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Sims 411 - Forum Feedback, May 6th


  • elen85vkelen85vk Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello. Can you add features ballroom dancing the game? Thank you.
  • simmersince09simmersince09 Posts: 3 New Member
    For the next 411

    Could you walk us through how packs are play tested? I am really curious as to how the process is conducted and how you carry out cross-pack compatibility tests.
  • SVela12SVela12 Posts: 3 New Member
    I wish there was more ethnic representation in this game and the packs get extremely stale after a few plays. I would like more Hairstyles for sims, longer hair with texture. I would also like more ethnic clothing for my Sims. Many packs, including spa day need a revamp, I would like to have my sim do many more things in a spa, and it misses the mark sometimes, I think some packs should be revamped and at its current price are not worth it.
  • PatrickClasterPatrickClaster Posts: 25 Member
    Another hot topic in our Twitter community has been behaviour and actions of some of the SimGurus. Some SimGurus blocked some members of hid their comments (one Guru hid comment about one feature, that is hurting SA victims).
    One of the Gurus then told that reason for blocking is personal attack and everything else is a rumour. But some of the Simmers have been blocked even though they've never interacted before with the Guru or they asked question - one of the blocked Simmers is even your streamer.
    Strange enough, your Gurus are interacting with known member of community that is transphobic and racist, even though they've been told about behaviour of this member.
    So can you tell us what is the real reason for people being blocked? It feels to us that these people were blocked for constructive criticism, especially since they've never interacted with Gurus before. Is Guru account work account or not? And can Simmers do anything if they think they were blocked unfairly?
    Gurus are humans too - I'm sure they could've done mistake and blocked someone by mistake or because of misunderstanding. I think that Simmers have right to interact with Gurus and blocking them won't help you or us anyhow.

    My second SimGurus related question is about their behaviour on Twitter and their communication.

    Some things they write or way they behave could be viewed as inappropriate and could be possibly hurting. Can your Gurus make sure they act rightly? Some jokes they make could be offensive.

    Also there is problem with communication - it seems they are only talking with people who are either part of GC program or are simmers with only positive criticism. I get it might be hard to reply to all negative constructive criticism, but your Gurus aren't really replying to this. Or they don't talk / discuss with players that don't have positive criticism.
    Will you try to hear all parts of community and to discuss matters with all of them? SimGuruGrant was doing this, like discussing how could be some things better. Could some of your current Gurus do this? Talk with player and discuss how to make game better
  • EvaAkimovaEvaAkimova Posts: 5 New Member
    Add an underworld for ghosts and a graveyard!
    Add Angels and Demons to the game!
    :) <3 o:) >:)
  • JasonRMJJasonRMJ Posts: 744 Member
    Hi any thoughts of bringing gym equipment in the sims 4 like dumbbells, & weightlifters?

    Also, any possibilities to make smaller objects like smaller telescopes, small microscope, the ability to bake cupcakes with an oven instead of a machine?

    Thanks for listening and I really hope you guys will add them.

  • mimilu04mimilu04 Posts: 83 Member
    Hello, I am a bit unsure of what is expected in this thread, but I will share a few of the questions I have :

    There was a survey last year about potential updates for older packs, we were asked which packs we wanted/needed it. Is this still something you are considering ?

    You have updated several base game curly hair that seriously needed it. Are you planning to update other base game hairdos that have aged terribly ?

    Could you please address the pricing of the Kits ? How come they represent approximately a third of the content of a stuff pack, i.e. either Build & Buy, gameplay or CAS (even less if you consider we usually get new hair in a stuff pack) but cost half of it ?
  • DeeSaltyDeeSalty Posts: 3 New Member
    Truthfully the sims 4 feels like a "dollhouse" game more than it does a "life" simulation.
  • simmersince09simmersince09 Posts: 3 New Member
    [b]For the 411[/b]

    Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you guys.
    Could you address why we cannot get an open world? Or open neighbourhoods?

    If I'm not mistaken, this has been informally addressed on Twitter a few years ago but I think players would benefit from hearing it over the 411 to fully understand.

    A lot of new players or players without Twitter accounts may be curious as well.

