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What kind of full sims spin off series would you like best?

They've made some attempts, the most notable was Sims Medieval which showed they could do something good with it, but sadly they ditched that one after one expansion and also painted themselves into a corner with the initial release which was a good game, but did not quite offer the possibilities people expected.
Still, it sold pretty well as far as I know, I still enjoy playing it quite a bit.

But I think they have a few pretty good options to work with, a series this big also has room for spin-off's. And I mean something long term that can keep getting expansions, not something to be abandoned after a year. Probably not as much expansions as the main game unless it sells as good, but just more content. A fresh direction, things they could not do with the main series which well, always ends up with a lot of the same stuff.
EA is also sitting on a lot of video game licenses that they can even use for this, either in full or partial.

So here's a few of the options that I think could have the potential to create something big, striking a good balance between familiar sims stuff along with fresh new directions:

-Fantasy Kingdoms.
It can take lessons learned from Sims medieval and combine it more with the love of different occult and other life states for Sims. Each neighbourhood would be it's own Kingdom with it's own theme, and each could always have a castle, A street with shops and guilds, a temple and some farms. Some jobs could be interactive, but for others your sim becomes an NPC. In either case when not playing them, you'd see them do their job.
The game would have some interesting new build options to build castles. Thicker walls, battlements, etc. Every thing would be made to look more medieval so buildings would look pretty different.
Instead of all sims being heroes, A sim can choose to be a hero, working on their heroic reputation in a similar way like fame. This could be part rabbit hole things like slaying beasts in a forest, but also winning a sword fight against someone of note, win a jousting tournament (yes there should be horses.) and all kinds of heroics that could come with perks, like joining a heroes guild which could have a quest board and could also erect a statue of your sim if they prove themselves a true hero.
This game could also revamp the inventory of sims to be more like an RPG. They'd have equipment slots, and you can mix and match there, and buy pieces separately. They could only wear a certain number of magical items at once, but crafting and or obtaining these would be something special, some could be unique rewards to unlock.
Each expansion could add a new fantasy race with a Kingdom where they live in, so fitting architecture, objects, etc.
Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Orcs, Vampires, Fey, and of course different human Kingdoms are possible. They could launch the game with a typical western european Kingdom, a middle eastern one and a Spanish or Italian one for example.
Like in Sims medieval, it could have alcohol, sims being able to kill other sims and such.

-Star Wars.
Obviously, they have both licenses and it would work better on it's own than an expansion here. Would give room for all kinds of aliens.
Here each neighbourhood would be a planet. Well, a part of the planet of course, but in the select neighbourhood screen, you'd see the planets in the galaxy. And through expansions, more planets get added to that galaxy. With new species, building styles, objects, etc.
They could set it outside of any known time line, like create their own for it, but still have a lot of the familiar content, providing the players with the tools to create Luke Skywalker, Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader, etc. if they so wish.
Death would be a possibility here too in adventures, but still quite rare. Like in a lightsaber duel between good and evil, or a bounty hunter getting their victim. Pretty much like sims medieval.
Sims could have all kinds of jobs, what is available could depend on the planet so sims could get a desire to move to another planet if they want a specific job.
Traits could be a thing, and force sensitive would be a trait so children could join the jedi order, or be kept at home. Could also be a Sith order to join the dark side. All force sensitive sims could have a lightside-darkside scale to show their allignment that shifts based on actions, and on this panel their force powers could also be displayed and skill with a lightsaber. Only force sensitives could use a lightsaber in this game.
Blasters could be for anyone though, but the game could have other traits that give unique options. Being an alien could give it's own unique trait that they always have. Like some can breathe underwater, learn specific skills faster, etc.
But you can have a nice family here too that does not live an exciting life of adventure. Like raise your little wookie family.

-Imperial age Sims.
Might be a bit more daring but I think there's a market for it. Elaborate clothing, powdered wigs, grand balls, being able to get your own (pirate) ship and decorate and alter it, your own movable home, or build a grand castle with fancy gardens, follow all kinds of trades which could mainly be rabbit holes aside from the interesting ones.
Since this is the sims and not actual history, there would not be any slavery or such, it's a fictional continent they would play with. With islands, a city, farms, and there could be indian tribes represented as well, working closely with people from existing tribes to portray them respectfully.

