set his tea down and came over to help the girl build,

    "Can't sleep?"

    Hazel shook her head quietly, how to ask something like this? I mean, she could just ask but....

    Hazel's Thoughts: Daddy won't talk about grandma and grandpa... but Yu is different than daddy.

    Finding her courage, she asked softly.

    Yu looked over to her with a little shock but then a small smile,

    "I see, well come with me, I think I can answer that question."

    They snuggled on the couch together and Yu took out his phone, he kept a few pictures on there but he would have to get his photo album out.

    Yu's Thoughts: How does she not know about Nadia and Reed? Declan has.... reminded her right? Kept them in her memory....? But I guess not, why?

    Yu was scrolling through his pictures.

    Maybe he deleted the ones on his phone when the tragic deaths of Reed and Nadia was too great for him to stand.

    But after a moment he found one.

    "Wait! I remember that room!"

    Hazel gasp a slight flash of memory upon seeing it again,

    "Mommy also played the violin? Rainbow plays that!"

    "Yes, she also played the guitar, do you remember?"

    "Yes, that is the one I remember the most."

    "Your mother was very talented, she also played the keyboard behind her and she even started DJing."

    "Whoa... I might wanna try a music something, give it a try."

    "I think that be lovely darling, I will be happy to be apart of your audience."

    "Ah and she often sang too."

    "Heh, daddy told me lots of stories, she and he used to sing together and he said he sounded like a screeching cat and she an angel."

    Yu gave a chuckle but had to think: So he made sure she remembered her mother, but not her grandparents? Odd so odd, why?

    "Did you find the album, Yu?"

    "Yes I did ready to see your mommy as a toddler and grandma and grandpa?"

    "Yes! Yes I am!"

    "Wow, she is beautiful and he is handsome, that is grandma and grandpa, right? I kinda remember them."

    "That is right, this was their wedding day, remember the old house? Well, they had it right in the front yard."

    Yu smiled at the memories.

    "I was their best man and we all devoured the cake."

    Hazel giggled.

    "Your Grandma Nadia was a very logical and strong woman, she loved everyone so much."

    "Here she is at her job, I got to go in for take your kid to work day,"

    "You see, Reed was my uncle, and when he married Nadia she became my family too, Reed rescued me from growing up in a terrible environment."

    Hazel stared in wonder and joy, her family was so amazing!

    "Your grandpa Reed hah, was always the funny man! He could break the tension in the room with a single joke or smile, everyone loved to just being around him, even you."


    "Oh yeah, he had you cracking up, your little laughter always present when with him."

    Hazel smiled softly, she thought she'd maybe remembered that, a man always making goofy faces at her or telling her jokes.

    "Yu-Yu who is that blonde boy?"

    "Is he another first cousin like you?"

    "Not quite, that is Blake, he was your uncle."

    Hazel gasped hard,

    "Uncle! Mommy had a brother! No one ever said!"

    "That one is understandable... Blake... had an unfortunate end, when he aged into a teen, he went outside, and got struck by lightening unfortunately, he passed on to the Netherlands."

    "Oh... I see."

    They sat quietly and Yu snuggled Hazel more, letting her feel that reveal out.

    "Can I still see him as a toddler? Mommy too?"

    "Of course darling, here he is, he was a cute little devil."

    "Hehe, why devil?"

    He used to get into your Great-Grandma's old paints and Dein's baking supplies and paint the house in sugar and colors!"


    Then after a moment.

    "Who is my great-grandma and who is Dein?"

    Yu stopped himself from reacting, it seemed no Adler ties had been told to her, so he told her how Rose and Vera were her great-grandma's and Nadia's mommies and then how Dien was Nadia's cousin.

    He also told her more information about each of them.


    "Mo-mommy looks! Looks!"

    "like you as a toddler? I know, everyone thought so, but you have your daddy in you too."

    "Th-those clips!"

    "Mhm, the same ones, you even share the same hair texture."

    Hazel blinked with wide eyes, after a moment she asked,

    "Was mommy naughty like Blake?"

    Yu chuckled,

    "Well every toddler has their moments, you know."

    "Ooooh even me? As a toddler?"

    Hazel asked not believing it so much.

    "heh, even you, your main thing was hating going to bed and wondering off."

    "Really I don't mind bedtime so much now."

    "And I would never wonder off alone, that is scary."

    "Heh, that is what growing up is all about."

    Yu gave the girl a kiss on her head.

    "Now to answer your question, Your mommy was not really naughty as a toddler, no, she just loved to chatter and sought a lot of attention."

    Yu pointed at a picture,

    "Grandma loved reading to Blake and Aubree all the time."

    Hazel looked at the sweet moment then gasped again,

    "Grandma read to me! I remember, mommy and daddy too, they were good readers."

    "That is right, she loved reading to everyone."

    "Here is mommy and uncle Blake as kids."

    "Heh-heh, did they get along good or bad?"

    Hazel asked curiously.

    "Illana and Jesse get along good, though Illana can be a bit pushy and Jesse in his own world."

    Yu chuckled,

    "Very true, Aubree and Blake got along one minute and then fought and teased the next, then made up the next, typical siblings as crazy as it sounds."

    "Rainbow and I took pictures like that it was fun, then we each took some with our daddies."

    "Sounds great, I'll have to ask Nessa for some to put in here."

    "Me? In this album?"

    She pointed at it letting out a yawn.

    "Of course, you are apart of this family an Adler after all."

    "I'm an Adler, I never knew what it meant before, I like it, love my family, even if some bad luck things happened."

    "I love it too, it is good to know where we came form and the events that have passed within that time."

    "Wowie, mommy loved Winterfest! Right?"

    "Oh-ho your mom loved any party but yes, she loved dressing up for all types of holidays."

    "But then again so did your grandma and grandpa, Winterfest was a huge deal, the whole house would be decorated weeks before, goodies being baked each weekend, a sim could put on some pounds!"

    "Holiday music going through the whole house and the best part was the party."

    "I remember, in the trailer mommy and daddy made Winterfest special and then we went to a huge lot for a party, it was so pretty."

    "Yes, Aubree was big on continuing those traditions after grandma and grandpa passed on, she did a marvelous job."

    "One of the favorite things for Grandpa, grandma and Aubree to do was play cards, mine too, it was a rainy day activity or a way to wind down before the work week began again."

    "it holds a lot of fun times and even though small, some of my fondness memories."

    Yu looked down to his side and smiled gently.

    "Well that explains the lack of comment... well, there is always another day to go through more."

    Yu's Thoughts; I am glad I could ease her curiosity and her burden, Declan why have you done this? Do you even have the pictures of them anymore?

    Putting the album down, he scooped the sleeping girl up, one he saw pretty much as a second daughter, then a second cousin and tucked her into bed.

    Yu's thoughts were right, it did lift Hazel's spirits to know more about her family, she played happily the next day feeling so much lighter and eager to learn more.

    Hazel's Thoughts: I can't wait to tell Rainbow all I learned about my family! They were amazing people!

    That they were!

    That is all for now :)
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    Hello everyone here is the second part of the Adler update, next time it will be Rainbow's turn :blush:

    Requested Tags: @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30

    Alright and onto the story!~

    On a Sunday evening Yu had asked Dec to meet up with him to hang out, he wanted to know how the Dec was dong in general but the burning question at the back of his mind since Friday did also play a part in this.

    Now would he ask? That would be seen!

    Some Chitting and Chatting Between Men.
    The two order a few drinks, Yu was not ignorant of Dec's drinking issue but he vowed to watch the younger man to make sure he did not over do it.

    Maybe if he got guidance on the right way, he'd go back to that? Was this a quite ignorant hopeful thought?

    Declan started off by asking how everyone was?

    How was Brandie? The kids? Hazel? How was life?

    Yu couldn't complain and only had good things to say about everyone.

