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Which pack needs improving the most?

Since the sims team is now "refreshing existing packs" I figured it'd be a good idea to make a poll on it to see what packs people actually want improved! (and in what order)

You can only put 10 options on a poll on here, so I've tried to pick only the most requested ones but you can put any others in the comments. If you want you can also rank these in order of which needs improving most! :)

Which pack needs improving the most? 311 votes

Spa Day
IVXXXVIRandgrith 2 votes
Dine Out
bshag4lvicmnfrshJaiSeaBreeSashawinkeljohn78ihavesorelegsnowKiyojeLlyBeAn1573MaryVannAC_44Dijktafonehaneulsimgirl1010Paigeisin5tnhendrickcchant86Jeansoowylmite1986Echo17121simfriend1968 97 votes
Get Famous
GalacticGalIcewolfGoodywoodbabajaynegoodcakebaker62HimRumijbonks_4ChampandGirlieSheriSim57AlanSimsHopeyStarrChicklet453681Mondaycoogee78UniqueKhaosSthenastiasimopolisBlink32 18 votes
Get to Work
CK213Angelwishbrackencat31BlkBarbiegalJueJueMi9shaoscarxoJessiMariefoxprice83hihi122122luthienrisingmlmeadowsMVWdeZTConcluejak135TrimothChadSims2HermitgirlScobreSnaveXsJon the Wizard 47 votes
Dream Home Decorator
freindlylolMindofyTorieEnkiSchmidtAineabelhinha35DuskregnGirlFromIpanemawahini2024 9 votes
Island Living
Akl500Palan650111AlrynnCynnaDrak_Angelg01denswanSlayeurTowncatloverplayerFelicityHarukotyanZeldaboy180LadyKynhotkakiCsibeubi3GracieO312EvaliynYBNS2468KyreRoenAgentJuliaLouise_G0325 38 votes
Outdoor Retreat
Bluegayleauroraael14Nh6650SimsfreakmaniacMichelleWSamadamsPlayerErja888SimmervilleMonet11bekiMelisendreTheSpotted_CIsb917Charell88MagdaleenaliliaethSjofnBearly_Mediaashcrash19cherpar 57 votes
Realm of Magic
overonPlayerSinger2010AnmirlarobyngravesWndblwzannaliese39MasonGamerBOYLiELFCruelhumanbeanlazyjuniperAtreya33kostasmpiAmapola76EliteGirlhaisinCelSimsamp107Vanesa1118WhatCobblers 23 votes
lori171957Jaline33alexspoom1383bienchen 4 votes
GoldmoldarMstybl95love7680elanorbretonfriendlysimmersLustianiciaSimplyJenCary1213RifftraxRulessimmerLellaHearts4uLady_BalloraSeashoreLiviaMyriadSimsUmbreon12Chair 16 votes


  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 1,848 Member
    Outdoor Retreat
    All of them, but if I had to choose one, it would be Outdoor Retreat. I almost never use anything from the pack, and that's a shame. There's just not enough to do in Granite Falls, the seasons and current gardening system didn't do the plant collecting feature any favours, and I've never maxed the herbalism skill or finished the outdoor aspiration because they just aren't worth the trouble of constantly returning to Granite Falls.

    In my opinion, this pack would have worked a lot better with Granite Falls as an off-the-grid home world themed around living and surviving in the wilderness, with an actual bear in the forest that can be either feared or befriended, and a few more things to look out for. But since we have Cottage Living now, which is basically that in a less hostile environment, I'm not sure what could be done to improve Outdoor Retreat, other than making the world habitable.
  • ChildrenofhurinChildrenofhurin Posts: 103 Member
    Island Living
    I like everything we got in Island living, but of all the EPs it feels like it’s missing something. I’d love if they added a scuba diving skill and 2 diving lots, but I think it’s incredibly unlikely that any ‘refresh’ would extend to a feature of that size.
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 3,191 Member
    edited August 2021
    Dine Out
    For me, Dine Out and Get Famous are the ones most in need of a refresh
    • Dine Out - The pack itself is very good and doesn't need much change but it needs major bug fixing
    • Get Famous - It doesn't really need any gameplay improvements it just needs a bigger world, ideally some more lots in the existing neighborhoods, maybe hiking trails in the hills so they're not just lifeless dead space and a new beach neighborhood would be a dream
    For reference, this is what Del Sol Valley should be:

