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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 1,635 Member
    The Magical Mastersons thread is now fully up-to-date!

    Magical Mastersons latest
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    San Myshuno's most awesome dad with his very last little toddler, before her birthday.

    Pretty soon the big day came.

    And here's Paola Rasoya as a kid! She's got lots of personality, a sporty energy, and well, she's obsessed with cats.
    And she's more athletic than her sisters.

    She's used to sharing a room with Dad. The only birthday present she wanted was one of those new bunk beds with the double bed on bottom for Dad and the top bunk for her. Aw Paola, stay little. Raj decorated the walls with cat decals for her. (Raj, being unflirty, doesn't need the double bed for any reason other than the fact that he's a chef of unusual size these days.)

    But Paola did ask to expand the family by one more...

    A little orange kitten. Paola has named him Ducks. She is utterly smitten with him.


    Raj can't resist anything cute either.

    Raj shed one tear at not having toddlers any longer. And then he was very happy to start having family breakfasts with no more high chairs!

    Raj is writing cookbooks now. Which he does in the playroom. Because there are no non-kid rooms in this apartment.

    Raj aged up, too. I gave him some different outfits but I didn't change his look much. He has earned the Mentor trait.

    Nanny Brantley is no longer needed as a nanny. But he has become Jenifer's piano teacher. She has maxed her creativity skill and is learning to play really well. Jenifer has found her thing. And she's found a best friend, Maira Watson.

    Maira invited Jenifer over after school. "You ride the bus all the way out here every day?" Jenifer asked incredulously. By the time they arrived in Henford-on-Bagley, a storm blew up.

    Maira was really scared in the storm. Jenifer thought of all the books Raj had read to her over the years, and told Maira a funny mash-up of a few of them. Maira laughed and wasn't scared anymore. Good stories make everything better.

    Like father, like daughter...

    Breana has maxed her mental skill and completed the whiz kid aspiration. She loves science, cooking with Dad, and her best friends Maki and Adeline.

    Seems like when the maid comes over, she's always angry. Wonder why that is...

    Salim, if you're in the hallway, who is making the love noise?

    Unflirty Raj will run back into his apartment and try not to have any more thoughts at all now.

    Spooky Day came. The girls wanted to have a costume party. Raj happily obliged with the food.

    None of the guests wore costumes? Maybe because they were all children? Whatever, the girls decided on matching hot dog costumes (they did this automatically at the start of the party, it wasn't me, I swear) and they rocked a spooky dance together.

    At the end of the party, Maki stuck around and they all went to the graveyard to pay their respects to Grandma Geeta. Who didn't show up, but it was nice to talk about her for a little while.

    They got home late, wishing for rest and relief.

    When the cat's away, the mice will eat cheesecake for breakfast. Yum! Look at that smile!


    Tales of San Myshuno
    See What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

    Don't Lose the Farm!
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    O'Mackey: Today we work on the father and daughter duo from The Sims 2 and their desire to have some friends.

    To start, I changed Jules' hairstyle to something I found in CC.

    Jules fared better and she made quick friends with Kramer of Seinfeld. Here's him dancing in the rain.

    Gabe tried with Jodie Larson (The Sims 2) and despite having non-risky woohoo, Gabe kept making an 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙 of himself and that fell through.

    Will he make a friend with Willona Woods (Good Times)? Since she left early before anything could get off the ground, nope.

    When in doubt, just talk your troubles away with the bartender (Melascula from Seven Deadly Sins).

    And that worked since they really hit it off and now she moved in with the family. Oh, and that's actress Singorney Weaver kissing Linda from Bob's Burgers.

    More to come...

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    The triplets finished their first term! Arisa got 3 A+ grades and one C. The C was in her charisma class which is part of the history degree, but apparently the charisma skill isn’t needed in the judge branch of the law career (what she wants to do) so she’s not too bothered. Keiko got one A+, two As and one C+, the C+ was in her elective class so not too bad, really. Sakura did the best overall, with 3 A+s and one B+.
    So Arisa and Keiko have A- GPAs and Sakura has an A GPA. Pretty good going really, better than how their mum Anne did in her first term at any rate :D And Lucy even ended up on academic probation after her second term! :#
    My Stories: Sulani at Heart (on hiatus), Magical Mastersons, Parker Saga

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    Finally started playing with my University sims.

    I moved them in to a residential lot in Britechester a little bit ago but I just now enrolled them today. Cassandra and Genevieve go to Britechester, Sage and Darling go to Foxbury. Genevieve is majoring in History so she can be in the Military career, Cassandra is majoring in Fine Arts so she can be in the musician branch of the Entertainer career, and Sage and Darling are both majoring in Biology. Sage wants to be in the Botanist branch of the gardener career and Darling wants to be in the Athlete career.

    They all started on their homework.
    The next morning, Genevieve made some fruit salad for everyone

    It was a Saturday, so I had everyone get started on their projects and term papers so they wouldn't have to worry about them during the week.

    There wasn't any room in the house for Sage and Cassandra to do their projects so they had to do them outside

    After their projects were done, Cassandra and Darling played some ping pong

    Cassandra was sad because of her gloomy trait, so she talked to Sage to try and feel better

    Genevieve and Darling are both on the soccer team at their schools, and they went to their first practice

    While Genevieve and Darling were at soccer, Sage took Cassandra to the romance festival

    They were having a good time, and in the heat of the moment, Sage proposed! Probably not the best idea since they're still so young, but they'll most likely have a long engagement so maybe it's fine.

    Genevieve and Darling were both exhausted and hungry when they got home from soccer and there was no food in the fridge, so they ordered a pizza.

    The next morning, Cassandra went on a bike ride around the neighborhood

    Genevieve worked on her term papers

    Started working on Darling's Chief of Mischief aspiration

    Later that evening, everyone went to Pepper's Pub together and played some juice pong. Sage and Cassandra against Genevieve and Darling. Not sure if Cassandra liked it that much but she did end up winning.

    I didn't realize how hard playing multiple sims in University was! I've done it before but that was when University first came out. They haven't even started the term yet and I'm already overwhelmed.
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    @sarabeth2984 Oh, I hope so too. I have a lot to catch up on when it comes to others, but your Silversweater Swarm is quite funny in a charming way. :D very entertaining.
    The witch, or rather, the spellcaster as she learned they were called here, told Nikoline that she might find answers in a quiet seaside city called Brindleton Bay. Another spellcaster friend of L's who liked the local delicacies of the seaside city might point her in the right direction. After yet another red-eye flight back "home" to Willow Creek, Nikoline got to work right away.

