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Favorite part of building in The Sims?

My favorite part of building is right in the beginning, in which I create the layout of the house and cap it off with a good-looking roof. Creating the overall structure of the home is my favorite part. I may also do some landscaping, such as adding soil and plants around the house. As for furnishing, I tend to be very simplistic because I feel that the furnishing should be customized for the family moving in. So, very often, I would just add in the basic fixtures for the kitchen and the bathroom, so then I can have the whole house ready for moving in.


  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 23,801 Member
    My mind goes blank when I'm presented with an empty lot so I rarely build but sometimes I get the urge to design a home for a particular sim. Then my favorite part is searching floor plan sites for something appropriate and recreating it in game.
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  • Lulu29Lulu29 Posts: 110 Member
    The favourite part for me has to be decorating the inside, that's the most satisfying part and taking a blank room and choosing the interior and decor. I mostly find it a bit boring constructing the actual house from scratch, unless I'm using a layout plan from Pinterest, but I do occasionally have the urge to build, although it very rarely happens.
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 2,271 Member
    I actually like being done and playing in a house that I built. My favorite part is the end. Second to that is seeing it come together room-by-room but yes, it's fun to pick a layout as well.
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  • AncientMuseAncientMuse Posts: 505 Member
    Building the shell layout, exterior styling (frieze, gables, doors, siding, dormers, etc) and landscaping... For some strange reason I've been really enjoying landscaping lately and giving the lots/houses some nice outside curb appeal? Yeah I know... I'm a weirdo. :D

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  • LogicallyironicLogicallyironic Posts: 125 Member
    (More of 2/3 builder)

    I usually base the shell off of floorplans found online or real buildings from life. Furnishing is definitely my favorite part, and the part that takes the longest by far. Decorating the lawn/outdoor areas is nice as well. I really like building community lots, and built a town in Sims 2 from scratch complete with a shopping district. It was so satisfying to realize that every building for the town was done and I could finally play in a town (modeled after small towns in my area) :)
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 12,399 Member
    Build a modern house with plans from internet.

    I like to reproduce existing buildings because I'm not creative to build and furnish a house by myself.
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 5,627 Member
    My favourite part is to idealize the floorplan. That's the only thing i do by myself without taking inspiration (or plain copying) from decoration sites :lol:
  • haneulhaneul Posts: 1,119 Member
    My favorite part is where I play with my Sims in the build, but that may not count. I'm honestly not sure if I have a favorite part otherwise. I like sketching out my builds, I like building them and doing the interiors too, but I probably like conceptualizing the builds best.
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 4,196 Member
    I love to build houses and especially venues. Usually I build from my imagination though ocassionally I may get inspired by some building or feature seen online and try to incorporate and adapt it to my buildings. The best part is at the end, when the house or venue are done and I do a test run and sims route properly and use the objects on the lot autonomously and as intended.
  • maggiemae8135maggiemae8135 Posts: 190 Member
    My favorite part of building is the challenge to take a house, whether from a pic or real life, and try to re-create it in my Sims game. I spend time researching real life houses (especially the haunted ones!) and attempt to make them as close as possible to the real one. I really enjoy decorating homes as well. Being able to actually play with your sims in the homes you build is so much fun!
  • AnnabellaroseAnnabellarose Posts: 20 Member
    I guess my favorite part of building is when I start to put paint/wallpaper and carpet/tile. I also like trying to get the roof right for the build which can also nearly frustrate me to tears.
  • SkyrryxSkyrryx Posts: 136 Member
    My favorite part of building is to play in my creations. :* I don't see the point of creating something if I can't play with it after.
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  • KateLynneKateLynne Posts: 46 Member
    I really love furnishing spaces. Especially kitchens. I am not the best a buidling, but that part is just so much fun for me. I love thinking about the Sims that are supposed to move in and what they would want their house to be like.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 4,478 Member
    I guess real answer is:
    When my build actually amounts to something i like and i can bathe in the self appreciation when playing in that build :lol:

    but yeah as for actual building I really love trying to match it to the world/lot/neighborhood and sims living in the house and stories i wish to tell

    I do often really struggle with interior though because of limits of how i built my exterior all nice and didn't consider rooms :sweat_smile:

    and what i struggle most with is building anything big and without having any particular story or theme that kills my spirits very fast
  • ACruelButLovingGodACruelButLovingGod Posts: 686 Member
    My buildings tend to be "The box a house comes in", but every so often I'll get a roof join just right—where it's not a perfectly rectangular house but I don't get any weird angles or places where rain or snow would collect if the roof were built that way in the real world. Getting a half-hipped roof underneath a gabled roof so it's seamless is my favorite little building challenge.
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,568 Member
    Transforming the idea, whether entirely from my head or a book of plans, into reality; a house of whatever nature that my sims may call home.
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 995 Member
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    I’m not a good builder. At all. In fact, building stresses me out. I am good at setting up and decorating the interior spaces for my sims needs. I often download a nice house from the gallery, then do an major interior makeover. I actually wish there were more shells. I like shells…
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  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 3,423 Member
    My favourite part of building is… the entire build adventure!

    I build with a story in mind, the same way I create my sims. Stories drive everything that I do in this game and since I’m the kinda guy who seeks to accomplish just about everything himself (aka control freak dude) creating my own new worlds for my actors and giving them places to live and to explore gives me great great joy!

    The building process could start with a very simple or very complex idea in my head and usually ends with a virtual manifestation of that idea. My sims will take it from there. They will tell me whether the build is good enough for their narrative or if it needs bulldozer treatment.

    I truly enjoy doing online research, however, during my outdoor hiking trips I often take pictures of interesting structures or scenes and use them as inspiration for the shell, the landscape and / or interior design of potential builds.
    I like playing around with the build tools to find new ways of getting a desired effect but I also think about the function of a building and ensure that there are no routing issues. I have no interest in aesthetically pleasing non-functional MOO lots. In fact I detest those kind of builds with a passion. Form follows function follows form or else I don’t want it anywhere near my game. BEGONE YE CHARMING BARRICADE OF CLUTTER!

    What I also love in The Sims 4 is adding lot traits, lot types and lot challenges. They’re like the cherry on top when it comes to a build’s character.

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