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Too Many Toddlers

This is my Simself, Lisa Dawnlight and her 3 kids, Dawn who has the wild trait, Willie has the charmer trait (light brown hair and stripped overalls) and Nathan has the silly trait (dark brown hair and blue shirt/shorts) who she's holding.

She had a one-night stand with Don Lorde who is an acquaintance of her best friend's boyfriend after having one too many drinks of nectar and this is the result of the one-night affair.

After she had gotten pregnant, she had told Don that he was going to be a dad of 3 but he insisted that he wasn't ready to a dad, so he stormed off and left her alone to face the future alone.


Day 1 - Part 1

A year and half after I had given birth to 3 babies, 2 boys and a girl, their dad decides that he wants to be a part of their lives. Of course it might have something to do with the fact that I was told to move out of my roommates house as she was getting ready to get married and she didn't need us there anymore. So Don had found out through a mutual friend of ours about me needing to move out and not having a place to live which meant that we would had been on the streets if Don hadn't offered to live together and so he didn't want his kids growing up on the streets.

After moving into our little 2 bedroom house, Dawn and Willie head into the house while Nathan stands by me waiting for me to go inside as well. Of course for now, the 3 toddlers will sleep in one room while I have the master bedroom and Don will take the couch until the extra room gets added on as we had agreed that we won't be sharing a bed until the time comes on whether or not we decide to become a couple.

While we still moving in, Katrina Caliente and Don Lothario were both jogging pass the house until Don decided to drop to the ground and do some push-ups and Katrina decided to stop and wait for him to finish up. Knowing Don who thinks he's a modern day Don Juan, he probably stopped to try and show off for me thinking that I'll be interested in starting something up with him which I WILL NOT be getting involved with the likes of him. No way, no how and not ever. And besides, I'm hoping that Don Lorde will be the one that I end up with since we do have kids together and I do find him extremely attractive.

After Don was done with his push-ups, he stood up and talked to Katrina before taking their leave and jogging back up the road to their home.

In the meantime, Nathan and I both headed into the house while Donny stood outside taking in the view of the street before he came inside.

All 3 of the toddles made they way to their playroom and started playing with their toys. Willie played with the nesting blocks while Dawn with playing with the dollhouse. Nathan was interested in what Dawn was doing, so he headed over to the dollhouse as well.

He watched his sister playing with the doll and decided to play along with her for a little bit.

Once Dawn was done playing with the dollhouse, she decided to come out to the kitchen as she wanted to check it out and to see what she can get into. You know how toddlers are with their exploring their surroundings and such just so that they can see what mischief they can get into.

Dawn checked every lower cabinet out until she found the ones with the pots and pans in it and decided to grab a pot and start banging it around on everything that she can reach with it. Maybe I should find another place to put the pots and pans at or try to lock the cabinets up so that they can't mess up my pots and pans up as well as everything in the kitchen with their banging them on everything.

I had told her to stop but she wouldn't, so I took the frying pan away from her and returned it back to where is belongs. I then pulled out the flash cards and started to show them to her so that I can tell her what's on them and try to get her to repeat back to me what I just told her.

When Willie was done playing with the nesting blocks, he went over to play with the dollhouse. All of this playing helps with their skills which they need to get up before they age up to being children. It's best to start teaching them their skills now so that they can be ready to go to school when they reach school age and it also helps them socially and emotionally when around other people.

While I was still inside showing Dawn the flash cards, some of the neighbors came over to greet us to the neighborhood. They didn't come inside as we had already locked our doors to everyone but the household which was a good thing since we really don't have much room inside for a lot of visitors just yet.

Donny greeted the visitors while Nathan went over to say 'hi' to Liberty Lee who said 'Hi' back to him.

Donny talked to Carley Graf and Travis Scott while Summer Holiday watches Nathan waving to Liberty Lee.

After he and Liberty Lee waved at one another, Nathan went over to the chair and started to climb on as he wanted to sit down.

So cute how they climb up on furniture to sit down or to take a nap.

Dawn was getting a little restless sitting there looking at the flash cards and stood up to get a closer look at them before deciding that she had enough of them for the time being.

