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Do you swap the Pleasant twins boyfriends?

KaronKaron Posts: 2,332 Member
I have noticed a lil' trend going on where people like to swap Dustin and Dirk. Dustin is a bad boy, and Lilith looks like a rebel. While Dirk is studious and Angela seems to be a goody two shoes. I have never thought abotu swaping the couples, because to me Angela is putting on a facade, while to me Lilith is just an book that you shouldn't judge by its cover. I wanna know what the majority of you think about it.

Do you swap the Pleasant twins boyfriends? 31 votes

Yes, I love pairing Dustin/Lilith and Dirk/Angela;
beathappening 1 vote
No, I like the current relationships they have;
auroraael14wedthesimmerPlayerSinger2010danacnbrettDevSims91KennziKaigeSunflowergal227snoepjes1210PhoenixArrandeEnkiSchmidtNesoiancitizenEricasFreePlayStephM803hzm02IndiePrincessLogicallyironicHeehee_BearAlida_Maria100EighteenOctaves 19 votes
Other, I like to break up after a while and pair with other people;
Rflong7classicXcrimegarapoesWarGreymon77KaronVINNIHFarmerJei 7 votes
Other... explain.
maggiemae8135Sorak4OldeseadoggeDestin2016 4 votes


  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,414 Member
    Other, I like to break up after a while and pair with other people;
    Hi :)
    They never seem to want each other when in University. :)
  • maggiemae8135maggiemae8135 Posts: 194 Member
    Other... explain.
    I usually leave it up to them. Most of the time when I get the four of them together, Lilith will autonomously flirt with Dustin and cause drama. If that happens I have both couples argue and break up and look for comfort with the other victim. This has happened quite a bit in my Sims 2 games, usually when all four are at the Pleasant house visiting or in the dorm at college.
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 4,021 Member
    No, I like the current relationships they have;
    Don't much care about Dirk x Lilith, she can just as well be with Alexander Goth (there is a brief window when they are teens together).

    I like Angela with Dustin, because they have two big similarities:
    - Their love for nature
    Angela's bios mentions she wants to work on a fish trawler. Now childhood dream jobs come and go, but she will always retain a love for the sea, sailing and fishing. Meanwhile Dustin's One True Hobby is Nature, that includes fishing. Ta-daa, many happy picnic dates at the local park!
    - Their devotion to their family
    Dustin carrys the whole household on his back with his job, while Brandi scolds him for his "bad" grades in a scripted scene (he is a solid C student, though). It is also implied in his memories that he fought Gordon King ones, most likely to fend the burglar off. Now Dustin has to work for Gordon to ensure he leaves the trailer (and within the mementos of Skip) alone.
    On the same leaf Angela puts on a facade for the outside world, keeping up pretentions that everything is well in her family. Not just that, she tries to be the perfect daughter.
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  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 394 Member
    Other, I like to break up after a while and pair with other people;
    Currently I play with a megahood so they end up with anyone. Angela married Alexander Goth and Lilith is single. Dirk is also single and and Dusti is married to Jill Smith.
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  • Destin2016Destin2016 Posts: 556 Member
    Other... explain.
    I always keep Dustin & Angela together because I think they make a good couple, but I usually break Dirk & Lilith up because I never thought they were a good match plus I always marry Brandi & Darren. That means Angela & Lilith would be invited to family gatherings,etc. and I don’t want all that drama. The constant fighting gets on my nerves.
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  • SimCrazySimCrazy Posts: 9,879 Member
    I always thought that it would make more sense for them to swap, but I've never actually done it
  • NesoiancitizenNesoiancitizen Posts: 4,344 Member
    No, I like the current relationships they have;
    I like to keep them together although I let them do what they want when they age up to (young) adults.
    I feel like Dirk brings out the good in Lilith and both of them bonded over the difficult things they were going through in their lives. Every time I play with them, Lilith moves in with the Dreamer family while still a teen. Even if she and Dirk don't stay together through university, they still remain friends and I find them to be so sweet together either way. In one of my games Lilith ended up with Johnny Smith and Ophelia Specter, and Dirk was best friends with all three of them. Eventually I just moved him in and he helped take care of their kids.
    As for Angela, I agree that she's putting on a facade but because of the pressure by her parents who are trying to put her on a pedestal and make her this perfect ideal daughter, and so she's dating Dustin as a way of acting out against them. They rarely stay together in my game, Angela usually breaks up with him when she goes to uni and either finds someone else or stays single. In the same Pleasantview-Strangetown game as before she ended up with Tank Grunt, which I feel is kind of perfect because they both know what it's like to be pressured by their parents to be a certain way.
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  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 394 Member
    Other, I like to break up after a while and pair with other people;
    In my current save, adult Dirk finally got the want to flirt with adult Lilith and she rejected him, they have no chemistry at all...
    English is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes!
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,332 Member
    Other, I like to break up after a while and pair with other people;
    TBH, what I think of this is... Sims 2 neighborhoods tend to be small and not have a huge variety of people, thus most players end up keeping them together because they were officialy together at the beginning of the game or swap their boyfriends to keep the drama going harder than before. Honestly, maybe the could swap boyfriends irl to 🐲🐲🐲🐲 eachother off but then that would highlight that maybe they didn't actually love them before and realistically its SO unlikely for someone to be married to their teenagehood crush/boyfriend/girlfriend. I don't think both couples would stay together, irl, maybe one of them but not both. Angela and Dirk, Angela and Dustin, Lilith and Dirk or Lilith and Dustin. IDK. Maybe Lilith and Dirk, as some pointed that their relationship seem more genuine while Angela seems to be usin Dustin to 🐲🐲🐲🐲 her parents to stop placing her on the "perfect little girl" stereotype. IDK. haha
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 673 Member
    No, I like the current relationships they have;
    Last time I played Pleasantville, I actually kept Dustin and Angela together. They just seem made for each other. I put them in a college household together but I never got around to playing them because my game, and later my actual laptop, crashed and deleted my entire UC.
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 673 Member
    No, I like the current relationships they have;
    I don't remember what I did with Lillith and Dirk though. I think I kept them in separate households from the neighborhood screen.
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,632 Member
    edited October 2021
    Other... explain.
    I go a step further. I get Dirk and Dustin together, they're made for eachother, even if its solely because of the potential of saying they're the Double D couple. Also because it drives drama even further than the limits.

    To elaborate further, just like the L/D and A/D mix both have a deceased parent, both are either a problemchild or a do-gooder and on both spectrums of poverty. They're perfect at being standins for either Pleasant.

    It just works.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 4,491 Member
    edited October 2021
    Well when i was still able to play sims 2 i usually just had lilith dating my own sims and i would have anyway cursed angela with bad future >:)

    so yeah i would not change the match up if i were to play them again

    quite enjoy idea of dustin and angela having bad relationship

    but i dont wanna mess lilith in it
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,583 Member
    Other... explain.
    I send the girls off to university to prepare for decent careers and meet appropriate mates I've made for them. Aged up Lilith is one good looking simette!
  • WarGreymon77WarGreymon77 Posts: 127 Member
    Other, I like to break up after a while and pair with other people;
    The Pleasant household is a total disaster. I break the sisters up with their current boyfriends and pair them up with better ones.
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