    Thank you :smiley:
  • CaktCakt Posts: 7 New Member
    > @elen85vk said:
    > Hello. Can you add features ballroom dancing the game? Thank you.

    We also need Ballet/Dance Classes for child/teen sims and they could learn dance skill :D
  • CaktCakt Posts: 7 New Member
    > @JasonRMJ said:
    > Hi any thoughts of bringing gym equipment in the sims 4 like dumbbells, & weightlifters?
    > Also, any possibilities to make smaller objects like smaller telescopes, small microscope, the ability to bake cupcakes with an oven instead of a machine?
    > Thanks for listening and I really hope you guys will add them.

    > @JasonRMJ said:
    > Hi any thoughts of bringing gym equipment in the sims 4 like dumbbells, & weightlifters?
    > Also, any possibilities to make smaller objects like smaller telescopes, small microscope, the ability to bake cupcakes with an oven instead of a machine?
    > Thanks for listening and I really hope you guys will add them.

    It would be cool to have a functional dessert/cookie jar :o
  • KironideKironide Posts: 804 Member
    edited May 2021
    Hi, Sims 4 team,

    Thank you for the opportunity to express our thoughts and concerns. I am particularly concerned about the following:

    The increased number of bugs and how long they take to resolve,
    The lack of information about new upcoming packs,
    The lack of inter-pack interactions, like Spellcasters not being able to clear up dust with magic,
    The missing and the unequal quality of the supernatural sims in the game, e.g. aliens and mermaids, werewolves,
    The lack of smart autonomous behaviour - autonomous actions also often running counter to the sims traits, which kills storytelling.
    Insufficient traits to reflect the human spectrum, e.g. no shy trait, no serious trait, etc.
    An attraction system that includes likes dislikes would add depth to gameplay,
    Gigantism - huge items that are not useable on smaller lots like microscopes, telescopes, cauldron,
    A lack of planned activities and social events, like graduation, engagement parties, baby showers,
    Insufficient family play and activities for other ages groups than young adult,

    I sincerely applaud your recent efforts to improve the game and the traits system in particular, along with other general improvements, but there is still room for improvement.

    Thank you for your time and your efforts. There is much that I like about the Sims, but these points do detract from the gameplay.

  • TokyoesTokyoes Posts: 4 New Member
    1. I feel like I forget a lot of things that happened in my sims’ lives and I would really appreciate some type of memory system (like the one in Sims 2).

    2. I forget when festival events are happening and I had to look on some fan made sites dedicated to the Sims to understand the dates. Would it be possible for you to integrate the festival events reminders under a new tab within the calendar?

    3. I would really appreciate more relationship types within CAS and relationships within sim profiles to acknowledge step-families.
  • sims2freak737sims2freak737 Posts: 2,543 Member
    edited May 2021
    I would like the team to talk about recycled animations and items. I find more often packs include recycled content in an effort to "expand the game" without actually expanding it.

    As a couple of examples, Snowy Escape included snow from Seasons and rock climbing from Fitness Stuff. City Living included re-swatched kitchen cabinets from the base game to look dirty, and there are countless items in CAS that just get re-swatched as well. A re-swatch of an existing item doesn't count as new.

    I'm curious to know the real reasoning behind this and if there are plans to add new animations into the game to add more variety. The same goes for Simlish, there are a lot of repeated phrases that defeat the purpose of Simlish in the first place, to create a language that wouldnt be repetitive for players to listed to.

    I would also like the team to just be upfront. I would prefer an announcement over constant teases because I feel like the teasing only leads to disappointment because it allows the community to get excited for something over a period of time only to find out the official announcement is nothing they wanted.

    I would also like to know if there are plans to update all of the previous hairstyles in the base game and earlier packs that may look out of place now.

    Are there any plans to implement the color wheel for Sims' hair and can we see a feature to place tattoos anywhere on the body? We have more customizations when creating a cat or dog than we do with our own Sims.

    I'd also like to know what the core demographic is for The Sims 4. I know a post recently got some excitement over adding more "male" activities into the game. They also mentioned how animations for flirty are more on the feminine side. I find most advertising focuses on a young woman. Male Sims are also often forgotten about in terms of new CAS. I also ask about the demographic because The Sims 4 seems veeeeery toned down compared to previous games. It doesn't have to be super mature but I feel like The Sims 4 leans more towards an Everyone rating instead of the Teen. Even romantic interactions seem childish and cartoony.

