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    @sarabeth2984 thanks :) and yes Diego does lend himself well to that kind of play! Looking forward to reading your update.
    @Keidra lovely palace! I love how you are incorporating ponds.

    Eliza Pancakes, Supervillain (scenario play)

    Tales of San Myshuno
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    I've restarted the royalty save with the old MCCC, and I'm doing a rotation round with it really fast to get everyone 1, their palaces built, I'm kicking them out of played households, building their palace, and then playing for a rotation, bc honestly I don't want to work for their palaces all over again I'm really kind of annoyed about having to restart, and 2, their jobs and titles and whatnot. I also broke into the royalty mod title strings, and changed mine around, and decided on what order I'll be going in for the royal family titles and the noble titles.

    So now I have available:
    King Regent
    Queen Consort
    Queen Dowager
    Queen Regnant
    Queen Regent
    ( What is the difference between these? Consort is married to the ruler. Dowager is the wife of the former ruler, usually also the mother of the current one in which case she is also a Queen Mother. Regnant is equal to a king and rules in her own right. Regent is the mother of the heir apparent and is ruling in the heir's place until they are old enough to take the throne themselves. A king regent would be doing the same, though both kinds of regent can also be an uncle or aunt it's more likely that the king regent would be an uncle or something. )
    Royal Partner
    Heir Apparent

    Crown Royals:
    Princess Consort
    Crown Royal

    Grand Duke

    Queen Mother
    Prince Consort
    ( Many husbands of queens are often Prince Consort, not like king consort or something that's not really a thing. )
    Crown Prince/Crown Princess
    Grand Duchess
    High Scion

    And we will go in this order:
    - Ruler
    - Ruler's heir
    - Ruler's parent(s)
    - Ruler's non-heir children

    - Archduchy
    - Grand Duchy
    - Duchy
    - County
    - Marquis
    - Barony
    - Lords
    - Knights ( Sir/Dame, though here I'll probably arrange them into High Scion, Scion, Squire, Sir/Dame. Magister and Highborne will be officials, barely even nobility. Surprisingly, the royalty mod gives nobility titles and they can raise their title by going up the Get Famous reputation ranks, but this is... an interesting choice because not everyone follows Baron>Count>whatever it gets at the top. )

    Does and does not make sense but it's my party, and I can rain on Europe's parade if I want. c: Might swap Tsar/Tsarina with Imperator and Basileus tbh. Probably never going to use Kaiser/in either. I can see myself using Maharaja/rajni for Oasis Springs tho.

    Yes! Omg. I can't live without NPCC, tbh. I just can't deal with this game's handling of NPCs. Servants are a whole other situation though, because they're not controlled by the game, they're part of a mod pack so the mod theoretically handles it, and their assignments don't get caught by NPCC, so I have absolutely 0 control over who ends up a servant to whom. To even GET to having Alice as servant instead of someone that either doesn't speak Simlish or is also royalty/nobility, I had to call like 14 or 15 different Sims and then dismiss all the ones I didn't want, and I decided I didn't want to do that for every single servant. Especially when I figured out of you dismiss and then call more, it goes in the same order it did the first time. :neutral:
    Anyway, thanks sm I'm glad you like them! I really like how Nina came out too, tbh, I wish Dina and Katrina had come out half as good lol Low-key disappointed.

    Thanks! I did the pond kind of on a whim for Ezio when he was living out of a tent because I wanted something to fill the blank space with lol and it just kind of stayed. Makes a lot of sense for Willow Creek's palace to be on a pond though, and Ezio's just Extra enough to do it. xD Morgyn probably is too.
    ( I suspect Magnolia Palace will end up in an incidental contest with Glimmerbrook's palace over extravagance and fanciness without ever realising it. Morgyn just out there playing nobody but Morgyn and nobody notices except Liberty somewhere back there rolling her eyes every time blondie gets upset because Magnolia Palace installed something fancy again. xD )

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

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    My Stories: Sulani at Heart (on hiatus), Magical Mastersons, Parker Saga

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    aged up a child sim, and he gained the "hates children" trait. started hating on all of his former friends
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    So, my game has a bug where the customers don't pay for a vet visit...
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    I haven't posted on this thread in a very long time (I think the last time was 2019?), but I wanted to share what's been happening with my sims. I play rotationally and have a lot of households but I do like to try and develop stories for them so I thought this thread would be better for me to post in than the other one.
    Right now, I'm playing with Danielle Ortega, a freelance artist who lives in Willow Creek with her dog.

    Danielle lives in the same neighborhood as the BFF household and recently started dating Travis Scott.
    One day Danielle got the "married for money" phone call. I normally just select "under what conditions" to get the money right away, but I decided I wanted to select the other option to have her have to get married. She took Travis to the Festival of Light and told him about the phone call and how she has to get married to get her inheritance.

    And then she proposed!

    The next day, Danielle and Travis headed to the courthouse to get married

    Since it was a quick, last minute wedding, they only invited Liberty, Summer, and Danielle's twin sister Allie

    There was space upstairs at the courthouse for a small reception, so they had cake and danced. Overall, it was a successful wedding even though it was super last minute.
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    @mia_noelle97 I really like your makeovers of the BFFs and I think Travis is a good choice if you had to marry in a hurry - he always seems malleable and very sweet.