Dawn went out to where the dining room table was and sat down on the floor next to it and pulled out the WABBITT TABLET to draw on.

Dennis Kim then decided to come up to the porch to introduce himself to Donny and to see how he likes the neighborhood so far.

I went out to the living room and was telling Willie a story when Nathan came inside to listen as well. Donny had then invited some of our visitors inside so that that they could come sit down and talk for a little bit.

All of the toddlers all were doing something whether it was on the tablet or listening to me tell them a story while Liberty Lee just stood there.


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    Day 1 - Part 2

    Dennis Kim came inside and sat at the dining room table while Bob Pancakes was waiting for someone to come to the door to answer it as he wanted to greet us to the neighborhood but Donny didn't see him there.

    And Nathan is a little stinker over there either passing gas or using his diaper while they have a guest in the house.

    Willie went into the play room and noticed a giant teddy bear in there, so he started to talk to it.

    Once he reached level 3 in communications from talking to the bear, he gave it a hug while I was bringing in one of their toys that was out in the living to put it in their toy box.

    Willie then played with the dollhouse for a little bit.

    Nathan had grabbed himself a bite to eat. Unfortunately it was a sandwich that Donny had made for himself and Nathan had snuck over to the table and grabbed while Donny had his back turned.

    Dawn then noticed the giant teddy bear while she was on her way to the bedroom, so she stopped and started babbling to the bear.

    Once she was done babbling with the bear, she headed to her bed and changed into her night clothes as she was getting tired.

    She then climbed into bed and crawled under the covers and went to sleep.

    Willie then noticed the bear and stopped to talk to it as well...

    Until I told him that he needed to go to bed but he refused to go. So I told him that he needed to go to bed or I will put the teddy bear up so that he can't talk to it until the morning.

    Willie then headed to his bed and changed into his pj's before climbing into bed.

    Now all 3 of them are hopefully sound asleep for the night.

    Donny who is also quite taken with me as well wanted to flirt with me now that the rug rats are in bed while I was getting ready to fix me some mac & cheese for my dinner.

    Once I had fixed it, I sat out on the couch with it while Donny sat down next to me to talk while I was eating. He started off telling me about fishing bait. Hmmm, I wonder if this was him trying to tell me that he's the bait while I'm the fish that he wants to catch me. Of course it's too soon to start a romantic relationship with him as we need to get to know each other a lot better before we decide to become a couple.

    He then proceeded to tell me that he is attractive to me but I knocked it back even though it did thrill me to know that he felt the same way. But since we had agreed on taking things slow, I told him that he can tell me that later once we get to know each other better.

    Even though he was disappointed that I didn't return the feelings, he agreed with me and said that he was a little out of line when he admitted his feelings for me. But he did tell me that he does hope that one of these days that I will feel the same way and that he will be the one that I pick to be with.

    I haven't even dated anyone since that night with him as I didn't want to have to worry about taking care of 3 kids as well as working on a relationship. Plus the idea of having men who want to be with me decides that they don't to once they see that I have 3 kids with no father to help take care of them. I didn't want the guys to think that I was looking for a father for them.

    Of course it got awkward in the room after he got done explaining himself as he felt embarrassed telling me what he did.

    We sat in silence for a few minutes until I decided to break the tension in the room by asking Don about himself. He told me that he is very active when it comes to sports and exercise as well as being a goofball which I knew from the first time that I met him almost 2 years ago at my best friends birthday party.

    His career choice is being an astronaut even though at the time of our meeting, he wasn't working but in the process of getting the paperwork and his physical taken care of before heading to the military base for his training. He explained that is why he wasn't interested in being a father at the time as he wanted to get his foot in the space program door as space exploration had been an interest to him ever since he became a Star Trek fan.

    We chatted for a little bit more before I went to bed. When I got up from the couch, I had thanked Donny for our little chat as well as agreeing to move in together even though I had already thanked him several times since he decided to be a part of the kids lives.