    He happily told him about the re-tracing he and Hazel did of the Adler family, wondering if he see some type of reaction from it?

    But why would he? Nadia and Reed took Dec in like their own.... just like himself.

    There was no visual reaction to the last part about Hazel.

    They moved form the bar to a bench towards the music.

    Yu told him of the promotion he heard Vanessa got. He asked how dog walking was treating him in the cold?

    Dec told him how he had lost that job, too much inconstancy said the boss or whatever.

    Yu said he was sorry and asked if he could help in the job finding? He knew Dec never finished high school, so it was a bit hard for him.

    Dec brushed him off saying he was a streamer now of games and if Yu gave him, his prototype games, he could stream them to test them out.

    Yu was unsure but said he talk it over with his boss. How much did a streamer make especially a starter one? He was pretty concerned and offered again some type of job for him to work his way up to being an professional gamer and streamer.

    Declan got a little on edge and moved back up to the bar, ordering two more drinks, he downed them both in seconds.

    Yu came with him of course a bit concerned but Dec assured him he was fine!

    "Order one yourself there Yu, come on can't be that much of a light weight!" He down the second and ordered more a fancy looking one with his salmon.

    Yu decided to let the career thing go for now, they started to talk about other things.

    Mostly there friend group, he told him Pinky had meet Perry and they were boyfriend and girlfriend, now and moving in together with Gavin-Derick.

    So was very recently, Vanessa and Beckett had also became boyfriend and girlfriend.

    "Amelia and Nikolas got engaged, so did Terrence and Nayeli."

    It seemed Dec got very irritated hearing all this happy news.

    Back into his own self-loathing and pity that had only increased since Max Stone came along.

    He grew very bitter and it showed.

    No one told him these things!

    But Vanessa had told him all of this and his friends would have, if he would stop neglecting them and accept their invites over and focus on their lives and not just himself.

    Dec scoffed like a child and went to order more drinks.

    Yu however intervened and politely asked the bartender to cap the drinks for Dec, he looked a little too out of it.

    This did not go over well at all.

    "Wassa the plum manz you not my dadz you is Yu!"

    "I know, but if you could listen to yourself, enough is enough, you need to sleep this off, alright, come on, Declan, I'll get you home."

    That suggestion went over worse!

    Just look at his face!

    His anger was temp put on hold, because he started to feel not good at all.

    He rushed to get up, Yu jumping up to help steady him and!

    Well there went the salmon and various other things, yuck!

    Yu called to the bartender to please bring over some water, he helped Dec to the bench so he could lean back.

    Hurt Brings Memories
    But on that bench, Declan flipped out on him!!!

    Yelling at him about how HE did NOT need anyone to tell him when to stop drinking!!!!

    Yu flinched not expecting the sheer rage suddenly from nowhere.

    But little did he knew it was from a lot of places.

    Dec kept screaming about how Yu overstepped showing his daughter! HIS girl pictures of those cursed plumholes!

    Yu choked on nothing but shock, how could he? How dare he?

    Memories flashed back of all the love he was giving by supposed plumholes!

    Taking on a responsibility and not just out of obligation but love.

    Nadia never once turned him down even when pregnant, they were so generous and caring.

    Yu was not even angry, it just all went to sadness, disappointment and confusion.

    "Declan, you can't mean that and... I felt it was right, she was hurting and yearning to learn more, she remembered some things but---"

    "Oh Please just shut the plum up!"

    Declan glowered,

    "She did not remember anything! You did it to get over my head to make me look bad! You and the Adler's are a cursed bunch! My daughter does not need you or any of that crap!"

    Another stab to the heart.

    All that he was saying untrue, sure the family tree line had its misfortune here and there but all this?

    Memories yet again took him away from the raging.

    Sweet precious irreplaceable memories.

    Reed and Nadia's kindness and strength, lead him to a path to loving and marrying a single mom left alone... he loved Illana and Jesse and never even looked at them as step-kids, those were his babies and so was Hazel.

    What right did Declan have? To at least say he was not needed? Without Yu, Brandie, Vanessa, several others to help out here and there! Declan and Hazel would have never made it!

    Anger started to course through the sadness.

    Things Become Heated!
    The two sat in their own heads feeling unwell towards each other, seething really.

    "Come on Declan that is enough, you made enough of a scene, I am taking you home."

    He got Declan up, but the man swung away swaying and went right back into yelling at him, screaming how the Adler's were good-for-nothings and his daughter would have nothing to do with it. N.O.T.H.I.N.G!!!!!!!

    The poor waiter came into the middle of this, he gave a nervous smile and went to put the dishes in the cleaning station, he had a bad feeling about this!

    Finally Yu snapped, he could not take it anymore, he knew it was not the right way and already felt bad but it was just too much.

    "How dare you! I understand hardships Declan I do, but do you think Aubree would be happy to hear you dragging her family name in the mud? Depriving her daughter? Speaking so terribly ill of me? Of her parents? When they are the reason that you got to where you are and Vanessa, myself Brandie, the reason she is alright? Not in foster care because you can't get it together?!!!"

    He gritted his teeth, it was some harsh, very harsh words but none were false.

    "And she won't forget, don't you listen? I did not push this on her! She came to me! She has not forgotten her grandparents care and love without them, who knows were Hazel would have been even Aubree could admit that, can you?!"

    "She still remembers the love she had in that home, even if it slightly faded."

    "She remembers the warmth of comfort from grammy and grampa!"

    "All the goofy faces and giggles Reed gave her."

    "The stories she got read to by Nadia which you and her still continue to read to this very day, I've heard. So, if you can do that, you can do more, but stop blaming others!"

    "Her family is ingrained in her heart and mind, I was just helping it to glow brighter, she was hurting Dec, what you were doing was hurting her! She felt the loss, the whole of her family story untold and partly forgotten."

    Things Get Out Of Control
    Declan felt insignificant now at himself because he could not tell if Yu was right or not, because he lacked the attention needed to be paid to his daughter to see that knowledge.

    He could not take it, so he lashed out but this time, he turned his emotional pain that was so grand, it almost seemed physical and dealt it back on Yu.


    Was all he had to threaten him with, he was her dad after all, but deep within he knew that only went so far....

    More rage took over him with these thoughts.

    Yu let out a sharp cry of pain and stumbled back, he had always avoided fights as a kid and teen, so he never experienced or was prepared to take such a rage fueled blow.

    Declan felt some type of satisfaction, twisted satisfaction, he knew but never-the-less.

    In the restaurant/bar, people screamed and and someone seemed to be calling the police.

    The brave waiter got in the middle of the explosion of violence trying his best to break it up, but he got shoved aside!

    The waiter got behind Dec and pulled him away but the impact was already done.

    "Come on guy this is more then drunk come on, you want the cops?"

    But Declan was not rational at all.

    "No please just get him in in the llama uber... please."

    "Okay..." to Declan the waiter struggled but dragged him away, "You are one lucky dude, guy."

    The waiter acknowledged Yu's plea, the person about to call the officials paused and asked if that was what he really wanted?

    Yu nodded saying Dec was family going through a hard time, and so the good simaritan did that for him to at least see to his wishes after all that.

    The waiter helped Yu up and into another llama uber.

    Yu came home and cleaned up, he told Vanessa if she felt like it, to go home and look after Declan but honestly she did too much and might want to start thinking about herself more.

    Vanessa was shook to hear these words of quiet mild Yu! She could only think something happened, so she asked what?

    Yu told her about everything but the physical fight. But told her if Dec ever put his hands on her, get out, get Hazel out and call the police and then come here, she had a key.

    When Brandie got home she was not happy at all to hear what happened, she was livid.

    Yu seemed like he was focusing on video games. but was calming down and trying to gather his will to still help the man for Hazel's sake, they needed to try and figure out what to do about Declan. Something had to be done, enough dragging their feet in fear and anxiety!

