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CAS discussion: How to make better:



  • JustMeAlbJustMeAlb Posts: 117 Member
    More layers! It seems so natural to add a jacket on top of a shirt which may have in turn been worn over an undershirt, I hate having to go to another jacket/shirt top because I couldn't find a shirt that looks like it could be the one worn underneath.

    And one of the things that tweaks me is when my sim is going to bed and I notice they are wearing glasses that hadn't shown up in any of the other outfits!
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  • JyotaiJyotai Posts: 332 Member
    I've already covered wanting the ability to filter in CAS by every filter I can see in Sim4Studio...

    To take that one step further... I would like the be able to toggle something that lets me see all of the filters checked for a given item, and change them, saving that change as an actual update to the package files or game data files - so it carried forward in new saves.

    But at the least, to just see them - so that if updating them was too problematic to put into CAS, I'd at least be able to spot things I want to load into Sims4Studio and fix...

    Especially with CC, some people are very sloppy in what filters they tick. I've seen things like dreadlocks that exclude 'African', I've seen bikinis in winter wear, I've seen undergarmets on the wrong gender, I've seen many things that just have every single checkbox checked and then are also set to random (this seems very popular among makers of custom facial piercings and tattoos - to turn your entire roster of townies into a prison gang from Portland Oregon)...

    And if I could see the filters in CAS... I'd spot it before it made its way into a hundred townies, and when things had the right filters I'd be more able to consciously theme my outfits.

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  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 11,751 Member
    How to make it better ? ... let me think ...


  • ArcherDKArcherDK Posts: 1,130 Member
    In regards to Sims randomly animating and making sounds and movements - yes, an option to disable this would be a good addition.
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  • logionlogion Posts: 3,223 Member
    edited May 19
    • Ability to save makeup on all categories.
    • A remove all clothing button so we can easily remake sims.
    • More relationship options.
    • Layered clothing, let us be able to combine shirts with jackets. Some cc creators have made jackets as accessories.
    • A toggle so we can stop sims doing random animations, the spellcasters and vampires do it way too often.
    • I would like more modern accessories like backpacks, earpods, smart watches etc.
    • I would like scarfs as well.
    • Let us disable clothing and accessories for random from CAS.
    • I think most accessories should be disabled for random. They show up way too often on townies.
    • More clothing for adult sims.
    • More clothing for males.
    • More warmer clothing.
    • Less crop tops.
  • SamDennySamDenny Posts: 494 Member
    edited May 19
    Edit the traits not just the aspirations without using the full CAS cheat.
  • Meggie621Meggie621 Posts: 1 New Member
    Having the ability to change the height of sims.
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 11,751 Member
    edited July 23
    CAS Cheat mode :
    • Lifestyle (EP10 Snowy Escape)
    • Character values (GP05 Parenthood)
    • Umbrella color (EP05 Seasons)
    • Phone color
    • Temperature preference (EP05 Seasons)
    • Hate/Love weather (EP05 Seasons)
    • Favorite movie (SP05 Movie Hangout Stuff)
    • Political position (EP03 City Living)
    • Activist cause (EP03 City Living)
    • Skills (lvl 3)
    • Career
    • Degree (EP08 Discover University)
    • Like/Dislike fruitcake
    • Roommate trait
    • Celebrity fan trait (EP06 Get Famous)
    • Handedness

    Create-A-NPC (Venues and services)

  • Poppy_Kam2Poppy_Kam2 Posts: 1 New Member
    New expansion pack idea: equestrian world that allow the same to breed, train and participate in progressing equestrian competitions. A professional horse trainer/rider could be a new profession. Kids sims could take lessons, a horse’s value could rise with advanced training and successful competitions. Pony or horses would both be available and riding specialties could include western, show jumping (differing jump height options based on career advancement ) eventing horse racing and dressage Build mode would allow for the construction of barns, arenas, pastures, racing tracks, jump arenas and cross country courses. Clothes could include all riding specialty clothing for both competitions and casual riding.
  • StuffyMarxStuffyMarx Posts: 36 Member
    It seems like that mod MCCC has the "copy makeup to all outfits" built in, along with hairstyles, accessories and clothing. I agree that copying makeup configurations would be a great addition to CAS.
    I'd like to see the default styles on a freshly-created Sim to have NO accessories on the various other clothing styles (e.g. sleepwear, cold weather). Let me put that stuff on if I want it. I get annoyed seeing star-frame glasses and turbans selected for "party" wear when I select it without checking it in CAS first.
    There was another topic where I indicated I would like to see scarves as a neck item choice. I would love to make a 4th Doctor Who sim.
  • MissSweetVioletMissSweetViolet Posts: 49 Member
    I would also love to see the ability to add makeup across all outfits, It is rather time consuming doing one by one if you have a sim who loves to wear makeup. Also the height adjustments too, though I don't know how that would affect the animations lining up, which I assume was the reason for them being the same, would still love to see the height adjustment though.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 4,270 Member
    CAS needs height sliders, strawberry blond/burgandy hair colors (Red tones), tweens, middle-agers, seniors, extended family members (Great-Grandparents, ect...), new types of ears, nails, all occult eye colors available for all sims including humans, alien guise being able to copy like in Vampires, mermaid tails being able to be available with all wear catagories with the mermaid & BODY HAIR.
  • RavioliWusGoodRavioliWusGood Posts: 19 Member
    favoriting different types of looks as well as clothes/hair would be awesome!
  • RavioliWusGoodRavioliWusGood Posts: 19 Member
    Also, perhaps there should be a way to copy and paste face presets onto someone?
  • ZaszZasz Posts: 747 Member
    I made a similar attempt three years ago: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/950325/remodel-cas-interface/p1