    She ended up moonlighting at the local bar. Unsure what to look for, she did manage to encounter a blond spellcaster named Morgyn. They weren't exactly discreet when talking about magic while drinking with ordinary people, so an icebreaker wasn't needed. When she asked her own questions, the blond spellcaster was thoughtful about it, but they only told her that they were not who she was looking for, but did give her a heads up that the person who might provide her some better clarity on her problems was someone far more...grounded than they were, whatever that meant, and would probably show up later with either a lobster roll or haddock sandwich.

    While waiting, she would take a break for a few minutes every hour, watching the cooking channel to sharpen her repertoire for her job. Unfortunately, she didn't check the schedule of the bar before moonlighting; had she known, she definitely would not have moonlighted during Guys Night.

    ...and she really, really wasn't the type to date.

    'Nope! I am way too tired for this $#&+.' "Excuse me, the bar's been empty too long so I need to get back to work. Have a good evening and goodbye." After excusing herself, Nikoline spent some time at the bar until she saw the man leave, letting out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

    Soon after, she decided to take another break, and with good reason. A rather tall man entered the saloon with an air about him. Nikoline wouldn't call herself sensitive or sharp when it came to the arcane forces. The only one who'd ever had any dealing with the supernatural that she knew of in their family was Luise. If it wasn't for the sparks in his fingers, she would've totally missed her cue. This must be the spellcaster L was talking about. She decided to approach him discreetly by slowly transferring seats.

    Only to be blocked by a muscly lunkhead!

    And her contact was none too pleased about the delay. He looked like he was about to burn down the whole bar! 'With a magic-user, it's certainly within the immediate possibility.' She raised her palm discreetly to ask for mercy on behalf of the patrons. As much as she disliked being around a lot of people, especially flirty people, she liked to think herself as a professional when it comes to working, and saving the lives of her customers definitely counted as professional in her books. Where else would the money come from? Llamas?

    The really rude stranger introduced himself as Jayden Armstrong (remember him from Luise's story, everybody?), although for her it might as well be "mud." 'Can't you see that I'm busy? Go away! Relax...relax, Nikoline. You're a bartender right now. Unless he's drunk or actually groped someone, you can't chase a patron out.'

    'No, no, no! Don't leave yet! I still have to talk to you. Waiiit!'

    'Oh 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙 it!' Unable to get up without rousing suspicion, Nikoline let out a defeated sigh in her mind and tried to tune out the man who got in her way. She very nearly did, until he implied out a sort of lurid proposal with a wink about how he had great stamina when he was at the gym...and in bed. (A talk bubble popped up with a picture of a bed in it.)
    That's it for now. There's already a lot far more than this, but I feel it would be better to pace it properly.

    In other news, I actually found a very old back-up save of Luise's story. However, in that one, her children (and the following generations) were not born yet and she still had a tenacious wariness on her relationships with others, especially a certain Italian cad. :D I don't know whether to start from there again, or just let it rest. The downside is I already gave the blurb of the truth of what happened to Luise a hundred or so pages ago, so there's really no surprise. The upside is, this might be a new twist. What do you guys think? Should I let Luise finally rest and let Nikoline shine, or take a hiatus on Nikoline and bring back Luise to the forefront?
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    Just a quick post - I spotted Ekram Elderberry in one of my build saves rocking the nose piercing and eyeball ring. He appeared to have had a late midlife crisis and was actually being nice to other sims.
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    Oh man, imagine raising kids in these palaces, yikes I'm already dying, they're gonna run their silly little diapered butts aaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllll the way across the universe JUST to sit next to mom... oh jeez I'm seriously dying at the thought of this I'm gonna go nuts... or lock doors to toddlers...
    I've been loving your builds. I hope you'll post the other palaces as you finish them. I notice that you use some Felixandre CC - that always drives up the price of my builds significantly, which is fair, but... :# 40 rooms in the Desert Bloom Palace is so many! Wow. I'm not sure how many you have after the redesign, but the new throne room is amazing.

    I've raised a few toddlers on a 64x64 and it's not as bad as expected. B) I didn't need to lock any doors or keep them away from stairs or anything. Maxing out all toddler skills in 7 days was doable. BUT one cheat-y thing is that both of the parents I used can teleport via the Wellness skill, and they're old so they already have max parenting, etc. skills. I also set up stairs in 3 places to make it easy to traverse the different floors.

    I'm glad to see Akira trying to do the best for his young son, Danny. Summer and Joaquin's wedding was lovely. Lots of romance in the air in your game too. <3 Will Summer become pregnant soon?
    Romance is in the air in your game! I do love doing romances in my games, then the waiting to see how their kids age up.
    Thanks! I'm normally very achievement-focused in my games, but I'm enjoying the romances now. I almost always like reading about romance in others' games, though.

    @Metior_Ice I can't believe Alen has seven black cats. That's a full house. I'm partial to Artemis Stargazer's name. <3 His house has already improved significantly. All of the cats are lucky to have him. Can Alen take any breaks or go on a holiday with his cats? He seems to be working himself to exhaustion.

    @Becka28 I like Tiger's ambrosia goal. Poor Broderick... Good riddance to Vlad, I guess. Making ambrosia is always an ordeal - I hope you're able to gather all of the ingredients quickly.

    I approve of Akira's engagement gift. It's impressive and their new place is nice too, especially that collection wall. It looks like they've really collected a lot. Have they completed any? Anyway, I'm glad Darling was able to come along and that Miko is still living her best life.

    I also don't think I tagged you correctly last time, so I'm putting my older comments from before in a spoiler in case you didn't see them.
    I didn't know that the treadmill could generate electricity! Sierra's idea of making the Landgraab Utility Company buy power from her is genius. Regardless of whether it helps her job or not, upgrading homes is such a chore, but it's nice once everything is upgraded. Sierra is so pretty, and Armando's nice looking too.

    What happened to Alex in the picture with Krystle? Did he get dirty playing or was it something else?

    Danica showing up and teaching Akira how to fish was a cute moment, especially her celebrating the little fish he caught. The trash-talking with Madison wasn't exactly cute, but I hope Akira enjoyed himself there too even though he looks like camping has made him a bit stinky.

    I'm glad Darling got caught. Haha.
    aw @haneul I enjoy little Elmire so much.
    I'm sure she will be a great character as she grows.
    (Maybe she already is, in your current gameplay, and your half-generation of lag in posting is helpful in setting the stage?)
    Thank you. I hope so, and some lag is definitely helpful when it comes to setting the stage for me, but I'm actually so far behind in posting that it's no longer helpful. I want to post more frequently, because the truth is that Elmire became a toddler right after Nifty Knitting released.