-Greek Mythology.
It's a great source for different occult sims like Satyrs, Minotaurs, Centaurs, Nymphs, Gorgons, Cyclopses, etc.
Plenty of interesting professions too like sculpter, soldier, priest, hero, sailor, fisherman/woman, merchant, etc.
Should certainly be room for greek tragedies too, some interesting possible deaths but also interesting rewards for exploring sims, could even be a labyrinth to explore with a Minotaur that your sim could try to escape from, fight, or befriend.
In fact, there could be multiple islands to explore, each home to another mythological creature and some sort of dungeon to explore. Each with unique treasures to find, but it could require skills to obtain them. Could be a little more difficult and deadlier than sims 3 world adventures, for the unprepared adventurer at least. Some traits could also help.
But again, you'd have both the regular family life and the adventure options.

I think that's key to the new experience, offer some more adventure and danger like in sims medieval, but while still offering the regular family life and going over generations like the regular series.


  • Drago97232Drago97232 Posts: 59 Member
    edited June 2021
    You forgot the Casteways type spin off or a futuristic spin off
  • gamercatgamercat Posts: 208 Member
    Fantasy Kingdoms/Casteways type spin off would be the most fun esapaly if you can use the sims 4 gallary
  • rhaliusrhalius Posts: 365 Member
    Castaway is kind of boring and has a limited scope, that could be like an expansion of that imperial age game which already would have pirates and tropical islands.

    Star Wars would be futuristic too.
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 7,142 Member
    I would like a pirate themed gamepacks for the series. Some sort of adventure pack, where you find a treasure map and need to look for clues and find a treasure on some far away pirate island. It would be even better if there were more treasure maps and you could find the treasures in other existing worlds also.
  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 2,038 Member
    I desperately want Castaway back. I would even buy ports, remakes, etc. of the old games. I'd happily play all my old Castaway games if I could just get them. I'd be lying if I said I would not take a pack, but it feels like such a disservice when the theme felt so fulfilling as it's own thing. Plus I am hesitant of how well survival mechanics will work with the main game.

    I'd also like Medieval back, but beyond having found a substitute in the Crusader Kings series, I do technically have it on Origin and my laptop. It works just fine, but it would be nice to see the theme revisited as it's own entity. (I don't feel it fits well as say a pack for the main game. I've seen pictures of people's "historical" playthroughs and, no disrespect intended, but it always reminds me of the glaring little details that keep me from attempting to play anywhere close to that.)

    Urbz is another one I would really like to see revived. You could argue it was even edgier than the main games for a while, and I appreciated that. I guess that is why it was left in the dust, but I always enjoyed myself with it.

    I really would like to see spin offs in general again. That aren't mobile.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 8,236 Member
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    The Sims: Historical would be pretty neat

    like starting from prehistoric
    and adding eps that could be like inspired by certain time periods and such

    and game could move to new time period as you play and your sims evolve etc

    buuut i think they should just replace Sims 5: Get Club Penguin with that tbh

    its too big theme for a simple spinoff

    my favourite existing spinoffs are urbz and medieval respectively

    but I wouldn't want urbz to be done again because its literally only lit because it was early 2000s

    humans these days aint that fun
    and even if they pretended to do it respecting the 2000s aesthetic naw man you can't recreate the fabulous

    and i really cant just choose one historical time period or country like with medieval

    cause i feel that was really the downfall of medieval you were always stuck in that same kingdom
  • rhaliusrhalius Posts: 365 Member
    It's why I'd suggest a new medieval game to have each neighbourhood be it's own Kingdom. It gives so much room for expansions there to add all kinds of new options, and they could still play quite a bit with history there. Covering all of history would be too big for sure, but early to late medieval with some renaissance and steampunk stuff could work. It has so much room for expansions.

    Here's some rough idea of what they could do with Sims: Fantasy realms or something similar:

    -Basegame: Includes a Northern european neighbourhood somewhat similar to Sims Medieval along with the architecture, furniture and clothing styles you'd expect. Also includes a Italian city state/Kingdom style neighbourhood with more Mediterranean architecture, furniture and clothing.
    And a Wood Elf Kingdom for something more magical, a forest neighbourhood with magical spots and mostly home to Wood elves with associated architecture, furniture and clothing.
    Magic would already be in the base game, but is divided in different spell schools and later expansions can add new spell schools. Base game has Druidic magic, Arcane magic (covers basic magic spells) and Fire magic. You can set a forbidden magic type to a neighbourhood, or can forbid all magic. Clearly wood elves would forbid fire magic in their Kingdom.
    Basic ship travel would be in the game, similar to Sims Medieval with maybe a bit more trade in the Italian City State.
    Aside from humans, Wood Elves would be playable and ghosts would be in the base game and could also be playable but can't be made in character creation.
    As for skills, sword fighting, archery and jousting would be included. The base game has horses and even a Unicorn can be found but requires a lot of work to make it your horse. Would also be some other proffesion related skills, the basic stuff that would be needed.
    Mage would not be a life state, but could instead be a trait that enables a Sim to learn magic. It could be possible to obtain that trait in some very elaborate way too which could be a pretty fun goal for a Sim to pursue.