    @Keidra went and looked at your youtube channel - irt looks very professional. I love hearing the voices of people who post here - it makes you more real.

    Not SO Berry Orange Gen: Tiger's Story

    previous update

    Last update tiger aged up to a young adult. As his mother Mirabelle was leaving their home to marry Camden, Tiger had to decide where to live he chose the TLC apartment that has a balcony (for gardening) and took his little brother Ginger with him. Mirabelle nearly lost Ginger to social services due to her neglect and Tiger has been his parent for so long, he can't bear to let Mirabelle take him. I gave Tiger redecoration money and first weeks rent only then cleared his bank account so he has to work hard but has a nice place to live.
    Or as nice as the TLC apartments can be
    It was a good excuse to use this rug
    and a nice room for Ginger (who lived in Mirabelle's study in their previous home and just had his bed shoved among the other furniture)
    We brought Broderick's urn so Broderick is living there too.

    Welcome wagon
    The welcome wagon were all very nice sims. Tiger made some life long friends from this event (he really is quite charming for an evil sim - everyone seems to love him except for his enemy sims)
    This young man was one of his friends (sorry I totally forgot his name)
    and his husband was another lifelong friend of Tiger's.
    They were ultrasweet and kept on flirting and kissing all the time. Tiger admires happy, monogamous couples (because he was raised by Mirabelle who changed men like socks).
    Ginger enjoyed showing off his new home to the twins who had moved with Mirabelle to Camden's house (Mirabelle was nicer to the twins and they had each other to rely on unlike Ginger who seemed to be the scapegoat to Mirabelle).
    He felt very proud of his new home and wnated to show it off to Belle.
    They also needed to get on with the business of making the next generation (Tiger is allowed to have 1 set of twins according to the rules and that's all

    Tiger had never seen anyone as beautiful as Belle and he was thoroughly in love with her.
    Belle is an erratic and mean sim (townies bringing the good traits as usual) and had romantic as a third. I thought her genetics would be good for the DeMenthe line but I didn't like her. She was always flirting with other sims when Tiger's back was turned. So far he has only caught her once and it was before they had officially become boyfriend/girlfriend. My intial plan was that she would have the children but then leave him.However, I had a mod conflict which took me a while to notice, so she didn't get pregnant for a long time. I really don't think Tiger would tolerate a cheating partner and judges infidelity harshly in others.

    Tiger is supposed to break into sims homes and eat their food - I think the games programming has changed since the rules were created - you can't break into other sims homes. My solution to this was have Tiger steal food everywhere food was available to steal eg. cafes, restaurants, festivals - you name it. He absolutely loved doing it being evil and a glutton.
    Belle was the ideal girlfriend to have when you steal all the food and drnks for the date - she didn't bat an eyelash (except at Tiger and maybe the hot red haired vampire who is looking at Tiger in the shot where he is holding a pastry).
    They becme exclusively boyfriend and girlfriend this night.

    Making ends meet
    Life was going well for Tiger
    He had worked out how to fix leaking pipes, turn the sparking electricty back on and to deal with the small furry friends who crashed in his apartment
    Now he wasn't in Mirabelle's care, he could visit his father a lot more often. Of course the main topic of conversation was Mirabelle.
    Gluttons need to work out A LOT to keep their figure
    He even has a sort of relationship with Mirabelle - all Mirabelle children are so starved for her affection that they lap up the smallest notice she gives them.
    Tiger has to work in the criminal career (which doesn't earn a lot). He also has to master baking. So he turns his hobby into a business. Selling outside the gym was not very lucrative. Perhaps a poorly thought out location choice.
    Willowcreek Park was certainly a nicer place to hustle.
    and there was more foot traffic
    a homeless man tried to harrass Tiger's customers and he was not happy.
    Benicio Del Torro (from the gallery not mine) - had obviously fallen on hard times. And his times just became harder because he was now Tiger's newest enemy.
    Tiger's cooking always comes out excellent. This guy was back for thirds.
    The guy in green is embarrassed as he is also buying his third piece. Karen sim is wondering if they have gluten and whether she will complain.
    The cosplayers startted turning up for their club meeting.
    and even Mirabelle came to support her son
    All in all - it was one of the best ways of making money I have had a sim try. This man is refusing to believe that the nice young man who bakes like a dream is a master criminal.
    Uncle Pluot in orange suit, is laughing at the glutton eating his own stock. It doesn't count as stealing if you steal from your own stall.

    More Belle
    Tiger misses Broderick through the day when he wants to chat and share his life. (being in the criminal career Tiger is usually mostly at work while Broderick is out and about).
    Belle was a regular visitor (and still refused to get pregnant)
    Tiger popped the question anyway. He is a traditional sim when it comes to marriage and family.
    She said yes

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    Some more pictures of Magnolia Palace, since surprisingly I did the interior this time looool

    This is the dining hall. They mostly use it as the 'everything' hall, actually, a lot of the time they're eating, talking, reading, whatevering, in here.
    The opposite wall in the dining hall, plastered in wedding photos for a couple that don't even have the bar open yet anymore... oops.