    I don't even play with aging off, but because I have a slow (and odd?) playstyle, all of my posts seem to be 1/2 day or a few hours of in-game sims time so even though I'm really far behind Elmire's not an adult/elder or anything like that yet. Eventually, I may just skip up to my present gameplay (since I post about it outside of this thread anyway), but I won't do that yet.

    @sarabeth2984 I think "Morecombe Mash" sounds great, but Simeon and Joanna must have their hands full with the children and animals. There's not even room for Maximus anymore, but since he's immortal, I really like your idea of letting him live with his dad.
    I am sorry that Dysis will remain human, but I understand Asher wanting to keep the vampire population low. I know that can be a problem! I have the same issue at times.
    Yeah, I don't know how I could deal with the chaos if everyone become a vampire. :(

    In other news, I actually found a very old back-up save of Luise's story. What do you guys think? Should I let Luise finally rest and let Nikoline shine, or take a hiatus on Nikoline and bring back Luise to the forefront?
    What a choice. I've enjoyed all of your sims, including your fashion icon. But if you feel like you're on a roll with Nikoline now, maybe don't stop?

    Fier Legacy - <3
    Intro & Past Posts in Spoiler
    The Fiers are a vampire family led by an arrogant and socially awkward megalomaniac named Asher who, among other things, hopes to have 100 children. As of now, he's had 17. The youngest five (minus #17) recently became young adults and are discovering the perks of university, so Asher's ready to move on from the life he's built with them in Sulani. Even though everyone is into pursuing an eco lifestyle and protecting the environment and even though Asher employed some draconian conservation policies while working as a top-level conservationist, he's done with that kind of tiny living stuff and had a (gaudy flamboyant) palace built in San Myshuno, where he recently relocated his family and where he intends to raise the next generation of his children.

    Fier Legacy Introduction

    1. Teenage Lifeguard (Delmarya)
    2. Living Her Best Life (Adelise)
    3. Night on the Town
    4. Day of Fier P1
    5. Day of Fier P2
    6. Happy Birthday P1 (Dawn)
    7. Happy Birthday P2 (Dawn)
    8. A First Kiss (Dawn)
    9. Conservationism and a Death Flower for Deli
    10. Vampire Population Control (Asher)
    11. Happy Birthday (Delmarya)
    12. Merry Winterfest
    13. Ambitious Dysis
    14. Gen 4 Enrolls in University
    15. Relaxation? Before University
    16. New Year's Eve
    17. Sulani Bonfire
    18. Midnight Encounter (Delmarya)
    19. Deli Strikes Out (Delmarya)
    20. One Americano and Two Slices of Bread (Delmarya)
    21. Lovestruck Procrastination Queen (Dysis)
    22. Balancing Love and Academics (Dysis)
    23. Saying Goodbye P1
    24. Saying Goodbye P2
    25. Forcing Fun at Foxbury (Dysis)
    26. First Impression = Great, Second Impression = Trash (Delmarya)
    27. Asher's Incompetence (Asher)
    28. A Productive Day
    29. A Day for Love P1 (Dysis)
    30. A Day for Love P2 (Delmarya)
    31. Asher's Advice and Planning a Date
    32. Only the Ice Cream Was Pure Perfection? (Delmarya)
    33. Debating Firsts (Darius)
    34. Limited Romance at the Romance Festival (Delmarya)
    35. Happy Lunar New Year P1 (Delmarya)
    36. Happy Lunar New Year P2 (Asher)
    37. Aster's Past (Delmarya)
    38. Reservations About Everything (Delmarya)
    39. Moving On (from Sulani to San Myshuno)
    40. First Days in San Myshuno
    41. The Spice Festival is too Hot
    42. New Life on the Way
    43. First Fourth Generation Fier Graduates
    44. Enjoying Change & Anticipating More
    45. Joie de Vivre (Delmarya)
    46. Things Are Still Great?
    47. Dysis' Graduation
    48. So Pleased to Meet You
    49. A Park Outing and a Secret Date
    50. A Tale of Two Toddlers
    51. Workaholic Dreams of Becoming an Angel (Investor)
    52. Potty Training and Sickeningly Saccharine Lines
    53. First Kiss (Delmarya)
    54. The End of a Generation
    55. A Funeral for Two
    56. Though She Be but Little She Is Fierce (Elmire)
    57. Who's Getting Married?
    A Proposal at Dusk
    The youngest Fiers were busier than ever with work, school, extracurriculars and dating, but they were also somehow spending more time with one another. Sometimes they gossiped or laughed until they became hysterical. Other times they existed next to one another, doing separate things, together, and felt comforted.

    The truth was that even though time had passed since their much older siblings' deaths and none of them had been close to Chelsea or Cora, sadness lingered and things still felt raw.

    But not everything felt off. Dawn couldn't help but smile when she thought of Antonio, so imagine how she felt when she was actually with him. Even swinging outside like a child was great.

    Dancing with him was thrilling too. The fact that she could impress her fire-dancing boyfriend with her moves gave her confidence and was an absolute blast.

    Dawn had been doing some thinking and came to a decision. She wanted to marry Antonio, so she was going to propose. She told Deli, the sibling closest in age to her, first.

    After working out to get rid of some of her happy nervous energy, she went to the kitchen to grab a quick lunch of tofu tacos. The next thing she knew, from out of absolutely nowhere, her father was at the table joining her. Dawn couldn't remember ever seeing him eat, so why was he eating now?! Dawn knew that there was no way Deli would have told him anything, but had he heard her? How? Hadn't he been far away in her baby sister, Elmire's, room?

    It was suspicious. He must have somehow known her plan, but he didn't object. He didn't say finish college first. He said absolutely nothing of substance, and only sat there eating with her as if that were normal, talking idly and seemingly enjoying her company.

    Not knowing what to make of her father, Dawn asked Antonio to go with her to the museum.

    When they finished looking around, Dawn worked up the courage to ask Antonio the big question. Her priority was proposing and then hopefully getting married. She didn't want to waste any time, so she didn't wait for the most romantic setting. They had been strolling alone the sidewalk while fairy lights twinkled in the distance. That worked and was romantic enough for Dawn. The proposal was rough going at first. At one point, he even thought she was trying to break up with him.

    Dawn stuck with it.

    He said YES!

