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Birdie Family in Starlight Shores

lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,337 Member
Well I started a new save in Starlight Shores. The family's name is Birdie and it has Williamena Birdie who is married to Willie Birdie and his sister, Kiwi Birdie. Williamena is a fairy, Willie is a werewolf and Kiwi is a genie.

Kiwi is a level 1 acrobat and her performer name is Miss Green Genie. Here she is practicing her mime, she's doing the walk against the wind. Sadly I didn't get pictures when I first had her try it but I did get the Blown Away achievement... :)

Now she is doing the stuck in a box motion... :)

Pulling a rope stunt... :)

This here is Williamena Birdie doing her flying the air... :)

Kiwi doing some karaoke... :)

Kiwi is hypnotizing her brother, This is the first time that I have ever used this on any of my Sims... :)

He's Willie clucking like a

Now she has him dancing... :)


Williamena was trying to do chatter teeth on Kiwi, but Kiwi threw it back at

Williamena getting ready to clean and feed the bees... :)

Williamena trying to get to know Kiwi... :)

Kiwi is doing the talking to yourself motion. I got that interaction when I wanted her to talk to her brother.

lol, I just love the look on his face as he was watching his

Williamena is doing her fairy pestering on

Kiwi trying to play for tips. But when the show started on the stage, so stopped what she was doing to watch it... :)

Williamena had the wish to shoot off fireworks... :)

They get home and this was outside of their house. There was actually 2 of them as the second one was by their garage... :)
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  • CeresInayCeresInay Posts: 16 Member
    Love the names! This looks fun.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,337 Member
    So since I had a Simming friend that wanted to send their sim to my game to perform, I went back to my Starlight Shores save so that I could host their sim. (But of course when it was time for their performance, no sim showed up just like the last time. I wish that there was a mod out there that fixes that but if there is, I couldn't find anything for it.)

    But anyhow, I will still show you to pictures that I took of my Sims... :)

    So it was night and the Birdie family was getting hungry, so Kiwi Birdie who is a Genie conjured up an Apple Pie for the family to eat. Once she sets the table, she calls for everyone to come and eat. Willie Birdie who is still in his werewolf form eats his like a dog while Williamena and Kiwi eat the normal way.

    After everyone was done eating, they all went and washed their dishes up in the separate sinks in the house. Of course Willie ended up breaking his sink, so he needed to repair it before it could flood out the bathroom anymore than what it was. Williamena came in and mopped up whatever she could and then she needed to wait until he was done on there to get the rest up.

    After they were done in the bathroom, they decided to go sing some karaoke songs on their karaoke machine.

    When they were done singing, Williamena started flirting with Willie and she hinted about having a little funny in her fairy house... :blush:

    So off to the fairy house they go while she entered into it first followed by Willie.

    The fairy house started rocking... :blush:

    After Willie left for work, Kiwi headed on over to the festival as she wanted to do some skating.

    Williamena was on her way to the festival but had to pay their bills first so that they don't get a visit from the repo-man.

    Kiwi was asked by another skate to skate with them, so she accepted.

    Williamena got there and headed over to the skating rink herself where she was a little bit unsteady on the skates.

    Once the festival had opened up, more and more people gathered on the skating rink as well.

    Then is was Williamena's turn to skate with someone but they ended falling down since Williamena hasn't gotten used to being on skates yet.

    Then Kiwi skated with someone else but they too fall flat on their faces and rearends.

    Kiwi was ready to perform for tips, so she got off of the skating rink and placed her tip jar down and started doing her mime tricks.

    Willard Wright came over and they ended up having hearts for each other.

    Willard booed Kiwi when she started to do her rope tug.

    But clapped when she did her walking in the wind trick.

    He then placed a $12 tip in her jar and continued to watch her show.

    A wild horse showed up and had a little bit of an accident... :blush:

    Then the wild horse started to run in her direction which reminded me of the running scenes from the movie "Get Out".

    The horse went running over to where the soccer nets are at.

    After Kiwi was done with her performance, she headed on over to the venue about an 1 earlier that was hosting the sims that was suppose to perform from the simporting request. While she was there, Willard Wright called wanting to know if Kiwi wanted to talk to him, so she talked to him for a little bit.

