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List Your Pack Ideas Here!

TwinkiesLATwinkiesLA Posts: 181 Member
edited May 2021 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
You can post your pack ideas here :)!

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  • bbajobbajo Posts: 4 New Member
    I'd love a pack where you can become a landlord. I have a whole idea in my head. The sim would be able to own up to 3 or 5 houses and then rent them to other sims. You can decided the price of the monthly rent and pick potential tenants (similar to how roommates work now). You would have to keep the tenants happy and fix any potential leaks, replace burnt down furniture etc.
    I'd also love a feature that would give all houses and apartments in the game two options: to either buy or rent. I hate when I create a sim he already has enough money to buy a house... That's so unrealistic. Also getting rich in this game is so easy so I think limiting the amount of money the family gets after you create them would force them to either rent a house/apartment (that you wouldn't be able to edit in build mode) and then try to save enough to actually buy a house. There's so many other features that could be included like loans system, mortgages, nightmare landlords/tenants and it would add a lot more realism to the game, which I would love. And all these features are very optional. If you want to buy a house right after you create your sim and not struggle financially in a rented house just use motherlode once and all is well.
    As you can see I gave this a lot of thought lol
  • AnisEB97AnisEB97 Posts: 21 Member
    "Romantic Retreat" pack. The destination world is an open ocean with a cruiseship in the middle where Sims stay on with other vacationers. Or they can build their own private house boat if they desire to. The pack brings the attraction system back, and introduces a couple of water activities and a resort/hotel lot type.
  • TwinkiesLATwinkiesLA Posts: 181 Member
    @AnisEB97 That is a great idea! I would love a Romantic Retreat Pack :).

    @bbajo That pack sounds so fun :). I would love making my sim a landlord.

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    Forum Name: TwinkiesLA
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    Farming pack. Agriculture offers lots of gameplay.
  • TwinkiesLATwinkiesLA Posts: 181 Member
    @Wolfium I really hope that they add a farming pack :D. That would be so cool!

    Gallery ID: Shockmsd
    Forum Name: TwinkiesLA
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 7,534 Member
    retro style pack with content dating from 1950,1960,1970,1980,1990,2000 to now(2021) from clothes hairstyle furniture appliances kitchen fridge washers and dryers dishwashers cars wall decor and houses
    If you went the sims5 to remain offline feel free to sign this petition http://chng.it/gtfHPhHK please note that it is also to keep the gallery

    Repose en paix mamie tu va me manquer :

    1923-2016 mamie :'(
  • MondayMonday Posts: 385 Member
    GAMBLING CASINO ELDERS PACK Please my sims need more vices and ways to destroy their lives. I want this so much.
  • TwinkiesLATwinkiesLA Posts: 181 Member
    @friendlysimmers That sounds so fun :). We need cars in the Sims 4!

    @Monday My sims also need more ways to go broke :D. I would love a Casino Pack!

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    Forum Name: TwinkiesLA
  • polishsimmepolishsimme Posts: 20 Member
    Playable High school / primary school - but Gossip Girl style!

    With more focus on social life, skills and experiences rather than academics
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 4,297 Member
    - Werewolf pack, preferably a GP. It has been nearly two years since the last occult lifestate with a skill tree. I hope werewolves will also be customisable in CAS and get a perk tree. Fairies would also be welcome, though I want werewolves a bit more.
    - a hotel pack, like dine out where sims can visit as a guest or run the hotel. Ideally the system would be flexible enough to run a small B&B as well as a luxury hotel
    - historical pack suitable for playing sims living in a pre industrialisation life, preferably medieval. With low tech alternatives to the computer and phone
    - a generations pack with hobbies for children, different schools, child and toddler bicycles,...
  • OutlawWomanOutlawWoman Posts: 156 Member
    edited May 2021
    I'm sure the team is up to their necks in ideas, but I'll play!

