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What is your favorite sims 4 expansion pack?



  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 8,883 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    I know this is probably weird, but just got into playing Eco a few weeks back and I love it. Made a full on tree hugger, lol, and I'm loving it. Never got into the Civil Design career, but wow what a different take that is. Love that smog sucker!
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  • AntwerpoAntwerpo Posts: 90 Member
    edited April 2021
    Eco Lifestyle
    I'm not really sure what is my favorite pack. The problem is that I don't know what pack added what. I'm new to the Sims lingo so I'm not sure if I describe what I like about the packs correctly. I don't really build houses or dress up my sims but I find the new gameplay in expansion packs very intriguing. But I'm confused on which gameplay comes with what pack. Most of the descriptions of the packs only describe all the visual stuff, almost none of the gameplay features is mentioned. Some mechanics are so interesting I buy a pack just for them. Still doubting to buy university just for the roommate mechanic.
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  • xMyrthexMyrthe Posts: 55 Member
    City Living
    Out of the ones I own: Seasons, Get Together, Get to Work and City Living.
    I voted for City Living because it's the one I find the easiest to incorporate into my playthroughs because it comes with a unique location to visit. I do like all of them and use them all.
    Next on my list to get it Eco Living tho and I think that one will become my favourite very quickly.
  • SimmerWithCCSimmerWithCC Posts: 2 New Member
    City Living
    i like basically all the expansions i have, but city living is my favourite for the Build/Buy options, also i just love the idea of living in a flat.
  • figgyfiggy Posts: 149 Member
    City Living
    I chose CL because it has so much to offer, and I love living in the high rise apartments. It's also a pack I can emulate my IRL living setting the most. But Eco Living and Get Together are my favorites too, and I cannot imagine not having them.
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  • CausingNickel0CausingNickel0 Posts: 20 Member
    Seasons. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite pack, but I think that’s something that is necessary to have. I mean that it completely changes two worlds. Without pack it looks so artificial, unnatural, always perfect weather. That doesn’t look good.
  • AkilAkil Posts: 242 Member
    Because seasons effects the overall game for me in every save no matter what it always wins these polls for me and it seems to always win majority with others too. I'm curious what one of these polls would look like without seasons included.
  • Dystopian_OverladyDystopian_Overlady Posts: 28 Member
    My favorite is Seasons. I love planning events and holidays for my Sims, and I am relying heavily on the calendar for the challenge I am currently working on. I usually delete all of the holidays generated by the game and make up my own holidays. This is a quick way to create an "Alternative Universe" feel.

    I was a bit disappointed by the extension that adds companion animals since it's not possible to control them.
  • kostasmpikostasmpi Posts: 431 Member
    Get Together
    Akil wrote: »
    Because seasons effects the overall game for me in every save no matter what it always wins these polls for me and it seems to always win majority with others too. I'm curious what one of these polls would look like without seasons included.

    Very good idea. I just created this poll.
  • ThriorThrior Posts: 298 Member
    edited April 2021
    I'm probably not that eligible to answer because I'm new to TS4 and only have Seasons but well, there's a reason for it. Seasons has always been my favorite through the life cycle of the Sims franchise because I prefer packs that augment the core gameplay and don't rely on me having to go to specific location or whatever to get something out of it. Seasons affects everything, it augments the whole experience. Weather has such a major part to play in my immersion and overall enjoyment. It affects moods, it affects your plans for the day, it affects how you play the game in day-to-day basis, it adds sense of time, etc. Also, I personally love listening to the weather effects, especially rain, so playing the game with Seasons enabled has this sort of relaxing effect on me.
    I got to admit: I have little to no interest for the other expansions in TS4. Only Eco Lifestyle has some appeal to me because it seems to support some non-traditional gameplay. I'm one of those weirdos who was wishing for a "Hungry Homeless Hobo" pack in TS3 (lol) so anything that differs from the usual "fame & fortune" promoting gameplay is a plus for me.
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,389 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    logion wrote: »
    Back when the official trailers were good.

    We also got 21 apartments, basketball, food stalls, 18 lot traits, game consoles, fireworks, 2 new radio stations, 3 television channels, three careers and seven pre-made households.

    I think you need to go further back. Plus what you describe, for a 40€ EP, is pretty lacking.
  • MissCrackenthorpeMissCrackenthorpe Posts: 8 New Member
    My favorite is Seasons, but City Living is a close second. I adore Island Living, but oddly enough, I don't play in that world very often.
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