    Day 1 is completed, so this is the toddlers stats so far:

    Communication- lvl 3
    Imagination- lvl 2
    Movement- lvl 1
    Potty- 0
    Thinking- lvl 1

    Communication- lvl 1
    Imagination- lvl 2
    Movement- lvl 1
    Potty- 0
    Thinking- lvl 1

    Communication- lvl 1
    Imagination- lvl 1
    Movement- lvl 1
    Potty- 0
    Thinking- lvl 1
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    Okay back with another update. I've had the pictures already but was waiting until I've posted them over on my Facebook page that I just created on Monday before sharing them over here.

    Day 1 - Part 1

    I was sleeping pretty good until around 2 in the morning when Willie and Dawn came in my room both very upset about something. So I got up out of bed and made it before going over to see what was wrong with them.

    As I was approaching them, I was greeted with the most awful stench that nearly knocked me on my feet. So I checked Dawn first to see if she needed a diaper change and she did, then it was Willie's turn for a diaper change. As I was changing both of them, I asked them what in the world did they eat to smell that bad knowing full well that they really can't answer that question but I still asked it anyhow.

    After changing Willie's diaper, he left the room as happy little boy again while Dawn stayed with me. I talked to her for a minute or 2 before I picked up her to clean up her as well.

    After cleaning her up as best as I could, I told her that she smells like a clean little girl again.

    Willie went out and grabbed a plate of cheese crackers and sat down next to Donny to eat them. Donny was reading a book at the time when Willie sat down next to him.

    Dawn then went over to the giant teddy bear and started talking to it. She just talked and talked to the bear like the bear was going to reply back to her.

    While she was still talking to the bear, Willie then came into the playroom and headed for the toy chest to play with his toys.

    Once Dawn reached level 3 in communications, she hugged Mr. Bear as she calls him.

    Then she decided to play with the dollhouse while Willie was still playing with the toys in the toy box.

    I heard Willie calling for me, so I went in to see what he wanted. I asked him did you need to go potty and he nodded his head up and down and lifted his arms up for me to pick him up.

    So I carried him to the bathroom and put him on the potty so that he can get used to using it during the day instead of his diapers. Of course he as well as the others will still wear the diapers during the day in case of little accidents that may occur.

    While Willie was using the potty, he had to take a look at what he just did in the potty. I guess he felt a small splash of water hitting him and he pooped. Or he just wanted to see if he did poop or if that was a fart he just did.

    Then Dawn needed to go potty, so Donny brought her in and put her on the potty chair.

    But while she was still using the potty, Donny had to leave for work so I had to take care of her mess afterwards.

    After cleaning her up after her potty training, I put her in her highchair so that I can feed her something to eat.

    Willie goes out on the porch and climbs up on the chair and takes a little nap outside.

    After Dawn was done eating, I took her out of her highchair and cleaned up her mess. She then went to the couch for a little nap while Nathan was getting fed.

    I then went outside to see what Willie was up to and noticed that he was sleeping in the chair, so I picked him up and took him to his bed so that he can be more comfortable in the bed than he was in the chair.

    Then it was Nathan's turn to use the potty chair but he left a little bit of a mess on the floor when he was done.

    After Dawn was done playing, she crawled into her bed for a midday nap as well since both her and Willie was up before the sun came out.

    After Nathan got done on the potty, I reached for the mop in the utility closet and mopped up the floor so that no one slips and falls down and break their neck.

    Taking care of 3 toddlers is quite exhausting, so I had passed out on the floor to catch up with my sleep while Willie came out to watch me. Yeah I know, it's not a very comfortable way to be sleeping but I just couldn't help myself.

    I'm so used to having other people to help take care of the toddlers when I was living with my best friend that I could just go lay down in the bed, but since I don't have anyone else other than Donny to help when he's not working, I will sleep any where and any how to catch a little bit of sleep until the little rug rats need me.

    Once I had woke up, I was feeling hungry and so I want to fix me some toast and eggs. Of course the toast got stuck to the bottom of the pan and I had to scrape it off. This is what happens when you try to cook while still being dog tired, you don't pay attention to your cooking.