    The only moment during the entire event that gave Dawn pause was when her older brother Barin casually jogged by immediately after she proposed, pretending not to see her. She couldn't shake the feeling that her father and brother were either stalkers or had a creepy sixth sense.

    Regardless, she couldn't have been happier because she was officially engaged!

    Deli congratulated Antonio back at the house where he excitedly confessed to being so in love with Dawn, echoing Rashad's words about Dysis.
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    Since everyone is sharing a few builds, I thought I would share some of my recent builds. I'm also going to share some of the story elements.

    This is the house where the Girlfriends of Dylan, Zephyr, and Calden live. I'm a bit jealous of their home to be honest.

    Kaimana Pier

    Pier Perfection was the starter home I chose for Calum and the old house Dylan and Zephyr grew up in. Many builds for their nurseries that I shared were built on this lot.

    After Ember, Jade, and Juniper were born, the Zalrian moved out and their home became Undine Emporium. Kemps owned the shop until he moved it to the world of Magnolia Promenade.

    Now, Sefina, Cecelia, and Maria live there and the house was transformed to suit their needs. I couldn't have the girlfriends of Dylan and Zeph live on the streets.









    What I'm trying to do with my builds is create micro mansions that can fit in smaller lots, but they can instantly satisfy the requirements for the Mansion Baron Aspiration.

    The Blue Tail Elder Heirs: Dylan and Zephyr Zalrian

    Their status of Elder Heir makes them princes among the merfolk. They are identical twins, but they couldn't be more different. Their opposite characteristics make up for what the other lacks.

    Dylan is the Creative Twin with mastery of music and can sway the emotions of anyone that hears his music or enters a room with his art on display. Dylan can tell epic stories and is a creative visionary. As one of the Five Elemental Children of Arihi, Dylan is the Spirit of the Sea and Water Elemental. His name translates to Son of the First Wave. Dylan has the power to resurrect human sims by turning them into merfolk. Dylan is an Empath that can feel the emotions of those around him. His best friend is Zephyr. The two young mermen were inseparable since birth. If there is one person Dylan is especially attuned with, it's his Twin, and it is likely because they are twins that they are so aware of how the other feels.


    Zephyr is the Intellectual Twin with a mastery of technology and handiness. Zephyr can instantly bring out the full potential of any item capable of being upgraded, and one of his gadgets at his disposal can manipulate the seasons and, consequently, time itself. As one of the Five Children of Arihi, Zephyr is the Spirit of the Sky and Air Elemental. Zephyr's name translates to West Wind. Zephyr watches over humans as the sky Elemental. Zephyr is an Empath that can feel the emotions of those around him. His best friend is Dylan. The two young mermen were inseparable since birth. If there is one person Zephyr is especially attuned with, it's his Twin, and it is likely because they are twins that they are so aware of how the other feels.


    Dylan and Zephyr are the only Heirs that will have a large mansion, but that has a lot to do with their large family of different occults. I'm still working on their build, so I don't have screenshots.

    The Pink Tail Elder Heir: Jack Galleon

    Jack is a Merman with a Green Thumb in spite of his Pink Tail. As one of the 8 Elder Heirs, he's a prince among the merfolk. Jack woke up when a pond thawed. He lost most of his memories of Sulani, but he has a love animals and plants that compelled him to stay in Henford-on-Bagley. Jack is passionate about what he loves, especially love itself. Jack met Cecilia in Finchwick, and the two of them fell deeply in love. Cecilia was unfaithful, and Jack has made his commitment to her with a Mermaid's Kiss and Charmer's Lullaby. Jack, under the traditions of merfolk, can't partner with anyone else. One of the few things he remembered was the traditions of merfolk because of his intense relationship with Cecilia.


    Jack lives in the tiniest micro home. His farm does not look like it, but it only uses 32 squares out of 800 squares found in a 40x20 lot. That means that 4% of the lot is considered to be a home by the game. The main living space is 4x5 with a 2x3 extension. The Bathroom is also 2x3. The pool does not count toward the tiny room size, and this makes merfolk much more powerful because they can satisfy their energy needs by sleeping in a pool instead of a bed. A pool satisfies merfolk Hydration and Energy needs. The biggest downside is that time does not speed up while merfolk are sleeping in the water like it does if they slept in a bed. Jack's home could support a space for a bed.





    The House


    The Green Tail Heir: Alen Finley

    Alen loves animals, especially cats. Alen is Ace and doesn't have an interest in pursuing romances. Instead, he devotes all his time caring for the animals in Brindleton Bay. Alen woke up in an underground crypt and before someone had the chance to burn an abandoned beach house down, he extinguished a fire. The Beach House was home to 7 cats that he adopted and looks after. During a heat wave, Alen demonstrated how much he loves his pets by personally fighting a fire that broke out when a generator caught on fire. Alen remembers Sulani, but he could not leave Brindleton Bay in its current state. Brindleton Bay had polluted air, and the animals were suffering in the thick air and acid rain. The Brindleton Pawspital closed and everything wrong with the world seems centered around that. Alen opened the Whiskerman Pawspital, and he has accomplished much. However, he has a lot to do before he can restore Brindleton Bay to what it used to be.


    Alen's Vets and the Last of the Brindleton Bay Pod
    Kathy Mulligan

    When the Pod dwindled in number, she stayed because of how much she loved her dog.


    Kathy and Jayson have almost identical homes because I was lazy. I just changed the colors. I only used items from Cats and Dogs and Parenthood

    Jayson Farrell

    When the Pod dwindled in number, Jayson stayed because he hated seeing how polluted the world got. He loves animals and didn't like seeing the world get so bad. He thought: "If everyone left and did nothing, things would only get worse here."


    Riley Celera

    Riley left on an adventure and was unhappy to see his home world in such a sorry state. He became a vet to make a difference. Riley is Active, Loves the Outdoors, and is Adventurous. His adventures can be put on hold until Brindleton recovers. (If he looks familiar, it's because I clone Rahul Chopra to make him).


    Alen lives in a small beach house, but it does not have the tiny living residential category. I think the lot is 20x20, and it still has a small space to work with. Most of Jack's House is dedicated to his cats and satisfying their needs. Alen also needs the additional space to counter the industrial element of his challenge. I think I finished the first floor of the house and started the second floor.


    The Kitchen using items from a Kit. I found that some of the build items from the Kits fit the look I was going for with builds in Brindleton Bay, so I bought the Industrial and Country Kitchen kits.