    Also DHD, it's just as broken as Dine Out and is still not fixed, ROM could use something a bit more and same for Island Living
  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 1,859 Member
    Get Famous
    It's Get Famous for me, simply because I need more lots in that world! I really want beach front living, even if we can't swim in the water, I would like some beach front apartments or condos.
  • AquaGamer1212AquaGamer1212 Posts: 5,270 Member
    Dine Out
    I really don’t think they’re going to add any more lots to existing worlds. They complain about performance issues as it is. I think these “refreshes” aren’t going to be anything significant or game changing.

  • DominicLaurenceDominicLaurence Posts: 3,390 Member
    Outdoor Retreat
    Dine Out is glitched, it needs fixing, not improving in the same sense that OR.
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  • IsharellIsharell Posts: 984 Member
    Island Living
    Now this is a time we could really use a multiple choice poll. So many choices!

    I chose Island Living because it's just plain silly to have mermaids but not be able to go under the sea with them. We should have real underwater diving. It would be really cool if we could build them underwater homes.

    My other choices (I don't have all packs) Vampires and Realm of Magic need more lots, and we need to be able to live in the magic world. If we can't have more lots can we at least edit that big park in the middle of the Vampire world? It's so empty. Give us an empty version of the Batuu world so we can build our own. Enlarge Sixam, make it livable. Outdoor Retreat (which I don't have) needs to be a world we can live in, maybe they could add hiking to it, and a real bear or bigfoot.

    Otherwise bug fixes would be the most important thing they can do. Blank maps would be cool.
    I'm trying to guess what they are going to do. the only thing I can really come up with is maybe modifying the hair, and adding extra swatches for the furniture. I guess they may also be doing something with the old code, maybe to make it more stable or efficient or something.
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 2,289 Member
    Get Famous
    Get Famous, Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out and Island Living - Maybe Dream Home Decorator though I actually think that is a fun pack.
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  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 5,266 Member
    Maybe Dream Home Decorator though I actually think that is a fun pack.

    They need to add a toggle button for those shelves to remain visible when walls are down if we want them that way. They are pretty useless as they are if you want to build a walk in closet or wall unit because you can't see it unless the walls are fully up and not everyone plays that way.
  • SthenastiaSthenastia Posts: 574 Member
    Get Famous
    Get Famous definitely needs more lots and some rabbit hole careers as producer or manger of famous people.

    Outdoor retreat after the last event and pre Snowy Escape update has no longer sense. I have no idea what to do here.

    Dine Out needs some fixes and maybe some new restaurant-related items.
  • GirlFromIpanemaGirlFromIpanema Posts: 817 Member
    Dream Home Decorator
    I haven't got all of the packs so obviously can't comment on them all. I'm also not including bugs because I don't think that's what they mean when they say refresh (and bugs should be fixed in all packs regardless!).

    I chose DHD because I think it was a great idea and concept but they missed some things that would have made the pack that much better. I would have liked to have seen a new skill, or atleast have some of the base game skills attached to job performance (like photography). A new trait could have been added too, like "House Proud" perhaps. Also, as much as I like the BB items, and the fact that they added so many to the pack, I would have liked to see some different styles.

    My second choice would have been Dine Out. It's one of my favourite packs but being able to work as a chef in your own restaurant and to be able to open your restaurant and make a profit without having to physically be there would be a huge improvement.

    And thirdly, I know a lot of players would like to be able to live is vacation worlds, so that too. :smile:

    I think (and hope) that more packs will eventually get a refresh and this first one is a kind of test to see how it goes.

