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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    StartUpGeniusStartUpGenius Posts: 135 Member
    @SimTrippy Isn't that the Reveal Crush interaction available for teens?
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,114 Member
    @SimTrippy I'm enjoying your updates, screenshots or not. i think it's good to mix things up. I like to share posts without screenshots occasionally while I play a rotation to help nee posters feel comfortable sharing updates without screenshots. If you're new, you can't immediately share screenshots anyways.

    @Thrior Axel is such a character! I'm really enjoying the updates.

    @Becka28 Quin is probably like: "Finally! I get to have a kid again!"

    To be honest, the nooboos in my game aren't resulting in what I expected, especially with Kalama, their Aunt.
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    SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,651 Member
    edited July 2021
    @SimTrippy Isn't that the Reveal Crush interaction available for teens?

    No she called him after they hung out a few times and flirted a bit to tell him that she kind of likes him and would love to go on a date. My sim could ghost her, ask to be friends or say yes. He said yes and I got this message (so he didn't get torn from his sister's bday party which was great!). They are both adults. Also this has never happened with my teens in over 1.5k hours of playing, so I'm pretty sure it's new :)

    Thanks @Metior_Ice that's good to hear :blush: and I agree!
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    KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    "Thanks, I guess."
    "Don't get it twisted. We're all the villain in somebody's story, and this one is not mine."
    Sometimes Ezio has No Chill and I remember how terrifying as a character he actually is.

    Atm I'm trying to recolour a bunch of hairs in the new Witching Hour palette because honestly I love the colours, but I keep getting bombarded with random dialogue from future OFAF chapters so I have to go write it down, and I sorta think I wanna skip to the "Important Part" but also this part's important too idk. But I've been staring at it for quite some time and nothing's been coming, all my inspiration is for that stuff over there -gesture-
    Idk. Sometimes I want to quit on OFAF because it's really a love-hate sort of situation with that, but I've gotten so far it seems so dumb to just, quit now. And I do want to finish it.

    Sigh. Anyway. Still playing this poly triad because honestly they're funner than I expected. lol

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,008 Member
    I took a bit of a break whilst waiting for my new PC to arrive, but...

    Erytheia and Alexander are now married! <3<3<3

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    StartUpGeniusStartUpGenius Posts: 135 Member
    @SimTrippy Thanks. I wonder if that's specific for a certain pack. I hope it's for the base game.
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    KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Made the babes.



    If anyone was curious btw, all of our Simselves had a base Sim I worked off to make the process a bit easier. For mine, the base was Lilith Vatore's daughter born in the Eisenstern legacy. For SB1, hers was a combination of uhh. Frick. Adriana ( Cynemaer [ Ezio x Drake ] x Stella, and Stella was based on Kat Jenkins ) x Kristyn ( Morgyn x Caleb ). For SB2, Ari ( Bryn [ Ezio x Sergio ] x Orlando ) x Don Lothario.


    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
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    Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,870 Member
    @Keidra - love the look book (as always)
    @Thrior - yes that was the shot. I have lots of trouble letting my ssims go - I really enjoy them, so I don't blame you.
    @Metior_Ice I was playing in Sulani - my sim was jogging when the game glitched out and she found herself here - which is where I think the turtles hatch.
    - is this bit always here or did it glitch because it only shows up sometimes? and are the kids swings always in the water? seemed a strange design choice or a glitch? And you know Sulani best... (you will pleased to know this is the last post about my horrible Mirabelle LOL and yes Quin nags constantly about babies - he would be happy if he was allowed to have all 100 babies himself - luckily he was third matriarch or I just might have let him and poor Rohan woud have been stuck waiting for him forever.)

    Plum Not so Berry: Mirabelle's story
    Final episode
    previous update

    At the end of last episode Mirabelle had nearly met all her goals. She had to finish of level 8 comedy skill and gardening and then she would be done with all her goals. SHe nearly had a son taken away by social services and had re-romanced her ex-husband Larry (whom I let go free instead of remarrying him - in a deliberate decision NOT to fulfill an achievement becuse Mirabelle is awful and didn't deserve Larry.) However I did raise their romance to a point where it was possible to meet the achievement to show I could have done it to meet the challenge.

    Mirabelle started seeing her childhood friend Matias Doyle (son of my simself and her husband Finn Doyle) - I was not happy (I had tried to stop this several times but Mirabelle has exhaisted me) I figured he was a young elder and what was the harm...

    Mattias and Mirabelle get romantic while one of the twins looks on and disapproves. (its sad how cynical all her children were at such young ages)
    Mattias has had a crush on Mirabelle since high school so doesn't exactly play hard to get
    Off to the shower
    Phew ... everything looks fine

    An awkward way to get caught cheating...
    well the lag gets me everytime ... all was not fine and Matias got up in the middle of the night (they slept in Tiger's bedroom which is extra classy of Mirabelle)
    NOOOOOOO Mattias.....
    Grimm was not pleased to see Mirabelle was seeing other men
    Mirabelle (who mourned Mattias for all of 3 seconds) tried to seduce Grimm into liking her again
    Grimm, showing more sense than the regular sim, was hearing none of it (Mirabelle does have serial romantic achievement so the guys should not be upset but that seems less powerful than how much they all want Mirabelle. Why her I have no idea)
    Mirabelle is NOT pleased (not sure you should make an enemy of Grimm)
    Mirabelle chose to spend the rest of the night dancing and drinking then passed out on the living room floor.

