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Itsjuliabee Save File

AgentJuliaAgentJulia Posts: 77 Member
Hi everyone!

My personal project for the Summer now that the semester is over is to complete my own save file, as it's something I've always wanted to do. This thread will be where I post progress pictures until I finish! I don't have all of the packs and there are always upcoming packs, so maybe as I add to my collection I will go back and renovate earlier lots.

I can upload finished lots to the gallery if wanted by you guys once I post the finished build in this thread. I use bb.moveobjects, bb.showhiddenobjects, and bb.showliveeditobjects for all of my builds so it would be best for you to enable those cheats before downloading.
Another Summer project goal I have in mind is to create a YouTube channel in order to share speed-builds, so I will also update you guys here if I go through with that!!

So I hope you all enjoy my builds! I will update this intro when I get closer to releasing the save or builds or just have anything new to emphasize. Thank you for stopping by :)


  • AgentJuliaAgentJulia Posts: 77 Member
    May 10th-11th 2021

    Hello everyone! I'm starting off my save file in Willow Creek. I determined this would be the best place to start because it is the first base-game world. I've predetermined also that Willow Creek will be built in a Victorian style of architecture because it is my favorite to build in.

    I've kicked off the world in the row section of Willow Creek that I will refer to as Main Street! So far my lots include: a café, a brownstone, and a lounge. I'm still deciding what I would like the last and largest lot of the four to be so I would appreciate any ideas!

    I enjoy building neighborhoods in color palettes, so for Main Street the buildings will be based around the navy blue/black swatch of the Discover University windows matched with bricks in shades of orange. I successfully managed to get the exteriors three lots done in one sitting which I'm pretty happy about!! Let me know what you guys think so far. In the first photo the order of the buildings is left to right: café, brownstone, and then lounge. Still deciding on names for them!
    Here is my gallery link:


    Thanks for reading!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,992 Member
    It is great that you are doing a save file! :) It will be very nice seeing your progress.
    The exterior design of the first three lots are lovely! :) Very nice wall textures and colors. The roofing, dormers. windows used and greenery on the walls are very nice! The flowerbox windows are pretty! The trees beds with seat benches beside them are very nice
  • AgentJuliaAgentJulia Posts: 77 Member
    May 24th 2021

    Hello everyone! A little while since my last post. I went on a short vacation and am back feeling inspired. Today I decided to build a Japanese inspired countryside home. It is my first time building in Mt. Komorebi surprisingly! I will decorate it later just going to take a short screen break. I imagine a set of grandparents living here with their grandchild. The grandparents will be very into gardening and the grandchild will love to spend time outdoors. It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home.

    Kagawa Place

    Link to WIP slideshow:

    Hope you enjoy!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,992 Member
    Kagawa Place is a lovely Japanese style country home! :) The exterior design and the roofing are very nice! The warm brown wood walls are very nice. The landscaping using the flowers, plants and greenery is beautiful!
  • AgentJuliaAgentJulia Posts: 77 Member
    @rosemow Thank you so much! I appreciate all your feedback and comments, they mean a lot!
  • chicvibechicvibe Posts: 61 Member
    very nice! I like seeing your builds and progress.
  • AgentJuliaAgentJulia Posts: 77 Member
    May 25th 2021

    Today I'm resting from getting my 2nd vaccine so that means all-day simming! So far I have completed furnishing the interior of Kagawa place and created a family to live within it.

    Meet the Ryoko family: Matsuo and Kaori have taken in their granddaughter, Kagami, and have raised her as their own since she was a baby. The family love spending time outdoors whether it be gardening, hiking, fishing, or just spending time together. They have also adopted a small Shiba Inu, Hiro, to keep up with Kagami's energy when they cannot. Matsuo is a part-time fisherman working the morning shift, and Kaori is in the Gardening career with her sights set on becoming a Botanist.


    Link to image gallery:

    Thanks for reading!

    Also thank you @chicvibe for your comment!!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,992 Member
    It is lovely reading the background details of the sims family that you have created to live in the home :) Kagami is sweet! Very nice furnishing and layout of the interior. The warn brown scheme is lovely! Kagani will have fun playing with the dollhouse in her bedroom. Very nice gardening boxes area for Kaori to enjoy gardening :)
  • AgentJuliaAgentJulia Posts: 77 Member
    July 11th 2021

    Hi everyone! Sorry it's been a while since my last post, haven't been in the building mindset until recently! Here is my latest build. It is called Beekeeper's Corner and it's build in the Crick Cabana lot in Willow Creek. This 20x15 lot is created for a Beekeeper who will live here with their furry companion! I've stuck to a yellow and green color palette for the interior which I'm super happy with how it came out. Let me know what you think!


    Link to image gallery:

    Thanks for stopping by!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,992 Member
    Beekeeper's Corner is a lovely home! :) Very nice exterior design, great white fencing and pretty planterbox windows! Very nice backyard area with gardening boxes and hives for the beekeeper to use. The interior furnishings and layout are lovely! Very nice yellow and green colours. The wood texture of the furniture is very nice. The sunny sunflowers are pretty! The floral wreath and chicken picture are nice homey touches :)
  • AgentJuliaAgentJulia Posts: 77 Member
    edited July 2021
    July 12th 2021

    Now I'm on a building kick! Here is the second house in that bottom neighborhood in Willow Creek. Catnip Cottage is a two bedroom, one bathroom house complete with a pool, finished basement, and a laundry room. This house was built for two husbands, their soccer enthusiast daughter, and their kitten. The interior is largely made up of Dream Home Decorator items because one of the dads is a renowned interior designer. Enjoy!


    Link to image gallery:

    Thank you to @rosemow for always commenting you are so sweet!
    Also, the last two builds so far are on my gallery and my username is: itsjuliabee for those who are interested in downloading!

    Bye for now!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,992 Member
    edited July 2021
    Camp Cottage is a lovely home! :) Very nice exterior design, warn brown colour and pretty flowerbox windows dormer! The flowers on the corner edges are lovely! The yellow loungers pool patio is nice and sunny. The interior furnishings and layout are lovely! Very nice warn wood texture of the furniture. Very nice basement areas to enjoy reading books, playijng with the eco dollhouse or using the computer. Very nice natural colours :)
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