    Full expansions:

    -Dwarven halls.
    Adds an underground Kingdom of Dwarves and makes Dwarves a new playable life state. Also adds architecture, clothing, weapons, furniture and such in dwarven styles and adds new skills like beer brewing and expands the armour and weapon crafting skills to have a lot of new options. Also adds some new options to get food, new dishes and stuff and other things that come with living underground. No new magic.
    There are big NPC ogres also living underground that can be dangerous, but can also be befriended if you play careful.

    -Vampire Counts.
    Adds a transylvania styled neighbourhood with a grand gothic castle, lots of gothic fashions, architecture, furniture and such and of course adds the Vampire as a new life state and adds Blood Magic as a new magic type.

    -Arabian nights.
    Adds a middle eastern style Sultanate neighbourhood with a sprawling desert landscape, an oasis and all that and adds the Genie as a new life state to be found. Of course the magic lamp is a new object here that lets you make wishes. Finding the lamp should be a real challenge and not something easily obtained, but the wishes would be something good. Like a Sim can wish to be a mage of course, but also to become any of the life states in the game and also added in later expansions as playable. Or a crazy amount of wealth, or to become the new ruler of the neighbourhood they live in. Water magic would also be new, and would work great in the dessert environment but also at a sea.
    There could also be skills associated to Medicine and greater learning, as is fitting for a middle east inspired pack and of course the Merchant career could be revamped some, getting new options.

    -Northern realms.
    Adds a snowy Viking style Kingdom where it is always Winter unless you change it with magic. Ice Magic is added in this expansion of course, and lets a Sim create many things from that, like an entire house with furniture even but it requires a lot to have constant winter or it will melt unless they mastered Ice Magic completely. Adds trolls as a new life state, they are very ugly but human sized. Sims can be cursed into Trolls by some events. Sims are scared of Trolls unless they are brave or have other traits like that, or become friends with a Troll. Trolls are uncomfortable in sunlight and can turn to stone if left out too long, they won't die like Vampires though and a Stoned troll can be unstoned through alchemy or magic use. But if the statue is broken, they die.
    Of course the pack adds all kinds of Viking architecture, a Longboat, clothing, lots of beards, etc.

    -Fey realm.
    A more magical version of the Wood elf realm pretty much, far more colourful and like the heart of magic, inhabited by the new Fairy life state.
    They are smaller than regular Sims, bit smaller than Dwarves even, child sized like Halflings but clearly they'd look like tinier adults. Also adds Fey magic, which is unique to Fairies but Sims with a Fairy parent or grandparent could learn it.
    Adds all kind of Fey style clothing, furniture, etc. It would give the build options and everything to build houses for these smaller Sims. Child sims could walk in there just fine but Full sized Sims would not be able to enter the smaller doors. Dwarves can, but their furniture and homes are human sized since they are broader.

    -Realm of the dark lord.
    A dark realm that offers more evil looking clothing, furniture, some torture devices (nothing graphic) and new ways to be evil, new traits related to evil and also adds the new storm magic to aid in that. It's pretty much more of a Mordor type environment. Orcs are a new lifestate added here, not inherently evil. There's nice Orcs who want to change things around, and of course you can let Orcs live elsewhere. People might be a bit scared of Orcs though, outside of this realm. But inside this realm, nobody looks weird at scary races and they can walk around openly.

    -Eastern realms.
    Adds two neighbourhoods instead of one: One a Chinese Kingdom, the other a Japanese Kingdom, but there are other Asian influences available as well. It adds new weapons, clothing, armour, furniture, architecture, etc. Also adds Light and Dark magic, A Ying and Yang idea, two counterparts. While it does not add new life states, it does come with pet Long dragons and a larger Long Dragon that can be interacted with in it's cave and might reward clever Sims who prove sufficiently wise to be worthy of their gifts.
    It also adds expanded options for life states from other packs, like adding a Terracota soldier appearance for Golems, letting Vampires be hopping vampires and some new ghost options as well.