    I went to put a little bit of pepper on the toast and ended up dropping the whole pepper shaker in the frying pan. Great, now my toast will have a very strong peppery taste to it when I only wanted a little bit of a pepper taste.
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    Day 2 - Part 2

    I then add the eggs to the frying pan and ended up burning them as well. Either it's because I'm still tired or I'm just a bad cook as I didn't really do much cooking at my best friend's house as either she cooked or her boyfriend did the cooking. Of course I made sandwiches and cereal to eat as I really didn't really bother with stove. And of course I've used the microwave to heat up TV dinners and microwaveable popcorn.

    I put a little bit of pepper in the eggs without dropping the shaker into the frying pan this time...

    But of course as I was trying to flip the eggs over, I had ended up flipping them right out of the frying and onto the back burner, so I had to scrape them back into the frying pan so that I can transfer them to the plate.

    I took my plate out to the table to eat my food but wasn't very appetizing to me since I had burnt the toast and eggs. Maybe I should just stick with cereal for now until I can get my cooking skills up.

    After I was done eating, I decided to call the Nanny agencies phone number that I had stored on my phone to see about getting a nanny over her to help for a little bit even though it's 4:15 PM and Donny should be home from work a little after 5.

    About 20 minutes after I had called the agency, there was a knock on the door so I went to see who it was. There was man at the door that introduced himself as Evertt Mims. He said that he's the nanny which I've already knew since the agency had sent me his picture as well as his recommendations from other clients who had already used him as their nanny. So I had invited him inside and showed him around and introduced him to the kids.

    Not long afterwards, Donny comes home and grabs a plate of salad and eats it while he's watching Nanny Mims. I told Donny that I had hired a nanny to help for a little bit while I go and try to take a little nap and he was fine with my decision to get some help as he was also exhausted. He said he never realized how hard it was going to be to raise kids, especially 3 at one time.

    Nathan decided that he was hungry as well, so he headed for the kitchen where Donny gave him a plate of salad as well. At least he isn't giving him junk food to eat.

    After Nathan took a couple of bits of his food, he started to play with it. You know how toddlers are when it comes to their food, they think that it's also something to play with especially if it's something that they don't like. Of course I'm not saying that he hates his food, he just wanted to play and be a messing little boy.

    When Nathan was done eating, he went outside and climbed up in the chair and took himself a little nap. I guess since he had gotten his little tummy full of food that he needed a nap to sleep it off.

    Donny also decided that he was ready for a nap, so he took to the couch for his nap while the Nanny sat at the table to eat his food.

    While Donny was trying to nap, the Nanny wanted to talk.

    While Donny was taking his nap, I was trying to take my nap as well as I needed to get some much needed rest so that I can be able to take care of my kids tomorrow without trying to hire a nanny everyday to help out. Boy, I can't wait until they become school age so that they can go to school and I can do what I want doing the day without getting exhausted too quickly.

    Dawn was still in bed sleeping which is a good thing as I need my sleep as well.

    Then Willie went to sleep as well. Let's just hope that they sleep through the night so that I can be well rested for tomorrow.

    Of course I spoke too soon as Dawn got up and came into my room wanting to talk. Of course I asked her why was she up out of bed for knowing full well that she can't answer me as she's still too young for that.

    But it's a good thing that I woke up when I did as the 3rd bedroom was completed. So Donny took the room that I was sleeping and I took the new room as that was also next to the kids room.

    Donny was finally glad to have his own bed now as he doesn't have to sleep out on the tiny couch anymore. It wasn't a good thing for him to do as he needed his rest for his job so that he doesn't mess up his and do something that may get him fired from his job.

    Nanny Mims went outside and picked up Nathan and took him to his bed so that he can go to sleep in his own bed and not in the chair outside.

    After Donny and I switched beds, Dawn went out to the living room and climbed on the couch next to Nanny Mims who was watching TV.

    Since there was still some salad left out in the kitchen, Nanny Mims grabbed a plate for Dawn so that he didn't have to dirty up anymore dishes that would need to be cleaned up as he didn't want to make too much noise while everyone else was sleeping.

    After he took the dirty plate out to the kitchen and cleaned up it, he told Dawn that it was time for her to go back to bed as he was getting ready to leave since his time was up for now.

    He watched her to make sure that she was going to go to bed before taking his leave and leaving a note with his bill on the table so that I could see it in the morning when I get up.