    The Cat's Living Room


    Their Cat Condo


    Alen was able to overpower a very powerful industrial room, and the Renovations have removed the ugliness present in the abandoned house. I removed the Industrial Room and the Lot Challenges because the conditions in his house make them obsolete. It wouldn't make a difference if they were there or not.


    Both Alen's Beach House and Jack's Farm are incomplete. I plan to do a lot more to develop their homes. The Vet's Homes are already shared to the gallery along with versions that can be hired as vets.

    The Next Heir will be:

    The Yellow Tail Heir: Aiden Sol

    He'll be living in Evergreen Harbor and exploring the Eco Lifestyle Pack.

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    @haneul I was thinking the same thing, but even in exhaustion, Alen has found the energy to keep going. He loves his cats and working as a vet. So, even though he's working hard, I think he's genuinely loving everything he does. However, I think he could use a break too. Maybe, with all three vets and Brindleton Bay finally starting to recover, he'll be able to take a break with all his cats. I have some things in mind ;) . It won't be until his next rotation though.

    @sunblond I loved this line.
    JEANNIE: Oh, for Watcher’s sake, Akira. I’m pregnant, not suffering from some contagious disease. We’ve been cooped up in this house waiting for long enough.

    The Island Elemental Twins Index:


    My Extras Thread


    The Green Tail Elder Heir: Summer's End

    It was the end of the Summer Break, and through his painting, Alen discovered the power of Mindfulness.


    Using mind over matter, he centered his thoughts and kept going in spite of how tired he got. He loved playing with his cats, and all of them always wanted attention.


    Even when he slept, his cats weren't far away.



    Alen wasn't an outgoing merman, and he preferred a close knit set of his friends. Kathy and Jayson constantly called, trying to get him to take a break.

    Alen: "The catch to that proposal is that I'm actually happy doing what I'm doing. I know I'm tired, but look around, I've completely transformed this old abandoned house. The cats are healthy and safe. That's what is most important to me."

    Kathy looked to the side and shook her head. She was worried that he would work himself to death.

    Alen rushed one of his cats to the Pawspital and personally tended to her. Orion developed a case of Frozen Mange because of the Air Conditioning. Alen set up the AC to keep the polluted air far away from his cats and keep them cool during heat waves. Apparently, the cold air made them sick, so he decided to keep the cooler air turned off in the future.


    When Alen noticed the slightest amount of stress in any of his patients, he always soothed them. It kept them calmer than simply calming them down. Orion was no exception.



    Kathy showed up when Alen opened the Pawspital. She was a reliable friend that did a lot to help lift the workload off Alen's shoulders. Before Alen took Orion home, He and Kathy became friends.


    From Three-Ring Flea Circuses to Snortnose Fever, Alen continued to work hard to raise money to keep the Pawspital going and finish the renovations to his home.



    Alen would even take his cats to work with him, but they proved to be more of a distraction than helpful. Hazel Basil, especially, proved to be very distracting.


    Eventually, Alen had to take his cats home before returning to work.



    Early the Next Week, Alen used special treats to age up Artemis and Apollo. With his vet skills, his cats were essentially immortal. Alen could age them up, age them down, and bring them back to life.


    Apollo also aged up.



    Alen kept the Vet closed that day and worked on preparing the treats he would sell to his customers. The treat he made the most of was the Wellness Treat. It was more important to him that owners kept their pets healthy.


    The next day, Alen continued to work on his paintings. Alen had a preference for his merman attire at home. He didn't seem to like blending in with humans.


    But, Alen always found himself back at the Pawspital, helping the humans with their pets.


    It took him a lot of work, but Alen had a solid Summer Garden that he enjoyed tending to. Most of his garden plants were herbs and catnip. Everything he did was for his cats.


    While he painted, he often received visits from his cats, and he always stopped what he was doing to give them his undivided attention.


    Artemis to Phoebe: "I don't think he's a human. He smells like fish, but that's impossible, right?"


    When Riley returned to Brindleton Bay, he signed up to be a vet to help clean up his home. Unfortunately, he was also a bit of slacker and sang often. All of his staff sang when they weren't doing anything. As merfolk, it was hard to not love singing, but this proved to be a distraction from the patients. At least this kept the owners entertained in the waiting room.


    After a lot of work, Kathy finally persuaded Alen to take a quick break at the nearby Cat Friendly Lounge. The pod gathered and enjoyed the water. Whiskerman Wharf was also well on its way to cleaner air.


    Alen: "And that's when I found this awesome Sunflower Frog!"

    Riley: "I don't believe you."


    Alen: "Well believe this, I fought an enormous house fire and saved my cats from the blaze!"

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    Wait what is this new thing....?
    Valhalleujah!!!!! We HAVE NAILS!!!!!!!
    My simself was quite happy with her new manicure. Now I can give my simself my real- life nail polish obsession lol
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Sorry I'm kind of absent recently, trying to figure out if I'm going to update my YouTube 3x a week for each series I'm actively working on rn or just continuing to be utterly random. Also fighting with the game's autonomy because it's completely wrecked now.
    I don't have the Spa Day refresher atm bc I'm waiting for my mods to update lol

    The DB palace seems to have lost a little under half of the rooms, so around 24 left now. I probably will post the other palaces as I build them, but after OS, because I didn't get to Newcrest or beyond in the original save, we'll be building those up as we go rather than jumping straight to having a palace.
    And yeah I got felixandre's CC specifically *because* it is expensive and I wanted it to drive up the base cost of the houses. The first two palace builds I did were for my simself because my simself is rich and I wanted something to burn up the money, so I loaded it with FA CC in hopes of making the bills do that. ( Spoiler: Yeah they did. )

    Toddler junk:
    My toddlers are honestly just blepping ridiculous, they will have a red hunger bar, grab a food thing, and then waddle all the way to the other side of the blepping house JUST because their mom is over there. I don't play with high chairs in my game, they're always really glitchy for me. Toddlers themselves are tbh, but high chairs. Shoo. So they're left to grab their own plates and sit wherever they want ( I have a display fridge that keeps food out where toddlers can reach it ).
    I actually played with the programming for this behaviour, when left to their own devices, they will favour an armchair or sofa/loveseat, and preferably where the other Sims are. So if you've got two Sims across the house talking, and there is an acceptable seat for the toddler near them, the toddler will waddle over to them regardless of how low the hunger metre is. At this point they SHOULD prioritise just sitting down and eating over sitting around other Sims but here we are. We do not live in that utopia. You can curb this behaviour a little by giving them literally no other seating options but the one chair wherever you want them to default to, because in absence of acceptable seating arrangements in range of other Sims they'll take the seating arrangement not near the other Sims. And then finally with absolutely 0 other acceptable seating options they sit on the floor. Idk if they'd waddle off and sit on the floor near other Sims bc the one time one of my tots did it, they were around three other Sims anyway.
    With the Eisensterns' gen 4 tot, I actually hid all of their seating their toddler could use in the household inventory but one armchair, set in the kitchen near the fridge. Aside from the one time her grandmother stole the chair and she sat on the floor instead, she 100% of always chose that chair, no matter where the other Sims were.