    But Winterfest and the New Years was approaching, but once over, things would have to change!

    Vanessa brought Hazel back home and tucked her in, she flinched when Dec was suddenly beside her.

    "You scared me and ugh, Dec you stink of juice, come on, you need a shower, come on, Hazel might wake up and see you like this."

    But who were they both kidding? Hazel had already noticed things like this and watcher knows for how long.

    Dec came quietly along letting Vanessa help him per usual.

    Vanessa started down looking destroyed and tried, she and Beckett had made a huge step in their relationship, she loved him, so much, but she kept sacrificing and not any of it due to Hazel, none.

    Vanessa's Thoughts: I can admit it, I'm soft, even weak when it comes to my family... what is a sim supposed to do?

    Even Beck as easy going as he was and good, he even mentioned her just doing too much and like Yu, no one was talking about the little girl that needed it.

    A startling thought bubble, water, a pool, I am not sure he means swimming!

    That is all for now.
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    Requested tags @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30

    We start off with loveable dorks.

    Mckenna and Matty went out on a date via explore mod together but first this dork flirted with Kenna and she got all flushed and flatter by it, cute~

    She came home and happily ate some fruit cobber, she was also focused thinking about her next woodworking project. But her mind shifted to thoughts of flirting with Matty some more heh.

    Cute Stuff
    When Max came home from his date with Juli, he went to work fixing Rainbows computer, he had been studying up on his handiness skills.

    She was so grateful she gave him a big warm hug!~ <3

    After Max got done scavenging for parts to give to Mckenna, Rainbow scooped up the waste and went to throw it away!

    She is becoming sooo responsible~ She is really growing up!~

    Awww she fell asleep in her bed and dad woke her up, wanting to know if she wanted a snack!~

    They had some cobbler together and Max asked how she was doing and praised her for her grades in school, her response was so cute, Rainbow's voice was flattered, it was precious~

    Paisley's Peter's Family
    The following afternoon, Max and Rainbow went over to Paisley Peters for a little while to play, they had a fresh snow and Rainbow loved playing in it~

    But of course before they went a knocking they both just had to make snow angels xD they did this at the exact same time!

    Paisley came out dressed and all ready to play, greeting Max and Rainbow happily.

    The two close friends had a rousing snow ball fight out in the yard.

    Max was showing off some pictures of Rainbow to Paisley's mom and a few concerns about Juli maybe she knew something he did not?

    Oooo~ is Max finally catching on?

    Paisley's family which included a mom, dad and toddler brother (I forget names lol) bonded with Max and Rainbow all in the.... yeah, ugh bathroom, yup the sim way xD -.-

    At least they all came out into the living room properly to hear the story Rainbow was telling about the Fairies and a Troll.

    Last Shots
    The following day, Lilith went to go get pizza for lunch because her siblings forgot to make lunch.

    She called Juli over to join them, but also to keep an eye on Rainbow while she was gone.

    Juli came in and watched her work, they talked over a few ideas because Rainbow seemed a little lost.

    Talking it through really helped Rainbow and she even invited Juli to help her, remembering how good with clay she was!~


    During lunch, something about the cheesy pizza did not sit right, Juli became sick after freshening up, assuring Lilith and Rainbow everything was okay, promising to text after her nap, she lived just next door after all.

    That idea of taking a nap, was both appealing to these two it seems heh cute~ I also think they had a small Winter cold but that was not Julia's problem, heh~

    After that, the two set out to finish Rainbows project, Max was thinking tomorrow he would go check on Juli, she had been feeling a little unwell for about a few weeks now it was throwing up, much to often.

    That is all for now :)
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    @Lyrie They really are a cute pair, Rainbow growing up? Are you threatening me? The nerve..lol, ooh baby time? With me it's always baby time so yeah I'm sure that is in fact..baby time. Gah everytime I look here I want to play maybe I'll forgive origin. Oh yeah sorry it's short I was playing a big ole catch up.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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    After months of not posting, I live again on the forums!
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    Okay to start off again, we have a very wholesome moment between Juliana, Max's girlfriend who is trying to save up to get a ring for and Rainbow who had a shaky first start with Juliana claiming she was an evil spellcaster came to steal her daddy away from her.

    Now a couple years later things are very different, have changed and will keep changing.....

    "Hey baby, Juli invited us over, she said she has some big news to share."

    Max's heart was beating quickly because he had been serioiusly starting to put things together about Julianna.

    Her sickness, her weight gain, could it be? Was it really?

    Rainbow's excited voice brought him back from his wondering,

    "Yay! I love surprises and Juli too~"
    "Hey Bow-bow, sweetie, thanks for following me back here while daddy takes some work calls."

    Juliana's Thoughts: Maybe telling her first is a good idea after all, I think she needs a bit more explaining then Max will. I hope she is okay with everything.... here goes nothing.

    "Of course! I know daddy has an important job and he is awesome at it but boy oh boy is the talking boring!"

    Rainbow grinned when Juli laughed at that.

    "Okay, okay so daddy said you had a surprise right? I love surprises! I could even try ta guess if you give me some clues heh!"

    Juliana giggled again at the sheer happy eagerness, she hoped things stayed that way!

    Juli's Thoughts: I remember a few years back, she felt I was "invading" her life and "casting spells" on Max, I hope this baby news gets a better result.

    Showing the worries down, the woman stayed composed on the outside and asked,

    "Okay lets see, have you noticed anything different about me lately, it is okay to say whatever you have seen."

    Juliana's thoughts: I am prepared to be called fat.

    Rainbow thought for a moment her eyes going to Juli's stomach, she was unsure on how to say something like that...

    Rainbow's thoughts: She has gotten bigger in her tummy... but um maybe she eats too much ice cream? Wait, how many trips does to take to get ice cream? Oh man, I need to come here for often!
    Oh right! Guessing!

    "Let see um."

    Rainbow quirked a face and gestured willy nilly, still a little hesitant to voice her good guess,

    "Weeeeelllll your tummy is bigger than before and I think it is growing... will you invite me over more when you get ice cream?"

    She saw Juli trying hard not to laugh for some reason,

    "Pleeeeeaaaase? I don't think daddy will mind s'long as I brush my teeth."

    LOL if only Rainbow, if only it were that simple! xD

    Juli could not hold her laughter and did so for a moment,

    She quickly stopped not wanting to upset Rainbow or give her more false hope of ice cream.

    "Rainbow sweetheart, my belly is not bigger because of more ice cream trips."

    Juli's thoughts: Though, I started making a lot of cupcakes, but she does not need to know that.

    "My belly is bigger because I am carrying a baby in here, I am pregnant."

    Rainbow made wide eyes at Juliana,


    She was quiet then put her hands at her stomach,

    "You mean... a baby lives in you right now?"

    Juli got down and did the same gesture,

    "That is right and just not 'a' baby, our baby, your daddy and your baby, you will be a big sister, sweetheart."

    Rainbow looked mystified and came to touch Juli's stomach they talked a bit more about.

    Rainbow's excitement levels kept going up but then after feeling her tummy again learning she could maybe feel the baby kick!

    Rainbow Thoughts: This baby is Juliana's, daddy and my sibling, and oh yay Aunt Kenna and Lili get another wait... boy or girl? Niece or nephew hehehe I don't know which I want them to maybe be.

    Rainbow Thoughts: I will be a big sister, whoa, I gotta talk to Paseley, she is a big sister, oh wow and I gotta tell HAZELNUT aaaaah she will be so excited! Oh and Wayne is a big brother... maybe him. (Wayne does not like her very much idk why he is a brat).

    However after those thoughts and some more questions, a rare feeling of uncertainty came over Rainbow.

    The red head was always so loved and cherished, she was very self-assured but in this moment, not so much.