    -The Gnome Enclave.
    The final big expansion, the Gnome Enclave adds steampunk elements to the game. A new inventor career that can create all kinds of new things, Gnomes added as a new life state, as big as fairies for convenience, so their furniture and such are that same size but the expansion also adds stuff for regular sized people or maybe like in Sims 4, the resize option could be used on these objects but can only be one of two sizes.
    Airships are also a thing here, and the new magic is golem crafting, allowing Sims to create their own Golem companion which would also be a new lifestate similar to robotic Sims we have seen before. Instead of chips, different runes can be carved on them to give different functionality. They can be made of various materials too: Stone, metal, crystals, etc.

    And now game packs:

    -The Swamp.
    A swamp neighbourhood that adds less content, but does expand fishing and adds some swamp adventures. Also adds the new Goblin life state, and more raggedy buildings, shacks, clothing and scavenged looking stuff. Scavenging is something new here, which Goblins love to do.

    -Halfling town.
    Something similar to the Shire, but obviously without infringing on copyright. A nice peaceful place that does not add any new magic, but could add some new leisure activities and pipe smoking. You'd get all kinds of cosy furniture, delicious foods and comfortable clothes here and of course Halflings are added as a new life state.

    -Crypt pack.
    No new neighbourhood, but adds several Crypt and graveyard lots, sometimes with a chapel of sorts. Places of adventure and death.
    It adds Necromancy magic as well as two new life states: Zombie and skeleton. Both are considered scary by most Sims. Zombies would have limited capabilities, Skeletons would be more free in behaviour but always see the Necromancer they are bound to as their master so do everything that Sim says. Unless it is the skeleton of a mage who maxed out his Necromancy skill, then it is a Lich then they have full free will.

    -Pirate pack.
    Adds pirate ships as new homes, that can lay docked in any neighbourhood with a harbour. Adds plenty of pirate outfits, a new active piracy career but also the ability to look for adventure at sea. It adds mermaids as a new life state, and also has some underwater dungeons to explore that only mermaids or life states that don't require air to explore without use of magic. With high enough water magic skill, any Sim can explore it.

    -Witches and Warlocks.
    Adds Witch hovels and a coven you can join as Warlock or Witch, expands Alchemy options and adds new Hex magic. Flying brooms and other witchy stuff are included of course. Witch/Warlock is a new profession and not a lifestate, however the expansion does add various temporary conditions and effects that Sims can suffer. Like turning them into a frog of course. Could also be a new Old hag voice set that really lets a sim cackle like a stereotypical Witch.

    And now Accesoires packs:

    -Dragon's hoard.
    Adds a dragon cave destination, kind of like a vacation destination but just one lot. It's the ultimate test for your adventurer Sims and really added as a challenge. You need to gather a party of adventurers, a team can work together to use various items to slay the dragon and get access to it's hoard. Or try and sneak past to steal some of it, or try talking with the dragon to make a trade. If you give something worthy for it's hoard it could give something in return.
    However if you kill the dragon, you can loot dragon scales and bones from it which can be used to make new armours ,trophies and weapons.
    Pretty much everything this pack adds would need to be won as a reward, but it can offer a few dragon themed outfits and jewellery too.

    -Royal clothing.
    Adds a variety of crowns, circlets and lots of clothing in all categories fit for royalty. Pretty simple. Maybe a few new thrones as well.

    -Enchantment pack.
    Adds new enchantment magic which mainly lets you add cool effects to weapon and armour in a new magic forge, purely cosmetic effects. Also new wizard robes, hats and a few objects. The enchantment magic can do other things than those effects too, like genuine enchantments on objects similar to what in Sims 4 can be done with the handiness skill. Like make objects self cleaning.

    -Grand library.
    Adds a library lot with tall bookcases but also some hidden rooms that can be found. Many new book case objects, decorations, tables and comfortable chairs, nice fireplace, just everything a wizard might want.

    -Barbarian pack.
    Adds a new Barbaric trait for Sims to have, to act like, well, barbarians. Crude, direct, unconcerned by what people think of them, bit blunt maybe, not frightened of anything and don't shy away from a fight. Also comes with clothing, hairstyles, body paint, weapon and armour designs to really look the part as well.

    -High Elf pack.
    Adds High elves as a new lifestate, not a big change from wood elves but they work a little different. No inherent concern about forests and all that, more comfortable living in cities but do share their long life. They instead are more inherently ambitious, wanting to accomplish things. Maybe a bit snobbish.

    -Jousting pack.
    A pack that simply adds a lot of new horse barding, saddles, lances and fancy knight armours and helmets. Some shields and such for decoration too, and outfits fitting for servants to match the new bardings and tabbards too.

