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What did you do with the university Sims?

Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,689 Member
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Do you remember the Sims 2 University?
It came with some pre-made Sims who already attended university.
What did you do with all these Sims?

I preferred playing at Sim State University.
We got the
-Tri-Var Sorority including Tiffany Sampson, Heather Huffington and Brittany Upsnott.
- Urele-Oresha-Cham Fraternity including Ashley Pitts, Castor Nova, Joshua Ruben and Kevin Beare.
- Bright household including Martin Ruben (Joshua's brother), Allegra Gorey and Jane Stacks.

Here is my story:
Ashley graduated and bought a house in Bluewatervillage. He became a scientist. Later his girlfriend Brittany Upsnott moved in with him. She got a job as an artist. They got married.
After graduation Joshua Ruben bought the house next door. He became a sportsman. His girlfriend Tiffany Sampson moved in. She found a job as an architect. They got married and had a daughter, Johanna.
Kevin Beare graduated and bought a house in Bluewatervillage as well. He became a lawyer. His girlfriend Heather Huffington moved in after her graduation and became an actress.
Martin Ruben and Jane Stacks got engaged at university. Jane bought a house in Bluewatervillage and started a job in the paranormal career. Martin moved in after graduation, but he still is not sure what to do now... They haven't set a wedding date either.
Castor Nova graduated from uni and bought a two story house in Bluewatervillage. He remodeled the garden and put a pond in the backyard. He also worked on his creative skill and started to be interested in fishing. He also started to become interested in Nina Caliente. They had an affair which resulted in a daughter. Later his girlfriend Allegra moved in. They opened a store in Bluewatervillage to sell their crafts (paintings and pottery). They also have a daughter, Celeste.
Some years later Joshua and Tiffany Ruben tried for a second baby and ended up having twins, Jacob and Jennifer. Ashley and Brittany Pitts became their godfather rsp. godmother. They were never lucky when they tried for a baby, so they adopted a boy originally called Roland, but they changed his name to René. So far Ashley seems to enjoy his role as a dad while Brittany has not warmed up to the child (yet?).

What is your story?
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  • Sunflowergal227Sunflowergal227 Posts: 234 Member
    there is 3 uni subneighborhoods so i'm not sure what you are referring to:
    however for me i recently added stella terrano and she will be marrying my alien sim who is Vincund's Son
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,250 Member
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    I played some of them back in the day but didn't finish them as my own Sims went to college etc. when the pack was released. I played that poor little rich guy, can't remember his name. He was in the richer neighborhood that didn't allow for Greek Houses. I sent him around to all three UNI hoods to meet and make friends. I think I gave him a UNI roommate, but can't remember their name either. I tried the sorority girls but didn't like them and never finished them. I tried that band household but didn't like it either. I had more fun with sending my own Sims (sometimes in groups) to college instead of the premade Sim households in the three different Uni hoods.

    I usually played in the desert hood, because of the Greek Houses we could create, and they usually lived in the Pinenut dorm or whatever it is, and usually all of my own Sims or at least two there at a time. Maybe in different semesters, but still under my control. I don't hardly send Sims to college anymore unless I think the family can actually seem like they can afford it. If it's a poor family I'm playing their kids usually get a part time job as a teen (hopefully the jobs they want sometimes) and then grow into that job so I don't have to hunt for it later.

    I sort of decided when they are teens if the family would really be able to afford an Ivy League college, or a community college and or if they seem like they would get a scholarship. lol If they don't seem that type that would go or could go, then I make them get teen jobs and grow up in that job. Then there is another type I play sometimes, like the family worked hard to get them to college, but they waste it, and flunk classes and party all the time and get kicked out and the family is upset and embarrassed by them since they spent all that money. :D
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,583 Member
    Other than Stella Terrano I usually ignore them. Too busy with own sims or the village kids. I also make sure they've first busted their you-know-whats to have decent skill levels (particularly body to avoid that annoying 'coach') and scholarships.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,416 Member
    Hi :mrgreen:

    I have never played them. :(
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,229 Member
    In the Uberhood versions of the EA-made neighbourhoods, I play them and make them join the community at large; most of them end up living in apartments in Belladonna Cove, or in the empty Downtown with all those homes, but no premade residents. The Sharpe household gets split in two, with the nerdy brother living alone; I always make him a Robotics geek that competes with Chester Gieke over top robotic nerd in the city, and I give him a Gamer career, while the older sister moves in with Jonah and they pursue a music career together, developing a Bad Reputation along the way. Delilah O'Feefe, Mitch Indie, Jared Starchild, Erik Swain and Allegra Gorey end up as professional Artists, Blossom Moonbeam ends up as a Natural Scientist, Jimmy Phoenix ends up in Show Business, and I have yet to put anyone premade in the Paranormal career.

    The Hart/Love duo always get married, the Davis brothers settle their differences and live seperately, and most of them end up having relationships with the EA college townies, I recall marrying one of the Davis brothers to a Streaker NPC and having a fun time realising that after a shower, the Streaker's coding made her never wear clothes afterwards xD

    Some of the vaguer premade students I have no clue what to do with; once they graduate they just live in a home as a background character I'll see on lots.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,250 Member
    To add to what I forgot about premade Uni students, I really never liked them. Most of them have skills almost filled and are rather boring to play and after we got hobby pack etc. They were even more boring to me. They hardly ever rolled a different whim, and or had a diverse interest in hobbies (some were all the same) and way too many skills so they were not much of a challenge to play and aced the dean list all the time so I had to give up on them since I actually didn't like their personalities, (random college kids) either.
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  • Destin2016Destin2016 Posts: 556 Member
    Never played them. I just concentrate on the sims I send to university.
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  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 674 Member
    I play some of the premades. Most of the time I create my Sim Self as a Knowledge/Family Sim and just let her have fun and meet the friends/guys she wants. I have rarely played the houses mentioned in the OP. I play the Student Bin premades. My favorite couple is the Students household consisting of Emily Lee and Tom Freshe. These 2 end up falling for each other and moving in together after they graduate.

    My favorite premade is Marla Biggs who is in the Student Bin attached to Academie LeTour. I always move her to the blue custom dorm that comes in the Houses bin. I play her in Sim State University actually. She usually ends up in a relationship with either a male dormmate or a male random college Townie who walks by the lot. Sometimes she graduates single. Her bio says she is shy, but if you introduce her to the correct guy, she is not LOL Right now I am playing in Garden Heights (custom neighborhood from Mod The Sims).
  • ModernDayM0zartModernDayM0zart Posts: 17 Member
    I have one Sim, who did nothing but meditated so he got expelled then after that he continues to meditate then dies not of starvation but of old age. (You can watch here: https://youtu.be/YNvsmOXVnC8)
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