  • lexibeelexibee Posts: 109 Member
    Island Living
    I chose IL because I'm still frustrated about the fact that mermaids don't have any sort of skill/level system like the vampires or spellcasters do. They barely do anything special and it's a shame since I was so excited for mermaids :( Plus I was also really disappointed that diving was so BORING! No underwater lots? Not even one? For the mermaids at least?? Huge missed opportunity and it leaves the pack leaving something to be desired. (Also I wish that little cave you can explore actually led to a hidden lot but they stopped doing those a long time ago...)

    I would have said DO as well, but that pack more needs a lot of bug fixes, not an overhaul or whatever they plan on doing. The pack works fine for me, it's just those roaming sims and dishes everywhere that cause most problems for me.

    If they updated OR, I'd like to see them implement the hiking feature from Snowy Escape. Because right now your sims can only walk or jog around on their own there, and it's kind of lame so I don't do it too much these days. The hiking in SE is nice with a group and they're all interacting with each other instead of just running in the same general direction together. ALSO sims should be able to swim in the water in Granite Falls.

    I also agree that GF needs a bigger world, and I was expecting the coast to be a neighborhood option. But I don't know if adding a bigger world is something the sims team has in mind for this update thing. And I really don't think GF needs anything else? Again maybe just bug fixes like gigs not glitching out if you switch households or the problem with celebrities messing up all my public lots.
  • TomasGrizzlyTomasGrizzly Posts: 733 Member
    Island Living
    Personally, I'd say most need a little bit.
    For the options:

    Spa day needs an aspiration. Apart from that, I think it's a good pack.
    Dine out, GTW, DHD, Get famous - don't have them, no idea. But, based on what I've read, DHD needs some clarity improvements for the freelancer career.
    Holiday worlds should stop aging for the time being, as in TS3. As for OR specifically: Herbalism skill could get a refresh for crossplay (such as ability to brew the herbal remedies in RoM cauldrons without mods) and adjusting the skill-up time (maybe squish it to 5 levels). And maybe add a couple more crafting sculptures - mushroom, tree...
    Island Living needs a major refresh. Not just for mermaids but also pathing fixes ("cozy up" doesn't work on the Sulani bonfires) and adjusting the events to work with the calendar.
    Realm of Magic seems okay.
    Parenthood seems okay as well, but I'd change the unlocks a bit. Having some of the baby- and toddler-care interactions unlocked at later levels is pointless for parenting. Maybe as a grandparent, but that shouldn't be the main point. The second choice for pop-ups should also come sooner.

    Others (from packs I have):
    City Living: no idea
    Cats and Dogs: needs a dog house in a couple of shapes and sizes. I'd probably add "animals" painting category with a couple of themed items as well as cat and dog sculptures to craft.
    Seasons: I think there should be some attention given to how sims react to storms instead of what seems to be "all or nothing" based on whether sims do (or don't) have the storm chaser trait. I'd divide it into 6 categories triggered by specific traits: random (erratic, childish, clumsy, goofball, mean), very negative (squeamish, paranoid, or two negative triggers), negative (neat, perfectionist, lazy, couch potato lifestyle), positive (loves the outdoors, gloomy, outdoorsy lifestyle, energetic lifestyle), very positive (storm chaser reward trait, adrenaline seeker lifestyle, or two positive triggers) and neutral (having nothing of the above or balanced amount of + and - or being in the emotionally mindful state from Snowy Escape).
    Eco Lifestyle: I think some tuning for NAPs and water/power consumption would be nice. Cheap electronics should, due to low efficiency, take more power. Lights should reflect their efficiency/size as well - a small light shouldn't consume as much power as massive chandelier.
    Snowy Escape+Seasons combo: sims going on a jog trail should either be kept warm for the time being or jog in winter wear instead of fitness.
    I like fantasy and a bit of Sci-Fi. Want to know what I'm reading?
    I also like wandering the hills.
  • hymnhehimhymnhehim Posts: 518 Member
    Dine Out
    Dine Out and Dream Home Decorator. I've heard they're both buggy, but my friend says that DHD isn't.
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  • MelisendreMelisendre Posts: 146 Member
    Outdoor Retreat
    For me it's outdoor retreat but other packs need a refresh too.