    Dawn waited until he left before going back into the playroom to play with her dolls as she wasn't tired.

    End of Day 2 stats:

    Communications- level 3
    Imagination- level 2
    Movement- level 2
    Potty- level 1
    Thinking- level 1

    Communications- level 2
    Imagination- level 2
    Movement- level 1
    Potty- level 1
    Thinking- level 1

    Communications- level 3
    Imagination- level 2
    Movement- level 2
    Potty- level 1
    Thinking- level 2
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    Day 3 - Part 1

    So Dawn just played quietly in the playroom while Donny and I and the rest of the little ones slept. Of course being a little wild, she's going to do what she wants to do anyhow.

    Nathan gets up and comes into my room telling me that he needs a diaper change, so I change it for him. Then we talk for a little bit since I can't use the bathroom yet as Donny is in there doing his business.

    Then Donny tells me that he's going to take a shower so that I don't end up walking in on him. He also reminds me that the new bathtub will be here today as we need one to wash the kids in.

    After Donny takes his shower, he goes outside to use his punching bag that arrived from his last home that he was in. He called his buddy up that still lives there asking him if he can get it taken apart and box it up to have shipped to him as he wants to use it, so his buddy said that he would.

    While Donny was outside using his punching bag. I took a shower next as I needed to clean up as well. It's a good thing that we are getting rid of the shower as it feels a bit cramped in my opinion. The only problem with our new tub that we have coming is that it's just a tub and not a tub/shower combo but maybe once we have a little bit more money in our accounts then can we get a tub/shower combo as there are days when I just want a quick shower even though bubble baths can be quite relaxing.

    Then I went out to grab a bite to eat after my shower. It's so nice to have my own place with bathroom as I don't have to worry about other people who aren't family walking in on me with the exception of Donny. But of course I wouldn't mind if he did walk in on me since we do have kids together but we did agree not to walk in on each other while in the bathroom unless if we are potty training the little ones.

    I then washed up the dirty dishes as I don't want my house to be dirty. Granted that I do have kids and it's hard to have a clean house but at least my kids have their own playroom where they keep their toys in which makes it a little easy to keep a clean house.

    Then Nathan came out crying that he was hungry, so I out him in his highchair and gave him his cereal to eat. After he was done, I took him out his chair so that he could go play or do whatever he wanted to do.

    While Nathan was playing, I went in to see Dawn and to have a talk with her since she was up quite early this morning. Of course I know that she can't understand me telling her that she should had went to bed when Nanny Mims told her too instead of staying up all night. But you know, kids will be kids. So I'm hoping that when she gets a little older that she won't be up at all hours of the night while the rest of the house is sleeping.

    Nathan was playing with the dolly house while I was looking for Willie as he needed a bath once the tub gets installed and all of the pipes tighten sealed up.

    Once the tub got installed and I was told that it was okay to use, Willie was the first one to use it. As we can see, he had a good time getting his bath as he had his favorite rubber ducky with him.

    After giving Willie his bath, I went out to grab me something to drink as I was feeling thirsty. Then I went looking for the next to kid to wash up.

    Nathan was next and he too had fun with his bath. He even splashed me a few times.

    Then Dawn was the last one to wash up. She too had fun in the tub and splashed around for a little bit. With having our own bathroom and tub, the kids got spend a little bit more time in the tub and not feel rushed when someone came knocking on the bathroom door wanting to know when I will be finished bathing the kids.

    Nathan found his brother in the playroom and went over to talk to him. What they talked about, only they know even though it still sounds like babble to me. I do pick up on some words that they say as they are getting a bit better with their talking which is a good thing.

    After Dawn got dried off and dressed, she too headed to the playroom to play with the dollhouse while Nathan and Willie were still chatting it up. Before I know it, they will be growing up soon. I sure do wish that they stay small forever.

    When Nathan and Will was done talking it up, Willie made his way out to the kitchen where he spotted the trashcan. Of course he had to go over to the can and started digging through it.

    While Nathan was digging through the trash, he found the old broken TV remote that was thrown away as it didn't work anymore. So I came and got the trash bag out of the can so that he couldn't get anything else out of it.

