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What is your favorite Sims 4 world? (v2.0)


What is your favorite Sims 4 world? (v2.0) 142 votes

Willow Creek / Oasis Springs / Newcrest
applefeather2JeansooGwastenMicaChampandGirlieSajahiwaterywatermelonsnoepjes1210StutumEmusimmer32Jordan061102Chicklet453681WolfiumBB0990SamDennyVeeDubSimDork23 16 votes
Granite Falls
kristenleighwhiteRouensims 2 votes
Magnolia Promenade
Akl500Pauroraael14CK213bshag4lvbrackencat31jeepjeepcatpendragon1980luthienrisingBluellemotdkHarukotyanDaravifoxybillybenson2006ThaPhoenix1MasonGamerSheriSim57ThriorebonyspiralPeral 36 votes
San Myshuno
Frn0731Mstybl95haneulduhboy2u2KhrisstynebixtersSimKeatsfilipomelHopeyStarrEvilyn_1007IVXXXVIamber_ilumiremia_noelle97derevaunRySBIwahini2024mewo13HavenRose 18 votes
Forgotten Hollow
DarkLady2788adele_katSimmingaleternalrainnArcherDK 5 votes
Brindleton Bay
Sims2fanx0xAuroraBoreallissimgirl1010cchant86mystang1972Toriepajamajam07LenaDietersboredbeauty111DiogeneFerTrashmagicBatmanFanGirlDoloresGreyEnkiSchmidtSAEldarinbirdonawireLairaamberlunezMoonlightGraham 19 votes
OnverserMDianaSimsSimmzmikamakimonnetney52AngeliqueAdelaideDaWaterRat 7 votes
Del Sol Valley
KelleygirlTheSpotted_CIsb917babajayneg01denswangoodcakebaker62catloverplayerYautjagirlKennziKaigeAncientMuseLustianiciataydevbluelightingannaliese39AngelEb95PenguinFoopLiELFColton147147RedShoe7Atreya33 39 votes


  • KelleygirlKelleygirl Posts: 595 Member
  • babajaynebabajayne Posts: 1,794 Member
    None of those worlds are perfect for me. It snows too much in Willow Creek and Newcrest, and I don’t understand why. Didn’t they model these after the southern US? There are palm trees.

    I find the neighborhood amenities lacking in Windenburg and I wish we had the freedom to use the Chalet lot as residential.

    It rains too much in Brindleton Bay.

    I’m hoping the weather in Henford-on-Bagley is a bit more mild. Maybe that one will end up being my favorite world. I do like countryside worlds. But I like to play in all the worlds and it’s easier to appreciate them that way. If I play exclusively in one world, I get sick of it.
  • eternalrainneternalrainn Posts: 373 Member
    Forgotten Hollow
    I almost didn't choose Forgotten Hollow because of how small it is, but two main things I love about it above any other world:

    - Unique compared to other worlds in the sense it stays darker longer and has a creepy vibe
    - NO background houses! You can build whatever style you want there without being influenced by the background houses, or having the build look out of place

