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SimTogether - A new beginning in Henford-on-Bagley - Continue the story!

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Sul Sul Simmers!!

We've just seen the grand finale of #SimTogether featuring Cottage Living by the wonderful @SimGuruJill. Missed it? You can catch-up the stream on The Sims Twitch Channel to see how the story of “A new beginning in Henford-on-Bagley” ends!

Did we say the end?? 🤔 This is just the beginning! 🥳

We are sharing a save file with you!!
Download the save file and give that plot your own personal twist to show us what this story really is about.
You can find the save file here >>!AvxbRBU3iXGRgTonJaBEJ8MPG-xf <<

We cannot wait to see where you'll take this story!!

How to install the Save
  • Click and drag the save to the file destination/Right-click and select download on the save file to the file destination
    • File destination: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves (Pro Tip: Copy the file destination name and paste it into the pathway to head straight to that folder.)
      • Have you more than 40 save files in this folder?! Make sure to rename our save file to a number higher than the last slot. For example, if you have 50 saves in the saves folder, our save file "" should be renamed to "" to make it the next highest number. This will prevent the new save overriding your save file numbered 40. :)
  • Then, start up the Sims 4 and select load game.
  • Click 'Play' by the new save file to continue the story “A new beginning in Henford-on-Bagley”.
Simples! ❤️

Head on over to Answers HQ to our technical board (PC / Mac) and create a thread for advise or guidance on how to install and start playing this save.
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  • simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 76 Member
    edited August 13
  • BlueBlack007BlueBlack007 Posts: 4,470 Member
    edited August 14
    I have tried to add this save file link to My game at least 4 times with no luck, I add it to the Saves folder and rename it like it says to do 1 number higher then what I have in my folder, but log into game & it is not there ever, so can someone add the(whole family) to the Gallery? , if not then I will only have the Brother & Sister with the 2 kids in My game , bad enough I will have to start this family over since I can not use the save file in my game. :(
  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 3,410 Member
    Don't forget that Save files are actually numbered in hexadecimal. That means that the file number after 49 is NOT 50, but is 4a.

    I've also found that if you mess up that numbering by removing saves from in the middle, you better run a batch renaming program on the remaining saves, or your saves will get all messed up in the numbering system.

    And trust me, I run into this a lot. If you have too many saves in your Saves folder - I recently had over 760, so had to remove some - you really do have to do the batch renumbering to get the saves to show in the correct order when you try to load one of your saves.
  • BlueBlack007BlueBlack007 Posts: 4,470 Member
    edited August 15
    I have made sure that all My saves are the correct number, I have 99 in my folder . & I am not sure why they told Us to put it 1 number higher if that is not the case,, :( , I hope that someone adds the Whole family to the gallery at least.
  • cornflake88cornflake88 Posts: 269 Member
    I have made sure that all My saves are the correct number, I have 99 in my folder . & I am not sure why they told Us to put it 1 number higher if that is not the case,, :( , I hope that someone adds the Whole family to the gallery at least.

    I prefer to keep all my save files separate from each other. I create and name a new folder on my desktop. I then open up the sims 4 files and move the saves and screenshots folders into the new folder on my desktop . The game will generate new ones when you next start the game. I have four separate folders for different saves. I just swap them over when I want to play a different save.
  • WinterKhirinWinterKhirin Posts: 179 Member
    I had no issues adding the save file to my game. But then again I am constantly deleting old save files and starting new ones. So it will be fun to have a different type of save file :) Thank you :)
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  • MeoSimleMeoSimle Posts: 1 New Member
    I hope can update the small grid to be more creative and merge, sims need better improvement in appearance, body and viewing angle for android. Thank you so much.. :(
  • jjrice2233jjrice2233 Posts: 17 Member
    Look good
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