    Of course he still tried to dig through the trash even though it wasn't in there.

    So I carried out the trash bag and threw it away in the outside garbage can for the trash company to come and pick it up. Hopefully the kids can't reach the trash to dig through it.

    While I was outside, I heard a loud crash coming from the house. It would seem as if someone had broken the dollhouse. I wonder who did that?

    So I ran inside to see what all of the noise was about and saw that the dollhouse had collapsed. I asked who did it but no one wanted to tell me. It's a good thing that I remembered how to put together, so I got to work on fixing it so that the kids could keep playing with it.

    When Donny came home from work, he came in and picked up Nathan and gave him a hug. He wants the kids to get used to him being around and getting them to call him daddy.

    Once I was done fixing the dollhouse, I went over to talk to Donny as he wanted to get to know me some more. He wanted to know what kind of music that I like and I told him. Nathan also told him what his favorite song is.

    Then Donny wanted to know what my hobbies are and so I told him that I love to paint but that I hadn't done that in quite some time. I told him that it's hard to do my hobbies when I'm always taking care of the kids. I told him that once the kids age up that I will get back into painting.
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    Day 3 - Part 2

    He said that sounds good and that he can't wait to my paintings. He wanted to know if I had any that I would like to hang up in the house and I told him no that I didn't as I had sold them to be able to buy baby clothes and such when I was pregnant.

    He was a bit disappointed in that but said the he understood since I didn't have anyone really helping during that time. I told him that I didn't expect anyone to help out as they all had their own problems to worry about.

    Then Nathan talked about his hobbies which is playing with the dollhouse and his Mr. Teddy Bear. He said that he thought of Mr. Teddy Bear as being his best friend.

    While we were talking, Willie was talking to Mr. Bear and then he hugged him. He told Mr. Bear that he loves him.

    Dawn had gone off and did her own thing which was playing in the toilet. EWWWWW!

    There was a knock on the door and so Donny asked who was there, so the visitor said that it was Travis Scott, the next door neighbor. He said that he wanted to come over and talk to me, so Donny let him in and led him to the playroom where I was still at.

    Donny decided to give us some space to talk, so he went outside and practiced sparring with the punchbag. Of course Donny was wondering why Travis would be over since I hadn't met him when he and the others came over to welcome us to the neighborhood.

    Dawn decided to play in the kids tablet for a little but she had to wait for me to give it to her. She took it out to the living room and sat on the floor with it.

    I told Travis that I was going out to take care of my daughter if he wanted to come out and sit down. Travis stood in the room for a minute or 2 before coming out to where I was.

    We sat at the dining room table to talk. I told him that I was sorry that I wasn't able to come out and introduce myself the other day as I was showing Dawn some flashcards as I'm trying to teach her new words and phrases. So he said that was okay and that he understood that I have the kids to take care of.

    While we were talking, Dawn started to talk to Travis while she using her tablet. Of course Travis pretended to understand what she was saying and chatted back with her.

    Dawn and Travis chatted for a while a long. Dawn was telling him about her dollhouse breaking and the mommy had to fix it.

    After Donny was done with his punching bag, he strutted inside of the house like he was a big bad guy. I guess he was trying to warn Travis in his own way that if he tried anything with me that he would take out the garbage.

    He went over to the refrigerator to grab a glass of water. Donny did ask Travis and I if we wanted anything to drink while he was out there but we told him no that we are fine.

    Donny brought his glass of water out and sat down at the table with it. He just sat there listening to us talk making sure that Travis wasn't going to say or do anything that would make him be put out on his rear.

    Once Donny was done with his water, he went on to see what Nathan was doing. Him and Nathan talked for a little bit.

    Donny asked him what he was doing and Nathan said that he's playing with the dollhouse. He said that he was playing with his dolls and pretending that the dolls where all related to one another.

    Then Willie made his way into the playroom as well as the conversation that was taking place. Of course Nathan was feeling a bit jealous when his brother came in and took his daddy's attention off of him...

    But he soon got back into the conversation with his daddy and his brother.