    I just wish it was bigger :/
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,395 Member
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  • VeeDubVeeDub Posts: 1,580 Member
    edited June 2021
    Willow Creek / Oasis Springs / Newcrest
    Also Windenburg, San Myshuno, Brindleton Bay, Selvadorada, and Del Sol Valley. Sometimes Glimmerbrook as well. If I'm in a mood for it. Yep, I clearly fail at having just one favorite. Oh, and I almost forgot Sulani. :lol:
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  • g01denswang01denswan Posts: 895 Member
    Sulani and Mt. Komorebi
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 4,658 Member
    Sulani... It's so beautiful and my absolute favourite world to play in.
  • FatTribble23FatTribble23 Posts: 571 Member
    Sulani. My sims always live in Willow Creek, but they vacation in Sulani frequently!
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 5,315 Member
    It's nice & big & beautiful. Plus, it's prefect for my historical play. ;)
  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 582 Member
    Sulani is my favorite by far!!!
  • Hauk150Hauk150 Posts: 320 Member
    Windeburg, it's beautiful and very detailed, and has multiple lots to builds, and i love its european style :)
  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 2,890 Member
    Windenburg has some truly amazing scenery, and many of the residential lots are awesome as well
  • SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 232 Member
    Willow Creek / Oasis Springs / Newcrest
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    Willow Creek / Oasis Springs / Newcrest
    Magnolia, Sulani, Britechester and Brindleton
  • mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    San Myshuno
    Probably San Myshuno or Brindleton Bay. Sulani is up there too but I never really have my sims live there, I mainly just use it for vacations and weddings.
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 5,599 Member
    Windenburg is still my favorite. It seems like a real world with a lot to explore, and many lots. And I love the look of the houses and venues. San Myshuno ranks second for the apartments and festivals. I also love the look of Sulani. Oasis springs I have many venues at. Sulani and Mt. K are good for my active sims. I love the Granite falls being a national park, and Selvadorado is a good vacation spot, but I really do wish my archeologists could live there, it’s a beautiful jungle world. Brindleton Bay has a couple of big lots that I will probably use for farmers when cottage living comes out, which will make Brindleton bay more useful to me. It does have a large variety of neighborhoods which I like.

    I was hoping so much for Del Sol Valley, but it is just too small, and should have had some beach lots, and a larger down town with more small lots for shopping, and lots I could make tall business buildings. I’m still hoping we will get some California beach lots ( you can swim in ) in some pack, maybe modeled after Morro Bay with seals, and squirrels you can feed, and Santa Monica, with a pier. Santa Barbara would be nice too, or San Diego. So many beach cities/towns in California I would like to replicate.

    Brightchester is disappointingly small, as is Glimmerbrook , though I do love the look of Glimmerbrook, love the pine tree’s, Magnolia Promenade should have been bigger, and the Police station and hospital should have been there, and Oasis spring should have had the Science lab.

    Forgotten Hollow is unique, I still have plans to put a cemetery there, would love to see a cemetery lot type. I think strangerville was a nice sized town for a game pack and unique as well.

    Evergreen harbor should had had more lots, I do plan an industrial district there though, even though it may be small.
  • tatselktatselk Posts: 349 Member

    Definitely Windenburg.

    It is pretty much the only world that is large enough to feel like a "real" world on its own. I have to think of Willow Creek and Magnolia Promenade as part of the same world to make them feel real. Same goes for Del Sol Valley and Oasis Springs.

    Plus, buildings in Windenburg are generally more spaced out. So I face less restrictions when building to make my builds "fit in" to the background buildings.
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,707 Member
    Probably Mt. Komorebi. I love the Japanese theme and I really enjoy taking my sims there on holiday. I also have a soft spot for Willow Creek and Forgotten Hollow. I think Henford-on-Bagley will likely become my favourite once released though.
  • AncientMuseAncientMuse Posts: 580 Member
    Sulani (I love the swimmable world and sunny beaches) and Mt. Komorebi (I love the overall Japanese look and snowy mountaintop retreat).

    But I suspect that Henford-on-Bagley might end up being my new favourite world (or become one of my new top 3). Will have to wait and see. :)

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  • kostasmpikostasmpi Posts: 478 Member
    Sulani. Not my most usedbut definitely the most beautifull. It also has a real sense of place with the little festivals etc.
  • TheSpotted_CTheSpotted_C Posts: 262 Member
    edited June 2021
    Another vote for Sulani. Most beautiful world imo, several of my sim families live there.

    Selvadorada is also perfect but since my families can't live there, I went with Other.
  • hymnhehimhymnhehim Posts: 518 Member
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  • netney52netney52 Posts: 1,161 Member
    Selvadorada love the world and the pack, sulani is a close 2nd both are stunning worlds.
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    Willow Creek / Oasis Springs / Newcrest
    netney52 wrote: »
    Selvadorada love the world and the pack, sulani is a close 2nd both are stunning worlds.

    Yeah forgot that, that world too.
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