Meet your Sims Team!

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Sul Sul Simmers!

You've got a brand new Community Manager here to spend time with you all and that can only mean one thing...

It's introduction time B)

Since our old introduction thread was as old as a withered cowplant, we thought we'd start a new one and catch you up on all the cool EA Simmers you can find across the forum!

Name: Unsurprisingly, it's Cade

Where are you from: Austin, Texas. Hi, how are you?

What games are you playing: Sims 4, obviously. Currently replaying Borderlands 2 with my fiancé for the umpteenth time :D and Ghost of Tsushima for the 1st time and really enjoying it.

What are you trying out in the Sims at the moment: I'm brand new to the Sims and I'm still learning so much!

What are your favorite games: Oh man, I'll always have a soft spot for Knights of the Old Republic but I think that's going to have to go to Fallout: New Vegas. Last time I looked I had about 500 hours into that game on Steam.

What else are you into when you're not Simming: Constantly running around to make little adjustments to my TV setup, PC setup or little around the house improvements. Forever hunting an RTX 3070 :p

Update: RTX 3070 AQUIRED 🤠
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