    Further romantic adventures
    Mirabelle managed to get pregnant again - this time to Parker Munch - her longest term boyfreind (her very first kiss and woohoo were with Parker). When Mirabelle is pregnant - she is PREGNANT.
    In her thrid trimester, she was still out picking up men. She randomly became obsessed with this townie elder in Newcrest.
    She seduced him and invited him home for woohoo but fell victim to third trimester bladder and peed everywhere. He was disgusted and left in a rage.
    Mirabelle unwisely tried to get sympathy from Tiger
    who gave his mother a piece of his mind... Mirabelle was not prepared to listen to her oldest child judging her
    But the situation didn't get worse because she went into labor - Parker and Mirabelle had twin girls who she named Matina and Doyle in Mattias memory.

    Mirabelle continues to live her best life (lets not ask Tiger and the children how they feel)
    Mirabelle now started seducing her neighbour - his wife was always around so it was taking longer than usual. He was keen but didn't want to get caught
    Mirabelle had 10 minutes of motherly interaction with a child and feels she has satisfied her motherly duties for the moment
    Mirabelle autonomously decided to propose to Parker when he was visiting his twins. (this makes sense considering the length of their relationship).
    Parker did not see the sense in the suggestion
    Mirabelle was mortified
    Tiger, who has a terrible relationship with his mother still loves her and won't stand to see anyone else treat her badly. Parker is now officially an enemy of Tiger's.

    Mirabelle content?
    Around this time, Mirabelle had been strengthening her relationship with Camden.
    Even Mirabelle can see that Camden is a quality person and not like her everyday boyfriends.
    He knew his time was running out and he upped the romance
    It worked (at least on me LOL) so Mirabelle (not autonomously) proposed
    Camden had been wanting this for a long time so of course he said yes.
    It didn't stop Mirabelle flirting with Larry (go home to your nice wife LArry!)
    She also met up with Efraim Dreamer (they had broken up when Efraim married a cousin of Mirabelle) - he spent the festival crying on Mirabelle's shoulder because he missed her. But Mirabelle didn't start up this romance again.
    The Romance festival came around and it was time for Camden and Mirabelle to wed.
    Mirabelle saw the wedding arch and got some noncommital dread about her wedding (not sure of the actual terminology but it was a special non commital sim interaction with the wedding arch.
    Camden, sweet and patient as ever, talked her through her doubts.
    He obviously made some really good points
    so the marriage went ahead
    Mirabelle was blessed with finding the rare alien plant - she didn't deserve the blessing! This is my second time ever finding this plant.

    Epilogue to Mirabelle
    So this is the where Mirabelle had already achieved everything - so she moved to Oasis Springs to live with Camden in his massive mansion. And I had Tiger as my main sim.
    Camden inherited an instant family - the older twins and the baby twins moved in. Tiger wouldn't let Mirabelle take Ginger and he was very happy to stay with Tiger (after all he had nearly been lost to social services by Mirabelle)
    Unfortunately, Slate passed away at this time. He had fallen out with Mirabelle when she nearly lost Ginger and Tiger didn't really have a chance to rebond with him.
    Tiger tried to comfort his mother.
    Annnnd of course Caleb turned up, I was playing Tiger now, not Mirabelle so CAleb walked right up to Mirabelle, flirted with her and gave her a big hug. He seemed to enjoy the fact he could do this as I wasn't controlling her.
    Mirabelle occasionally caught up with Ginger at the Big Brains club but never called or visited.
    Mirabelle and Camden stayed happily married until his death. Then MCC married her to another man. They broke up due to infidelity (I am guessing it was Mirabelle's fault!). To rub salt into her wounds this guy then married Larry's wife (Larry had passed away of old age). That is the second man she got from Mirabelle. I bet Mirabelle raged! She never married again but Tiger saw her out and about whenever he went to a community lot flirting away with anyone who cared to pay attention.

    A final screenshot of Mirabelle -
    I love this shot.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,114 Member
    @Becka28 That's the Family Day Festival that sometimes spawns in Sulani. It isn't a glitch, and the swings do spawn in the ocean. I think of it as an ocean side playground.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,114 Member
    edited July 2021
    @Becka28 I did want to add that the beach has more to do than swing. Toddlers can play in the ocean waves as well as the sand. Kids can build sand castles and swim in the ocean.

    I don't hate Mirabelle, but at the same time, I kinda don't like her. She's definitely an interesting character, if not a bit toxic. I was and wasn't surprised to see Larry getting lured into a relationship. Mirabelle seems to be very good at playing guys like a fiddle. I wouldn't let her near Dylan and Zeph.

    I'm still working on picture edits, but Kalama might have that strong parenting gene some sims have. I think my super parents so far are Calum, Kylen, and Kalama. For whatever reason, they autonomously take to parenting exceptionally well. I get that vibe from Quin.
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    SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,651 Member
    edited July 2021
    @SimTrippy Thanks. I wonder if that's specific for a certain pack. I hope it's for the base game.

    Me too tbh - has anyone else had this happen in their game? I really don't know when or what they would have added this with but I have like a really vague memory of them mentioning they'd update some of the (chance?) cards related to careers / relationships? Maybe someone else knows more, I was definitely baffled and extremely positively surprised!
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,114 Member
    @SimTrippy I had a response from Kalamainu'u Iona after a failed date with Helios.

    I low key blame the store employees and townie's crowding in on them, but that's beside my point.

    Anyways, I haven't had the crush thing pop up, but I know that sims will leave a response to social events, depending on whether or not it was successful.

    Since your couple meshed well, they could have had positive interactions that resulted in the crush. I know that, from observing the way townie's interject themselves in dates, that some single sims do take interest in sims that resembles jealousy.

    I know that Dylan and Zeph almost always have to go somewhere quiet for a date, and that doesn't even stop other sims from trying to interrupt their date. Like, Dylan and Zeph are committed to their girlfriends. They are taken and some sims are too old for them anyways.