    Game prices seem inconsistent from country to country. I understand local currency but why in Canada are Kits more than half price of a Stuff Pack?

    Are there any plans to update the controls scheme on console? It's super complicated that it changes from menu to menu. Why can't I open up my Sims' skills and use the right stick to scroll instead of scrolling down skill by skill?
  • HuteeteeHuteetee Posts: 1 New Member
    What’s on your mind when it comes to The Sims.
    The Sims is a place that you can do anything. It is fun to have control of someone. We can create our fantasy/wishful thinking in the game.

    What topics you’re interested in.
    I love the CAS, you can create many different Sim and pair them with the great plentiful CAS items and if you don't like it, you can delete the current Sim and create a new one. I may spend my time there rather than the gameplay itself because of what? The gameplay is boring for me even I have a bunch of packs.

    What your concerns are.
    I think you should create more not too complicated and interesting gameplay. By that, I mean in the current game you need to do something continuously to achieve something. Example like you want to level up your skills? Just do the same thing and you will get your level up skill. That is boring. Second, the gameplay is too complicated and hard to access. Why? I read from a website that tells more about a specific pack and at that moment I was like, "What? I didn't know that was there". I think there are too many features in the TS4 and too many things to do in the game and you will only keep up with it if you make a real-life timetable. Without a timetable, you will forget about what you are doing and suddenly you will lose interest to proceed with the thing you currently on. I search for The Sims challenges to make the game interesting, if there isn't, I have no idea what I can do. Sometimes, I thinking why is the game is expensive but there is a lack of content in there. By complicated also that my Sim need to travel from there to there to here and I can't decide if I play The Sims or the loading screen.
    Next, I'm not sure how are you going to do with the next The Sims title, read The Sims 5. Please do not repeat the big issues in The Sims 4 into The Sims 5, I think you knew it, you played TS1, TS2, TS3 also right? TS2 title is the first game I played in my child age. Since that, I'm in love with The Sims. But things are different with TS4, I'm not sure why because if don't have the chance to play TS2 again, I can remember the feeling of playing TS2 and that title is better than TS4.

    What you’d like to chat about with us.
    I am keen to see the colour tag for the colour swatch. People with colour blindness having difficulties determining and choosing the exact colour they want. Because for me, some colour looks very similar to each other but they are different. I can see colour, but I can't tell what colour is it. By colour tag, I mean that when the cursor is on a colour swatch, it will display the colour name. At least I know the colour name than my Sim wears a brown shirt for a red shirt party. I will bring a great benefit to the colour blind Simmers and it may be helpful to non-colour blind Simmers.
  • billybobs0billybobs0 Posts: 20 Member
    I would love for gameplay to impact all worlds and not just worlds that come with packs. Packs should expand the base game but a lot of them have gameplay tied to just the world they came with
  • GirlFromIpanemaGirlFromIpanema Posts: 843 Member
    Hello, I hope it's alright to share my question here even though it isn't strictly about TS4, and I'd like to make it clear that my questions comes without malice, just concern. TS4 is a little safe haven for me, and I'm at my happiest with an Xbox controller in one hand a coffee in the other, so thank you for that!

    There has been some anxiety in the community recently due to an interview with EA's director of Studios about the next iteration of The Sims and the possibility of it being an online multiplayer game:

    I think some players would love an online version of Sims, but it is important to know that although some simmers like to share certain aspects of their game online, it is usually done in a very controlled manner via the forums or social media and for a lot of players The Sims is a very private, personal, and precious experience, and to have to share that experience with other players in a multiplayer game would be uncomfortable.
    Although I can understand the attractiveness of an online version of Sims from the companies point of view, it is also vital to look at it from players point if view too.

    So my question is (in the most respectful way possible): Will players thoughts and feelings be taken into consideration when developing future iterations of the Sims?

    I'm sure the next Sims iteration is a long way off, and nothing is finalised, and there is little that is able to be said about it, but I feel that if EA are able to speak about the future if The Sims then they are also able to answer players questions about it openly.