    This is the sitting room that leads to the upstairs. It used to have an L shaped stair and the whole room was designed around the L shaped stairs and then I had routing issues, which I think it was actually felixandre's railings causing that my bad. Anyway I got annoyed and de-L'd it.

    This is the ground floor library, there's another one upstairs. Over this one, actually hahaha, I kind of thought about opening the two floors to each other, and I may still do that. The bookshelves here are strangestorytellersims' sectional library pieces, and I love these pieces and the books and whatnot, but the one issue I have with it is the books that go on the shelves are all very samey, so if you've got a row of red books and then another row of green, it just doesn't look right. They either all need to not match, or they absolutely all need to match, right? Lol so I thought I might recolour it and add some swatches that are more mismatchy. So it looks less like the monarch of Willow Creek collects encyclopaedias in his spare time.

    This is my first ever throne room, and you can tell I'd just gotten the Courtyard Oasis kit ( MAN those columns!!! And say what you want about the doors but the ones we got are very pretty. ) ... okay no not really my firstfirst, I've built a few in TS3, but. My first in 4? Lol I like how it came out though I was spending a lot of time like "how do throne room again??"


    This is the ground floor layout.

    And the second floor. There is a third floor, and we will use it eventually, but so far haven't needed it.

    And the fireflies at night. c: This place is honestly super pretty at night, the other one was too.

    MCCC finally broke enough for me to have to update it so I'm going to hope nobody in this save is glitched and their career progression continues to go up and when I change households theirs go up too. Or... idk what I'm going to do. Cheat promote everyone if they've reached the requirements every two days I guess. If I can even remember that.

    So with having to restart the royalty save, and I've got a thousand backups of this one so I can roll back if I need to, my YouTube channel will be posting the speed build for the exterior of Magnolia Palace this Friday. c: I could've recorded the entire thing but it took me legitimately all day to build, so that'd be about 11-12 hours of building recording and do you know what video recordings do? They take up a lot of disk space xD lol

    Now our dog needs to go to the vet :c he's having trouble holding his p in, he just goes on the floor randomly with no warning, so I'm trying to get him in tomorrow morning for an emergency visit. Hopefully I can call early enough to get the emergency slot.

    As an aside, I got to thinking about it and, this game obviously can detect whether a Sim is in direct sunlight or not, and obviously it can track how long it's been since the Sim has done x, so I don't understand why tanning isn't a passive thing that happens if the Sim's outside long enough. I also don't understand how they can add hidden traits for left and right handedness, but couldn't be bothered to add hidden traits for whether a Sim burns, tans, or does neither. Too much effort I guess.

    ( I think I'm just salty about IL and everything it could've been and Is Not. And I may rage about it more when I get to the Ciresis lol )

    ALSO, when I was redoing the save set up, I swapped Laurent for Gabriel, and he's using Avery's last name so England is now ruled by King Zhong. lol ... king? Hmm. Sovereign. Idk. I'll figure that out when I get there but Gabe's enby. xD And of course, we added Anissa to the line up looking after Henford-on-Bagley. I ALSO managed to nab Kaori as a played Sim fast enough that I think MCCC will not delete her relationship with Kiyoshi, since it's still there and she is played now! So hopefully we'll be able to actually develop their relationship this time around.

    Annnd finally, if anyone wants to know the rules I'm playing this one by:
    • No money or mood cheats. Money trees cannot be grown either. Cheats to fix or work around a bug are always allowed.

    • Lifespan is set to Unbelievably Long to account for rotational play ( I need non-active played Sims to also be ageing at the same time so everyone must be ageing at once ). Due to this, heirs have requirements because they'll need to be aged up manually:
    - Toddlers must max all toddler skills before being allowed to age up.
    - Children must complete at least one child aspiration and achieve an A in school.
    - Teens must max all character values, achieve an A in school, and max one teen career.
    - YA must make it through a history, communications, psychology, or economics degree.

    • The current monarch will rule until elder stage, at which time the crown will be passed to the heir.

    • All royal children Must marry from the nobility and other royal lines. Probably by the end of this we'll have all the royal lines intermarried pretty thoroughly with each other. I will be adding new noble families and whatnot over time to keep the gene pool moving but they will not be made with anyone specific in mind.