    But tbh how nightmarish raising toddlers is has little to do with the lot size and a lot more to do with how large the build itself is and how well the build routes. Certain build choices make a house more or less nightmarish. Well, it's a little anxiety-inducing when they hit the level of movement skill that's glitched if the house is big enough. xD

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

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    edited September 2021
    Another thing I'll share in my extras thread, but I'm sharing it here because of the scale of the problem. Upon loading Port Promise, I encountered a significant bug.

    Many items were flickering and shaped like pyramids. The Flickering was significantly worse while moving the camera and slowed when the Camera stayed still.


    Since I don't know when to give up, I started playing around with debugs and instantly enacted some NAPs. I know that NAPs are a significant feature that came with the Expansion Pack, and I know that certain NAPs, exclusive to Evergreen Harbor, have an influence on the way the world looks.


    And that's when I noticed something that I think others missed. The glitched objects are inworld items that are affected by the NAPs exclusive to Evergreen Harbor. As soon as I started enacting NAPs, the objects that were glitching disappeared in some areas. However, this did not fix the problem.


    The Green Initiative also helped because it removes stuff that is glitched in game. I should emphasize that the items that were glitching were directly connected to the two Evergreen Harbor NAPs that directly affect the appearance of the world.


    But, I also noticed that items that appear in world after the NAPs are passed are more stable than the items that come before the NAP. The propeller statue is something that appears when a NAP is passed. That space did not glitch before or after enacting the NAP. So, I can confirm that the glitched items are tied to the NAPs but not everything associated with the NAPs are glitching. Items that appear and disappear depending on if a Particular Evergreen Harbor NAP is active are more stable and do not glitch. There are exceptions to this rule.


    More in the Spoiler, including the possibly temporary Solution.
    Enacting the NAPs with cheats stabilized Build Mode. When I first loaded everything, I could see through the ground. After enacting the NAPs with cheats, I was able to enter build mode and see the world around the space.


    The Eco Footprint does not affect anything in Evergreen Harbor. The NAPs are a critical part of this bug.


    Oddly, I did find something that worked. When I restored the License for all my games, it did fix the bug. I did not have to redownload or reinstall anything. I also didn't have to delete my save again. This bug started with a brand new save after a patch.



    Evergreen Harbor after I restored the License.

    Without Any Naps active


    With the Green Initiative Active


    I forgot to take a screenshot after the other NAP is active, but the bugged items aren't what comes after enacting a NAP.

  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    ... okay. So I don't really have screenshots of it and Im kind of mad I didn't record it... that was a series of Specific Events...

    I'm still with the Sinclairs at the moment. Ya'll might remember that I swapped Carmen for Adrien turned female, and I went ahead and attempted to pair Adrienne with Dima instead. That did not work so well, it felt really one-sided, so eventually I rolled the save back to before I swapped them when Dima and Carmen were still a thing and went from there again.

    Well... they got past the first kiss and kind of Took Off. Stringing romance interactions like nuts. Eventually Dima got flirty enough to overpower the +4 confident moodlet from being monarch, and I was talking to SB like "I figured out how to stop them from pushing the relationship too far too fast, bc they can but don't ask to be datefriend so I just get first kiss out of the way and then wait a week. Idk when the timer starts but I think it's first kiss."

    2 minutes later, Dima asks Carmen to be his girlfriend.

    A few minutes after that, I shove them off to go get the first woohoo out of the way because they're kind of chompin at the bit anyway. Get that out of the way. I said, "Now I just have to hope they don't give me kids."

    Carmen's pregnant. On the first Woohoo, that never happens.

    Oh my god game, I wasn't daring you or anything!

    In other news, I was talking to my dog in Spanish, and said something but it came out in Japanese. I know the right word in Spanish. I don't know why it came out in Japanese. :sweat_smile: lol

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
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    Played with my University sims again!

    When Genevieve and Darling were teens, I had thought about having them date before realizing they were both Unflirty. I got curious about what would happen if one of them tried to flirt. Darling was fine with it, and they flirted a few more times.

    That didn't last long, however, because both got a tense moodlet from moving too fast. They just went back to talking normally but they do have a romance bar. Not sure if I'll keep trying to make something happen between them or not. They are really close friends so even if they don't date or get married they could at least live together after graduation.
    It was finally the first day of the term! Poor Cassandra woke up right when she had to leave for her 8am class so she didn't have time to go to the bathroom.

    Cassandra and Genevieve did homework after they got back from class.

    It's hard for Sage and Cassandra living with two Unflirty sims. Genevieve and Darling get upset whenever Sage and Cassandra are romantic with each other so they usually have to wait until both are gone at soccer practice. It's definitely not easy, especially since these two constantly want to woohoo.

    Genevieve and Darling returned from soccer filthy and exhausted, as usual.

    University has been quite stressful so far, so Cassandra listened to some music and did a face mask to relax.

    Genevieve and Darling practiced soccer inside the house. It was Spooky Day so that's why they're dressed like that.

    Bella dropped by to visit Cassandra and give her a gift. It was a faux meat cube. Kind of weird but whatever.

    Later, they had a spooky party. Genevieve got scared by the candy dish.

    This girl decided to sit upstairs and do her homework.

    Sage and Cassandra played juice pong

    The party was going well. That girl finally stopped doing her homework.

    Sage played some more juice pong. Pretty sure he lost.
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    Reality Kings Season 5: Episode 20 (Season Finale)

    It was the last day of the (Sim) year. Jordan's household visited his dad's residence in Henford-on-Bagley. His wife and cousins met his dad's family for the first time.

    Show spoiler to see what they did for the rest of the New Year's Eve.
    They all came to the Finchwick Llama Fair in the afternoon. Avery entered his rainbow llama and won.

    After the fair, they went inside The Gnome's Arms to watch Countdown to Midnight.

    Jordan and Cherie spent the first midnight of the year together in the river of Old New Henford while the others went back to Avery's residence. They even saw a dolphin there.