    Thank you. :smile:
  • paulaplayssimspaulaplayssims Posts: 1 New Member

    Although I am not completly sure about the purpose of this thread based on the guidelines, I am going to make a little list of suggestions and thoughts based on how to improve or modify CAS (since I am a CAS addict).

    1/ Unlock adult body sliders to all ages.

    I am not sure why we can't modify some features of toddlers and children. Is it because of the animations? For example, the size of the eyes should not interfere with any kind of animation that comes up to my mind, and usually children tend to have bigger eyes than adults, something we can't currently achieve in game. This could potentially apply to pets too!

    2/ Face presets

    This is more than a question than a suggestion. I don't understand why some face presents (eyes and mouth) dissapear when you switch to make an occult or alien sim. Maybe I am missing something, and I would understand it the other way around (since ocults are coming with packs) but maybe unlocking some more presets to all sims would be good!

    3/ Body presets

    Please, make more diverse body types. If you want to make a plus size sim, the body and head proportions are totally off. We have a limit for the head size and we can't play with body proportions so my sims always look like weird little headed puppets. Another thing that would be SUPER cool, is to allow saving default body presets. Yes, we can merge a sim from our gallery and modify it from there, but just being able to choose a body type we had save to apply it to other sims would be SO COOL.

    4/ Face shadows

    Please, add some type of overlay to soften face shadows. There are many cc ones already, it's true, and they truly make a sim change completely its face features. It would be amazing to have something like that in game to add more variability in our sims.

    5/ Eyes

    Why do the eyes look like that omg, the pupils are so tiny that especially in the most vibrant colours the sims look kind of creepy. This is just a comment more than a suggestion, but one thing that could change the way eyes look without changing the default eye colours is being able to change pupil size.

    6/ Eyelashes

    The eyelashes in the game are not it, I am sorry. Just a thick line that overshadows most of the eyelid so if you have the default eyelashes your eyeshadow can barely be seeing. There are several things I would suggest for this. The first one (and I understand that is very time consuming) is changing them for tiny spaced out triangle shapes. Like real doll eyelashes. The maxis look will still be there (which is usually lost with CC eyelashes) but it will allow to have more space and dimension for the eyeshadow and the eye in general. The second one would be to allow an opacity setting on the eyelash, but I think this would look worse. Also, please include eyelash presets for males!

    7/ Long hair from Discover University

    I am not sure if this was a mistake or intentional, but the texture of that hair is very muted in comparison with all the other hairs in game. And I love it so much since it is the only long hair we have in game (don't be shy, give us more).

    8/ Save make up looks

    Make up is the one thing we have currently that allows the final touch to the look of our sims, and most of us we use it to define the sim itself. Having to recreate the same make up look in all outfits when its part of the full look of the sim is a bit annoying, so similarly to saving custom colours, it could be cool to have an option to save a full face of make up.

    9/ Let us update the styled looks (TOP REQUEST)

    I think that category in CAS is outdate and of very little use. There are only so many looks you would use if you want your sim to look cute, so I think it could be more useful to let us create our own default styled looks and save them. This is something that would totally change CAS for me.

    10/ Pronouns

    Many people have mentioned them already, so I won't say anything else! I know you guys are working on it, so we will be patient, but I felt it was needed in this list.

    11/ Family tree


    Because I don't want this to sound like a wish list like you asked, I would also like to point out some of the recent changes I love the most. The collaboration with CC creators was amazing, the top, jeans, make up and highlighter are now a must in all my sims. Pity that there wasn't male content, but 9/10 for the collab. I really like how skin details are separated in game, and overlaying them really gives personality to the facial features of a sim. Overall, I think the masculine and femenine fashion choices is a good system to distinguish but we are still allowed to choose the items regardless gender if we remove the tag (except for the few not allowed for the opposite sex). The skin tone update WAS BOMB. Really, such nice work, the custom colours are amazing, I mostly use the warm palette and I still can make so many diverse sims, thanks for listening to the community and working with poc creators as advisors. Same with the hairs you guys are improving, we know you are working hard on it and I appreciate it. I am expecting you guys explore more fashion styles in future Kits. The one already released is quite good, and I think that concept has a lot of potentially for CAS items.