    "H-Hey Juliana? Um...."

    Rainbow's Thoughts: If Daddy will be the baby's daddy just like mine..... then... then... Juliana will be the baby's mommy... so will... I mean she..... Will she will be my mommy too?

    Rainbow remembered her daddy saying so, and she trusted him, but it is something she still wanted to ask herself, if she could get her mouth to work.

    "The baby will call you mommy right? And my daddy, um daddy, and so well."

    She brought her fingers close together,

    "I um, I um can call you, you mommy too, to um then, then it will all match up and ... and um."

    Juliana felt her heart warm up with so much love it almost overwhelmed her.

    She gazed adoringly down at the stammering and then quiet girl in front of her.

    Julianna: Poor sweetheart, she is confused about where we connect well, time to assure her, we already do and I've been waiting for this moment a lot longer then for the baby in my stomach.

    Gently taking her fiddling fingers, Juliana held them tenderly,

    "You would make me the happiest in the sim-nation no the world to give me the honor of being your mommy, Rainbow."

    Said so lovingly, there was no more doubts, in the ten year old's mind, just some happy and relieved tears welling in her eyes,

    "Can I start now or do I gotta wait until the baby comes?"

    "You can start right this second, if you want to sweetheart."

    Rainbow felt a type peace wash over her, she and Juli did not get off on the best foot -her fault really- but then they became great friends and Rainbow did not mind very much when Juli had to 'be an adult' with her, watching over her etc.

    Now, now becoming her mommy finally, everything fit into place.

    Rainbow leaned and kissed Juli to show her affection, gratitude and happiness,

    "Okay mommy, we make the perfect puzzle."

    Juliana's thoughts: Well almost, we have one more piece to get born to see where they fit, but honestly, I feel this puzzle will continue on long after this baby, with you Rainbow and your legacy.

    But for now...

    "We do baby, I am so happy."

    She really was, rising carefully to her feet she looked off in bliss, being called mommy, was the best feeling, her heart was simply mush.

    Juli Thoughts: Between Rainbow and this baby saying it, I am afraid I will just be a mush puddle forever uh oh, heh, Max help!

    Speaking of Max....

    When Juli told Max the news, what a reaction!

    First, he just grabbed her and kissed her with so much passion, Juli was mush again times 100 and could not even hug back everything was jelly, the good kind of squishy jelly.

    "Are you really? Did I hear you right? I.... whoa... say it again, please, tell me one more time."

    Max's voice was joyful and overwhelmed,

    Juliana looked at Max with loving affection,

    "We are having a baby."

    Came the gentle words to his request.

    "Oh Juli, I...."

    Max's voice cracked and he clung to her hard, placing his face into her shoulder tears burned behind his closed eyes.

    A whirlwind of feelings engulfed him, overwhelmed the first followed by ecstatic overjoy, fear, relieved that is was a baby and not an illness and more happiness.

    "I know, your completely in bliss, but at the same time, scared."

    Juliana wrapped her arms more securely around Max,

    "I feel it also."

    The blonde whispered softly,

    "You can cry my love, that is it, cry all the feelings, let it out, this time, you will do this as one should, together and with love, we will do this together."

    Max swept away by her words did let his emotions out.

    The first time with Rainbow, Brenda had brought the infant to him not even a day after she was born.

    He never experience the pregnancy or any of that, nothing,

    Max sweep Juliana safely into a bend and kissed her hand with as much passion as he did her lips,

    "I will be there by your side doing my best, ye-yes our baby, all of our baby....ah a baby!"

    "A baby."

    Max repeated again still in shock.

    A giggle, from Juliana.

    "Our baby."

    Max snuggled closer.

    "Our baby, I won't get tired of saying that, hm our second baby right?"

    Juliana laughed poking him,

    "Very true, but I thought she was our angel?"

    Max laughed a little more,

    "Oh that too, heh, hey love you, so much."

    "I love you to so very much."


    Obligatory selfie because they are simstagram fanatics well at least Max still is but more controlled and centered then his teenaged years.

    While Max and Juliana were having their sweet moment, Rainbow made some mac and cheese for everyone to eat. She had been taking cooking lessons from Mckenna too, but very simple things and only under adult supervision, the mac and cheese had come out good quality,

    Woot wait a go Rainbow! <3

    Side note: Max can't keep his eyes off of Juliana.

    After dinner they go out and play some board games for a round or two before staying over that night <3

    Side note: When Max manages to take his eyes off Juliana, she can't keep hers off of him, I will report they did not do bed woohoo because Rainbow was there but they did sneak out of bed and do shower woohoo xD

    Welp time to commemorate this new addition with an appointment and trip to get a photoshoot and pregnant pics! Awww life goals these pics love them~ <3<3<3

    That is all for now for now! :)
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    Adorable chapter 💟
    Tales of San Myshuno
    Posting in What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

    Wishing for a hard life?
    The Slacklater family's adventures in the Diminish the Torment Challenge, and how you can play too...

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    @mightysprite Thank you glad you enjoyed it!

    Starting off with the Stones from last update.
    Max sharing the news with his sisters. Lilith next to him and Mckenna who is grabbing some tea.

    They are both thrilled of course!

    I feel in this picture, Lilith said something to Max, maybe obviously and Max is staring at her very humored and amused, also the way Mckenna is grinning off to the side really makes me think it was something to do with woohoo or a funny moment raising Rainbow as an infant.


    "So happy for you, Maxie don't forget to put the diaper on right this time though especially if it is a boy."

    Max Thoughts: Really, Lili you got jokes.

    Mckenna Thoughts: Ahahahaha brownie point for you sis, wait what have I become oh no!

    Rainbow came home from her dance class activity and joined the rice, tea and dork party heh.

    Rainbow was always happy to be read her favorite book toy tales, she still did not care if it was for toddlers, a classic is a classic no matter how old you get!

    Awwww he wanted to tuck her in twice, <3

    Also I noticed the little good night sleep tight version on the whim message cute yet ominous.

    "Pleeeeeaaaaaaaase aunt Kenna, I promise, I will let you do all the hard parts but well, I gotta do some of it, it is for Hazelnut, I know she will love it!"

    "Listen, kid, cooking is one thing but woodwork? Max would kill me if you even lost the safe part of your fingernail doing this!"

    "Please! I will wear extra protection things all of it!"

    Rainbow looked up with deep feelings,

    "Please, Aunt Mckenna, I know this will be very special for Hazel, I can't think of any other Winterfest gift other then this."

    Mckenna's Thoughts: I am getting waaaaaaaay to soft and there is another one on the way, dear watcher, help me.

    Mckenna kept a look out for Max even if he was gone with Juli to a doctors appoint with Lilith this time.

    Mckenna Thoughts: I can usually handle him, but not when he is in 'daddy' mode.

    "Alright, I will show you everything tool we will use first, then we will work on this slowly and.... we still have to inform your daddy got it, squirt?"

    Rainbow nodded dutifully,

    "Yes Aunt Kenna, I am listening and watching and don't worry about daddy, I got him."

    A wink from the small girl shocked Mckenna for a moment then she snickered,

    "Well alright, now, this is the block your gift will take shape from........"

    Mckenna's Thoughts: Well, well what a little schemer, heh, her teen years should be fun to sit back and watch.

    Yay for daddy and daughter time, they are both going ice skating and to see father winter and drink hot coco and some lunch!~

    Mckenna's Thoughts: Max has tainted me, I would have never normally suggested an obligatory photo.... but I want a picture of us by my bedside..... urgh MAX!!!

    Then the two decided to go on their own lunch date to celebrate awww, I just love my simmies~

    Awww my door baby! Dx

    I forget what mod this is from but I like it, I pretended to keep Rainbow of her feet as much as possible, until it went away! I wanna even find CC bandage and cast and things now lol

    Max carried his little girl to the table and Lili whipped up some comfort food of grilled cheese and soup, she just got back from her nanny job, she applied for a daycare job in the coming Spring/Summer!