    At this moment no one selected spa day... If this pack really gets the refresh they should have asked the player before updating this pack.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 2,485 Member
    I don't really count bug-squashing as a refresh, especially since we've seen pack-specific bug squashing before. I'm going to go with packs that need additional content or updates to help it match up with other packs.
    • Outdoor Retreat was shallow from the get-go. Nearly everything the pack offers can be done in your own backyard, and it's much easier, cheaper and fun than going to Granite Falls and wasting away in a shack. Vacationing in any world, and Snowy Escape getting tents killed the only niches this pack had.
    • RoM's spells are woefully underdeveloped. You can basically do the science career and do much of what spellcasters can do, with less effort. Alchemy potions are, by and large, useless and add almost nothing. Familiars are garbage and are pretty much useless, since you have to actively work towards killing your sim with magical overload. It's not a shallow pack, but it has a lot of unreached potential, and I doubt its shortcomings will be covered in future packs.
    • Discover University is in desperate need of a re-tuning. 3 sim weeks is too long for a degree, and getting a job early ends up being more fulfilling and helpful in the long run. There's also not much to do with campus life; you can't really party, classes are rabbit holes, pranks are small and meaningless, dorm life seems objectively inferior staying at home.
    • Island Living.

    I'd say OR or IL are the ones that need improving the most. But RoM is the one that deserves improvement the most.
  • logionlogion Posts: 4,249 Member
    edited August 2021
    Dine Out
    I would love for them to add another neighborhood to Del Sol Valley, but if we are talking about smaller changes, then here is what I'm hoping for Dine Out:
    • Cooking should be faster. It takes too long to visit a restaurant.
    • Restaurant guests should stay seated and not talk between tables.
    • Sims should be better at cleaning up the tables. If you can't get it to work, just remove the items from the table when they have finished eating and have them only take orders and deliver food instead.
    • Sims visiting the restaurant should eat and drink their food, not stop when they have finished their plate and not drink, or drink their glass and then not eat.
    • Less difficult in making money by running a restaurant. When I try to run a restaurant I barely earn any money from it.
    • Restaurant should work from home, I keep getting messages that the restaurant is operating at a loss, no customers seems to visit the restaurant when I'm not there.
    • Less overworked chefs, improved food quality. It seems like food quality from the chefs are not great and they often seem to get the stressed buff because they are overworked I think, even when a restaurant is operating like normally.
    • Ability to set opening and closing hours. No restaurant guests will come after closing hours.
    • Let us assign NPC roles for the waiter, host and chef. More unplayed sims in the world should be available.
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,757 Member
    edited August 2021
    Realm of Magic
    I think RoM has the most wasted potential for me. I love supernatural gameplay and yet I hardly use it. I wish we had more interesting spells, magic for children, and an alchemy skill that all sims could learn, or at least hybrids so that other occults could use magic without cheats. I really miss Makin' Magic and Magic Town.

    Island Living would probably be my second choice. It is a fun pack, but I wish we had underwater gameplay for mermaids and hotels.
  • g01denswang01denswan Posts: 918 Member
    Island Living
    I would love to see these added:

    - Island Living and Snowy Escape: matching kitchen cabinets
    - Get To Work: home based businesses, multi functional lots for grocery stores and malls
    - Spa Day and Bowling Stuff: ownable spas and bowling alleys with the barrier to entry system
    - Dine Out: ability to work at restaurants owned by my other households
  • BluegayleBluegayle Posts: 3,666 Member
    Outdoor Retreat
    Because it needs more waterplay options. Like swimming and fishing in a boat. Maybe kayak for the river. My sims love the outdoors and the camping there but miss the water gameplay.

