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The "Is there a mod/CC for this?" thread

I was going to ask two specific questions, but I thought it would be useful to have a general thread for sims 3 players asking if there a mod that does a specific thing, or a specific kind of cc.

My questions are:

1. Does anyone now of CC furniture that has the functionality of a crib but looks like something else? For example, a crib that looks like an armchair or coffee table to place in a library, museum or bar, or a crib that looks like a bench to place in a park? (Cribs don't make sense on most lots, but I hate to see sims placing their babies on the floor!)

2. Is there a mod that allows resorts to be used for wedding parties? (I know that my sims can get married in a resort if they own it or if they are staying in it, but I would like to be able to throw a real wedding party and invite non-household sims. Of all the community lots in the game resorts are the best equipped for wedding parties, so the inability to do this seems like an oversight!)


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