    A few days later the family went out the mild winter of Oasis Spring, it was a little nippy but no wind and sunny enough to offset any real cold.

    The family had a nice picnic that Juli was at, she was just using the bathroom, she was the one that had the craving for ribs and Mckenna wanted to pay chess and of course Rainbow and Lilith wanted to just play!

    Love them all <3

    Alright now for my Adler Family Update!
    The girl peeked in on her daddy and saw he was dead asleep.

    Still shutting the door softly, she went to her room to play vet.

    Hazel's Thoughts: I wonder if their is any type of doctor for daddy that will help him? He has been this way for a very, very long time... I have to have some hope.

    She just hoped so, she really, really did.

    Her daddy needed to get well, she needed him to get better.

    Hazel continued to have a hard time at school, but she kept it to herself... she often came home feeling sad or embarrassed after school, or hurt.

    Hazel knew that Illana would just get in trouble if she knew, fighting for her.

    Jesse would just worry and so would Rainbow and she would try to come and stop this bully too, though not as brash and vicious as Illana.

    Matt would worry too and Whitnay well, she was pretty sure they shared they same bully.

    Strange how she thought about all her friends feelings but did not think of adults, asking them for help.

    Though she got really happy going to her first music lesson, she wanted to test out all the instruments to see if one clicked then try to follow through with learning it.

    But Rainbow's words did stick to her head, if none of them fit, that was okay, she did not have to BE her mom after all.

    Meanwhile, Vanessa got home from her botanist work day, she kept getting text an offers from her mom (Rachel) to come over.

    Vanessa Thoughts: Is there trouble in paradise again? Is Tucker (her step dad) up to something, he cheated on her once but that was water under the bridge now, Right?

    Vanessa not wanting to cook, order pizza they all set down to have a lovely meal together.

    Though, Rachel woofed hers down hardcore.

    After dinner, Hazel went up to study some more for an upcoming test in school, being in the last year of elementary school was a pretty tough year.

    Vanessa and Rachel spoke to each other for a little while, it was pleasant and nice to catch up with each others lives.

    They worked in the same building now, but Rachel was levels behind (due to her unproductiveness, a trait Vanessa did not get). But they never get to talk, having different lunch hours.

    Rachel assured Vanessa everything was fine at home, and she just wanted to see her daughter that is all, oh and tell her more about Beck!

    Vanessa flushed and did start to gush and all that gooey stuff, but in the back of her mind, she had an inkling things were not all fine, at home.

    The following day, Whitnay came over to draw with Hazel, they had a lot of fun doing this and creating crafts together.

    They also talked about their bully, and how to deal with that person.... maybe they should tell the grown ups after all? Turns out some stories got out about her dad beating up some red head at a bar and Hazel could not stand to believe this.

    This hurt her more than the physical pain of a shove or pull of her hair.

    After some art and Vanessa getting home, the three went to the library for some much needed research on all their parts.

    Vanessa needed some information for work so she could write her science blog so she could eventually post about her findings.

    The two girls had a project to do, Whitnay researched in a book while Hazel took to the computer.

    They collaborated on their findings and went to work on the first half of the assignment.

    Once done with that half, the two promised Vanessa they would work on the other half more on Sunday and finish up by Tuesday for review before it had to be turned in on Thursday.

    With this promise, the two girls happily trotted over to their invite by Illana and Jesse!

    First Yuu took them out to see the latest voidcritter movie! Matt also joined them via Illana's invite.
    Note: Jesee has glasses, Matt in blue, Hazel in purple and Illana the last child lol.

    Afterward, the kids ran outside reenacting one of the scenes and that turned into a snowball fight lol.

    Poor Yuu can't even use the bathroom without things happening xD Oh well, they had so much fun!

    They all had dinner together after getting back to Illana and Jesse's home.

    IDK what is up with Whitnay, maybe she does not like chicken? The green stuff? Picky eater phase?

    Brandie and Hazel spent some time together again which is nice, she along with Yu has helped raise the girl when Vanessa needed help.

    Illana and Jesse played in their playroom waiting for Hazel to come join them, but they did not mind if Hazel wanted some one on one time with their mom.

    That night, Yuu read them all a story before tucking them in for the night.


    Hazel of course loved being here, even a little more then at home, she had an idea on why.... but she was not ready to admit that yet, even to herself not fully, she couldn't.

    The next morning, the family went to a coming of Winterfest ceremony in the morning, it was to celebrate the spirit of giving. Brandie and Yuu had them dress up all nice for it.

    Little miss liar finged a stomachache and said she would sleep for the couple hours they were gone, trusting her at least for that long, she was allowed to rest.

    Well, she was certainly not resting!

    Illana what to do with you? *shakes head*.

    Meanwhile, Declan was asleep in the tub.... dangerous..... again recalling back to his thought bubble with the water.

    Declan please.

    Vanessa's Day
    Vanessa went to visit Nayeli and got told she was preggers!

    Vanessa was really excited for Terrence and Nayeli and promised a great baby shower gift!

    Maybe if they want, Amelia and Nay could have their baby shower together?

    Vanessa chuckled as she lost completely in the video game, she was happy though, that T & N where getting along so well, enough to be engaged and now pregnant, they were trying out each others interest.

    Vanessa was truly happy but also somewhere deep down, a little jealous.

    She wanted to be engaged but had obligations to her step-cousin, Declan so she felt...trapped.

    Vanessa then met up with Beck for a small hangout/date.

    The two had a small dessert at the bar and of course some drinks.

    Vanessa was happy to spend any time with Beckett and she knew he felt the same.

    Vanessa sighed softly wondering when she would be able to offer Beckett what he wanted, her.....? But not just that... children, a house to call their own.

    The thing was.... she wanted those things too but had no idea how to obtain them, not with so many.... well one huge obligation.... holding her back.

    They tried some exotic drinks from Sulani and it was really good, the bartender really went all fancy with the presentation.

    Vanessa took a sip or two but then gave the rest to Beckett and had the root beer float.

    Vanessa's Thoughts: The last thing I want is to drink anything like that when I am feeling down, it creates a bad habit.

    After Whitnay and Hazel finished up the second half of their project that day, Vanessa went over to her parents home, dragging Declan along and also Hazel.

    Rachel in blue: Vanessa's mom and Declan's sister-in-law.

    Rod the blonde haired boy: Vanessa's half brother and Declan's nephew.

    Tucker Black haired man: Vanessa's step dad and Declan's elder brother.

    Hazel is a shy bean and had not been around them much, so she sat on the couch but talked to everyone mostly Rod though.

    They would have a dance party after dinner settled and it was very fun!~

    Hazel is so cute, looking to Vanessa for dance help, awww their bond is everything they both deserve and need~.
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    Heh, I know update galore but I have a lot of backlog heh!

    Tags @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30 sorry forgot to tag you the last few times!~

    The Stones Household.
    Rainbow had another nightmare about Julia and the baby, she said the baby ate them all.

    Max was wondering if this was a sign of something? Jealously? Fear?

    The man had to admit he was worried, not about babies eating them, but just of, the baby, Juli in general. All of pregnancy worries.

    He embraced her reassuringly that could never happen, then they went to have a little milk and a cuddle before tucking her back into bed.

    The next morning, Rainbow had forgotten her nightmare in the past and was happily exclaiming how she was excited to go to music class with Fatima this afternoon.

    Mckenna had a rare day off, so she spent it talking with Matty and Maria, about the twins little sister Lilith moving in, (Matty is Lilith's uncle and so his younger brother, Angel, Angel and Maria are married with three kids) Anyways the plan was when Spring came,

    After Lilith got settled then Mckenna and Matty were going to move in together (They are dating).