    I do think sims develop crushes.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,114 Member
    edited July 2021
    @SimTrippy I should add that Dylan and Zeph are mermen and one of the remote places they go to with their girlfriends is the middle of the open ocean, Zeph's merman's kiss helps prevent his human girlfriend from drowning. Anyways, the sims will swim out to sea to follow them on their dates.
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    aspernaspern Posts: 18 Member
    Can’t say for sure, but I think several chance cards were added or updated to appear more often with eco lifestyle patch, those like Bess Sterling asking for money, the “should we try for baby” or “should I propose” + the crush one. Although they are still very rare in my experience, which is a shame.

    Anyway, today I placed an immortal vampire super sim lady in my casual family-play-and-no-hazardous-experiments-on-virtual-people save for the sole purpose of wiping one couple’s memories, because I didn’t want them to hate each other after a divorce. Got super sidetracked in the process, sent her skiing instead for absolutely no reason, headed towards a vending machine after she got injured and.. well it turned out she wasn’t that immortal. No homewrecking for today I guess..
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,114 Member
    edited July 2021
    @aspern Dylan and Zeph are my immortal sims, but their most immortal life state is being a ghost. Since Elementals naturally appear in a ghost form, I guess it works out despite them being mermen.

    The Paranormal Pack actually lets them turn into their elemental form at will temporarily. It might be worth it for vampires. I think the paranormal pack helps with summoning ghosts.

    Coincidentally, it might be possible to summon elementals with the paranormal pack if an Elemental turned mortal dies.

    Anyways, that was an ironic twist of events.

    Edit: Sorry about my rambling. I hope it gives you some ideas at least if you want to try to resurrect your vampire.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,131 Member
    @Keidra ahh the tech guru career okay. I haven't tried that. Should have with Cameron Fletcher, he was a tech guru for a while and played the R.E.F.U.G.E. all the time except when he was modding the R.E.F.U.G.E. I dunno, never thought of live streaming it. Showing my age. :) And the review of the poly-friendly mod was interesting, and helpful, I have tried to create a few poly constellations in the Sims so far and it's often hard to get the game to do it right.
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    Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 187 Member
    Alto: Remember that family of two mean/evil parents and their good daughter from The Sims 3? Well, they're next.

    Since the house had furniture for cats, I used my saved up Artemis and Luna (Sailor Moon) and moved them into the house. You can guarantee that those cats are what Nick and Vita are always nice to.

    Though this cat is the exception.

    For some reason Artemis was made into a kitten who eventually grew into a cat here.

    For fun, I got Vita pregnant and she's expecting twin girls so I'm going to name them after the villainous Harley Quinn. The Alto would probably name their next tyke something evil.
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    aspernaspern Posts: 18 Member

    Please don’t be sorry @Metior_Ice :)
    That’s a very creative and unobvious way to combine paranormal and island living. Would have never thought of that!

    I usually go for boring cheesy magic when it comes to bringing ghosts back. And since I can apparently post pics now.. This one has a floating soda can inside, lol.
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    DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,157 Member
    I've been rushed through the years 1965 and 1966, until my heiress Erika was officially old enough to move out and starts finally her own life. In due of some struggles in real life, I don't have the patient to play such big family right now, however I made more than enough pictures.

    1965: I want to mention one important event that happened in this year, the Letter of Reconciliation of the Polish Bishops to the German Bishops, which was a very important milestone for the restart of a better relationship between Germany (both states) and Poland. The communist regime fought heavy against this letter. One of the supporter was Karol Wojtyła, the later pope John Paul II, who is still high appreciated in Poland in these days.

    1966: On a given occasion for EM 2020 (2021) although I'm not a soccer fan, in 1966 FIFA World Cup: England vs. Germany and the heavy disputed given goal for England where England won their first and only ever title.

    1965 - early 1967
    Holger mad a proposal to his girlfriend which she accepted.


    During this time we had several birthdays to celebrate



    Erika became a young adult, but I had to leave her at home until she made when 19 years old, her Abitur, which is needed if you want to study on a university.


    Erika has also several family duties, especially taking care of her younger siblings.
    She wants to be a writer, so she is typing a lot of her stories down.

    Erika has learnt how to do yoga and loved celebrating with her friends.


    She had also the duty to decorate the Christmas tree.


    It was also a sad time for the family because the brothers of Wilhelm, Otto and Gottfried, died.

    Maria Kaufmann mourns on the grave of Gottfried.


    Sabine the youngest child of Hans enjoyed to have now the full attention from her mom and other helpers.
    But she has to learn how to deal with disappointment.

    Erika has got accepted to the university and saying good by to mom and dad.


    Then it was time to move out and move in to the home of her best friend Lotte.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,114 Member
    @BlueR0se I use Flickr, but I have to pay a subscription for unlimited pictures. Otherwise, it's free.

    The Island Elemental Twins Index:

    Sim Sessions with Dylan and Zephyr

    When the rotation for the Eons ended, I had another opportunity to attend the Sim Session with Dylan and Zeph. It was the start of winter, so naturally, Dylan, being the artistic merman he is, started building a snowpal while his identical twin changed the weather to make everything a little more pleasant for the concert.

    (I love how the snow even covers the conch shell)


    In the beginning, only the clouds started to part. Dylan decided to start fishing now that the frozen water started to melt.


    After a few hours, the river began to flow freely and the snow revealed the winter grass.


    An hour after that, the Concert appeared. It was an hour late, but the weather was just starting to improve with the sunshine.