    The time came for the sim to perform which was 7:30 PM Wednesday, she was a no show but I kept my sim there at the venue for a few hours more in hopes that the performer would show up but didn't. So she went home being as everyone else was leaving since they were being rained on.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,337 Member
    Williamena went over to the bee hive and started fogging it so that she can harvest the honey and clean out the hive before feeding the bees so that they can make more honey for them.

    Once she got done with that, she went inside she that she could play a fairy trick on Willie...

    But it backfired on her and she ended up with the chattering teeth instead.

    She wasn't too happy that her fairy trick backfired at her and so she yelled at Willie like it was his fault that her fairy trick backfired on her.

    And then Willie started to sniff her which she wasn't too happy with so she scolded him for that.

    When she got done scolding him, he had the desire to take a romantic picture with her, so she agreed to it.

    Willie then changed back into human form as he wanted to go over to the computer and make travel plans to go to Egypt as he has an assignment from the military to go and disarm a booby trap in a tomb.

    He figure he might as well take his wife Williamena and his sister Kiwi with him so that they could see Egypt as well. Once they got to the base camp, they looked around and was awestruck with what they see so far.

    Once they got settled in and was told to go check out the adventure board to see what adventures awaited them.

    After receiving his first adventure, he hoped on the Kenspa that was provided for him at the base camp so that he could go and report to Sanaa Madbouli so that he could get further orders for his next mission.

    She told him about some missing papers that she believes is in the Tomb of Discovery, so she wants him to go and find them for her and to return them back to her. He asks if it's okay for him to have his family helping him and she told him that it was okay for them to help him with his mission.

    So Kiwi and Williamena wait for Willie in their El Camino so that they could drive back to the base camp since the Tomb of Discovery is located right behind it.

    They get back to the base camp and head towards the fenced-in area located behind the outdoor kitchen and proceed to enter into the entranceway of the tomb. Willie told Williamena and Kiwi to let him enter into any rooms inside of the tomb so that he can make sure that it's safe for them to enter into.

    Willie goes down the stairs first and spots an ancient chest with some ancient coins laying on the ground and so he goes over and picks up the coins first.

    He then searches the chest for the keystone that's needed to open up the first door but didn't find it.

    Williamena then goes and takes a look in the chest to see if she find and she did. Of course she had to say out loud about how men can never find anything that they're looking for even if it's in plain sight for them to see. So she takes the keystone and places it into the plaque on the wall. The chains fall away and Willie goes inside first.

    Once he gets inside of the room, he sees a foot plate with 2 footprints on them and he goes over to stand on the plate to see if it does anything.

    The foot plate opens up another door to another room where Willie sees a statue and another plate on the floor. So he goes over to the plate and pulls it in the direction that it needs to go to so that he can move it to the plate on the floor.

    Once the door opens up, he sees another chest inside and goes over to investigate it to find that the missing papers that Sanaa Madbouli told him about. So he takes the papers and places them into his pocket so that he can return them back to Sanaa once he gets out of the tomb. He also gets some relics out of the chest as well.

    When he got done searching the chest for anything else, he notices that the wall near the chest looking a bit different than the rest of the wall, so he goes over to investigate the wall. He tries to push on the wall before trying to push it with his back before he goes back to pushing it again. Of course he tells the others to stay outside of the room as he didn't know what he would find behind the wall.

    Once the wall gives away some and opens up, he spots another chest inside as well as some ancient coins as well. He finds some more relics in the chest and adds them to his backpack before leaving the room.

    Once all 3 of them are out of the tomb, they all head back over to Sanaa Madbouli's house so that he can give her the missing papers that she needed. She then tells him to go and meet with Rainia Badawi at the local shops in town.

    After he talked to Rainia, he went in search of the 4 pieces of turquoise that she needs before he can do the next adventure.

    After he collects the 4 pieces of turquoise, he runs back to the debris pile that he passed by while he was going to collect the last 2 pieces of turquoise and decides to search through it to see what he can find.