    I want bands/musicians. Working bands without the whole fame thing unless you have Get Famous and you really want to mess with that aspect. A pool table would be cool too while we're at it. Basically, I want to rebuild all the karaoke and DJ bars into bars that are less trendy and more real. Places I would consider visiting irl. It's sad when the worst dive bar I know irl sounds more appealing than the "coolest" bar in a video game. lol I downloaded some mods for a drum kit and a bass guitar, but they don't look good or function well. Bonus points for a recording career, like studio musician/record producer. Just more how the real musicians actually live their lives. And no, I'm not smart, don't ask me to make the mod myself. :lol:

    And more dude stuff in general! Our poor guys really get neglected, there have been a few recent threads devoted to the topic. Some of the ideas I remember are more CAS stuff for them, mechanics/greasemonkey skill, barber shops, lawn mowing/yardwork, skateboarding, and just more sports in general. (I was surprised earlier when I couldn't find a baseball for decoration.) Basketball came with CL and Soccer with DU, I think, but other than a baseball bat statue, I wasn't able to find anything baseball related. Weird. Anyway, as people have said, we can't really call it "dude stuff", but you know what I mean. What do the men in your life enjoy? Yeah, more of that stuff then. :lol:

    Speaking of which, my irl boyfriend is a working musician who loves baseball and hates mowing the lawn. So although his Sim is adorable, there is little I can do to make his Sim much like him otherwise. Which is a shame because I think he's at least as cool as Bob Pancakes.

    *edited because a very surprising word got censored. Had to reword it so people wouldn't think I typed something worse than I did. :lol:
  • TwinkiesLATwinkiesLA Posts: 181 Member
    @polishsimme Playable High School sounds so fun (and dramatic) :).

    @Atreya33 Your ideas are all so cool!

    @OutlawWoman Bands would be awesome :o! I agree we need more stuff for dudes :D.

    Gallery ID: Shockmsd
    Forum Name: TwinkiesLA
  • ARInnamorato05ARInnamorato05 Posts: 3 New Member
    If they were to add fairies back into the sims 4 in some sort of creature pack with creatures such as fairies, like a part dragon type of thing, and/or some sort of amphibian people that sims could be. That would be so cool!!! :*
  • TwinkiesLATwinkiesLA Posts: 181 Member
    @ARInnamorato05 I would love to see fairies back :)! My twin is always talking about how much she misses fairies too :D! The other creatures like dragons and amphibian people seem like they would so much fun to play or fight.

    Gallery ID: Shockmsd
    Forum Name: TwinkiesLA
  • ARInnamorato05ARInnamorato05 Posts: 3 New Member
    Also giving the occult sims like fairies cool powers and abilities other than just a pair of wings would be awesome like it was in the sims 3.
  • TwinkiesLATwinkiesLA Posts: 181 Member
    @ARInnamorato05 That would be so awesome :o! I kind of need this pack now :D.

    Gallery ID: Shockmsd
    Forum Name: TwinkiesLA
  • KathMHughesKathMHughes Posts: 435 Member
    Moustache barber shop kit.

  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,080 Member
    Fairies Pack
    Castaway/Genies Pack
    Farming/Werewolves Pack
    Romantic Hotel Pack
  • breezycbreezyc Posts: 1 New Member
    I think an online dating kinda thing would be super cool seeing as though thats a major way people are dating these days.

    I also think that being able to actually live in the places we can only travel in (the jungle adventure expansion, or the outdoor adventure expansion) or even new exotic locations.

    **Not a pack exactly but I also thing it would be cool if there was an online option to be able to play with and visit other peoples neighboorhoods. My sister who lives across the country and plays sims and i think it would be cool to be able to have my sims go over to her house and visit her sims.
  • trineloetrineloe Posts: 37 Member
    I'd love a generation pack, but one pack I would really like:
    A pack based on Scandinavian design*, e.g. a stuff pack**. Modern, simple, black-grey-white scale and tree/wood ... clean.
    Off course, CAS would probably be all black clothes, lol. But anyways, I would LOVE some fine furniture in build/buy, where the color switches are "normal" from my perspective, haha.