    One of the vendors was a Child of the Islands, and apparently, she was not engaged in enough island activities despite being the Island Chief. Dylan weeped at the sorrowful site and had no choice but to deny her connection to the Islands, even if he's the Spirit of the Sea and Water Elemental...

    Keala Hoapili: "Here I thought I could get away with selling "magic" crystals to people at the concert instead of attending to my duties as Island Chief. This is why I threw juice in the face of that merboy that tried to be my friend."

    Naturally, Dylan still didn't miss the start of the concert.


    Once the music started, Zeph had a derpy merman moment from the excitement.


    But, Zeph did enjoy the piano music.


    Still, Dylan loved the music more.

    Dylan's thoughts: "Her music is lit!"


    Bubbles resonating with the music completely caught Dylan by surprise.


    Zeph really started getting into the concert vibe.


    By 6 pm, 9 hours later, the snow completely melted and the sun shined on the concert.

    The next performer took to the stage, but Dylan and Zeph weren't interested in his performance. However, their girlfriends just arrived too,


    Dylan flirted with Cecilia after the twins hugged. Dylan and Zephyr are best friends and super siblings, inseparable since birth. I think they were happy to be attending the concert together. As empaths with a second twin sense, they are also very aware of how the other feels.



    But, the way they romance their girlfriends is very different. After the performance, Zeph took it slow flirting with Sefina while Dylan and Cecilia kissed. This was entirely autonomous.


    Sefina: "And that's when I saw a fruit bear at the bar."

    Zeph acted all surprise as if he never had a fruit bear phase with his mom... he totally did.

    Dylan kissed his girlfriends cheek when a random townie got uncomfortably close to him and his girlfriend.


    Sefina: "Someone called the police because they heard a rumor about Fruit Bears coming from outer space."

    Zeph chuckled. He totally started that rumor to hide his own phase.

    Cecilia's thoughts revolved around Dylan. She appreciated that his eyes were only on her. The townie gave Cecilia a side glare.


    Once the next performer took to the stage, Zeph stood next to Sefina, but the townie stood between Cecilia and Dylan. Dylan loved the concert, and, being the less than observant type, he didn't notice the townie trying to sabotage his relationship with Cecilia.


    Zeph thought the song was lit, and Cecilia didn't let the townie, trying to look like Bella Goth, stop her from enjoying the show.


    In the excitement, Dylan had a derpy merman moment.


    After the performer left, Dylan and Zeph had a glitched out hug... I blame the Bella look alike.


    After the performance, Dylan accidentally played an Etude of Egress and made everyone leave. Fortunately, he was able to Jazz up the Place for his brother and their girlfriends.



    Everyone stayed until Dylan was done playing, but his playing did start to attract a crowd.


    After the concert, the Twins and their Girlfriends went to Triton's beach to sing Karaoke. The mermen were naturals when it came to singing.


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    AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 1,033 Member
    edited July 2021
    My vampire witch Hela's husband got beaten up by her mom, when she left them alone for a minute to go weed her plasma tree. Apparently Esme still hates him for what she sees as ruining her daughter's life, as he got her pregnant right out of high school, which prompted Hela to decide to become a stay-at-home mom, something that does not sit well with her ambitious, self-absorbed mother.
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    troshalomtroshalom Posts: 1,095 Member
    Jako walks up to my sims house in Brindleton Bay to scold a stray dog. My sim introduces herself. They all decide to sit by the pool to converse. It is fall, it is cold, and yet Jako decides it is a GREAT time to take a nap in the pool
    Yeah his normal color isn't ice blue
    wocka wocka wockaWho gave that puppy asparagus?please do not send me private messages - they creep me out 🤢🤮😱
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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,188 Member
    Looks like a long update today.

    Two years into the Apocalypse and there's a HORRIBLE heatwave. How horrible you might ask?
    Survivor: "I have emerged from my own fallout shelter! I need to find more survivors so we can rebuild civilization!"
    And dead.
    Oh look, Luna and Octavia are back from their Crusade in the Magic Realm.
    Luna: "Well we did it, we have conquered the Magic Realm. Now let's go visit The Reapers and see how they're holding up."
    Octavia: "Kinda feel guilty about all the fellow wizards we had to kill though."
    Luna: "Well now the rest of them will know what happens when you stand in our way!"
    Octavia: "Oh look Mom, a sealed blast door. How will we ever get past this?"
    Luna: "I think I have an idea."
    Luna: "MAGIC BABY!!!!"