    I scratched ONE line from it since then.

    - let us set up the filter when we want and keep it that way regardless what we do in the categories, no automatic filters, dont reset it when changing outfits, no automated selections, everything MANUAL
    - move the sim from the middle of the screen more to the left
    - activity outfit selection (everyday, formal, ect.) should be always visible (editing a vampire outfit or face is a nightmare!!!) and enlarged to see the additional outfits
    - when hitting the delete outfit button there should be a confirmation window because one can easily hit it by accident
    - move the filter to the left side of the sim or right side of the item selection window and make it always visible (without covering options) (ignore if you move the sim more to the left)
    - add an option to increase the amount of columns to 4, 6 or 8 to match the resolution (we arent playing with 640x480 anymore!!)
    - disable automatic filters for makeup (hot and cold weather filter hides nearly all makeup and clothing for no reason!!!)
    - move vampire brows, sockets, eye details, cheeks and mouth into a single category (instead of 5 with only 3 options)
    - the X to remove all items from an item category should be always visible (reduces time to search)
    - add an option that adds any item to all outfits of that sim (like makeup, ect.), an all outfit cloning feature
    - add an option to save an outfit, makup, accessories
    - allow two top, bottom and full body items but prevent double selections from some category like two jeans ect. Some short things look good above long things :)
    - make ALL outfits visible including bathing, work (which we can only access through cheats!!!) and festivals

    Required fixes:
    - selecting only one filter like custom content still displays items that arent custom content
    - while zoomed in on the face and moving the cursor from the face to the UI on the right to select items, the hair highlights like its selected but the cursor is not over it. Sometimes its frustrating because it makes it difficult to select a hair color. Why highlight the hair anyway especially in detail edit mode?
    - manually zooming in on the face switches from the body/clothing to the face/skin/makeup UI at some point. It should not automatically select categories
    - the filter is directly over the category UI options
    - opening the filter always has fashion choice enlarged for no appearent reason and when disabling this particular filter and opening the filter on another body part its not enlarged
    - disable camera reset when changing to vampire sim while zoomed in on the face
    - when starting the game and going straight to CAS to edit existing sims, its not possible to edit their strengsth and fat sliders. They are not visible. We have to start playing any household to "unlock" this for the current game session
    - bathing outfit doesnt have most CC
    - removing an item from anywhere but the "first page" of the item list make the list jump to the top. This is especially frustrating when the list is VERY long and we need to search for the last location we were looking at.
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  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 2,294 Member
    Im pretty happy with CAS as far as looks and dont think any changes are needed. Its pretty sophisticated already
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  • temporalgodtemporalgod Posts: 340 Member
    edited July 27
    Meggie621 wrote: »
    Having the ability to change the height of sims.

    this right here, it's hard making Dwarves for my fantasy world, they're short, stout and bearded, I already attempted at making Elves with vampires due to the agelessness factor of both Occult species, also who doesn't find giants attractive, extremely tall women are hot, take Lyris Titanborn for example, "Usually I'm not attracted to Nords, they're usually too dumb for my liking, but she can Dominate my Altmer ❤️❤️❤️❤️ any day of the week, might even switch to the Ebonheart Pact for her."-quote from an Altmer Vampire

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  • hymnhehimhymnhehim Posts: 315 Member
    I WANT TO BE ABLE TO MAKE A SIM AN OCCULT WHEN I ALREADY FINISHED THEM BUT FORGOT TO MAKE THEM AN OCCULT! In other words, I want the Occult button to be somewhere where you don't need to make a whole new sim for them to be an occult.
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