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[OLD] Broken/Updated Mods & CC: Sept ’21 Spa Day Refresh Patch



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    bandit5 wrote: »
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    bandit5 wrote: »
    A mod on patron can be paid mod too a point but it has too be free at some point. Making mods is a hobby but should not be a career.

    A mod on Patreon can be free as well. They're allowed to have it as "early access" for a fee (as Luthienrising has mentioned.)

    But why shouldn't making mods be a career? There are many who go by EAs rule to only charge the short "early access" fee and still are making a real life money as a "career."

    if after testing is done and is stable then should be free within a reasonable time not a month or ever be free

    Agreed. They should follow the rules and release it for free within the EA rule time frame. But they should be able to have the early access time.
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