    Let's catch up with the Reapers to see how they're doing.
    Luna: "Ey yo Anakin, Blanca. We're back!"
    Octavia: "Hey, didn't this place have like.....Light last time we visited?"
    Anakin: "Oh, Grandma, Luna. Good to see you two again."
    Octavia: "Geez, what happened to you guys?"
    Anakin: "You know, I've wanted to complain about this for almost two years now so here we go."
    Anakin: "Our plumbing was blocked by these magical vines growing in our tubs about 6 months into the apocalypse so we haven't bathed in over a year and a half."
    Anakin: "The Generator died approximately 8 months in. Just about everything good in this place ran on electricity so yeah."
    Anakin: "If that's not bad enough, EA never fixed the problems with gardening and this garden has been all but useless. All I wanted was an avocado tree but apparently I'm not allowed to have that!"
    Luna: "I see, but how does that explain why both of you obviously haven't had a haircut in years?"
    Blanca: "That's just Anakin and I trying to have some fun by styling each other's hair. It's either that or workout 24/7, that's why we're so ripped."
    So then Anakin broke down in tears and Octavia tried her best to calm him down......but you don't understand, he WANTS to cry right now.
    At least Octavia and Luna can do one thing for Anakin.
    Anakin: "I'm clean! Thank you so much!"
    Octavia: "Don't thank me, I mostly did it for myself. You guys smell like a dead body covered in hot garbage."
    Octavia: "So just wanna say, nice hair."
    Anakin and Luna: "Thanks."
    Anakin: "So got another question."
    Anakin: "Did you somehow get younger?"
    Luna: "Oh yeah, decided that if I was going to be the ruler of the Magic Realm I'd use a spell to reverse my aging because no one would respect an immortal witch who looks like she's middle aged."
    Octavia: "And tell him why you won't teach me that spell."
    Luna: "Well that conversation got awkward real quick."
    Anakin: "Well I mean, she made a great point about you not giving your daughter the gift of eternal youth."
    Luna: "Enough dwelling on that, you need to venture off to find civilization so you and your wife don't die an agonizing death in the shelter!"
    Anakin: "How am I going to find civilization out here?"
    Luna: "95% chance of you dying out in the wastes. But hey, 5% chance of survival is better than 0."
    Anakin: "Boy I like those odds!"
    Blanca: "Well I guess I just wait for Anakin to come back....eventually."
    Luna: "Until then we're taking you to the Magic Realm for Magic Mardi Gras!"
    And so Anakin ventured for a solid 25 minutes. Before giving up.
    Anakin: "This is boring!"
    Anakin: "Well if I'm going to die out here I might as well go out on my own terms......With dance."
    Anakin: "I think I went insane in that fallout shelter."
    As Anakin continued to have a mental breakdown, now pretending to be on Twitter laughing at imaginary memes, a strange figure began to approach him.
    Mutant: "Hello, I'm a Mutant. I am here to eat your skin."
    Anakin: "Curses, this is exactly how I feared I would die."
    Anakin: "Just make it quick while I'm hallucinating about being at a Neil Diamond concert surrounded by Super Models to make myself feel better about this situation."
    And as Anakin spoke, ANOTHER figure approached.
    Man: "Hello, I am a survivor in the Post Apocalyptic world and I kill Mutants for fun. You might want to stand back, sir."
    And so the survivor open fired on the Mutant, don't worry at this point he's doing the Mutant a favor.
    Survivor: "Boy, you look stupid and you look like you'll die if I leave you out here for another hour. Wanna come live with the rest of my tribe?"
    Anakin: "Meh, what's the worst that can happen?"
    Survivor: "Welcome to Camp Murder!"
    Anakin: "That's the same name I would've given this place if I built it!"
    Survivor: "So let me give you the grand tour."
    Survivor: "Here's our Chef with the state of art kitchen, we just installed that grill last week. It's been a life saver."
    Survivor: "Our Dining Hall. Smells like moldy feet and is the perfect place for dinner."
    Survivor: "Our sleeping quarters are pretty tight, but hey not much we can do in this shanty town."
    Survivor: "Our amazing entertainment center."
    Anakin: "This is it?"
    Survivor: "Hey you know how long it takes to find anything entertaining around the rubble everywhere?"
    Survivor: "This is our newest addition to the entertainment center, a puppet show!"
    Anakin: "A puppet show!? What, are we 12?"
    Anakin: "Oh that looks pretty cool."
    Survivor: "Thanks, we raided a few movie sets to really bring this place together."
    Survivor: "Our bathroom bush."
    Survivor: "The cemetery....we lost a LOT of people since this started."
    Survivor: "Our pond, the only clean body of water around here. We use this to bathe."
    Anakin: "Are those sharks in the water? Why couldn't you guys just put Koi fish in there?"
    Survivor: "Those ARE the Koi fish. The Radiation didn't do them any favors."
    Anakin: "Well the place looks pretty great so far. I'll gladly join you guys."
    Survivor: "Well that's not up to me, that's up to our Lead-OH SWEET JESUS."
    Anakin: "Gosh, this place has a great sense of community already."
    Anakin: "I will do my part to fit in!"
    Anakin: "Not today! We need chefs in this world."
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    KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    edited July 2021
    Wow. I did a lot more playing than I expected I would, so here we are, I have a lot to post I guess. Well, more than it's been the last few days. I decided, N A T U R A L L Y, that since I have a working answer to the weirdness that is polys ( WHICH BTW, OLL doesn't get rid of awkward encounter, just gives poly members a significant boost to romance scoring, and it's high enough to overcome the dock from AE; I figured this out poking around in its tuning when I decided I wanted complain about x relationship turned off for indifferent Sims because it was getting annoying to see them constantly complaining about something they SHOULD NOT CARE ABOUT ), I decided to try remaking the Draziandra triad. We'll see if Caleb gets thrown in there somewhere at some point ( actually, Caleb and Drake get along so unbelievably well Caleb might also get tacked on there to Drake too; Drake as-a-character is gay as hekkk, but Drake as-a-Sim always really likes Cassie so I normally link them too, but they're not supposed to be a thing... lol )

    So of course everyone got makeovers. I had a lot of set up and Just Now got done with it ( makeovers, building houses, etc etc etc )...

    Lights! ( The makeovers. )
    Drake. Now that his hair colour is basegame, his eyebrows match. Amazeballs.
    He has a few outfits in there where he's wearing black lipstick. Lbr, Drake's a repressed goth.
    Fun story, I was staring at him and thought "Wow you look a lot like Cynemaer."
    I should HOPE so...