    Then Nathan came out and wanted to be picked up by me, so I got up from my chair and picked him up while I was still talking with Travis. Donny also came out to the living when he heard Travis saying something about wanting to go out with me sometime. I just looked at Travis and told him that it was hard for me to go out with anyone when I have 3 kids to take care of.

    Donny was standing by the bookcase acting like he was interested in reading a book while he was listening in on the conversation. Once he heard me tell Travis what I told him, he smiled from ear to ear knowing that I don't have any interest in Travis. As I was placing Nathan in his highchair, Travis said that he had to leave, so I told that it was nice to have met him and he left.

    Willie was in the playroom with with his nesting boxes being a quiet little boy.

    After Travis left, Donny and I sat down on the couch to talk. Of course he teased me about Travis and I covered my face with my hands as he had me blushing. Of course I wasn't blushing over the fact that Travis was interested in me but the fact that Donny was feeling a little bit jealous over someone else being interested in me. Which that tells me that he will do whatever it takes to win me over which I'm hoping that he will.

    Donny said that he was proud of me when I told Travis that it was hard for me to date anyone at the moment which of course I meant it. I don't have the time to date anyone and I don't have any interest in dating anyone with the exception of Donny of course but I didn't tell Donny that.

    After Donny and I was done talking, I went in to read a bedtime story to the kids before going to sleep.

    The end of the stats are:

    Communication: lvl 4
    Imagination: lvl 3
    Movement: lvl 3
    Potty: lvl 1
    Thinking: lvl 1

    Communication: lvl 3
    Imagination: lvl 4
    Movement: lvl 1
    Potty: lvl 1
    Thinking: lvl 1

    Communication: lvl 4
    Imagination: lvl 3
    Movement: lvl 2
    Potty: lvl 1
    Thinking: lvl 2
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    Sorry that I haven't updated my story yet as I have been taking time away from it to play the free trial of Island Living, so I will try to update as soon as I can as I have Day 4 ready to go. And of course it will be a 2 part update as I don't like to put a lot of pictures into 1 posting. Then I'm going to create a thread for my Island Living game play hopefully this week or next week since Thanksgiving is coming up for us people in the states, so I will probably be busy fixing our little meatloaf dinner on Thursday for the hubby and I since we will be having Thanksgiving with family over the weekend... :)
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    Day 4 - Part 1

    Dawn got tired of listening to the story that I was telling to them that she went to the playroom and started hitting Mr. Bear for no reason whatsoever.

    And since the kids weren't even tired, they all went to the playroom to play, so I went in there with them to watch them play. Of course I had ended up picking up some of their toys and placed them into their toy box so that no one trips over them.

    Dawn and Nathan played with the dollhouse while I was talking to Nathan. Dawn playing with her doll placing her in one of the rooms while listening to me talk to Nathan.

    Then Willie Came over and hugged Mr. Bear and then he told Mr. Bear that he loves him.

    Then Willie went over to the toolbox and got out the toy that I had just put away and started playing with it.

    Donny went outside to practice sparring on the boxing dummy. He looks like he has some aggression to let out.

    After I was done talking to the kids, I went out and got cookbook off of the shelf and started reading it.

    When Donny was done practicing his punches on the practice dummy, he made his way to the playroom to have a chat with the kids.

    Then I came in and joined in on their chat as well.

    We just talked to the kids telling them that they can be anything that they want to be when they grow up. I'm sure that will be a conversation that we will be having again and again until they become adults.

    While Donny was talking to Nathan and Dawn, I was talking to Willie.

    Dawn was getting tired, so she went to bed. I read her a story while she was sleeping.

    Willie and Nathan continued playing with the dollhouse while getting their imagination skill up.

    Dawn then got back up and went into the bathroom and started playing in the toilet again but I told her to stop as that is a no no.

    Donny was getting hungry, so headed out to the kitchen to fix himself something to eat. He decided on fixing scrambled eggs and toast.

    After scrambling the eggs and preparing the toast for the frying pan, he put the pan on the stove and started cooking his food.

    Of course he let the eggs sit too long in the pan and now they are stuck to the bottom and he has to scrap them off so that he can place them on the plate.

