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How CAN we play with CARS?

HopeCrashHopeCrash Posts: 119 Member
edited June 2021 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
To be honest, I think cars will be added to the game when the time will come. Tho we will not be able to see our Sims actually traveling from destination to destination (which does not bother me. It annoys me in TS3), maybe travelling, especially to certain destinations, will affect the Sims in different ways.
For example - Sims traveling to San Myshuno will get an angry Moodlet because they haven’t found parking lot (a known problem in big cities). Or Sims traveling from Windenburg to Strangeville could get a bored moodlet from the very long drive.
I think it can upgrade the gameplay around cars and traveling in general.

Because we’re not "present" with our Sims while traveling, I think the travel options can be expanded and varied, and can add interest and a little bit depth.
Sims who can afford a taxi can get to their destination faster and more pleasantly. Of course the price of the taxi will depend on the distance from destination to another. Your Sims don’t have an extra Simoleons for a taxi? Take a bus - it's cheaper! But also a longer ride!
Maybe Sims who own cars could work as drivers? A kind of Uber service?

I think it can add to the realism of the game. No more Sims being sent from place to place in a second. It’s can also effect on townies, which means no more Bella Goth in EVERY WORLD! what do you think? Do you like my ideas? Let me know (:
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  • ZinarchanZinarchan Posts: 13 New Member
    Yes I would love for Sims to not just fade off the lot when leaving the lot.
    Npc vehicles like the maid/ butler car, police car, firetruck, mail truck, ice cream van and so on makes the game more alive.
    The teens learning to drive from either parents or a driving teacher their getting driver's license.
    Teen Sims being able to drive to school.
    All car interactions as in Sims 2:
    Listen to radio. Woo-hoo ,make out, sit and talk and go for a spin.
    Proper animation for opening the car door and getting in.
    Carpool vehicles for work that evolve as you get promotions in the different careers.
    Garage doors and driveways.
    Tools to make carparks.
  • ZinarchanZinarchan Posts: 13 New Member
    Your Sims is invited out on a date by another Sim that has a car your Sims will get picked up and be driven to the date destination.
    Sims being able to open the car door for other Sims as a romantic interaction.
    Sims being able to gift cars that come with a big riddon that can be removed.Great for story telling like a Sim got a car for their sweet 16.
    Jeeps, limos, trucks, motorbikes with optiom for 2 sims to ride and vans.
    Older model cars from 18th and 19th century. Futuristic cars and ones that are modeled after present day car (tesla).
    Fixer upper cars that should come with a mechanical skill and mechanic career.
    Very customizable car seats, colors, license plates and wheel. Usable trucks could function as an inventory but have animation that looks like your Sims are packing stuff into the trunk.
    Road trip rabbit holes you can send sims on and they will come back with mood let's and items in their inventories.
    Taxi services _Uber
    Buying plane tickets to travel to destination worlds and having to board a helicopter or plane to get there.
  • ZinarchanZinarchan Posts: 13 New Member
    *Ribbon I meant* :#
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 5,067 Member
    A problem I see with a travel overhaul is that our worlds are so small. To fit all my sims I use Del Sol Valley as an extension of San Myshuno and Windenburg is just across the river. It's a drive of half an hour at max in both cases, the first by car, the second by ferry. Likewise Mt. Komorebi doubles as Alpine Valley, because most of my sims cannot afford to fly to Japan just to ski down a slope.
    I wouldn't take kindly to the game slapping me with outrageous travel costs or bad moodlets/motives just because it gets ideas about where it thinks my worlds are.

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  • kwanzaabotkwanzaabot Posts: 2,439 Member
    Anyone who doesn't understand the point of cars in TS4 has clearly never played The Sims 2.

    Cars are so much more than "move across the map faster" objects, and OP's idea about moodlets is great (although I find moodlets a little bland to be honest).

    More Whims related to moodlets would be great. A Sim that's tense because they couldn't find a parking spot in San Myshuno could get a Whim to buy a coffee from the coffee stand to calm down, or a Sim bored from the commute could get a Whim to do something fun in whichever neighborhood they've arrived in.

    Let's say you've driven to Willow Creek from Strangerville. You're bored, so you get a Whim to "Dance Your Troubles Away at The Blue Velvet".
    Maybe your social need takes a hit from being cooped up in a cheap car with your kids, so you get a Whim to "Vent About Family to Mortimer Goth", prompting you to visit a Sim, in this case Mortimer, who lives in Willow Creek.

    Little things like that, where you're encouraged to interact with the world you've visited, would be awesome.
  • HopeCrashHopeCrash Posts: 119 Member
    Thank you for your comments!
    There is so much gameplay with cars, besides the “traveling” animation.

    I remember when “Late Night” EP came out for TS2, and they introduced cars for the first time in the game - IT WAS FREAKING EXCITING! And with @Zinarchan ideas, i think cars would fit perfectly to Romance EP
  • SerraNolwenSerraNolwen Posts: 720 Member
    I think this could be fun, but in order to satisfy people who imagine different maps with their worlds, we'd have to have a menu that allows us to determine where each world is in relation to another. I'm imagining some kind of diagram where you pick a central world, then place various worlds around it in concentric circles (with the possibility of leaving empty slots).