    My baby Ezio. He didn't really change much tbh, I think I moved some outfits around and swapped some heels, but. ( Yeah I just realised he wears heels in literally every outfit except sleep and um, I think hot weather and athletic. YOU GO, BB. )

    Morgyn. I've started using the Witching Hour hair colour palette from pyxis ( and yes recoloring hairs with Photoshop actions is Very Annoying and the thing is they use flatten image which destroys the background transparency, important for ... well, everything in this game because all CAS things that have colour, use the same freaking UV map, just different sections of it and layer ordering - and they're like, TLDR Photoshop dumb have to use flatten image or it doesn't know what layer to use, and I'm like, merge visible, set current layer ( rename ). There you go. PS knows what layer you want, and you didn't have to flatten image. PS not dumb you just don't know how to use it. ANYWAY. No I didn't spend several days recolouring hairs... and it's messier than I'd like because of flatten image, I had to keep cutting the hair back out of its background and look the edges aren't Nice that way. ).

    Anyway all that to say, yes, Morgyn's hair colour is now more strawberry-sorta-orange-y than cartoon-yellow. Honestly I don't know which one I like better, but I do like the reddish tint. Mine's always red-haired anyway, so I guess it works out.

    It's like, blond or red? Both? Both. Both is good.

    Liberty. And this is one of those weird times in which I decided I Don't Care and I'm going to change their mesh if I'm so freaking inclined, and well, I was inclined with Liberty. I don't like her lips, they're irritating to work with, I mean now that I figured out the difference in lip sliders in detail mode vs not, that was easier to fix but like, omg. So anyway I changed that and fiddled with her eyes a little too. She looks a Bit more Chinese to me. If you look at her from an angle she kind of resembles Lucy Liu a little and that's rad, I love Lucy Liu.

    Last but definitely not least, Cassandra. I Also fiddled with her mesh a little, but she turned out Really cute, and she mostly looks the same as before. I also found this rad hairstyle with the streak acc that comes in Actual Purple and I was like um yes.

    Also if anyone was wondering what Tess looks like male. Mmm-hmm. I'm never making anyone else the Embers' mom ever again.

    Everyone else important to the main five also got makeovers:
    Bella. I also fiddled with Her mesh, but not very much. Just made her eyes a little less round.

    Mortimer looks absolutely nothing like himself, lol and tbh he's one of the cutest Mortimer makeovers I've ever gotten.

    Alexander also got a little bit tweaked. He's a little darker in skin tone too, like I know it's possible for him to turn out very light because his father is, but idk I just feel better when they're in-between.
    The number of Sims I have that are White is actually startlingly low, come to find. I was trying to find a Sim to create a base from for SB1 and I was like omg none of my Sims are white wow. xD

    Summer. This is an older makeover.

    Travis. This is also an older makeover.
    Honestly once she moves out, neither Summer nor Travis bother to keep up with Liberty and what she's doing, like ever, neither of them even came to her wedding that one time she married Morgyn because they weren't able to be invited bc! they'd fallen! off! the friends list!!! lol so Idc what they look like really.

    And finally Tess mom. She got a hair change. A couple of her other outfits got tweaked too, but not this one.

    As a bonus, here's some Sim-creating tips based on anatomical knowledge re: being an artist, if anyone wants to know that sort of thing:
    - The eyes are halfway down the head.
    - The eyes are one eye width apart. That is also the distance from the eye to the side of the head.
    - The outer edge of the nostril should align to the inner corner of the eyes.
    ( Note: for African-descent people, you will occasionally have the nostrils go a little bit further out, to the middle point between the outer edge of the iris and the inner corner of the eye, to the edge of the iris. However, despite appearances otherwise, it's often very close, if not fully aligned, to the inner eye corner. )
    - The outer corner of the lips should align to the centre of the pupil.
    - The bottom of the nose and the ears are halfway between the center of the eye and the chin. The ears should fit between the eyes and the nose. You can use the brow line too, that's accurate for some folks.
    - The mouth is 1/3rd to halfway between the nose and the chin.
    - The neck generally aligns to the outer corner of the eyes.
    I create/makeover all my Sims based on these proportions.
    Fun trivia, your feet are usually the same length as your forearm. ( Doesn't seem possible, right? Lol )

    Camera! ( The build. )
    I started with a base unfurnished build from peacemaker_ic bc honestly I'm obsessed with peacemaker's everythingness. I fell in love with Vhaltori Mansion, the renovation of Straud Manor, but... needed to move them to Forgotten Hollow. And then I ended up putting down all of peace's FH renovations because they're All Good.
    I also was nice and basic-furnished Wolfsbane Manor, so if Ezio decides to go snag Caleb too, they're not slowly need-depleting while we're talking to him.

    Ground floor. Honestly it was hard to figure out what to do with all of these rooms because, I'm not used to having so much space anymore lol

    Second floor. The rooms are colour-coded, as they're coloured using their Sim's favourite colour. The two reds, one is Liberty the other's Morgyn. Liberty's at the top.

    And this is the top floor. We have a cauldron up here, and some other things, most of this was here in the original, so peace put these here. I took that one room and turned it into a magic room, or it was supposed to be but I ended up just putting down the cauldron and then promptly forgetting about it ngl. I'll go back and add shelves and such later for bugs and frogs and whatnot.

    ACTION! ( The gameplay )
    I had to fix Drake's exclusivity preference because he rolled prefers exclusive. Makes sense but is not going to work. Liberty rolled prefers non-exclusive and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. LOL

    I had the Embers and Cassie with their families at first, and Liberty was with Summer and Travis. We left Tessmom in a nice Victorian house across the street from the Goths. Not Temperance Manor though I was tempted.
    We also replaced Ophelia Villa with a renovation ( also peacemaker's ). Bella and Mortimer managed to near cap their romance bar out while we were there and that sounds right. Cassandra stayed long enough to make them food to eat.
    I was also somewhat testing the misery traits. Cassandra had chronic headaches at the time, but I decided it was too frequent and too powerful with no way of overcoming them through gameplay. I mean at least in real life you can take an excedrin or whatever.