    *OBS, I know Scandinavian designs vary a lot. But I would really like something ... well, not to colorful/crazy-ish.
    **Real football goal should definitely be included, so you can play football*** in the garden.
    ***Please note that like only Americans call football soccer, lol. :p
    Gallery ID: trineloe
    ~~ building life ~~
  • TwinkiesLATwinkiesLA Posts: 181 Member
    edited May 2021
    @KathMHughes I personally would love a moustache/barber shop kit! We need more facial hair for men :D. I also love the idea of hammocks :). I think that the sims would enjoy them.

    @SERVERFRA All of your ideas sound so amazing:)! I would really enjoy having a farming pack that includes werewolves :o.

    @breezyc Online dating sounds so helpful :o! No more looking around for attractive spouses B). I would love to live in Batuu, Selvadorada, or Granite Falls! That would be so awesome :). I would love it if we could visit other player's houses, I think that would be so cool.

    @trineloe A Scandinavian stuff pack would be so beautiful :love:! I think that the CAS and build items would be so interesting :o.

    I actually came up with an idea of my own over the weekend, it does happen sometimes, lol.

    1. Sims 4 Sky Adventures Expansion Pack
    New Features

    Airplanes (we actually see sims on their flights and the planes are dressed differently according to the airline)



    Bungee Jumping

    Sky Diving

    Book Flights from Different Airlines on Phone

    Stay at Hotels (either motel or luxury*)

    New World based on Real World Locations

    Possibly Elevators

    Build Mode and CAS Style

    Modern and Chic

    New Traits

    Classy (sims who are classy will get uncomfortable when they aren't in first class or staying at a luxury hotel)

    Explorer (sims who are explorers get tense at home and prefer to be travelling around the world)

    New Skills

    Sky Diving

    Flight (sims who have high flight skills can get a pilot's license and can fly themselves)

    New Aspirations

    King/Queen of the Skys (kings or queens of the skies want to be the best in everything that has to do with the skies)

    From the Ground Up (sims who have this aspiration aspire to start at motels and build their way up to luxury)

    New Careers

    **Note*** All of these careers are active except Freelance Blogger

    Flight Attendant

    Pilot (requires a license)

    Hotel Receptionist

    Freelance Blogger (where you blog about your travels around the world)

    New Lot Assignments



    New Radio Station

    Airport Music

    Elevator Music

    New TV Station

    Travel Guide

    New Types of Death

    Death by Crash (5% chance though)

    Death by Falling into Thorns (low level of Sky Diving if you complete King/Queen of the Skys you are immune to that death)

    *The most luxury hotel would be called The Luxury Llama Resort (all inclusive)

    I gave it way too much thought :D.
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    Gallery ID: Shockmsd
    Forum Name: TwinkiesLA
  • IVXXXVIIVXXXVI Posts: 140 Member
    I actually thought about a Sims 4 Showtime pack which would have the careers that Sims 3 had but even more different careers and activities like a TV show host or journalist or even a music producer (and maybe even bands would return, work in the studio and stuff like that) but I think it's way too much and pretty difficult to make so I guess I'll just leave it at the other side of my head haha.
  • TwinkiesLATwinkiesLA Posts: 181 Member
    @IVXXXVI I loved the Sims 3 Showtime, but I agree it would be pretty hard to recreate :D!

    Gallery ID: Shockmsd
    Forum Name: TwinkiesLA
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 7,289 Member
    We need a steampunk EP themed around Journey to the Center of the Earth and it should involve a LOT of cave exploration.
  • TwinkiesLATwinkiesLA Posts: 181 Member
    @crocobaura I would really enjoy seeing my sims journey to the center of the Earth and explore caves :). Great idea!

    Gallery ID: Shockmsd
    Forum Name: TwinkiesLA
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