    Mckenna invited Juliana over to talk about how, she and Lilith where planning to move out in their own ways, and was she going to move in with Max.

    Juliana had to assure her, she was more than willing, ready, excited for this step, just waiting to be asked.

    Both females had to roll their eyes just a little but with a fond smile, Max had made so many leaps and bounds in life, but he still hesitated and doubted himself when there was really no need.

    Mckenna said, she would set him straight, Juli laughed but made her promise to try and be a little gentle.

    Rainbow got dropped off a little earlier to Fatima's house, it was fine though, she spent the time talking to Fatima's adoptive parent, Lia, they have moved away from Sulani.

    Rainbow was there to cheerfully greet Fatima when she got home from school~ (Rainbow is homeschooled and does online.

    The girls had a little snack while talking about their different school days and also their excitement about music class!

    This picture is strictly to show how adorable both girls are~

    Oh um but they are off to music class too.

    Lia was doing some research for their classes they were talking in uni while Fatima told them all about music class while knitting her own Winterfest present for Rainbow~

    Lia and Fatima come around to the Stone residence, Lia was not a people person in this relatively new environment, but they did this for their daughter.

    Fatima got along pretty well with the hosts, Mckenna seemed to like her a lot.

    Lia brought over some food to the gathering to share, to thank the Stone's for being such good host and letting them into their home.

    Everyone enjoyed the dinner very much.

    Fatima was having butterflies in her stomach, they were both going to play a duet they'd learned in music class.

    Rainbow assured her, everyone would love it, just try your very best and that is why it will be loved.

    The girls grabbed their instruments and started to play, it took them a bit of time to sync up but once they did, it sounded even more great, the girls had really practiced and had a good talent for the violin.

    They relaxed or Fatima relaxed more and really got into it, having fun and not so fixed on being perfect and hitting every note, she was ten after all and this was a hobby not a career.

    The next afternoon/evening, Max and Rainbow came over to the Peters, Paisley had been Rainbow's friend for a while now, Max had gotten to know the family pretty well.

    Rainbow had mentioned maybe Paisley wanted to join her and Fatima and in music class?

    So the adults talk about this, while the kids chatted and Rainbow even included Paisley's toddler brother in the conversation.

    Rainbow Thoughts: Whoa that is gonna be me one day! Or maybe he will be a girl heh~ I don't mind. I still gotta ask Pais about how it is to be a big sister!

    Paisley told her stories about crying, pooping and drooling and how it gets worse when he could walk, she said toddlers seek to destroy everything.

    Alright so not the biggest fan of her brother not abnormal but lets hope Rainbow does not take those things to heart less she has more nightmares!
    That is all for the Stones!

    The Adler Household

    Hazel was determined to decorate the whole house with her crafts, she was excited for the holidays approaching, all of her personal gifts done, she could not wait to give them out!

    Hazel dressed in her bunny pjs and slippers snuggled on Nessa's couch while she mediated not far off. She was reviewing her other club members poetry and then she would submit a small review sheet. She really loved this club but was also eager to get back into scouts during the springtime! (I personally cancel scouts for the winter).

    The next day, Declan was downstairs doing the unthinkable.

    Oh Declan why? This is not how you get to know someones thoughts, you talk or better yet, listen.

    She would be so hurt if she ever found out you did this to her precious diary.

    The Art Gallery
    Beck invited Hazel and Vanessa to the art gallery in town for the rest of the week. Beck and Vanessa are dating but also not dating, they have no idea what they are doing but they really care about each other, they just have not made any moves yet because Vanessa is kinda trapped taking care of no, not Hazel but Declan who is her family aka step cousin.

    Hazel was really excited and having built a relationship with Beck -now higher then hers and Dec's her own father- she was not shy to snow her gratitude to the man.

    Hazel: I hate vegetables, they are really not for me, Vanessa should just sell the ones she grows right? -she is in a picky eater phase-

    Vanessa: I am not dealing with this right now, I will go look at the pretty statue instead -the picky eater phase is a tough one to get through for them-.

    Beck: Um heh, heh, well I rather not touch that one with a nine foot pole but Hazel sweetie I love veggies with different types of sauce and seasoning on them, let's go talk about it and look at the art over there.

    Hazel rarely looks at people that way.

    So it is a really good sign for these two, I am happy they really care for each other and get along.

    Also, they are both somewhat introverts so that is also some common ground.

    I love how the whole time, he kept a good eye out for her, not letting her much out of his sight especially when Vanessa was checking on Declan via phone call and things like that.

    They all really appreciated all the different pieces of art around the gallery to look at and discussing here and there.

    They went to the little cafe there and Hazel was willing to eat a pretzel for a snack while Vanessa texted Beck that they had a good time.

    He had to leave out a bit quickly, something to do with a parent call even if it was not his call hours, Beckett sometimes went that extra mile.

    The Rest
    Breakfast at the Adler home.

    Vanessa makes breakfast but has no time to sit and eat herself, always off to take care of something.

    Hazel will only eat something smeared in whipped cream and sweet berries while looking partly disassociated at Declan's ever depressed mood but half coming down in her own mood from his current mood.

    Declan is just depressed.

    (Not trying to sound insensitive, I'd be the last one too say something like that but Declan has had several changes to get help, change and has squished all of them with means of only fueling his own "joys" not good ones, anyways, I'm fed up with him and did not think his story would turn this way, also lets remember he is a sim in the end of all this).

    Vanessa finally grew a cowplant!

    She was uncertain about it but her job required it and she was getting up there in her botanist line.

    Hazel took to it right away, the cowplant was nice to her and did not try to bite or eat her but Vanessa said she could only play with it with her around.

    Once back inside, she got her journal and wrote about all the pets she had and wanted, a little animal enthusiast in the making here! :)

    Tucker came over to see his little brother and his little brother's daughter.

    Declan was happy to see him, he even socialized with Hazel!

    Hazel was really happy to have Declan's attention and did not mind Tucker that much.

    After Tucker left though, I dunno, Declan could not handle it, he went straight to his room and sobbed for hours and Vanessa could not get him to calm down, so she shooed Hazel to a friends house.

    Vanessa was becoming really worried Hazel was getting to exposed and mixed messages and maybe even desensitized about her own dad, and his vast sorrow.

    Of course Vanessa did not blame her, it has been five years of this and it kept getting worse and worse.

    Bu what about his medications? The therapy? The support group? All his techniques? Was anything helping?

    Vanessa finally completed her aspiration that she started as a teen lost on what to do in life, now she knew, she loved plants and the botany of science that goes along with it.

    Her next step is too finish her career to the highest branch then pick another aspiration to focus on one in nature.

    Toast with a honey and chocolate spread is also something Hazel will eat in this trying picky eater phase.

    Vanessa has started to think the poor girl is trying to have some type of measure of control in her home life.

    She has a lot of freedom, but with the things that go on around her, involving Declan, everything is always up in the air.

    What mood will he be in?
    Will he even acknowledge me today?
    Will he burst into tears?
    Will he walk around the house in a state?
    Will he just talk about depressing things?
    Will he be gone all day? All night?
    Will he eat with us at the table?
    Will he eat at all?
    Will he just cry in his room?

    Things like that.

    Whitnay came over to have dinner and watch the 2nd void critter movie that came out fast on DVD for the approaching holidays.

    They all have a nice dinner of chili.

    The girls settle down to watch while Vanessa writes more on her science blog.

    Wed they had a half day of school since the holidays were coming up the children had some good time off of school before Winterfest Eve and Winterfest.

    Vanessa decided Geekcon would be fun but Declan had to ruin that by telling them a depressing story, then he lumbered off right back home.


    Vanessa and Hazel tried their best to push through these depressing moment.

