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Frustrated about phone addiction

AlorapopAlorapop Posts: 903 Member
Both of my famous sims are addicted to their phone and it is so frustrating. They didnt use their phones that much but now they have that trait. I cant get them to stop being tense even if I have them use their phones. So they are always tense. And they can barely go without using their phones until they are tense. How can I get rid of this stupid annoying trait? Or make my sim not tense. It gets in the way of their job, and life.


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    PinkSugar81PinkSugar81 Posts: 184 Member
    You can buy Quirk B Gone potion for 250 satisfaction points and remove the quirk.
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    Amberjet6Amberjet6 Posts: 58 Member
    I came to the forums today to talk about just this.

    I actually like the phone quirk trait, even though the tense moodlet comes back WAY too fast. My problem is with how you get the moodlet to go away. Why don't the actions like 'check social media timeline', 'update social media timeline', 'add to simstagram story' and other actions found in the social tab count towards feeding the "addiction"? The only thing that works (albiet very temporarily) are interactions in the entertainment tab of the phone. Which I think is funny that 'simstagram pet' is there, and this will get rid of the moodlet, but not the Sim updating their own simstagram, but I digress. Also, found in the entertainment tab, taking a selfie doesn't work to get rid of the moodlet. Not sure if this was just an oversight, but my sim got her phone addiction from me constantly having her take selfies and upload to her own simstagram, so idk why those things would solve her moodlet.
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    KatsKatsKatsKats Posts: 976 Member
    I hate this quirk. I'm also upset over sentiments because it seems my Sim resents her young daughter so she's constantly tense between the phone and being with her kid. I really wish they'd take this away.
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    GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 2,382 Member
    My one and only famous sim got the "phone fanatic" quirk as his first quirk, but it made total sense for his personality and the manner in which he is becoming famous, so I'm willing to run with it. It's relatively easy to manage since he always has his phone with him.

    But I agree with @Amberjet6 that the social media related phone actions ought to work for getting rid of the tense moodlet. It's so weird that they don't. I typically use "browse web" or "play game" to get rid of the moodlet, and I just stop him once the tense moodlet goes away if he doesn't stop on his own. But I really wish that checking or updating social media would do the trick. Especially since his whole claim to fame is his social media activity, and using his phone for social media is the reason he ended up with that quirk in the first place.
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    ArcherDKArcherDK Posts: 1,130 Member
    Quirks are supposed to be annoying and if your SIm is human then there is not much you can get that is actually beneficial. Vampire can exploit at least two, though.
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    BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,975 Member
    Quirks can be easily deleted with cheats or with reward store potions. This game has always offered in game solutions so nerfering would not be necessary.
    They are suppose make your sim more varied an unique with flaws. How many people we know in life with annoying habits? I love them personally. I actually cheat quirks onto different sims.
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    SimtaniumSimtanium Posts: 256 Member
    I get mad about this too [IRL].
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    SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,153 Member
    I've been making sure my sims have the dislikes video gaming so they won't constantly play with their phones.
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