    • Children have been dice rolled:
    Altien ( Willow Creek )
    1, 1, 3, 4, 4, 2, 3, 3, 4
    Sinclair ( Oasis Springs )
    2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 2, 2
    Andrade ( Newcrest )
    2, 4, 3, 1, 4, 2, 2, 2, 2
    Ortega ( Windenburg )
    3, 3, 4, 2, 3, 3, 4, 1, 1
    Harcourt ( San Myshuno )
    2, 1, 4, 4, 4, 2, 4, 4, 3 daaaaang...
    Vatore ( Forgotten Hollow )
    1, 4, 3, 1, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4
    Parris ( Brindleton Bay )
    1, 2, 2, 1, 4, 1, 1, 4, 1
    Jenssen ( Del Sol Valley )
    4, 4, 4, 2, 1, 3, 1, 1, 4
    Ciresi ( Sulani )
    2, 4, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4
    Ember ( Glimmerbrook )
    1, 1, 4, 1, 1, 4, 1, 3, 4
    Zhong ( Britechester )
    3, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 4, 4, 4
    McKenna ( Evergreen Harbour )
    4, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3, 3, 2, 3
    Nishidake ( Mt. Komorebi )
    3, 2, 4, 1, 3, 4, 3, 1, 3
    Lo ( Henford-on-Bagley )
    1, 2, 4, 4, 3, 3, 4, 4, 3
    This is the number of children each generation may have, only for the direct line, the other lines will be allowed to have as many kids as they clock via autonomous woohoo or MCCC grants them if they move out.

    • The monarch must complete at least one aspiration before passing the throne on. For spellcaster lines, this must be the spellcraft and sorcery aspiration.

    • Potion of rejuvenation and immortality may be used but they must be learned through gameplay ( not a tome ) and the ingredients collected and the potion successfully brewed.

    • Portraits will be done for each generation.

    • All royal lines must have a butler at all times. The butler also doubles as the advisor ( royalty mod ).

    • Monarchs may only have the monarch career. Royals other than the monarch may only enter into politics, law, or business.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

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    @Keidra That build looks amazing! Do you plan on using the throne room to have the monarchs conduct business?

    A Very Darling Winterfest

    Darling and her co-worker henchman Olive hatched a plot to rob several apartments on Winterfest.

    Okay, here's the plan: We pose as Winterfest carolers, I have to use the bathroom, I clog the drain and distract the resident with the sudden repair need, while you steal whatever you can and we get out of here.

    Darling: Mwingle zibbs, mwingle zibbs - (through her teeth) [OLIVE, YOU AREN'T SINGING]
    Darling: (much more loudly) Mwingle Ba-zu Lorn!!!

    Darling further distracted the resident with some conversation while Olive cased the joint.

    The distraction seems to be working! Our host is simultaneously making cake and playing carols on her violin.

    She didn't really need to distract her further but the drain idea just seemed like too much fun to pass up

    Resident: Get out, or I'll call the cops!

    Darling: Wow, can you believe how fast she came after us! That was crazy! So, how did we do, if you know what I mean?

    Olive: We are having a happy holiday tonight, if you know what I mean.

    Darling: Ho, ho, ho! Hey, do you suppose any Winterfest gifts came in the mail?

    Oh yeah! I'll be sure to leave a thank-you note.

    They knocked over two more apartments before calling it a day.

    Meanwhile, Akira and Madison had a Winterfest date at Myshuno Court.

    Madison worked as a babysitter. She thought programming was cool and she was interested in hearing all about Akira's work. She'd always wanted kids and had just about given up hope of having them-- she was a little older than Akira. She was an only child of long-dead parents. All her adult life she had just wished for a warm and loving family life, but the right partner had never come around. Oh, and also she loves to cook.
    "Do you ever, you know, go around town getting to know lots of new people doing things you're emotionally intense about?"
    She gave him a strange look. "Not really. I'm kind of a homebody. I spend my days off cross-stitching and playing violin in my apartment."
    Akira thought she was just perfect.

    She didn't have much interest in collectibles, but maybe no one is except for himself. That's okay. It's good for couples to have a few separate hobbies, right?

    Miko... I don't like what you're implying. Or maybe I do like it. But do YOU have to imply it?

    In the evening, Darling and Akira relaxed in front of the fireplace channel.
    "It's not much of a fireplace is it?"
    "Eh, it's enough."

    Father Winter still came!

    He gave Akira a terrible gift!

    "What the heck?" asked Akira.
    "You're definitely on the naughty list," said Father Winter.
    "What do you mean? I'm everyone's favorite guy! I'm loving, reliable, loyal, smart... everyone always seems to want the best for me."
    "I heard you hit someone. More than once," said Father Winter.
    "Oh... right."
    "Someone who's really a very Good person," said Father Winter.
    "I guess that did happen. You're right. She didn't deserve it."
    "Next time you find a good person, don't hit them," said Father Winter.
    "I won't," said Akira. "I should probably make sure it's someone I can talk to about how Jealous I get, before my anger has a chance to get the better of me."
    "Whatever. Just stay off the naughty list from now on."
    "Okay," said Akira.

    And that was when Darling jumped Father Winter from behind.

    They set up Darling's gifts in the living room. The next night, Akira invited Madison over. They admired the beautiful objects together. Akira told a slightly edited tale of how they had been acquired.

    Aw, Akira. I thought you were weird and annoying when you moved in, but you're not so bad after all.



