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MySims Legacy Challenge - The Douglas Family

permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,826 Member
I keep telling @Skeilah I'm gonna start a legacy challenge. So I started a legacy challenge :D

I decided to use @alexis3142's MySims Legacy Challenge. I'm hoping it will have just the right amount of guidance and goals yet also freedom to create my own story that I'll stay motived each generation. I am also using @Skeilah's own version of this challenge as inspiration as well.

Some background info and rambling :smile: :
I decided to use one of the first sims I ever created, Rose Douglas, as the founder of this legacy. I typically play without aging, so Rose and her family have been relatively unchanged since I created them in 2017, but I've always wanted to see Rose's future generations grow and flourish, so I though it might be nice to use her to motivate myself to play my first real legacy.

I have not decided the ultimate order that I'm doing each MySim generation in, but I am going to start with Goth Boy for Rose, since that generation focuses on painting, which is Rose's favorite hobby. For this challenge, I used MCCC to reset all her aspirations and cheated her painting skill down to zero, so she will be ready to complete her generational goals :)

My Rules:
I borrowed these from @Skeilah though edited them to fit my own personal challenge and gameplay style.
  • I'm going to play the whole Challenge (= 20 generations).
  • Gameplay with the new generation begins once all generation goals are completed.
  • Complete the MySims trophies Collection at the end of Generation 20
  • The heir of each generation will be the oldest child born or adopted in the previous generation.
  • Lifespan - Long (though I may switch to Normal once I get a better feel for how long generational goals are taking)
  • No restarting after bad events.
  • No cheating needs for each current heir, though I may cheat needs for family members just because who has time for all that lol

I will work out the order of the generations soon! I also may add more rules or tweak some things as I get in the groove of playing. I'm also not sure how often I'll post or how long my posts will be, but I should figure that out soon, I hope :)

Meet Rose Douglas
Rose is a young adult with the traits associated with the Goth Boy generation - loner, creative, and gloomy. Her aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire, and her career is Freelance Artist. She lives with her wife, two daughters, and pets in Willow Creek on a lot I've named Dogwood Hideaway.

Goth Boy Generation Description:
This generation is based on the MySims, “Goth Boy” His description is “Meet Goth Boy! Nothing makes him feel warmer than wrapping himself in a cloak of emotional darkness. He loves writing bad poetry and hates his job at Turkey-on-a-Fork. Wait a second...is "Goth" even still a thing?”

Generation Rules:

Master the Freelance Artist Career and complete the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration
(Optional University Addition: Attend University and receive the Fine Arts Degree)

Traits: Loner, Gloomy, Creative
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Career: Freelance Artist



Meet Rose's family - her wife, Carrie (adult), and her daughters, Beatrix (child) and Isla (toddler). I don't have a good picture of their dog (Maeby) and cat (Juniper) who are based off my real life pets, but they will make an appearance soon I'm sure :)

Here is their home. It was originally a gallery find that I've edited over the years as I've acquired new packs. It's kind of a hot mess of a house, if I'm being honest, but it's homey and eclectic.


  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,826 Member
    edited May 2021
    Here's a short little update to get me started

    Rose - Update 1
    Let the painting begin!
    Yay, Rose has acquired the painting skill!

    Rose did two classical paintings today. She also autonomously turned on the boombox I have in her art studio, so she inevitably got some company as she started her second painting - Isla will never pass up a chance to dance!

    And here are her two paintings, now hung up in her studio :)

    She also made it up to level 3 in painting, which felt rather quick, but I think it's because she has the savant reward trait. Rose is essentially a super sim, so this first generation might go by quickly, which I'm fine with, since I've played Rose for many years now. I'll just have to age up her daughter, Beatrix soon, so she can take over when the time comes.

    I'll probably end up telling more of a story eventually too, just getting into the groove of things for now though.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,391 Member
    Aging up Beatrix?

    You? :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,826 Member
    Well it's probably about time I post an update haha.
    Rose - Update 2
    Visitors in the Studio
    Today everyone in the family stopped by to visit Rose in her painting studio. She made it to the second phase of the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration too!


    Yep, even the pets came :)

    This is gonna be a fast aspiration to complete I think. I'd better start getting generation two ready. Rose baked a cake so her daughter Beatrix can age up next time I play.

    Bonus shot of Isla being cute in the ball pit :)

    I might eventually get more of a story going, but for now, I'm just gonna casually do more of a commentary style.
  • haneulhaneul Posts: 1,121 Member
    I'm really curious to see your sims growing up and having another generation. :) But long lifespans are so long...
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,826 Member
    @hanuel - I might change to shorter lifespans or just do custom aging like I plan to do with Beatrix when I play next. I really don’t know where I’m going with this yet haha. My other challenge I’m doing eats up most of my sim playing time so I still need to get in a better groove for this one
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,826 Member
    Rose - Update 3
    Happy Birthday, Beatrix!
    Am I really that interested in doing the MySims version of this legacy? Apparently not haha. I made next to no progress with that this update, but whatever, I enjoyed watching this family be cute together. Perhaps I'll just try a plain old legacy instead and go at my own pace :) Generational goals might be nice though. Not making any decisions yet. Beatrix has been a child for 4 actual years now, so the fact that I aged her up is pretty big.

    While Beatrix was at school and the family waited to celebrate her birthday, Rose found lots of things to keep her busy.

    First, she did some flashcards with Isla.

    Then, she applied to university since one of the optional goals for this generation is to get a degree in fine arts. Figured it might fun since I've never done uni with Rose, as I only recently got that pack.

    "Um, excuse me, Juniper, that is NOT appropriate behavior."

    And then it was birthday time!

    After spending some time in CAS, I present to teenaged Beatrix Douglas :) I did use height sliders to make her short for now, since I just wasn't ready for her to be too big yet...

    Basically twins (genetically, Beatrix is essentially Rose's clone. Rose is both of the girl's biological mom, so they have none of Carrie's genetics.)

    Rose loves her girls <3

    And since playing animations are the cutest, I just had to stop and take a million screenshots.

    And we can't forget about her other mom.

    And that's where I stopped for now. Who knows where this is going, but I do like Beatrix's aged up look. I guess at some point Isla needs to age up too...

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