    They swirled into their cosplay outfits they brought wanting to have a good time of games!

    Vanessa played some video games with Pinky's fiancee Perry, Pinky was one of her best friends, so was Nayeli and Declan had been close to them too, but not so much anymore.

    Vanessa felt almost guilty, she had no idea why, it made some sense maybe it was having fun, hanging around people when Declan could not.

    It made no sense but those were feelings sometimes.

    After Geekcon they took the twins to the local kiddie restaurant to catch up with them, what were they doing for their time off?

    Iliana and Jesse said they had the chance to pick one trip after the holidays and before they went back to school.

    They tired to brainstorm ideas, where to go? So many choices to have a vacation!

    When Hazel learned that included her, she was ecstatic but not surprised, the twins, Brandie, Yu were like her second family, well wait... Vanessa and Beck were her... 2nd... 3rd family, em anyways she felt closer to them, tham her own dad of late.

    She looked to Vanessa would she go to?

    Vanessa said she could not, she had work.

    Hazel's Thoughts: And you have to babysit dad.

    She was startled at how bitter that came off, even in her own mind.

    Vanessa was playing online chess against a robot instead of an actual sim and in those moments reached level 10.

    She has level 10 in gardening and almost in the dark green to get level 10 in her career!

    Go Vanessa! Go!

    I will leave you all with this cute pic of Hazel going to school being adorable in her freezer bunny winter sweater, skirt and leggings and boots~

    That is all for now :)
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    I never get tired of reading about Rainbow and Hazel... those two are great characters <3
    Tales of San Myshuno
    Posting in What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

    Wishing for a hard life?
    The Slacklater family's adventures in the Diminish the Torment Challenge, and how you can play too...

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    Rainbow and Hazel are such adorable characters!
  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 742 Member
    @mightysprite and @NightlyCoffee

    Thank you so much! :) I love them both so much too!

    Next update is coming out soon!
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    Alright next update! A little more focused on the grownups but still apart of the story!

    Requested mentions: @RedDestiny92 and @Silverofdreams30

    Stone Household
    To start off we start with Lia wanting to get some more insight on raising Fatima, Mckenna came over earlier to give her feedback on her presentation, they have developed into pretty good friends.

    So Mckenna did not mind accompany the single parent to the class, maybe she could learn something to tell Max or Juliana about the future of raising a preteen or a new piece of information about an infant.

    Lia was very grateful for Mckenna going out of her way to travel to Britechester for them.

    The two swirled into something a bit more formal and went out for an evening snack and a small drink things were half off so why not?

    Both were not drinkers at all, so they spent the time waiting on their drinks, joking and laughing at how "dazed" they would be more than the other.

    They also had fun daring each other to take one sip then two sips etc, it wa a pretty fun time for the both of them.

    Mckenna soon found out she was a very sad drunk also became a bit more emotional made her easily speak out her feelings.

    She confessed her fear of leaving her siblings, Lilith moving out, sure, she be with her uncle (Angel) his wife and their three boys, but still.

    And leaving Max? Her twin? They were independent of each other but still, they never lived separately...

    Mckenna had came a long way in trust, but she hesitated to tell this to Matty, wrongly assuming, he'd take it the wrong way, it scared her though and fears and doubts could be pretty silly yet captivating keeping one captured to them.

    Lia tried to comfort her as best as they could, they understood the fears of moving, coming from Sulani was very hard, they fought constantly with themselves on wanting a new life but still keeping the culture of the island.

    Okay this next part, I don't have a pic for because I was to shocked to take one, Lia had juicily kissed Mckenna's hands after they talked a bit more and Mckenna hugged normal in thanks for the support and comfort but I don't think it was just the juice, I have the first impressions mod, and Lia always had a small crush on Mckenna, but I thought they would act on it, I thought they understood that, Mckenna was taken but maybe something was lost in translation? Maybe it was an island custom?

    IDK but Mckenna did not react to it which was odd like no plus or minus signs or romance, what I do know, is right after, she ran off (I was playing Lia) so I switched to Mckenna via MCC and she was at Matty's house so I took the drama the best way I thought from there.

    After Mckenna got somewhat sober on the uber over, she right away sought out Matty desperate to come clean with what happened.

    She was huge on that, better out of her mouth then out of the mouths of gossipers and rumors.

    Finding him upstairs in the study, she took his hand, unsure, flustered, frightened.

    "Mckenna, what is wrong?"

    Matty tried to meet her eyes but it was a difficult task.

    Being rather awkward and tactless when it came to anything romantic, even if she was not unflirty anymore did not mean she was anywhere near a pro at its wondrous ways.

    Mckenna made things sound WAY worse then they were!

    She made it seem like she went to bed with Lia, instead of how she was very juiced, and had frozen up and was taken aback when Lia kissed her hands.

    Matty took it pretty hard, leaning over, burying his hands in his face, this was a nightmare, it was late enough at night.... so it was a nightmare.

    He ended up asking Mckenna to please leave, so he could process things.

    At least he is a rational boyfriend even under this misconstrued circumstances.

    A few days later, Lia, who had been feeling awful, they were not a homewrecker, in fact, they had no idea they had that strong feelings harboring for Mckenna.

    Juice can really bring it out of you.

    Also, they had no idea Mckenna was in a relationship.

    They invited Lilith over having become friends with the young adult girl too, she wanted feedback but also to talk.

    Lilith told her things were not well, Mckenna made things seem a lot worse, and Matty was struggling.

    Lia's Thoughts: Yeah that sounds like Mckenna, urgh how can I know that? This deep connection I feel just can't be, I have to let it go and help make things right.

    They both hatched a plan.

    First step: Patch things up between themselves and Mckenna.

    Second step: Go work things out truthfully and fully to Matty together, the two did not need to go through relationship problems this deeply, not over this!

    So, Lia came to pick Fatima up from the Stone's, she, Paisley and Rainbow had a sleepover.

    It turns out Mckenna was just not torn up about Matty, and her blunder in explaining.

    But about Lia too.

    She did not mean to lead her on or not tell her about Matty, she was just a very private sim.

    The red head literately had tears in her eyes trying to explain this.

    Lia felt just as bad that Mckenna was going through this.

    They said they did not recognize their growing affection, they were not one for love in a romance way, so it all spilled out with some sips of juice.

    They were sorry putting her in that position and really wanted to make things right.

    Lia told her Lilith had explained in short terms what really happened to Matty and he was honestly believed it and wanted to see both of them for just reassurance and to see how things could go on with them just being friends without anymore slips like that.

    Matty might have reacted in the moment, but it was late and shocking when given the chance to process, this sounded very, very, well, Mckenna.

    To not say everything and just push everything on her own shoulders.

    Mckenna felt her legs go a little weak in pure relief.

    Her heart, no her entire being had been so worried about losing Matty, harming Lia unintentionally, it was all going to be okay.

    The strong red head broke to tears of relief.

    Her worse fears came almost true, losing love, but it was okay, it was going to be okay, Matty understood her, yet again, better then herself.

    She'd have to thank him somehow but nothing seemed good enough.

    Lia had promised to make that mistake again and even went to a therapist a few times to learn how to better understand their feelings before things erupted like that.

    Of course both her and Mckenna agreed to stay friends but Lia requested a little break to get themselves sorted,

    It was about a couple weeks later and after dinner, the two got together just chat, play some chess. They kept a distance at first and conversation was a little awkward or course.

    Things got back to normal with Mckenna's way to tell advice, straight forward but a little more merciful than her earlier years.

    Lia took it though with a good ear, since she knew it was very constructive and only meant for her to do better, she would need to do a bit more research on the lacking parts.

    The two shared a very tight embrace with a lot of feelings, but none going over the line.

    They decided to go see a movie and Mckenna called Max over to babysitter to Fatima (it was an adult rated movie and Lilith and Rainbow where out with Julia).

