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Are you going to buy the upcoming Courtyard Oasis Kit?


  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,409 Member
    edited May 10
    Yes, at release.
    I look forward to using it to build something best to my ability in my area for my sims with this kit :)
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  • APottsAPotts Posts: 2,428 Member
    Yes, but later
    I want to say NO, but apparently I am a little touched in the head, because I keep buying more content I don't need for a game that I enjoy much less than I should.

    Bought the dust pack this weekend, and tried playing, found it really troubling that my sims no longer change into seasonal attire when they should. Stopped playing, wish they would stop breaking my game.
  • VeeDubVeeDub Posts: 627 Member
    I'm still in doubt
    I never buy anything at release because I usually don't know enough about exactly what I'll get from it yet. Chances are pretty high on this one that I'll get it eventually, though.
  • NetzspannungNetzspannung Posts: 2,160 Member
    Yes, at release.
    It's about 20 build & buy items, which I think is fine and I do enjoy the aesthetics. I am not entirely sure whether I will get it on the day of release or a few days after, but I would love to drop a Hamam & Spa lot in a few of my saves and the items in this kit are just perfect for that.
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  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 1,361 Member
    edited May 10
    I voted no, because right now that's how I feel. This is not my style at all, the only thing I know I would use for sure is the potted tree plant but that's not worth $5 to me when I can download or make my own CC that is similar and call it a day.

    I never used this style of furniture in TS2 either. I'm pretty boring when it comes to building and decorating and just normally use everyday American style furniture because that's the type of houses I download or build.

    It would fit ok in a Moroccan type restaurant tho. That's the only way I'd ever use it because I personally don't think that style doesn't fits in cohesively with any of the current worlds because of all of the fake houses in them.
  • RifftraxRulesRifftraxRules Posts: 133 Member
    No. I am not supporting this company anymore.
  • JustMeAlbJustMeAlb Posts: 117 Member
    Its style doesn't fit in with anything I play or build
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  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,337 Member
    I'm still in doubt
    I want it more than the previous kits, but I will wait and see if and when they put kits on sale and for how much. It is just too high a price for just bb items.
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 4,180 Member
    Yes, at release.
    I will buy it cause I buy everything except for Star Wars.

    I'm not really playing the game at the moment though. I don't care for build and buy and I'm actually feeling a little frustrated with the amount of updates and attention this mode gets compared with live mode. I thought the game was supposed to be a life simulator but the development focus seems to have shifted it to being more of a building simulator.

    I'm sure I will probably return to it once the the developers add something of value to live mode game play.
  • Kita5399Kita5399 Posts: 1,916 Member
    I'm still in doubt
    I’m really not sure, but I know I won’t buy right away. I don’t build much, but I do often redecorate. I kind of feel like I’d be annoyed that it isn’t really complete (for an entire home top to bottom), although a lot of themed build/buy items are like that in this game. Also I haven’t played much at all over the past month or so, I keep loading up the game just to let it sit there, then turn it off later. I’m just not really feeling it lately.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 18,506 Member
    Yes, but later
    I've always been fond of the Moroccan style. I really enjoy the build items shown in this. I'll buy it upon release, depending on just when that is and what our finances look like at that moment in time. I know the kits aren't expensive, but one never knows what will hit the fan next, so to speak. ;)
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  • JyotaiJyotai Posts: 332 Member
    Yes, at release.
    This one is even more of what I want than any of the others so a strong yes.
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  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 2,311 Member
    It is early because we have not yet seen a summary of all the included items but I have no need for this particular theme. I'd sooner get the kitchen kit which I don't have yet.

    Besides, I am mainly interested in packs/kits that add gameplay. (And bust the dust was a bit of a let down with the constant inspired moodlet. So I will think twice about gameplay kits)

    Thirdly kits mark the point where I stop trying to get a complete collection for this game. My priorities are to get the bigger packs, of which there are already a lot. A kit has to really appeal to me before I get it. Now if we were ever to get a kit with floating scifi furniture.... I girl can dream. ;)
  • Zimz4Zimz4 Posts: 329 Member
    edited May 10
    Yes, but later
    Yes, I want to have/buy these kits, however... When the first three were announced and their contents were revealed, I obviously compared them to stuff packs and found that these kits roughly (on the light side) offer 1/3 of what's contained in a stuff pack, therefore a kit should cost about 2.99-3.25 €, not half the price of a stuff pack. Even worse, if would have bought all three of them I would have spend just about 5.00 € short of a game pack for something that barely equals what you get in a stuff pack. So yeah, no, haven't bought any of the kits yet and am not planning on buying any until they're properly priced.
  • Angie1301Angie1301 Posts: 85 Member
    Yes, at release.
    Definitely, it's gorgeous
  • Angie1301Angie1301 Posts: 85 Member
    Yes, at release.
    Simburian wrote: »
    Yes, but I'm choosing my kits carefully from now on even if I buy all the other type packs. I don't like Dust bunnies!

    Same, I bought it and have since disabled. The dust builds up too quickly and became so annoying.
  • filipomelfilipomel Posts: 1,494 Member
    if it goes on sale for half off, sure!

  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,348 Member
    I'm still in doubt
    I don’t know. It’s not the kind of things I will use so often.
    That being said, I think it’s good they add more cultures to the game.
  • MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 544 Member
    Yes, at release.
    I actually really love the items and overall aesthetic of this kit, and am pretty excited about its release if I'm being honest.

    I never build anything from scratch since I'm terrible at building, but I do renovate gallery homes and I feel this will help with my NOLA-inspired renos of Willow Creek, especially once combined with Paranormal Stuff. Plus, I think the number of items offered in this one is pretty decent. And since I regularly buy Starbucks Frappucinos for $6, I'm not too concerned about the price.
  • NikkihNikkih Posts: 1,462 Member
    Yes, at release.
    I'm a collector, I have every pack and kit soo far, can't help myself 😂, it looks gorgeous, I want to create an household that loves to explore and travel the world, I want their home to be multi cultural to fit their story
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 608 Member
    Yes, but later
    I'll wait until I have a use for it or it goes on sale, right now I have no plans for it.
  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 5,500 Member
    Yes, but later
    I'll probably get this one because I absolutely love Moroccan designs and can see myself using it a lot. I remember loving them in the Sims 2 as well and using them all the time. I think it would look great with some of the Jungle Adventure and Paranormal stuff too. Maybe even some Island Living pieces. :)
  • PeralPeral Posts: 428 Member
    No it would stand out like a sore thumb amongst the other lots, and I have no use for it in my game play.
  • netney52netney52 Posts: 1,020 Member
    Yes, but later
    Usually this sort of pack I would buy on realise however I’ve used up my monthly gaming spends on a different game so I’ll now get it next month.
  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 2,892 Member
    Yes, at release.
    The Builder within has plans and it's too late to talk him out of this.
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