    Eliza Pancakes, Supervillain (scenario play)

    Tales of San Myshuno
    Posting in What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

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    Becka28 wrote: »
    @mia_noelle97 I really like your makeovers of the BFFs and I think Travis is a good choice if you had to marry in a hurry - he always seems malleable and very sweet.
    Thank you! And I agree about Travis, he was really easy to marry, probably because they already had full relationship bars. I’ve had other sims in past saves marry him before and he is really sweet.
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    @Becka28 (Page 896) Yes the sideleavers were so iconic for the seventies. I'm still grateful to @Kellogg_J_Kellogg, who gave me the link to this cc. Without it the seventies ingame would be the same :D Sometimes, it's just these tiny details which have a big impact on the immersion.
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    I like that cc a lot as well and it really just makes a 60s/70s male sim look great.
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    It's always helpful/interesting when you give an update that covers most of your sims. I look forward to more on Ember, Juniper, and Jade whenever you get back them in your rotation.

    Is your store suffering from the bug where Cottage Living harvestables are selling for far less than what they're worth?

    Alen's home almost seems haunted, but his dedication to the cats is sweet. I hope he's able to get Brindleton Bay cleaned up. It looks so unfortunate when it's an industrial location. I haven't read the rules for his challenge yet, but I will.
    Metior_Ice wrote: »
    I love Elmire's bedroom! She also seems to be a handful!
    Oh, one more thing, Asher putting himself in time out because Elmire is a genius makes me chuckle. Lol, I didn't expect that from him.
    Haha. Thank you. She takes after her father a little bit (in terms of her attitude). If Asher wasn't accommodating, I think they could have had quite the explosive relationship because he's been bothering her with educational stuff since before she was born and independent toddlers don't like that.

    Technically, she'd probably learn quicker if she let him direct her as much as he wants, but the drama that causes is not worth it.

    I didn't know that the treadmill could generate electricity! Sierra's idea of making the Landgraab Utility Company buy power from her is genius. Regardless of whether it helps her job or not, upgrading homes is such a chore, but it's nice once everything is upgraded. Sierra is so pretty, and Armando's nice looking too.

    What happened to Alex in the picture with Krystle? Did he get dirty playing or was it something else?

    Danica showing up and teaching Akira how to fish was a cute moment, especially her celebrating the little fish he caught. The trash-talking with Madison wasn't exactly cute, but I hope Akira enjoyed himself there too even though he looks like camping has made him a bit stinky.

    I'm glad Darling got caught. Haha.
    aw @haneul I enjoy little Elmire so much.
    I'm sure she will be a great character as she grows.
    (Maybe she already is, in your current gameplay, and your half-generation of lag in posting is helpful in setting the stage?)
    Thank you. I hope so, and some lag is definitely helpful when it comes to setting the stage for me, but I'm actually so far behind in posting that it's no longer helpful. I want to post more frequently, because the truth is that Elmire became a toddler right after Nifty Knitting released. :o I don't even play with aging off, but because I have a slow (and odd?) playstyle, all of my posts seem to be 1/2 day or a few hours of in-game sims time so even though I'm really far behind Elmire's not an adult/elder or anything like that yet. Eventually, I may just skip up to my present gameplay (since I post about it outside of this thread anyway), but I won't do that yet.

    @BlueSeaWaves Rosie does look so adorable in that sweater. I'm hoping that Rahul and Neyla become good friends at the very least. Maybe she'll win next time. I hope Nando wises up to the fact that his farm is going to fail if his son is in charge. Also, thanks for your comments on my post!

    @Keidra I hope your dog gets better soon and that there aren't any major problems. :(
    I love all the builds you've been sharing.
    No money or mood cheats. Money trees cannot be grown either. Cheats to fix or work around a bug are always allowed.
    Interesting! How are you sims able to live in those palaces like Magnolia Palace from the first generation or are they not?

    @mia_noelle Danielle wasted no time proposing to Travis, but the proposal and their courthouse wedding were still super sweet. I love how the inheritance condition gave them an excuse to get married ASAP.

    Fier Legacy - :)
    Intro & Past Posts in Spoiler
    The Fiers are a vampire family led by an arrogant and socially awkward megalomaniac named Asher who, among other things, hopes to have 100 children. As of now, he's had 17. The youngest five (minus #17) recently became young adults and are discovering the perks of university, so Asher's ready to move on from the life he's built with them in Sulani. Even though everyone is into pursuing an eco lifestyle and protecting the environment and even though Asher employed some draconian conservation policies while working as a top-level conservationist, he's done with that kind of tiny living stuff and had a (gaudy flamboyant) palace built in San Myshuno, where he recently relocated his family and where he intends to raise the next generation of his children.

