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What will you do as soon as you grab your Dream Home Decorator copy?



  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 7,847 Member
    I'll also add Preferences to all the sims in my base save, maybe edit some outfits if something would suit some sims (maybe give Bella a nice summer dress) but I'll be playing in a new save to check out CAS and BB, and playtest the career a little.
  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,341 Member
    edited May 2021
    starting this exciting new active career, live mode and build mode. there's meant to be so many gigs too B)

    I hope we can use crafted items to
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  • BlkBarbiegalBlkBarbiegal Posts: 7,924 Member
    Probably decorate my new interior design retail shop with some of the new decor.
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  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,965 Member
    I want to make an evil interior decorator who ruins her clients' homes, either by making it tacky or by going exceeding the budget.. Or both >:) I'll finally be able to use some of the tacky items we got in Get Famous!

    That's a truly awesome worthwhile cause haha :)<3
  • Sara1010PSara1010P Posts: 876 Member
    Redecorate my sims own home, then put someone in the new career and go to town.
  • PlatinumblondePlatinumblonde Posts: 28 Member
    Build a expensive home with all the new BB items.
    After that I start a new game build a starter home and work my way up in the career.
    My main goal is to have enough money to buy the expensive house I build at first.
    Then I keep playing this save until a new gamepack or expansion releases.
    Probably start a family during my playthrough.
  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 1,775 Member

    I'm going to go into CAS and redo any new townies I don't like. I most likely will not get to the gameplay and/or career for several months. Having a new expansion pack on the horizon makes things even more challenging because if it's farming or high school, I won't know what to play first.

    My only problem is that there is too much to do and so many things I haven't finished or even done in my game which is a good thing by the way. :)
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  • dogzdinnerdogzdinner Posts: 422 Member
    I have a teen sim squatting in an abandoned factory in an equally abandoned rags to riches story....time to dust her off and see if she can con her way into a new career! (added bonus if she earns enough that I can give her the kind of industrial warehouse chic home makeover that I love!).
  • Akl500PAkl500P Posts: 2,986 Member
    Okay so I have a sim I love (my profile pic) who has a degree in fine arts. So she will be playing out the career as she is currently unemployed. Super excited to check out CAS and BB tomorrow too.
  • mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    I’ll probably renovate my sim’s apartment a little with the new stuff. Then, I’ll probably create a new sim to test out the career.
  • trineloetrineloe Posts: 37 Member
    I'll start a new save and make an awesome new sims with some new CAS-pieces. Afterwards, I'll make her an apartment or something easy, just to get a little feeling of the pack and the new features. Then I'll try figure the whole thing out with the career in the new save before I mess up all my hard work in my other saves, hahah. Probably, I will as well start building houses or rooms ready to renovate/in need for some kind decoraters help. I think it could be amazing to find a lot af renovate-ready lots on the gallery under 1 hashtag. Does anyone know a used hashtag already? :)
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  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,506 Member
    It looks like I will start a new save to test it out.
    My sim that will be a decorator is still a teen prepping for Uni. I can learn how things work before I hand it over to her.
    I am already editing sims for likes and dislikes. I want to create according to what makes sense for my sims, not some randomly generated odd criteria.
  • IsharellIsharell Posts: 1,158 Member
    edited June 2021
    I've got a fresh new game save all ready and waiting. I have one old sim who has been waiting around to be played with set up as roommates with a brand new sim. I spent the weekend raising their painting, handiness, writing and charisma skills. Selling books to the Publisher gives a temporary daily income, and selling Paintings and even sculptures on Plopsy results in a larger selling price - you just have to wait for it to happen. this way they have income between designer gigs. I love that this is not a day to day job and I can do it whenever I want. Oops, looks like it is a day to day job after all, I must've misunderstood something I heard in one of the preview videos. No matter, I'll make it work.

    I'm tempted to have the one sim be all over the top and terrible with the job, while the new sim would do her best to do a good job. Since I rarely play any of the pre-mades, and actually dislike several, I think I would enjoy ruining their houses... >:)

    If I hate what I do in this game save, I can always start another one.
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