    Bruce was invited by Manuel to join the first Reality Kings gathering for the year.

    They all performed on the Reality Kings stage. After Bruce did a scene with Manuel, he was invited to join the club, and he happily accepted the invitation.

    Now, the Reality Kings club has six members.

    The handsome boys went upstairs to enjoy some drinks after performing on stage.

    -End of Season 5-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
    Season 3 Episodes
    Season 4 Episodes
    Current Season's Episodes
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
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    Episode 13
    Episode 14
    Episode 15
    Episode 16
    Episode 17
    Episode 18
    Episode 19
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    I gave Nancy Landgraab a makeover and sent her to the nail salon. She was very impressed with her nails.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 2,391 Member
    Hi @haneul!
    Yes, Darling is probably not going to have a typical family, so it looks more and more like she'll be the wacky auntie in Akira and Madison's family.
    I was totally excited to see that upgrade option on the treadmill and poor Sierra spent lots of time upgrading appliances and reading "Handiness vol. 2: Sparks are Nature's Kisses" in order to become skilled enough to do it. The eco aspiration seems pretty slow to do in an apartment. One of the early milestones is selling power or water on a utility bill. But you can't have solar panels, wind turbines etc. in an apartment. So this may be a long-standing goal for Sierra still. I peeked ahead at the other milestones (I haven't played this aspiration before) and one of the LAST ones is voting on an NAP. You vote on NAPs on like your first day of gameplay! And once 4 weeks have gone by, the slots are all full, so to vote again Sierra will have to repeal a NAP, then wait another week, THEN vote. I wonder if the aspiration might be designed to get through in just a week or two? (without living in an apartment?)

    As for Alex, that's just standard issue kid funk from being out all day in the city ;) he just needs a bath.

    Tales of San Myshuno
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    I tried setting up a toddler play date so that Theseus, Athena and Sophia could get to know Persephone, but they couldn’t interact at all. I think it may be trait-related, as none of them have the Charmer trait. Theseus is Wild, Athena and Sophia are Silly and Persephone is Inquisitive. Well, Theseus, Athena and Sophia can interact with each other as they’re part of the same household, but they couldn’t interact with Persephone. Bit of a shame, really! I guess I’ll have to wait until they’re children.

    I haven’t sent anyone to the spa for a mani/pedi yet. Not sure who I should send first!
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    I made a test sim to try out the update and I had my fun, I was not surprised that Don Lothario was the yoga instructor. No I wasn't, this man knows where he could find the hottest girls in the game. And that Spa was overflown with the Sim girls.
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    edited September 2021
    The Island Elemental Twins Index:


    My Extras Thread


    The Yellow Tail Elder Heir: Fabricating into a Greener World

    This has become one of my favorite songs to listen to while playing Aiden.

    Aiden, the Yellow Tail Elder Heir, was placed in an unnatural sleep and relocated to a remote world that was abandoned and falling apart. For a long time, he slept inside a shipping container a thunderstorm woke him up. The sealed shipping container rusted open, and he found himself in a world at the edge of ruin.




    When the rain hit, the droplets felt unnatural and uncomfortable on his skin. He choked on the thick smog.



    It quickly became clear that humans dumped all their broken and useless things here, but Aiden saw potential where they gave up.



    Someone had the right idea when they brought a recycler to the dump, but whoever started to upcycle everything gave up shortly after they started.

    Aiden: "There's so much trash around here. I can't leave things like this."

    Aiden dug up the dead trees, used what he could as building materials, and then he converted everything else into bits and pieces that could be fabricated into something new.


    The shipping container below the one he woke up in had an old fabricator that was perfect for what he had planned. Aiden didn't forget where he came from, but he also couldn't leave this world in its current state. So, he decided that he wouldn't stop until life returned to the dead world.


    While working the fabricator, he noticed that this fabricator was a little defective with a tendency to fight with its user. After, what appeared to be a malfunction, the machine pulled Aiden into the synthetic water. The synthetic water forced Aiden to revert to his natural form, an uncomfortable process in itself.






    Like a fish on a hook, the machine dunked him under and pulled him up.


    Aiden wasn't going to let the machine get the best of him and fought back with back hand slaps.


    He placed the machine in a headlock and started to think he had the upper hand.


    The machine pulled down and then pulled up. Aiden realized his mistake too late.



    And the machine slipped out of his grasp. Aiden slipped underwater, his tail flicking in the synthetic water.

    Aiden: "I'm ready. Show yourself coward!"


    Aiden heard the creaking of gears and spun around to give the machine a good right hook. The Fabricator dodged his fist and flung him out of the synthetic water. Aiden fell flat on the cold metal floor of the shipping container and pulled himself up as he regained his human form.





    Aiden returned to working on the fabricator with a bit of a headache. He would not let the machine stop him.


    The next day, he moved the fabricator outside after setting up a makeshift outdoor workshop. Once again, the machine whirled and appeared to malfunction before falling to the side. The Fabricator dangled its fabrication laser like a fishing hook in front of the young merman. Curious about what it was doing, Aiden grabbed the laser and fell for the trap hook, line, and sinker.


    Once again, the synthetic water forced him to revert to his natural form and he fought with the fabricator.



    This time, however, Aiden was prepared to fight back. He slipped under water and jumped out while the machine was distracted.


    But the machine flung him up and flipped the merman. His shimmering yellow tail flailed as he arched his back under the synthetic water, preparing for his next go at the machine.


    Aiden resurfaced and started slapping the machine before putting it in a headlock.



    The fight was fierce, and Aiden felt a strong rivalry with the fabricator. However, the machine broke free of his grip.


    The Fabricator slipped free and bonked Aiden on the head before flipping him. Once again, Aiden's tail flailed in the open air.



    Aiden pulled his entire body into the synthetic water and hid below the surface. An advantage of being half-fish was the ability to breathe underwater, and even if synthetic water was uncomfortable, he could bide his time and wait for an opportunity. The Fabricator Laser whirled around as if looking for the merman.


    When Aiden saw his chance, he ambushed the laser from below.


    But, the Fabricator slipped through his grasp and bonked him on the head.


    But Aiden wasn't ready to give up.

    Aiden: "Come on, I'm not done yet!"


    However, the machine was done with the fish and flung him out.



    Aiden tried to left himself up and change back into his human form, but he was too tired. Instead, he dragged himself and his heavy tail back into a pool of murky water to sleep.