    On his way back to the base camp, he spots an alien on the side of the road. I guess she was there to inspect the pyramids that the aliens built all those years ago.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,337 Member
    edited November 22
    While I was panning the camera around Egypt, I found this shipwrecked boat on the shoreline... :)

    When morning came, Willie headed on over to Mena Lufti's house so that he could turn in the gems that he found the night before. He talks to her for a minute or 2 before handing them over, but Mena wasn't happy with Willie and so she yelled at him.

    His next assignment is to ask 3 local Sims about MorcuCorp but before he starts to ask about them, he decides to try out the charm basket.

    But when nothing comes out of the basket, he reaches inside to feel if there is anything in there and he gets bit.

    He goes up to one of the locals to ask about MorcuCorp, but he didn't want to talk about it with a stranger and walks away.

    He then goes into Farouk Rashid's shop and starts talking to him to try to get to know him before asking about MorcuCorp. They chat for a little, then Willie asks Farouk to teach him their local songs which he does. They gossip about the locals while Willie tells him a joke and then they play tag.

    While they were out playing tag, a local resident tries his hand at the charm basket and gets a Cobra to come out. It looks like his getting a kiss from the cobra.

    Williamena got a request from the Rashid's, so she heads on over there and talks to Mena Lufti. She explains the problem with the house and ask Williamena if she's up to the task after letting her know about the fire traps inside of the tomb maze. So before Williamena goes inside of the tomb, she calls Willie and Kiwi to come and join her since Willie has to disarm a trap for his job.

    Of course Willie and Kiwi both joined her and Willie told them again to let him go through any doors that they come through first so that he can search for an danger before the women can come in. So the first thing he sees are the fire traps and so he yells for the 2 women to stay right where they are until he can inspect the hole in the wall. Once he reaches inside and searches around with his hand, he finds the lever that he needs to pull to put out the fires so that they could go further into the room.

    Once the fire is put out, he goes over to disarm the traps in the wall before he tries to walk pass them.

    Once he does that, he tried to disarm a trap on the floor which resulted him catching on fire, so he jumps into the pool in the middle of the room to put himself out. After he gets out of the pool, he changed into a werewolf even though there isn't a full moon out. He believes that it was the fire that made him change into wolf form which he hopes comes in handy for him while exploring the tomb.

    He and the others look around the room and notices the debris piles, so all 3 of them start to clear away the debris in hopes of finding their next clue to being able to put out the rest of the fire traps in under the house.

    After Willie clears his away, he notices a hole in the floor and goes over to place his hand inside only to pull out a bunch of bugs. So he ends up telling the others not to stick their hands into the holes as they don't know what will be in there.

    He finds a keystone for the the door that he needs to get into and places it inside of the hole.

    He goes inside of the room and finds more fires traps, so he goes over to the 1st hole that he sees and tries to disarm it.

    He stands inside of the water trap and gets wet and then takes a leap over the fire so that he can go and inspect the other hole to disarm the fire traps next to him.

    Once the fire traps have been turned off, he heads around the corner where he sees another debris pile that he clears out and picks up some ancient coins, a vase and another keystone. He then heads back around the same corner so that he can try to cross over the other fire trap so that he can disarm that one as well.

    Once he turns off the fire trap, he sees the plaque on the wall for the keystone that he just picked up and places it into the hole.

    Before entering into the room, he decides to dive into the wall to explore it and found some things down in there.

    He then goes into the room and starts to cross over the red tiles only to be shocked with electricity, so he calls for Kiwi to come in and clean him up since Genie's have to ability to clean other sims.

    Since Willie had gotten shocked, he was too afraid to stick his hand inside of one of the holes, so Kiwi goes over and sticks hers inside despite Willie telling her not to do it but she insisted that it would be okay as the trap won't start back up again.

    Then Williamena tried to cross over the red tiles only to have the same fate as Willie did, so Kiwi clapped her hands together and cleaned her sister-in-law up as well. Eventually they were able to cross the floor after the rest of the traps have been disarmed by them attempting to cross and managed to get to the small room where there was another chest in it with a relic.

    After the mission was completed, she turned it in to this sim. (Sorry that I didn't get her name though.)

    Kiwi and Willie decided to go out and do some sightseeing while Williamena decided to take a swim in the river... :)
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