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    Premade sims in my games mostly are just wandering around in the background. I make so many of my own sims, I usually end up evicting the premades from their homes so my sims can use those lots. But I don't delete the premades, because every premade sim is one less crazy-dressed random sim I have to edit. But for the most part, it doesn't really matter to me if they are old or new families because I mostly ignore them anyway and I've never really paid attention to the official or fan lore about them.

    So, I feel like a mix of both old and new is fine for me. I honestly wish that the packs shipped with more premade sims instead of relying so much on randomly generated ones, since the developers have never given us any quick and easy tools for regulating how the game randomly combines clothing and accessory items.
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    I love Sims lore - old and new! The families really bring the stories to life. I have fond memories of following storylines in TS2 and still enjoy exploring the same characters in TS4, but I also love to craft new stories and interactions with newer characters in the franchise.
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    I'm saying both and I do truly like some of the new characters, but no one can dispute those old set ups. Bios, memories, relationships in the world, etc. The older characters had a lot more depth to them and a lot of that is what made them memorable to me. I would be lying if I said I never played them, but I mostly got to know them as neighbors and nuisances first and foremost. To this day, I remember my favorites.
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    Both for me. I usually play on my own new families. But recently I've been playing with some pre-mades mainly re-designing them atm and re-decorating their houses. The Goths will always be my favourite. They were the first family that I played when I first got TS1 and their story has been my favourite throughout the game.

    As for my new single female Sims, for some reason they always seem to gravitate towards Johnny Zest and I really have no idea why lol.
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    I played pre-made households in TS1 and TS2. They were OK but none of them were very interesting. I looked at the pre-made households when I first started playing TS4. I ended up deleting all of them in the Base Game because they were boring. The pre-made households that have shipped with EPs and GPs have continued to be just as boring and so they get deleted as well. Based on what I've read about the pre-mades coming with Country Living it looks like I'll be deleting or replacing most of them too.
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    Both - variety is the spice of life!!
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    Old families
    There's nothing like the characters from Sims1. EA doesn't even try to make characters interesting any more.
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    Old families
    Well something is odd cause in my game one of my families got a call from Agatha Crumplebottom and she was black? I don't think that's canon in the old characters. She must be a variant from another universe. Most of the premades tend to die off pretty fast anyway before I get around to looking at them. I do wonder though if Bob Newbie and Bob Pancakes aren't related somehow, if only spiritually.
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    Old families
    I primarily do my own, but Sims wouldn't be the Sims without the likes of the Goths, Pleasants, Caliente's, and others we expect from past games at least in the background as part of the world our sims inhabit.
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    the more the merrier :)
    // take me back to 2018.
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    Old families
    I loved pre-made families in TS2 and their unique stories!
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    I like the pre made townies in general, old and new. The games that do them best imo are Sims 4 and Sims 2. Sims like Vlad, the Pancakes, the Landgraabs, etc are pretty iconic and I like having instantly recognisable characters like them in my game
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    None. This is a dollhouse simulator, not an rpg or a walking sim. Maybe if I needed help from the game in coming up with playthrough ideas or some such, then I'd care about them, but they just seem so ill-fittingly static in a world shaped by my imagination, like someone drew in my notebook or painted clouds for me on my canvas. One of the very things that keep me away from Sims 2.
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    Both. In my current save, I’m playing Morgyn Ember, but that’s rare. I usually play my own characters and their supporting cast, with the premades rounding out the community. It’s fun when you get to meet an established character all over again or strike up a relationship with one of the new ones. I do wish we had more town characters that had impact, though. I’ll never forget the time my Sims 3 singer had to leave town because the Alto family put a hit on him. LOL! I miss that crime boss!
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    I mainly create my own sims and give them my own back stories. Much more of a unique game experience for me that way.
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    Old families
    I really enjoy The Sims lore, but at the same time, they really took a dark turn with the Pleasantview families from TS1 to TS2. The Pleasants got it bad. The Newbies are dead. And the Goths... who knows. But I like to try to turn their lives around.
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    Usually the Premade Families tend to be in the background in my Saves, and my Sims, even those I placed as Cameos, interact with them; my Child and Teen Sims tends to talk with Townies at school or at home while the adult Sims chat with their Co-Workers. It's fun to meet an established family at work or in town
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    I enjoy playing both. I like the old and the stories they tell. To me it is nostalgic. However, I do enjoy the new ones. I do not think the stories they tell are as deep as the old. Which in a way is a good thing because I feel like I can mold and make them my own better. I also make my own Sims from time to time. So I guess I am with it all!
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    I have never cared about NPCs/premades in any of the Sims games. I focus on my own creations.

    (Only ones that sort of interest me are the vampires from Vampires gamepack, mermaids from Island Living, and Spellcasters from RoM. I don’t play them, but I sometimes have my sims be friendly with them.)
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    I love both because you can have fun with new families as well as old ones. But i also like the lore of the old ones like the Goths, pleasants, Curious family, etc. One mistake i feel about TS4 is not following the lore of the old games. Like i ultimately enjoy playing with the pleasant family on TS4 because u live out their college years, and can ultimately marry them in that neighborhood should you want. In TS2, i always played out their story. However, as someone else said, i like how in TS2, you open the game, and some scripted events occur- like pascal's alien baby (really liked strangetown btw!), don leaves cassandra at the alter- although there are ways around that! In Ts3, i didn't really see a connection with other premades other than the ones that i am aware of because of TS2.
    But both because i play TS4 now, and ultimately am creating my own sims plus haaving them interact with each other.
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    Familiarity is nice. But it's also good seeing new characters coming out.
  • AdamBurtSimsAdamBurtSims Posts: 32 Member
    Even I new to The Sims Universes, I been learn and research the Sims, I like old Characters like Bella Goth and Pleasant Sisters, I know stories about them in past Sims. As with new Characters like Liberty Bell, Summer Holidays and Behr Sisters. So both.
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    Old families
    The Sims 2 lore and back stories of the pre maxes had me hooked, The Sims 4 ‘alternate universe’ just doesn’t do it for me with the blank canvas premades
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    Premades are intended to help people learn and get used to the game. Yet, if one takes a look at Sims 2 pre-mades; they went overboard in depth with many of those. The Pleasants, Goths, Brokes, and others. These families that were pre-made became staples of the franchise.

    Trouble is, while having the originally known families are well and good; whats missing is having subsequent generations [or at least on descendant generation] added in where one could see a possible lineage from Angela Pleasant down to mixing in with Landgrab to maybe look at a present generation of the Broke family.

    Or, looking at Strangetown and the older generations of the Curious line along with the Beakers and the Spectors. Maxis created a huge mystery in Strangetown that they really havent bothered to look at some of those older generations like Notso Curious or Glam Curious... I picked both because while the known pre-mades are nice. We could use some "new" families that either look at the early years of the premade lines, or descendant generations down the line.

    Say the first or second generation of the Beaker or Curious Families, along with the Tricous and an early generation from there...

    The point is that we want more story to fill in the blanks.
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