    As for cars, maybe upgrading cars or buying fancier ones would allow less negative moodlets and some positive ones, from having good entertainment systems and comfortable seats, for instance.
  • HopeCrashHopeCrash Posts: 119 Member
    Another idea: Our sims can work as Mechanics and own a Garage (similar to vet clinic). And Sims with cars can visit the Garage to fix and upgrade their car!
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,854 Member
    With a huge 64x64 lot or larger with a race track. Smaller lots with garages and various car repair challenges?
  • HopeCrashHopeCrash Posts: 119 Member
    Simburian wrote: »
    With a huge 64x64 lot or larger with a race track. Smaller lots with garages and various car repair challenges?

    Maybe those lot challenges that they mentioned in the new EP could apply on cars?
  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 2,038 Member
    If we got cars, I'd want Sims 2 cars basically. A set appropriate teleportation device. And carpools back. They aren't a huge deal, but I liked seeing them change with my promotions.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,854 Member
    HopeCrash wrote: »
    Simburian wrote: »
    With a huge 64x64 lot or larger with a race track. Smaller lots with garages and various car repair challenges?

    Maybe those lot challenges that they mentioned in the new EP could apply on cars?

    You can hope but I don't think they match a country pack somehow.
  • logionlogion Posts: 4,662 Member
    I never liked that sims just fade away into a rabbit hole so I think if cars get added to the sims4 then we should see sims get into buses, taxis or their own cars instead and then drive away from the lot. It might not work in all worlds but most worlds have roads.

    I don't think we should get rid of fast travel or add costs to it, but add benefits to using cars instead if you want to travel with them like giving you fun for example.

    I also hope that we will be able to repair them and customize them, they could build a whole pack based around you playing as a car mechanic.
  • carpe_diemcarpe_diem Posts: 280 Member
    edited June 2021
    @HopeCrash I love this ideas! :smile:
    Maybe an update where we can decide the distance between worlds by ourself so you can “combine” worlds as your choosing, as @EnkiSchmidt saying with San myshuno and Del sol valley. We could set distance between worlds by number 0-5 where 0 is the same world and 5 is very far away (and finally Mt Komorebi could be used as a real “vacation” world – no more random willow creek citizen or Judith Ward in the slopes haha!). And where some transportation options isn´t possible if the distance is very far (no bicycling between worlds with distance 5, please!).

    I really love the idea with transportation moodlets. The distance numbers (1-5) could affect this, and also the transportation option (having a cheap / expensive / upgraded car = Mechanic skill). They could also be options like taking a taxi / bus / train (pay for a cheap/expensive seat) that could give specific moodlets. Would love if we could choose world for rabbit hole careers (business/salary person/education/etc) so it could give a specific moodlet for travel between home and work (take the bicycle if near or join the carpool haha!). :)
  • AzukiMochiAzukiMochi Posts: 118 Member
    Personally I think all it's really good for is realism, something to do, and aesthetics if open world will never become a thing. I'm personally not big on transportation elements in the Sims 4 (I'm a weirdo). Just see no point in it (despite them being in the Sims 2).
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  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 5,067 Member
    @SerraNolwen and @carpe_diem
    If we could define the distance ourselves, then I wouldn't mind a more complex travel system.
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  • Amapola76Amapola76 Posts: 1,852 Member
    We didn't have open worlds in TS2... shoot, we didn't even have the amount of open neighborhood space we have now... and cars were still a great addition to the game. I'm someone who didn't even think I wanted them, but ended up with them anyway, and having parents or older siblings teach kids (technically, I think just teens?) how to fix up and customize the car was a really sweet interaction that I ended up using for most of my families. We're really missing a lot of that type of interactive family time in TS4 (although Cottage Living is a step in the right direction), so I'd love to see that aspect of the game return. Or you could have a group of friends restoring a car together, maybe even as part of a club.

    Plus, making out in cars was a fun interaction that should definitely return.
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 5,048 Member
    Seeing the fact it would add realism and depth to the game there is just so much game play that could be added with cars. From jobs Sims could have like working at a car lot or repairing and fixing up older cars, the NPC who show up at your Sims homes like Firefighters pulling driving up in their firetruck 2 Sims poofing onto the lot just does not have the same effect of the firetrucks lights flashing and the cops arresting the robber and putting them in the back of their car.

    Does anyone at all like the kids just vanishing off to school instead of being driven by their parents or taking the bus. Sims going on dates and showing up on foot and fully grown teens never learning to drive is just weird to me.
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  • HopeCrashHopeCrash Posts: 119 Member
    I think they could make some roads in some worlds available for car driving (like Newcrest, Windenburg, Sulani) and the others, without roads (like some parts of San Myshuno) sims can own a car but can’t “drive” it around those areas. It’s fine by me. Similar to snow - if you want snowy experience- you should choose the right world to play.
    I think that after this kind of an update, EA can realise an EP that focus around cars and automobiles, with a new world that have many driveable roads (like open water in sulani)

    About open water - they also need to update other worlds with open water feature.
  • KrayzieStrykerKrayzieStryker Posts: 2,643 Member
    I would love to see cars in S4. I loved the car to repair the most in both S2 and S3. But its been now more than six years I am waiting for the return of cars. I pretty much gave up on this. still playing S3 most of the time, if I play the Sims.
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