    He then took his food out to the table and sat down to eat. Despite the eggs and toast being a little burnt, he was satisfied with the taste. And besides, he likes his toast to be darker anyhow.

    When he was done eating, I went out and got his plate to wash up.

    I then went into the playroom and talked to Dawn for a little bit while Willie was playing with the toybox.

    Nathan was playing with nesting boxes. All of the kids where doing something that was helping them with their skills that they need to have before they all age up.

    Donny decided to do some sit-ups after having his breakfast so that he can work off his food and to stay fit as well.

    Then the both of us were talking to the kids as well as to each other while the kids played with their toys.

    Donny then went out to the living room to watch the sports channel for a little bit. He wanted to get last nights football scores.

    I continued talking to the kids while they played with their toys helping them get their skills up.
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    Day 4 - Part 2

    I then asked Dawn if she needed to go to the bathroom as she was getting a bit bouncy which indicates to me that she does. So she said yes that she needed to go potty.

    Nathan either farted or he needs a diaper change, so I told Donny to check on him to see which one he did.

    I took Dawn in to use the potty so that she can get use to it and hopefully not have any little accidents in her diapers.

    Donny checked on Nathan and of course he needed to use the potty as well.

    Of course it got a bit stinky in there with 2 toddlers using their potty chairs. After Donny made sure that Nathan did his business, he left for work while I finished tending to the toddlers and cleaning up their potty chairs.

    Then it was time to feed them, so in the highchairs they go. They both got bowls of chips to eat. Nathan was down with his food while Dawn was still eating hers. (I kept having a hard time getting her fed as my SS kept picking her up and placing her in the chair and then walking away without giving her food or a bottle.

    Then I needed to use the bathroom, so I left the kids in their highchairs while I went to do what I needed to do before getting them out.

    Once I was done using the bathroom and washing my hands. I went and got Nathan out of his chair as well as Dawn.

    Nathan headed to bedroom while I got Dawn out of her chair. Nathan was feeling tired, so hopefully the other 2 felt the same way and goes to bed as well.

    And yes, they all were tired and so they all went to bed which is a good thing as I need some time to myself.

    I went out and got me sandwich to eat and hopefully got a chance to relax a little bit as it's exhausting taking care of 3 toddlers.

    It would look like I'm reading to Dawn but I'm not. That's where I went to when I resumed reading the book that I had started reading earlier.

    Then Willie got hungry, so I fed him when he got up crying from being hungry.

    So while the other kids where sleeping and Willie was eating, I gathered up the trash so that the kids can't get into it.

    I took the trash out to garbage can so that I can I place it in there for trash pick-up.

    Nathan then got up from bed and wanted to come out to watch me throw the trash away. Of course by the time her got out there, the trash was already in the can.

    Then Summer Holiday came over for a visit, so Nathan and I talked to her for a little bit.

    Nathan just chatted and chatted with me while Summer listened to him talk.

    I then told Summer that I need to go inside and take care of my other son, so she said that she will keep on eye on Nathan while I did that.

    Mortimer Goth walking pass the house.

    I went over to Willie and got him out of the highchair and then placed him on the floor.

    Willie then changed into his clothes and went outside to watch me but I wasn't out there. Of course the little stinker had to fart again but luckily enough no one was outside to hear it or to to smell.

    I told Summer that I hate to be rude but I need to go to bed to rest up for a little bit as I am quite exhausted. So she said that was fine and that she will keep an eye one the kids.

    She went looking for the kids room to check on the other kids for to make sure that they aren't getting into any trouble.

    Of course she has to go through the bathroom to get to their room but when she gets in the bathroom, she sees Nathan playing in the toilet. She starts telling him that he shouldn't be doing that as it's gross and disgusting but he just kept playing in it.

    End of day stats:

    Communication: lvl 4
    Imagination: lvl 4
    Movement: lvl 3
    Potty: lvl 1
    Thinking: lvl 2

    Communication: lvl 4
    Imagination lvl 5
    Movement: lvl 2
    Potty: lvl 1
    Thinking: lvl 1

    Communication: lvl 5
    Imagination: lvl 3
    Movement: lvl 3
    Potty: lvl 1
    Thinking: lvl 2
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