    Fier Legacy Introduction

    1. Teenage Lifeguard (Delmarya)
    2. Living Her Best Life (Adelise)
    3. Night on the Town
    4. Day of Fier P1
    5. Day of Fier P2
    6. Happy Birthday P1 (Dawn)
    7. Happy Birthday P2 (Dawn)
    8. A First Kiss (Dawn)
    9. Conservationism and a Death Flower for Deli
    10. Vampire Population Control (Asher)
    11. Happy Birthday (Delmarya)
    12. Merry Winterfest
    13. Ambitious Dysis
    14. Gen 4 Enrolls in University
    15. Relaxation? Before University
    16. New Year's Eve
    17. Sulani Bonfire
    18. Midnight Encounter (Delmarya)
    19. Deli Strikes Out (Delmarya)
    20. One Americano and Two Slices of Bread (Delmarya)
    21. Lovestruck Procrastination Queen (Dysis)
    22. Balancing Love and Academics (Dysis)
    23. Saying Goodbye P1
    24. Saying Goodbye P2
    25. Forcing Fun at Foxbury (Dysis)
    26. First Impression = Great, Second Impression = Trash (Delmarya)
    27. Asher's Incompetence (Asher)
    28. A Productive Day
    29. A Day for Love P1 (Dysis)
    30. A Day for Love P2 (Delmarya)
    31. Asher's Advice and Planning a Date
    32. Only the Ice Cream Was Pure Perfection? (Delmarya)
    33. Debating Firsts (Darius)
    34. Limited Romance at the Romance Festival (Delmarya)
    35. Happy Lunar New Year P1 (Delmarya)
    36. Happy Lunar New Year P2 (Asher)
    37. Aster's Past (Delmarya)
    38. Reservations About Everything (Delmarya)
    39. Moving On (from Sulani to San Myshuno)
    40. First Days in San Myshuno
    41. The Spice Festival is too Hot
    42. New Life on the Way
    43. First Fourth Generation Fier Graduates
    44. Enjoying Change & Anticipating More
    45. Joie de Vivre (Delmarya)
    46. Things Are Still Great?
    47. Dysis' Graduation
    48. So Pleased to Meet You
    49. A Park Outing and a Secret Date
    50. A Tale of Two Toddlers
    51. Workaholic Dreams of Becoming an Angel (Investor)
    52. Potty Training and Sickeningly Saccharine Lines
    53. First Kiss (Delmarya)
    54. The End of a Generation
    55. A Funeral for Two
    56. Though She Be but Little She Is Fierce (Elmire)

    Not too long ago, while in the midst of having one too many Plasma Janes, Delmarya Fier (Deli) met some guys at a bar. She thought they all thought she was a weirdo, but apparently she'd given one of them her number (which was curious because she didn't recall that). He thought she was cute, asked to date her, and used an ellipsis six times in six sentences...

    But Deli had a boyfriend, and this guy was..., so she told him, "Let's just be friends..." The ellipsis she added didn't mean let's just be friends for now and see how things go or let's just be friends except I actually want you to leave me alone. She meant, "Let's just be friends." Period. But because she didn't have many friends, she was thrilled to hear his confession and wanted to connect with him stylistically, on a grammatical level. Or was she overthinking things?

    Anyway, later, Deli ran into her sister Dysis' boyfriend, Rashad, at home. Rashad was always around. Rashad spoke to Deli about delicious food, which was fascinating to her because her experience with food was very different from his, and about Dysis. By way of teasing, she asked him what he really thought of her sister.

    He loved her sister. Period. Actually, he loved her sister! Rashad was intense, so he couldn't help but exclaim his feelings.

    To Rashad, respectful restraint was one exclamation mark at the end of a sentence instead of fifty. It was the best he could do because he really loved Dysis, which warmed Deli's heart. She'd always liked Rashad, but she was also glad she no longer liked him like that. In her eyes, he was still handsome, just far too clingy and intense for her.

    The three oldest girls at home: Dawn, Deli, and Dysis, or at least, Dawn and Dysis seemed to be in serious thinking-about-marriage and maybe-we-should-move-in-together relationships. They'd grown up. Dysis had graduated from college and now raided corporations while managing hedge funds.

    She could move out at any moment. Dawn was in her final term at college and she could soon be "moving on with her life" as well. Belatedly, Deli realized that she herself had also already graduated from college and was at the top of her career as a "Master of Marine Affairs", so she could easily leave too. But time was different for her. Their parents, especially their father, weren't convinced that Deli had the "right" skills to live independently (or at least that was his excuse). Dawn and Dysis had them.

    At the moment, neither Dawn nor Dysis were thinking about moving out.
    The couples, Dawn & Antonio and Dysis & Rashad, squared off in the family room with a round of MySims Go. Dawn and Antonio began the race with a comfortable lead.

    But Dysis was not to be defeated. Having learned a thing or a hundred things from the countless hours she put into improving her chess game, Dysis (and Rashad) made a comeback and won.

    As soon as the four separated, one couple automatically came together and couldn't recall who'd won and didn't exactly care either.

    After a brief bit of stargazing, the other couple also came together.

    But is anyone actually getting married?

