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Getting Neighbours to Eat Cow Plant Cake

I've made up an evil hermit challenge for myself and part of that is having my Sim kill people who he sees as bad people (mostly poachers and people who don't like his racoon) by feeding them to his cow plants. He then will be able to live forever off of the essence milked from the cow plants post-eating.

I've had Sims locked in a garden with fully grown cow plants for days on end and can never get them to eat the cake more than once. Surely, non-played Sims get hungry!

Going along with his hermit lifestyle, my Sim avoids interactions with others as much as possible, so I don't want him getting a job (which means no sim ray). I've never maxed the debate skill, but it doesn't look like convincing someone to eat is one of the things that can be learned.

Outside of cheating Sims into my household, any thoughts on how to get them to eat the cake?


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    aspernaspern Posts: 18 Member
    I noticed some particular npc mechanics in this game, perhaps this can be the case. People that visit your lot have their hunger motive locked alongside with social. Or maybe it just refills automatically from time to time so you can’t kill them with starvation.

    However they do get hungry when being invited to parties so I suggest throwing one and see how the guests will interact with cowplants. Locking them in the garden, then inviting same people again once the party is over might be a good idea. If you have vampires, the deprive needs power can speed things up.

    Let me know if that worked for you! :D
    I could never pull the kill off, but I also never intended.. Just happened to love parties. And cowplants.
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    TammorsTammors Posts: 359 Member
    If you had a vampire, you could drain their stomach to make them hungry.
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    Calico45Calico45 Posts: 2,038 Member
    Huh. I haven't played with cowplants in a while, but I used to have to be so careful. Household and NPCs alike would constantly die when I wasn't watching.
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    CelSimsCelSims Posts: 2,270 Member
    Unfortunately npc sims seem to no longer take the second cake unless their eaten buff has worn off and they won't die. I've tested and tested this. Miserable starving cold dirty npcs is probably deemed more humane than them just dying or something.
    You have to make them join the household.
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