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The Hightower Legacy - Update 7: Double Trouble Doubled

Mizzila1297Mizzila1297 Posts: 607 Member
!! UPDATE !!
I am saddened, but due to technical difficulties, the Hightower Legacy save has been lost. Updates, computer bugs, and other factors were at play here, and even backups were not able to be retrieved. Thank you for following, hopefully a new legacy will happen one day, or The Hightowers 2.0!

Let's see how many generations we can reach with the Hightowers! I will be posting all major milestones for the Hightower family here in this thread. This legacy will be following strictly the heirs, so we'll see what things story progression throws in terms of family branches as more generations go on :lol:
You can see the full tree here!

Currently Active: The Foundress, Tourmaline Hightower

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  • Mizzila1297Mizzila1297 Posts: 607 Member
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    1 - Happily Ever After

    Tourmaline met Akira and fell head over heels for him! Though they have their differences, they are very much in love. Akira proposed, and the happy couple are now Husband and Wife! <3
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  • Mizzila1297Mizzila1297 Posts: 607 Member
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    2 - The Good News

    Tourmaline and Akira are expecting! She's given him the big news. How exciting?

    More updates to come about the Hightower family <3
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  • Mizzila1297Mizzila1297 Posts: 607 Member
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    3 - A New Arrival

    Tourmaline has gone into labor, on Winterfest day!
    Let's welcome baby Hightower to the family! But what's this...?

    Welcome to the world, Topaz and Oana Hightower!
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  • Mizzila1297Mizzila1297 Posts: 607 Member
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    4 - Big News, Then Bigger News

    Much has happened since a new year dawned.
    Tourmaline successfully became an official 3-star Celebrity, one step closer to her life's dream of being an absolute sensation. She's gained her fame through vlogging and her video editing skills.
    Soon after achieving real fame, she had another big announcement for Akira... She's expecting, even though their twin girls were born mere months ago!
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  • Mizzila1297Mizzila1297 Posts: 607 Member
    5 - The Ice Is Thinning...

    Life has been difficult for Tourmaline and Akira, raising two young girls, another baby on the way... Not to mention the struggles (and jealousy!) around Tourmaline's newfound fame. Though the pair is at ends from time to time, they've managed to kiss and make up by apologizing... Sort of. A bitter sentiment still lingers for them both.
  • Mizzila1297Mizzila1297 Posts: 607 Member
    6 - Healing The Hurt

    After days of bitter feelings towards each other, Akira decided to surprise Tourmaline. He's asked her on a date, after spending hours on the phone reserving a table at the most exclusive restaurant in town. They spend the evening laughing, talking, and having a good night out, just the two of them, together. The evening ends well, and they've both set aside their differences and have fallen even more in love. The bitter sentiments are nowhere to be found.
  • Mizzila1297Mizzila1297 Posts: 607 Member
    7 - Double Trouble Doubled

    The months have flown by, and the big day has come. Tourmaline is in labor! But... it appears there's a surprise this time, too... Double trouble. Again!

    Let's welcome the two young Hightowers, Ulrich and Roman!
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