    I think I want to generally post a bit more about my gameplay because I do just kind of play the game, but slowly. I don't use poses (unless it's for an in-game photo) and I don't use cheats (unless I'm correcting a glitch). That said, this time I don't have much to say, only that Rashad did confess his love for Dysis.
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  • zheplayszheplays Posts: 24 Member
    i started a new legacy bc my friends wont stop talking about legacies lol and the game generated this lady. her outfits weren't even too bad, not real matchy but not intolerable. i have some mods to stop excessive accessory generation. it does a lot of good.
    Find me on Tumblr and Instagram at zheplays !
    siempre bruja.
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    Yeah, that was indeed the plan. There's a custom social event in the royalty mod for holding audiences and stuff that I wanted to do, so. Even if it ends up just There, having a palace with no throne room seems odd lol

    Thank you!
    Monarchs make 500/hr at start, 3k a day c: Cassandra's working too and since she's not a royal yet, she's doing freelance writing.
    Willow Creek royal bills are about 30k a week. xD but they make that eventually. Probably couldn't do it if Cassie wasn't also working and Ezio wasn't getting promotions relatively frequently. By the end of Ezio's original first rotation he was making 600/hr, so I expect this one to end somewhere around there as well.
    But tbh, masterpiece paintings + Plopsy. I've raked in near 20k off a single masterpiece before. lol

    ( And pupper seems to have a UTI and we're really not sure how he got it tbh. )
    ( Speaking English is knowing that "a UTI" should actually be "an UTI." Understanding English is not saying it that way xD )

    They really do honestly, and it's just so enchanting to see them over the water. I have this strong urge all the time to toss fireflies legitimately everywhere lol I love fireflies.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

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    Keidra wrote: »
    Thank you!
    Monarchs make 500/hr at start, 3k a day c: Cassandra's working too and since she's not a royal yet, she's doing freelance writing.
    Willow Creek royal bills are about 30k a week. xD but they make that eventually. Probably couldn't do it if Cassie wasn't also working and Ezio wasn't getting promotions relatively frequently. By the end of Ezio's original first rotation he was making 600/hr, so I expect this one to end somewhere around there as well.
    But tbh, masterpiece paintings + Plopsy. I've raked in near 20k off a single masterpiece before. lol

    ( And pupper seems to have a UTI and we're really not sure how he got it tbh. )
    ( Speaking English is knowing that "a UTI" should actually be "an UTI." Understanding English is not saying it that way xD )

    @Keidra I can relate to the obscene bills. :D Plopsy is a lifesaver. 60% of my sims' bills taken care of with one painting. <3ZBnWZSL.png
    Did you let Cassandra and Ezio move into the palace for free and then they started paying the bills? First generation making that kind of money to keep up with the bills is impressive.

    I hope your dog recovers quickly and painlessly. <3
    (English grammar rules are ridiculous (and really show that they're made up to account for the way people speak). It's "a UTI" because in that acronym, the U is acting as a consonant and sounds like a consonant ("you"). "An" comes before vowel sounds as opposed to vowels (a, e, i, o, u...). :# English is a mess, but I don't think it's alone in that).
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    Yeah, they bought the lot, and then I threw them out of active households, built the palace on infinite funds, and loaded back in. I'll do that with the Oasis Springs royals too, if this cruddy week can ever slow down long enough for me to get past WC, bc they also had a good deal saved up originally, but past that I'll make 'em earn their palace like WC and OS originally did. I just didn't want to have to work my way back up to where they were in the first iteration before MCCC broke career progression tbh.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

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    I rotated to a different family.

    This is Elias Muller. He started out as a Rags to Riches sim living in Evergreen Harbor and dumpster diving for money. He eventually got married to Knox Greenburg and they have three adopted kids. When I got Cottage Living I had them move to Henford on Bagley because I thought the pack suited them perfectly.

    Here's Elias and Knox's sons, Griffin (red hair) and Sage (brown hair). Griffin is a young adult and lives with his wife and toddler in Finchwick. He visits pretty frequently. Sage is still a teen, I might age him up at the end of this rotation and send him to University but I haven't decided yet.

    Here's Griffin hugging his sister Willow. She's the youngest of Elias and Knox's kids. You can't see her face in this screenshot but I aged her up shortly after I took this so it doesn't matter.
    Here's Willow blowing out her candles

    Teen Willow hugging Philip the rooster. She has the animal enthusiast trait but I don't think she's going to stay in Henford on Bagley when she becomes a young adult, I want her to live in Brindleton Bay and open up a vet clinic.

    It was a nice day, so after school Sage went to the park with Cassandra Goth

    Then this happened

    Afterwards, they went for a swim. Sage was going to ask Cassandra to be his girlfriend but she left before he got the chance.

    Willow doesn't look happy about having to take care of Blondie the llama but I promise she enjoys it. She's just a moody teen.

    Knox mainly takes care of the animals while Elias takes care of the crops. The kids help with whatever they can before they have to go to school. Here's Knox hugging their cow, Betty.

    The Mullers were low on money so Elias ran some errands for the creature keeper.

    Willow went to hang out with Rahul. I just noticed their outfits kind of match.
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    Yesterday in my game i made a Dog in honor of National Dog day! I moved her in with her owner lisa in Oasis Springs.
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    Reality Kings Season 5: Episode 19

    Jordan and Aidan came to Finchwick again to see the Oversized Crop Fair. Cecilia and Celine also came to the fair. Jordan's dad Avery submitted an oversized watermelon as his entry and won.

    Jordan's current family tree.

    After the fair, Jordan had to go home for his movie shoot. Show spoiler to see who his co-stars were.
    His co-stars were Dane and Angela.

    Angela did shout and fight scenes with Dane...

    ...and romantic scenes with Jordan.