    I think that's all. I also would like to thank you for the amount of effort in giving feedback to the community you guys are making ever since the pandemic. I hope this is a road forward that we can walk together. Thanks!

  • ChupikChupik Posts: 2 New Member
    Thanks for collecting feedback!

    There are a lot of bad things in this game. Bugs, little content, expensive DLC and this is a small part. I hope that The Sims 5 will not be released soon because in 4 parts everything is still very bad. The Sims 2 and 3 are winning so far :(
  • SambozySambozy Posts: 1 New Member
    I am a console player. I have been wondering why we haven't gotten the same experience as pc. We dont got any mods or cc. Nothing has been given to console players as a form of cc. I have bought all packs but my game is missing so much for It, honestly it gets boring so quick. I was wondering what your plans are for console base if you plan to do a form of cc?I feel like console gets no attention at all. We really want the same experience as pc. Please help us in that. I have seen mods for other games on console done easily. Just cant figure out why you wont do them for us? When I bought this game for console I thought I would be able to do all the same stuff as pc. But that ended up being a big smack in the face after i had already bought all packs and base game. Console deserves attention too. So I will ask again what are your plans for console?
  • InuMiroLoverInuMiroLover Posts: 1,182 Member
    If the Sims 5 is going to have multiplayer, it needs to be purely optional or I will not be buying it at all. I have no interest interacting with other simmers in my game, and I feel that if multiplayer is added, then some strange competitive element is going to be added to the game which makes no sense for The Sims. Alot of us still love single player and just want to play out our own stories.

    Any chance of adding occult toggles in options? I enjoy occult play and while I do understand that there are players who do not enjoy occult play or wish to have stronger control over occult presence, I really dont think its fair that in packs devoted to occult play it still seems minimal. And yes while there are ways to avoid occult presence in game, I have seen players still actively request for such gameplay to be toned down even further. Occult presence should be a constant thing in occult specific packs. Is it possible to add toggles so that players have greater control over what occults appear in the game?

    I really do appreciate recent adds to make sims much more lifelike, what with Sentiments and Lifestyles but I still feel that more can be done to truly make them fleshed out. Sometimes I dont want my sim to immediately hit it off with another sim, especially if they have opposing traits. For example, it should be harder for an Ambitious sim to become friends with a lazy sim. In fact friendship would decay much more than it would grow. Romance would be even harder.

    Catering to Twitter "rage" is getting silly. And part of the reason why I feel this game has just little substance underneath all the pretty visuals. Im an adult, I can handle more serious content and/or consequence in the game. I dont want my game to just be a safe little dollhouse where absolutely nothing bad could possibly happen. For example, one time I had an adult couple fight in front of their children, just to see what would happen. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The children didnt get a sad or tense moodlet over seeing their parents fight. Just continued to smile as if all was right in the world. Its little things like that that just takes some of the substance away from sims. And what if in game this scenario does cause sims in the family to react appropriately? Would it take just one person to tweet how "triggering" this is and should be removed immediately before a Twitter firestorm erupts? Thereby losing another layer of substance and personality to the sims as a whole? Tbh, mods really have stepped up my enjoyment of the game far more than any pack could. A new pack with pretty items keeps me going for a few days. A mod that adds new dimension to the game keeps me going for months.

    The game is okay, but good lord alot can be done with it until the next iteration. I can only hope we'll see some meaningful changes in the near future.
  • Nelly28Nelly28 Posts: 3 New Member
    I don't understand how Residence Keys are supposed to work in the game. I would think that giving a sim a residence key, it would allow them to enter the house when the door is locked. This does not seem to be the case.
    Does this mechanic have nothing to do with the locked/unlocked status of a front door, but simply allows a sim to enter an unlocked house without knocking first? Doesn't make sense to me. Keys work in locks. Residence keys should open the locked residence. I wish there was an option to exclude keyholders from the lock. The locks should work differently, allowing unrestricted access to keyholders. If residence keys are not allowing a sim to enter the associated locked door, what's their point?
    Thank you.
  • bevillebeville Posts: 1,151 Member
    Is it difficult to add hot chocolate and the hot apples spice to a coffee mug for the  restaurant instead of the to go cup
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