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Instead of chastising folks for necroposting, perhaps automatically close old posts so people don't post to them. They can still read them, but not post.
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    They do lock them after posting a link to the necroposting rules so that everyone can go and read them. And if you're referring to them doing an automatic locking of older threads, they've done that in past but then it locks threads over in The Creative Corner sections as people still post in them even if the original poster took some time away from the site to do other things non-Sim related.
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    Hi @troshalom,

    This thread will be a good read for you. It answers frequently asked questions like yours about the necroposting rule, for example:
    EA_Leeloo wrote: »
    Why are old threads not auto-locked?
    Long story short - there is no feature to auto-lock threads right now.
    But that's not really an issue because, usually, there is little need for old threads to be locked. Discussions normally run their course over time and tend to drop off naturally.
    The moderation team only steps in to close threads when it's required and the reasons why it's necessary will always be explained in the closing post.

    - EA_Lanna
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    ok, thanks @EA_Lanna
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    please do not send me private messages - they creep me out 🤢🤮😱
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