    They spent their time playing some chess and Max showed off his excellent story skills again reading to Fatima as well.

    Max made some dinner for both of them, while Lia came back home and got some of her homework done, so she could do research when Fatima was in bed.

    Also Fatima is fixing Max with a stare because he promised ice cream was allowed.

    And she finished her plate.

    Another likeness er obsession she and Rainbow had xD

    They walked down to the local ice cream cart/truck.

    Yep in the middle of winter, hey, at least the ice cream would not melt.

    Max got her a her a cone then after some convincing a carton to take back home.

    He hoped Lia did not mind, but yeah they were fine with it.

    It was fruity ice cream so it reminded them of their old home

    After a shopping trip, Lia got them both some new clothing and themselves a new hairstyle.

    Rainbow came over to return a book her aunt Mckenna borrowed and of course, well ice cream, hello?

    They all happily put some on cones and enjoyed talking to one another.

    Adler Household

    First Part
    Yeeeeeeeees Vanessa reached level 10!

    Honestly, she is the fastest sim to get promotions, I did have the reward traits to help with this though.

    I am so proud, despite everything, reaching her dreams!

    Vanessa took Hazel to the learning center in Windenburg, a bit of a distance but worth it, she was meeting her poetry group there to go over their latest group stories.

    (This is Hazel's winter activity just like Rainbow's has dance, I cancel scouts in the winter).

    While waiting, Vanessa ran into Daniella and was really eager to see how she was doing?

    Vanessa and Caroline (another friend) despised Julian and the way he treated Daniella and his son Matt (Red head woman and brown haired boy). Julian was a criminal, kleptomaniac, mean and a slob.

    Daniella said she was doing well, but Vanessa knew that was the fog of desperately wanting her soulmate in Julian speaking.

    While getting a hot chocolate from the vending machine, after her meeting ended, Declan said something to cause a face like that.

    Hazel does not know how to express her feelings well, she is more likely to bottle them up, not the best, but she is only ten years old.

    So she tries to ignore her daddy's comment and finish her hot chocolate.

    Hazel's Thoughts: I should get Nessa, she said, to get her when things happened this way.

    Whatever it was, when given the chance, Hazel broke off the conversation and rushed upstairs to find Vanessa.

    Alright sorry for the lack of pics again! But so much went down, I was in shock, let me sum this up.

    Vanessa went to yell at Declan, she never does that! She is always so soft and frankly weak-willed to take a true stand with her family which includes Declan (She is great with Hazel though).

    Declan did not yell back, he just got sad (he has a CC trait called pessimistic but it sometimes triggers with interactions not just in random doses) then he went home.

    Vanessa and Hazel came home too, everyone went to bed, the next morning, Vanessa asked Declan what his problem was, aka as interpreted, what was that last night?

    Declan got a sentiment that said she was neglectful because of work (she has the workaholic lifestyle).

    But this is so messed up because HE is the one that is neglectful for YEARS now, and yes, I get grief but that really riled me up! How DARE he say such a thing when Vanessa does EVERYTHING including raising his daughter!

    Vanessa did not fight back this time.

    In fact worse, she blamed herself for failing at reaching Declan, failed at helping him see things.

    Again, she shouldered everything.

    So here is the profile, I wanted to show it.

    Again, interpretations for some of these sentiments and lifestyles.

    But another thing that really ticked me off as a watcher?

    HE had a festering grudge against Vanessa, for calling him out on not upsetting his daughter!

    I am starting to seriously give up hope on Dec and starting to dislike him, maybe even hate him.

    But I won't kill him, no, that would be unfair, just need to see what fate will do for him.

    For a breather we go to this cute scene, After school that day, Hazel spent some time with Matt,

    Matt is such a cutie, he has had this puppy and growing crush on Hazel since he was about seven years old.

    He is hanging on her every little word when around her.

    The turmoil continues.....

    Declan is dressed to the nines because he went gambling (Kawaii Stacies explore mod) he played hard and risky and lost a ton of simoleons.

    This is not the first time this happened, the last time outcome had Vanessa selling her precious greenhouse, getting it deconstructed to pay off the debt.

    Vanessa had it and kinda snapped at Declan and well, he had the nerve to say "I really don't like you very much right now. Just feeling bitter about a few things that I'll get over eventually... Or not."

    I know it is not the best feeling but, I was pleased to see some annoyance, some anger on her face!

    She went to mediate then went to bed.

    Declan stood there in the bathroom and just stared.

    Then he went upstairs and cried in his bed.

    Ugh... IDK how to feel anymore....

    Theeen I look on Vanessa's profile and see that Declan is now hurt because Vanessa snapped at him once or twice and still has a festering grudge like


    Well, Vanessa being the actual "parent figure" took the time to assure Hazel everything was going to be okay.

    That she was sorry this was happening at all, let alone so close to Winterfest.

    And she promised to keep Hazel safe and protected even if that meant staying at Yu's and Brandies for a bit.

    Vanessa gave her a big squeeze and asked if Hazel understood or had any questions.

    Hazel told Vanessa she understood and she did understand, way more then Nessa and others thought she did.

    Hazel showed this by saying thank you and that she loved Vanessa so very much.

    To be safe to and that she hoped Daddy would be okay.

    Hazel now had Winter vacation, so Vanessa hug Hazel and sent her off to Yu's and Brandies for the day, since Yu took vacation time off of work himself.

    Then Vanessa went to work.

    Hazel went off towards the Anand who lived right across the street.

    Hazel's Thoughts: I really hope Vanessa will be okay, she seemed so sad.... and daddy too but he started it....

    Her feelings were so jumbled, she wanted to cry and scream all at once.

    But she could not even wish for everything to go back to the way it was or normal.

    She had long forgotten what "normal" was for her daddy....

    Second Part
    Vanessa put her own problems aside -perusal- and focused her energy on trying to get Daniella to see sense about her rotten husband Julian, Caroline was by her side, ready to take Daniella and Matt in and house them through this divorce.

    They worked on tactics not being tactless or too harsh but they made it clear, he was not good enough for HER, not the other way around.

    At first, Daniella had her defenses up and claimed they were in love, but Caroline and Vanessa took turns pointing out facts that stated otherwise.

    They did not want to, but they had to bring up Matt, while she was at work, Julian either kept Matt out of school or got him earlier.

    They suspected he was trying to mold him for the criminal career when he was older.

    Danielle knew this she got enough principal phone calls but she had tried to make sense of it in her head.

    They pleaded for her to think about it, offering up Caroline's plan for spare rooms for them at her and her husbands house just please think on it.

    The three hungry, went to the cafe and got a few snacks and coffee.

    They met Nia there, another group friend and mother of Whitnay (Hazel's good friend) and her son Valen.

    They all chatted and Daniella was thinking about what they said because she asked about Nia's relationship and how Morgan treated their kids.

    Vanessa did not realize how many hours went by, she was not used to having days out, but it was all worth it, when Daniella told Vanessa, she knew they were looking out for her and she knew they were right, that she was right, her head was, but her romantic heart kept her tethered and with their help, she wanted to uncoil.

    This is little cutie enjoying her treat from the cafe, she is super happy about it and yes, I know junk food but good news!

    The picky eater phase is finally over!

    Just leaving you another cute pick of Hazel's outfit.

    That is all for now! :)
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    Aw sorry you had a sad time with Declan but...
    sometimes kind accommodating family members like Vanessa make it easier for someone to persist in bad habits. Maybe his anger toward her will lead to less reliance on her in the short term, and maybe a turning point in the long term?

    And meant to say earlier- Lia and Fatima are a lovely family.
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    Tales of San Myshuno
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    Wishing for a hard life?
    The Slacklater family's adventures in the Diminish the Torment Challenge, and how you can play too...

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