    She got promoted from "Sitcom Star" to "Rising Star" after the shoot. The stars of the movie mingled with the crew after the shoot.

    Jordan met up with Britney and their daughter Mallow in the toddler play house. He brought Aidan with him, and he got the chance to spend time with Mallow. Aidan met another half-sister of his for the first time.

    Bruce had a Fan Meet and Greet event at the Stargazer Lounge. His reputation was getting worse with his mean interactions with paparazzis. After the event, Bruce's celebrity status rose up to "Proper Celebrity."

    During the Winterfest, Bruce and his father Bryce spent the night at Mick's residence. Of course, Father Winter came and gave presents.

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
    Season 3 Episodes
    Season 4 Episodes
    Current Season's Episodes
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    Episode 9
    Episode 10
    Episode 11
    Episode 12
    Episode 13
    Episode 14
    Episode 15
    Episode 16
    Episode 17
    Episode 18
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    Episode 8

    Conversation Overheard at The Diving Pelican

    AKIRA: We definitely have to toast with something tonight, I got promoted, my wife’s a College Administrator now, we have a house of our own, we’re having a baby boy. I’m the luckiest man in the whole world!
    JEANNIE: It sounds so impressive when you say it, Sweetheart. But you’re a Project Manager, in charge of everything and everybody. I’m so proud of you!
    AKIRA: Yeah, well, I couldn’t have done it without you, that’s for sure.
    JEANNIE: Nonsense, you’ve worked so hard. Plus, you’ve been taking all those jobs on the side too.
    AKIRA: Listen, I know the thing with the house, well, you weren’t a fan. But, the thing is, I want our son to grow up in a real home, I want him to know how much we love him and to feel safe and protected, right from day one. That may not make sense to you, but I know what it’s like not to have any of that. I don’t want my child to ever feel like I did, you know?
    JEANNIE: Akira Kibo, I’m the happiest woman in the whole world. You make me so happy, I know a woman shouldn’t say things like that these days, but there it is.
    AKIRA: I’m totally OK with it, I feel the same way. I’m so glad you fell for my lame come-ons, Jeannie.
    JEANNIE: And, I’m glad my awkward flirting attempts did not dissuade you.
    Akira and Jeannie celebrate!

    The evening is a success, a night to remember!

    Conversations Overheard at Midtown Meadows Church
    Joaquin buys a round of drinks for the guys.

    JOAQUIN: Bartender, a round of drinks for my friends, s’il vous plaît.
    SALIM: We will toast to your happiness, what man could not be happy with such a lovely bride.
    JOAQUIN: Don’t I know it Salim, I’m the luckiest man in the whole universe.
    DOMINIC: May you and Summer be as happy as Moira and I’ve been, Joaquin.
    SALIM: Yes, and with two very lovely daughters to show for it.
    TRAVIS: Wow, this church is really nice, it’s not stuffy or anything. It’s a really nice place to get married. (sighs)
    JOAQUIN: Summer wanted to get married in a church, and if it’s in my power to do so, I swear I will give that woman whatever she wants.
    DOMINIC: Well, I believe what she wants most in the world is to be Mrs. Jaquin Le Chien, for some reason. (laughs)
    JOAQUIN: Yeah, go figure, huh?
    SALIM: Indeed, you are a most fortunate man, my friend.
    (sounds of glasses clinking)
    The final guest arrive.

    The ceremony begins.

    Rings are exchanged.

    Mr & Mrs. Joaquin Le Chien.

    Enjoying the Wedding Cake.

    Everybody dance!

    Akira dislikes dancing, especially next to Joaquin.

    Jeannie chats with Sergio, while Akira imagines pouring a drink on him.

    The end of the Wedding.

    And the beginning of the Honeymoon.

    @mightysprite I love reading about Akira in your game, I always like seeing my played Sims in other peoples posts, so I can compare their lives to the ones in my game.

    @Keidra At the risk of repeating myself, what a fabulous build, Magnolia Palace is stunning outside and inside.

    @mia_noelle97 Your BFF household looks way different from mine. You gave them your own touch and they fit in your game nicely.

    @haneul Romance is in the air in your game! I do love doing romances in my games, then the waiting to see how their kids age up.

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    @mia_noelle97 what a sweet family- I love how you are using the animal raising play differently for your different characters.
    @sunblond I'm having fun with it too! And Summer and Joaquin are a great match.
    Strangely, I have hardly seen Summer at all in my current save. In my previous saves she was everywhere. I think she showed up in the Rasoyas' lobby one time when they were coming back home, and then she disappeared right away. Joaquin "dated" Diego Lobo for a couple of days a couple of rotations ago. (He does show up, whenever anyone goes to a club of course.)
    By the way, I always enjoy seeing how people deal with negative traits in a meaningful way.
    In my game, Akira and Miko mutually blew up their relationship due to her Serial Romantic aspiration, highly social job and People Person lifestyle, combined with his Jealous trait. Then Akira found someone Family-oriented who doesn't have a need to be out and about very much. I take it your Jeannie is Unflirty?
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    Eliza Pancakes, Supervillain (scenario play)

    Tales of San Myshuno
    Posting in What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

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