    Sent Ezio over to go meet Cassandra and she gave him Some Looks. Like, girl your crush is showing. You might wanna tuck that in there...

    Liberty's crush is Also showing. Dang.

    First person Drake decided to talk to was actually Cassandra, and this does not surprise me. He and Cassie are Quite compatible it's unbelievable.
    Makes me wish there were platonic marriages in this game. As much as the whole separate bars thing fixed certain problems, it... also really didn't and presented new ones. Idk. Relationships are a really complicated, crazy thing that's hard to capture in a simulation. Probably precisely because they're extremely variant, constantly changing, and follow pretty much no logic.

    This was their first night. We got two spectres at once. I also lost track of one of them, they both vanished and then one came back, and we gave that one a present, and then the second one eventually showed up when something cut the power.
    Here's the thing. They're on an off-grid lot. So... unsurprisingly, off-grid lots + paranormal activity = you suddenly have power to cut off and cause to flicker, good job.

    Anyway, the first one mostly just made everyone sparkly.

    Here we go, Ezio's crush is showing now too.
    Ya'll please.

    Did I ever tell you the story of the time I restarted OFAF and left free flirting on and jealousy off? Drake had like three girlfriends in a span of like two days. It was Wild.
    All that to say, Drake makes friends ( and lovers ) unbelievably easily for someone that's supposed to be Good. I sus good kind of behaves as Outgoing in that way.

    They did this like, 12x and became good friends. Crazy.
    Ezio seemed amused around cooking tbh lol
    These three Really Are just attracted to each other in general. Not even just romantically, though they typically do pop the romance bar with each other on their own if they can. Otherwise they'll be in the same room as each other a lot, talking to one another or not. And that's why this poly getting destroyed by this game's dumb mechanics really upset me.

    Ezio picked up painting. And good because we have 6k and the bills are going to be 12k except probably 24k because MCCC's set to double the bills atm because Kendrasim is too rich.

    Cassie planted a little garden. There's some more planters in the study, and then two more in the living room/grand room, whatever.

    Drake picked up writing with the notebook mod because off-grid yay. Naturally.
    He's penning his first short story. I have a mod to make writing on the computer go faster, but ofc it doesn't work on this thing, so he's writing at normal speed and it's driving me mad. xD

    Also these shelves took For Actual Ever to stock with books. This row of shelving is actually quite expensive, we've got every magic tome in the world, lots of normal books but most of them aren't that expensive, all of the vampire lore books, several high level skill books + all of the university text books which are 700 a pop... yeah.

    Being able to set things on fire in a controlled manner is absolutely one of the highlights of high cooking skill.
    ( This is such an Ember animation to do tbh. )
    ( Also it's really not that cool anymore. xD )

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
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    Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,870 Member
    @Metior_Ice thanks for the info about Sulani - does it replace the regular beach when it appears (i think thats where my sim was jogging) and how do you plan to go to these events? (I realise that oiginally I felt Sulani was disappointing because I have no idea how it all works and missed the interesting parts LOL - I will have to study your info posts when I get to a generation whose goals are Sulani career / location based).

    I loved your sims sessions update - I don't have seasons and I wondered how it would workk. SOmeone else said all the townies froze to death so I am glad it didn't happen to you. There were so many funny moments in your update - I loved the derpy merman moments. Did Keala really throw juice? I thought she would be kind topeople from Sulani? The sessions did seem to be programmed to make sims extra flirty - my sims couldn't stop making out too. Also progrmmed to interact with the stalls etc. Quin and Kyoshi became obsessed with snow globes (i had snow globes not crystals on my table) and they bought 5 autonomously.

    @Daravi I can't believe it is the 60s already in your legacy! I am looking forward to the next few decades as they are familar to me and I really enjoyed the earlier ones because I feel I learnt things. :)

    @AngeliqueAdelaide your poor sims husband LOL there is always interesting drama in your game.

    @DoodlyDoofus You never fail to disappoint - no matter whats going on your updates are instant smiles for me.

    @keidra love the makeovers. Mortimer Goth looks devine. And Tess as a man is just the best. (besides Ezio that is). I love the hair you found for Cassandra. I do find Liberty, Summer and Travis are not really programmed to be friends and always drift away from each other.

    Not so Berry: Orange Generation Tiger's story

    previous update - final plum gen update

    Tiger - the orange Not so Berry SIm - with his father Larry.

    Oranges rules:

    Generation Six: Orange

    You’re the black sheep of your family (but with orange hair) and you were raised in a hectic household. You’ve always wanted to cause mayhem, but you’re just really bad at being evil. You enjoy breaking into your neighbors’ houses and eating their food. You really love baking and spend the majority of your spare time eating sweets.
    Traits: Evil, Self-Assured, Glutton
    Aspiration: Public Enemy
    Career: Criminal
    • Master baking and charisma skills
    • Master criminal career and complete Public Enemy aspiration
    • Must live in a ‘needs TLC’ apartment for entire young adult life
    • Have twins, but only those two children (you may cheat for this)
    • Insist on being evil (claim to be criminal mastermind) but nobody believes you, not even your own children

    This has some tricky bits - you can't really "break into" other people's houses so I settled for stealing food and drinks at community lots and never paying for anything as a valid replacement- Tiger super enjoyed this, food seems to taste better when its not yours LOL
    Also he has to be bad at being evil but master evil and the criminal career. I see Tiger as someone with a tender heart who truly cares about family and relationships so he finds it difficult to be evil in ways which will hurt people and their families. He choses a less personalised evil route which he could rationalise as a "victimless"crime (even though we know there isn't ever such a concept). HOWEVER, Mirabelle has a huge impact on his emotional development (or deficiencies in it) and he has no care or sympathy for those he judges as cheaters and poor members of society in general and he does unleash his evil side on them.
    All this said - no matter what he did - I loved my Tiger (especially after Mirabelle) so he did get away with a lot.