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  • Plumb0b_ClairePlumb0b_Claire Posts: 63 Member
    Dine Out
    > @Onverser said:
    > For me, Dine Out and Get Famous are the ones most in need of a refresh
    > * Dine Out - The pack itself is very good and doesn't need much change but it needs major bug fixing
    > * Get Famous - It doesn't really need any gameplay improvements it just needs a bigger world, ideally some more lots in the existing neighborhoods, maybe hiking trails in the hills so they're not just lifeless dead space and a new beach neighborhood would be a dream
    > For reference, this is what Del Sol Valley should be:
    > Also DHD, it's just as broken as Dine Out and is still not fixed, ROM could use something a bit more and same for Island Living

    I love the option you proposed under the spoiler! I'd freaking love that. Also, swim-able beach in that world anyone? :D
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  • carpe_diemcarpe_diem Posts: 277 Member
    edited August 2021
    Dine Out
    All of them! I hope they will update more packs not just one. We also have some exiting features today that can be added to previous packs. (Hiking! Wild animals! Swimmable beaches! Sentiments!)

    Dine Out
    1. Restaurant careers as real careers (Don't loose the career when playing on the employeed NPC!)
    2. Hire family members / your sim / specific sims as employees
    3. Opening hours for restaurants (+set opening hours when playing on a restaurant)
    4. Fast food restaurants (no seating)
    5. Ability to set restaurant owner(s) when playing on a household (if you want just 1 sim to be the owner)
    6. Simple Living Lot Challenge on restaurants (order Groceries or grow your own and serve!)
    7. Ability to move a toddler chair to a table in Live mode (when in the tab for Sim inventory)
    8. Update Zoomers to include food from the restaurants in your save file +managing Take away orders when playing on a restaurant
    9. More challenge to get 5 stars! (maybe a new lot challenge for this?)
    10. Faster cooking
    11. Ownable bars!

    Outdoor retreat
    1. Add some Hiking trails (multitasking hiking = take a photo without cancelling the hike) and Swimmable seas
    2. Add some wild animals (we already have them in the game) and outdoor hobbies
    3. Make Granite falls into a Residental & Vacational world

    Parenthood <3
    1. Change the “Ugh-I-Hate-My-Family”- moodlet (from having a negative upbringing) to a lifelong sentiment (= option to reconcile with the parent through ex. Therapy)
    2. NEW FEATURE: Parents can set goals for their kids (like get a Biology Degree or Get married with… -other sim / in a specific career/ with specific income). Kids can choose to live their lives against the will of their parents, but this can result in relationship loss and feeling of guilt
    ( = frequent long sentiments!). This will also affect the “upbringing relationship” ex. “Repressed / Obedient child”.

    Spa Day
    1. Ownable Spa:s
    2. Yoga teacher & Masseur as real careers
    3. Yoga and Massage as separate skills! (very weird that you become great at yoga from massaging sims!)
    4. Massaging sims for a fee in your home
    5. Need some aspirations. Suggestions: A. Self Love Aspiration (Improve the relationship to yourself!) B. Wellness Aspiration (Live a healthy life!) C. Yogi Guru Aspiration (Almost like a Sim guru... but with a little more yoga!) :) 🙏
    6. The bath Soaks & Mud purchasable through the Grocery Delivery service instead of just clicking on the bathtub

    Dream Home Decorator
    1. Ability to hire an Interior Designer (hire one of the interiors in your save file, or they could even do something online like requesting other players to fix your home)
    2. Update the shoes to make them Snowy Escape - interactable (The Use No Shoes / Slippers inside -option). This must be an oversight?
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  • Monet11Monet11 Posts: 1,080 Member
    Outdoor Retreat
    I think Outdoor Retreat would benefit the most from a redo. I would love to see hiking and more plants for harvesting added. I would also love for swimming to be added to this world, but sadly, I think that is off the table. If they could add a mountain excursion, that would be awesome. Again, that seems very unlikely. The addition of more outdoor activities would be great, like archery or frisbee. It would also be nice if they could add another lot or two.

    Get to Work would be next on my list, followed by Dine Out.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 5,619 Member
    Get to Work
    Aliens needs the same copy from disguise just like in Vampires. Also, they need forehead alien ridges, spots & neck ridges.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,858 Member
    edited August 2021
    Get to Work
    I am mostly disappointed with the Medical career.
    Aliens need a remake, and perhaps enlarge Magnolia Promenade.
    A larger commercial and business district would be nice.
    Post edited by CK213 on
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