    The next day, Aiden went on the hunt for bits and pieces. Before collecting recyclables, he tried to chase off some roaches. The insects proved too difficult to chase off, and Aiden only managed to make himself angry.


    In the end, he decided it would be easier to remove the thing attracting the roaches and be done with it.


    He traveled to another dumpster in the harbor and separated the recyclables from the rest of the trash. Humans were filthy and seemed to lack any concept of proper disposal for their trash.


    Aiden already had a brewing rivalry with his fabricator, so he was skeptical when it started to glitch again. However, he still fell for its lure.



    Unfortunately, Aiden proved to be a bit of a barnacle brain and got pulled back into the synthetic water.



    After reverting to his merform, he proceeded to fight with the machine again.



    This time, the fabricator got the upper hand.


    But, Aiden wasn't done yet. From below, he grabbed the machine and held it firmly.


    And, he started slapping the machine.


    And locked it in a head lock.

    Aiden gritted his teeth: "I'm trying to finish a gig, and I... need... to... make... a table to chat with my client on a computer."


    The fabricator didn't seem to care, and Aiden felt his grip loosen.


    And the machine flung the young merman up and bonked him on the head before throwing him out of the water.



    Aiden managed to pick himself up and revert back to his human form.



    And, late into the night, he returned to completing more fabrications.


    This time, the machine dyed Aiden with an explosion of color.


    Aiden: "Are you serious?!"

    The Fabricator shook its laser as if nodding.


    And then Aiden fell for the lure again...



    Aiden was not going swim for this! He pulled himself together and fought back.


    But the Fabricator proved to be a worthy rival.



    Aiden: "It's behind me, right?"


    Aiden gave the machine his best right hook!


    But the Machine dodged and flung the colorful fish out of the synthetic water.


    Aiden lifted himself off the ground: "You are truly a worthy rival."



    The next day, Aiden had another invitation to fight. The young merman didn't hesitate to go for another fight.



    The fight played out much like the others. Aiden thought he started to get the upper-fin only to get thrown out.








    After picking himself up, Aiden wobbled over to the dumpster and threw himself away to take a nap. He dyed in an explosion of color before giving up on fabricating for the day.






    Aiden mumbling in his sleep: "Just once I'd love to win a fight."


    During his hunt for more bits and pieces, Aiden met some flies and tried to bond with them. Instead they attacked him before flying away. He took advantage of their absence and sorted the recyclables.




    Thanks to his fabrications and recycling, the world started show signs of visible recovery. The industrial footprint was getting overpowered by a green footprint.


    Unfortunately, Aiden was the only one left in this world, and things were starting to fall apart.


    Later the next day, Aiden attempted to bond with the flies again. This time, they were much more friendly and lifted him into the air.




    With a little effort and lots of fabricating, Aiden was quickly creating a nice place to live in this wasteland.


    Aiden humming to himself: "I'ma pirate of bits and pieces. I dig in the dumpster and take its trash. With a flick of a fin, I turn it into something everyone wants to buy."


    Aiden humming: "I fight day and night with my fabricator. We are bitterest rivals, the best of friends."


    Aiden got a call asking if he was Vinny. Out of curiosity, he said yes. The next day, someone showed up that he almost recognized. He wanted his money, and even though Aiden was going to give it to him, that didn't stop him from sabotaging his computer.




    Aiden: "Ah c'mon, you didn't have to do that."

    Archer: "I totally did. Our families have a history after all! You better watch out, or you might end up like that computer!"


    Aiden decided that he would be more careful in this hostile world while he was alone, but the strange guy didn't take his money. Naturally, Aiden put it to good use and sped up the development of his home and the green footprint it had on the world.


    By the end of the week, Port Promise had reverted to its industrial state, but Aiden had the Landfill he woke up in cleaned up, and the industrial footprint was on the fast track toward a greener world.



    Aiden was starting to get home sick, but he had a lot more to do if he wanted to see the world fully recovered.


    He picked up Painting to create his own artwork for his home. He had plans to create several pieces to help brighten up the space.


    It took a week, but he eventually had to clean his recycler.



    With the world showing signs of recovery, Humans began to return to the world.


    Some of them acted nicer than they were, possibly a mid-life crisis.


    Ekram's Thoughts: "There's nothing sweeter than a world literally covered in filth and children struggling!"



  • mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Still playing with the University sims!

    The morning after the party, Genevieve and Darling helped themselves to some leftover spooky cookies for breakfast

    Afterwards, Genevieve went on a jog
    The party ended around 3am, so everyone was tired. Cassandra took a nap after she got back from class.

    Genevieve didn't have time to take a nap before her next class, so she had some coffee instead

    Later that evening, there was not much in the fridge to eat except leftover snacks from the party. Sage and Cassandra were too tired to cook, so they ordered Zoomers.

    They then went upstairs to make out because Genevieve and Darling were home and Genevieve was at the table doing her homework.

    The next morning, Genevieve practiced juggling the soccer ball outside

    Pretty soon, it was a Friday, and everyone was done with everything for the term. Cassandra got the whim to get married to Sage. So, they went and eloped at the Festival of Light.

    They stayed at the festival for a bit afterwards

    The next day, it was time to get a head start on homework and term papers for the new term

    Later that day, Sage and Cassandra had a dinner party at the Goth's house so Sage could meet Cassandra's family, and also break the news about them eloping.

    I got them both the Always Welcome trait so they could cook together for Cassandra's family without getting kicked out.

    Sage was a bit nervous to meet everyone but it went well. (Also I forgot to set Alexander's party outfit when I aged him up so that's why he's dressed like that)

    After dinner, they took some pictures in the living room

    The next day, everyone went to the spa to relax before the first day of the new term. Also partly because I wanted to see how the gameplay nails worked vs the CAS ones. Genevieve and Cassandra had CAS nails so I wanted to see what would happen when they got their nails done. Sage and Darling also got their nails done but I didn't get a picture. Neither of them had CAS nails.

    Darling took a yoga class and ended up really liking it.

    Genevieve and Cassandra did some face masks
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 1,635 Member
    Toddler dance party!

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    I altered a house today to add a seance room in the basement. On top of that, I'm going to repopulate the game with Sonic characters.
    Just because I bought most of the Packs at full price doesn't mean I don't know when I'm being ripped off, especially now that I can't buy Bundles.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 1,635 Member
    I just posted Chapter Five of Sulani at Heart on the blog!

    Sulani at Heart, Chapter Five: First Term

    My Stories: Sulani at Heart (on hiatus), Magical Mastersons, Parker Saga

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