    Mirabelle would sometimes dole out affection to Tiger (he definetely got the most of any of her children) and he treasured every second of it.

    Tiger became a child and got his first trait Self Assured. He enjoyed the parties Mirabelle threw but he didn't like people doing public displays of affection (after all his parents never were affectionate like this). This is his Aunty Damson and her husband

    He told her off but she laughed it away as childish cuteness - this caused Tiger to form a lifelong grudge against his Aunt (this was not an in game sentiment but was as strong as one!)

    During Tiger's childhood his parents became more and more distant until Mirabelle and LArry decided to divorce - Larry was left to break the news to Tiger...intitially Tiger stayed with his father because a child was inconvenient to the lifestyle Mirabelle wanted.
    Mirabelle was not exactly a consistent visitor but liked to invite him to the gatherings of her various clubs to show off her parenting skills. Tiger just soaked up these rare moments of attention.
    Eventually Mirabelle decided having Tiger suited her better than leaving him with Larry and it was a way to get back at Larry for remarrying. This allowed her (and Tiger) to reconnect with his grandfather Slate. (who seriously disapproved of Mirabelle's lack of parenting and affection for Tiger.)
    His Uncle Pluot lived with Slate. His twin girls hero worshipped Tiger, who loved them back just as much and they were lifelong close friends of Tiger.
    Uncle Larry was not a fan of Tiger but welcomed him into his home to please Mirabelle.
    Tiger formed his first dislike of someone and let out all the frustrations and disappointments of his young life on Uncle Larry.

    Tiger ages to a teen
    The family gathered to celebrate Tiger's birthday at the table clockwise from Mirabelle are: Pluot's wife, Great Aunt Dove, father Larry, Aunt Damson, Damson's husband and Uncle Pluot (who also has the evil trait).
    Larry was so impressed at how Tiger turned out (and so was I)
    Having now got the evil trait, Tiger aged up with teen attitude a plenty.
    But he also is quite a cheerful person and formed a deep friendship with his Uncle Pluot (who had also mastered the art of being a respectable husband and father and upstanding citizen but was also a huge crime boss - which his family and friends didn't believe, I doubt Slate would have let him stay if he had ever realised the depth of Pluot's evil).
    The next door neighbours loud woohoo annoyed Tiger
    It was Mirabelle's latest crush (who was also a doctor who had delivered her twins).
    His flirty manner aggravated Tiger further.
    He was not with his wife but Aunty Damson (this is why he never joined Mirabelle's team of lovers - we had to leave a few men for her sister who obviously had developed some of Mirabelle's behaviours and traits too (plus Mirabelle had a thing for redheads). Poor Slate, he was an excellent father and all 3 of his kids were awful anyways.)
    Tiger unleashed his anger on Aunt Damson about her disgusting cheating behaviour.
    He got this reply from Damson
    They both became enemies (he needs a few for his aspiration so this was actually good).

    Further teen adventures
    Unlike Mirabelle, Larry was a very connected parent and visited Tiger often. They talked about a huge range of topics and Tiger wouldn't have grown into the man he was without Larry's input.
    Tiger honed his cooking skills early - it was basic survival.Once Uncle Larry passed away, Tiger had to cook or starve. His 3 younger siblings also relied on Tiger for food.
    Initially, it was a chore but eventually he became obsessed with it.
    Tiger also heled his younger siblings develop their skills, he loved them all and they saw him as the father figure (well parent figure) in their life.
    He would go to the gym to work out his tensions.
    Unfortunately, in this testosterone charged environment, he formed some more enemies and poor relationships.
    He tried to calm down in a bathroom - Tiger didn't want to be an angry person - his irritations and saddness about his unfair life sometimes just came out and he couldn't control it.
    OH NO! The toilet decided t wanted to pick a fight as well. SO much for calming down.
    Tiger brought this friend home from school. He is gorgeous and doesn't look like my usual sim. They went on a date but no chemistry at all. So just best friends.

    Final NON tiger related things
    I am just slightly ahead of posting inmy NSB series - my green sim developed the same hurt sentiment with his wofe that Rohan did with Quin. I was horrified because I love them as a couple.
    She apologised (which Quin did as well)
    and did some affectionate interactions and the sentiment disappeared! Rohan obviously has some deep seated anger issues as all of this just made him angrier and reinforced the sentiment. (or the game loves messing with my head).
    The green NSBs went to sims sessions
    and so did Quin and Anton and Quin and Kyoshi (I didn't send my main Quin and Rohan because Rohan would have hated the crowds.) And the crowds went insane because Quin is a celebrity - a lot of people with celeb sims had issues with their sim being harrassed a lot.
    Poor Quin was turning down autographs and photos left and right
    Anton was enjoying the show but Quin wanted to escape his fans. I can't believe this look he gave Anton - I would have stopped watching the show too LOL
    so they had a good time afterall
    Quin and Kyoshi also had a great time (though they autonomously spent most of theirr time buying snow globes
    Because I have MCC set up to replace townies with my library sims I got some very interesting performers.
    My ROM test build sim
    An interesting gallery sim I downloaded one time
    And Alana's younger sister Olivia
    They all sang with the performers voices/ music but it felt like different music festivals each time. I took MCC out and experienced Sims sessions the way it should be as well because I really wanted to see the originals.

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