    I could probably write up at least 20 more of all this, but I think the point has been made that there's room for a great many expansions, especially since no doubt people reading this would notice stuff they'd love to see in this that I didn't mention.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,618 Member
    edited June 2021
    What I want is for Maxis to build their spin off Multiplayer separate from the core game series so we won't have to hear about it anymore. Multiplayers will have their game and we can get on with the wishlist for single player, life simulator experiences.
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,153 Member
    I'd prefer a cast away version.
  • JPNekoJPNeko Posts: 296 Member
    edited June 2021
    Any ancient historical period would be nice, especially old cultures from the Far East like China and Japan or from the Middle East.

    Not a fan of sims taking "selfies" and doing trivial modern day things. I mean, it would be great to be able to play in a totally different world to what we see on a daily basis (and I don't mean Star Wars - I hate sci-fi, by the way). :s
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 4,059 Member
    edited June 2021
    I enjoy the sims medieval spin off a lot and also liked the castaway spin off from the sims 2 era.

    I wouldn't mind a fantasy spin off or a futuristic scifi one.

    WhatI would not want is a franchise based one. I like some aspects of the batuu game pack but I prefer a generic approach because it leaves more room to create my own stories.
  • AngelEb95AngelEb95 Posts: 1,538 Member
    I would like a remake of urbz, but for pc
  • bookish_sammybookish_sammy Posts: 223 Member
    Cinebar wrote: »
    What I want is for Maxis to build their spin off Multiplayer separate from the core game series so we won't have to hear about it anymore. Multiplayers will have their game and we can get on with the wishlist for single player, life simulator experiences.

    Same. The multiplayer/online Sims should be its own thing and not tied to Sims 5 or whatever.

    Looking back, I actually wasn't a huge fan of Sims Medieval. I only had the first pack and didn't buy the second one because it wasn't really what I expected it to be. I hate rabbit holes, and Sims Medieval was a spin off of the rabbit hole infested Sims 3. Now, having said all that, I wouldn't mind if they did a spin off as long as we could actually follow our sims everywhere they go.

    Arabian Nights sounds really cool, and I like the sound of the Imperial Era. However, let's take it one step further and say a time traveling game. They could give us 1 or 2 time periods per pack. We could have both the Imperial Era and Arabian Nights, as well as a 1920s or 30s pack. Maybe there could be a 60s or 70s pack. Maybe my idea is too complicated, but it could use a system similar to what we have now with vacation worlds. The only difference is the worlds for the time periods would be bigger and the world we start in would be smaller. I think restaurants should be included in the worlds. One time period would have a tavern while another would have a diner or something. Anyway, that's what I'd like to see for a spin off game.

    And I hate to be negative, but I'm going to end with this... I'm not sure any of these packs would be very good. EA doesn't seem to fund this game well enough, and we end up with packs that cut corners and aren't well developed because of monetary and time limitations.
  • rhaliusrhalius Posts: 365 Member
    The main benefit to a spin off would be that whatever they do with expansions, there's no expected pattern, less expectations. Something EA might appreciate considering they really love doing the bare minimum.

    Best of course would be if other better companies made games like this, but sadly Maxis, firmly grasped by EA's touch of death, is the only company making these games to any serious degree.
  • KathMHughesKathMHughes Posts: 417 Member
    1. Rather than being focused on your house, it's all about your car. You get one sim, and a run down car and need to work to fix it up. Could be a mobile game.

    2. A junior friendly, woo-hoo-less game. Like My Sims, but updated. Maybe with AR or VR.

    3. A fully underwater game, or living on a space station, or some other type of experience where you can't easily go back home.

    4. Pirates. All the pirates. And gold. And parrots.
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 14,994 Member
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    The Urbz, The Sims Castaway Stories, The Sims Medieval ...
    The Sims x Dragon Age or The Sims x Mass Effect ?

    They could also do like Lego, The Sims The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel, ...
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 6,982 Member
    An Ancient Greek Mythology Sims Life with Hercules, Xena & Pegasus
    Dark Ages with Camelot, Dragons & Unicorns
    Medieval with Robin Hood, Dragons & Unicorns
    A Star Trek/Doctor Who Sims Life with Time Traveling, Exploring the Galaxy & living on other Planets
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 7,142 Member
    I'd like to be able to run a car dealership. :wink:
  • rhaliusrhalius Posts: 365 Member
    The Urbz, The Sims Castaway Stories, The Sims Medieval ...
    The Sims x Dragon Age or The Sims x Mass Effect ?

    They could also do like Lego, The Sims The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel, ...

    EA does have access to Mass Effect as well, I'd rather see Star Wars used for a science fiction setting, but Mass Effect could work too. It has some interesting things to it.

    Just needs to make the aliens more interesting considering most only have one gender and one model in these games.

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